The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)

čas přidán 18. 09. 2019
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I GOT to gooby


  • Gotta thank Neil Breem for making a sequel to The Room.

  • 9:08 here’s what I like to think that was he didn’t have the budget to hire an actress so he walked up to a random girl and tried to do the scene

  • So basically MamaBoy is a cheaply made version of Junior?

  • You and Danny should react to gacha life vids


  • How did I get a Kurtis ad??

  • don't get me wrong I love this kind of content and I love your videos but the thing is being a tall girl is wayyy harder than being a tall boy. I would compare it to being a boy who's like 4' tall. you can't look feminine, you can't wear heals to prom if you're going with a guy who's not like 6'8" or something, and people get super intimidated by your height. also, people make fun of you like all the time. anyway that's just the tea sorry

  • Did they just discuss the b r e e n i u s

  • anyone else realize that’s sean o’donnell....from 2012 tumblr in Mamaboy

  • i like how the kid in the gooby movie is ethan from my babysitters a vampire

  • Kurtis’ humour feels so different without his crazy editing and it’s so funny in a completely different way Also I wish they’d done a full video about C Me Dance that looks like a riot

  • i would want to see them do a video with atozy

  • Tall Girl should've been called Short Boy because that dude looked like a foot shorter than her. A man who's 5'1" is probably going to get made fun of more than a girl who's 6'1"

  • I’ve watched this video a million times because it’s just makes me laugh so much

  • So if anyone was wondering that movie mama boy is on tubi tv for free. It's a odd movie. I'm going to see if I can track down a few others.

  • 12:53 wait a second I recognize that half a car chair... is this the same set as the also bad movie “A talking cat”

  • I like how they act out every single thing that their saying

  • *sees tall girl trailor* me: yOu tHiNk uR lIfE iS hArD?....

  • “Who am I?! What am I?!?” Actually the most relatable thing I’ve heard in a while.

  • Is that Gary bussey?!?!


  • Editor: How much special effects do you want? Neel Breen: yes

  • What is danny looking at?🤣

  • Wait......... That super bee gay porn movie is shot in the same house as A Talking Cat

  • Omg Neil Breen *God

  • A CS-tv channel by the name of chelsie lanora uploaded this entire video In full with full disregards to copyright and its monetized, please copyright strike it

  • Lmao 6 foot 1 is smaller Than most of my friends

  • Watch the gay bee movie

  • 9:43 Me when a spider is in my room.

  • sinjin and presley .. only 2000’s / 90’s kids will remember presley

  • Tall girl would have been better if it was about a chubby girl

  • When this vid ended I got an ad for inkbox and kurtis was promoting it 😂

  • Was the girl in the mama boy trailer from Ant farm or does she just look like Paisley? (That show was my childhood someone please tell me)

    • jordan is a jellybean yes it’s the same girl

  • 13:29 why yes i have. in the "aethstetic" tik tok vids

  • I’m glad all 3 of them shop for T-shirts at target lmao

  • Did anyone else realize that the house at 11:13 looks like the house from A Talking Cat?!?

  • Ugh omg I hate when Swedish exchange students but not Swedish exchange students ask me to homecoming dance 😪😴🤤😑🤔😱😡🥺😫😖😔🤨

  • Oh my god, this is a four-way collab! That tall girl must be Jenna Marbles. Damn, Drew, Danny, Kurtis, and Jenna, all in one video. My life’s complete 😌

  • Drew and Kurtis: yeah yeah Danny loooves bees Danny: *qUeStIoNs EnTiRe ExIsTeNcE* do I love bees???!!!

  • Danny pretending he’s didn’t do a whole video on Gooby and he hasn’t watched it lmao

  • 11:13 litterly the "A taking cat?" set. watch jontrons video on a talking cat and it is the EXACT same set

  • I was blowing a balloon while watching this and I laughed so the balloon air blew into my mouth and I chocked!

  • cthulu me dance

  • I'm 6'2 wtf

  • My husband and I have watched this video about 50 times and we quote it constantly

  • I accidentally watched this in 0.5 speed for 2 minutes cause i thought that it was just a bit you guys were doing

  • Does anyone know the name of the bee movie?

  • kurtis feels like the third wheel in this relationship.

  • 11:13 holy shit it's the house from "A Talking Cat?!" it's got the half car couch and everything.

  • I had an ad with Kurtis in it before this

  • why does drew look like danny and kurtiss love child

  • 5:52 Danny and the group are being threatened at GUN POINT!

  • gooby was made when zombieland was made. zombieland? sequel. gooby? s e q u e l !

  • siZe 13 niKeS

  • so what did the c stand for

  • stopped this video at 8:53 and watched mamaboy as cheesy as it was a times a lay here in my bed with a warm heart and a moist cheek

  • 11:12 when a baby’s born

  • Nobody: Not Kurtis: Not Drew: Not me: Not you: No one: Absolutely no person in the universe: Danny: Christ Me Dance 🙌🖐🤚👋


  • Did the squishing sound effect imply that his friends sat in his ejaculate, and Enjoy it? That's the only explanation that fits.