The Ultimate Voice Assistant Battle.

čas přidán 21. 09. 2022
Google Assistant vs Apple Siri vs Samsung Bixby vs Amazon Alexa - Who's the best Voice Assistant!? For RHINOSHIELD Use code “MR14” for 20% off in the first week (10% afterwards)
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Komentáře: 8 096

  • Were you surprised by how any of them did? This video was an absolute DEMON to film and edit, but I hope you liked it 😅

  • The fact that Bixby almost tied to siri and managed to beat Alexa with a margin of 10 points shows how much it has improved. Good job Samsung.

  • The biggest downfall for Alexa is that it's a third party voice assistant. I think that's the reason why Alexa failed so miserably in device control because as a third party app, certain access/function is limited. If you think about it, google assistant, siri, and bixby are part of the system by default and therefore integrated better with the OS.

  • Bixby should've had two additional points. I think the fact that it doesn't have a seamless connection to a wifi speaker is as good as the point you've given Siri. And if you use any smart tv, or smart speaker, it can also find it.

  • As someone with a Samsung phone, I'm really pleased at Google amd Bixby's position in this. I'm not surprised Google won. As a search engine, they have been working on voice recognition and search tools since inception. I'm not a huge fan of Bixby because it seems pointless compared to Google assistant which also come preloaded on Samsung phones. However, Bixby routines is really good! I first started using it on my phone 2 years ago and even set some up on my mom's phone.

  • Losing Google Assistant to Siri has been the single most painful thing about switching to iPhone from Samsung. In response I use my voice assistant WAY less now than before. I know you can use Assistant on iOS, but you have to launch it first, which defeats the entire point of having a voice-activated assistant.

  • Love the detailed "real-life" comparison & appreciate the hard work done by all 4 companies.

  • Great to see Bixby has come a long way from being unusable to a pretty solid contender to Siri!

  • Bixby was fantastic at first, but I prefer Google Assistant because it's so much simpler and more adaptable. I have morning and night routines that include turning on my rgb lights, Philips bedside lights, any plugs and the fan, my PC if I've left it on.

  • This is super impressive. Especially the fact that he can refer to previous commands with pronouns (eg. "What is the new avenger movie called?", then "When is

  • I feel like if this test was more focused on using the smart assistants at home instead of controlling the phone, Alexa would have done way better since that's their main focus. I get that Alexa was bad in this case bc it's a third party app, but I would 100% choose it for my smart speaker at home (not taking into account privacy issues).

  • I was pretty amazed by how complex commands they understood... the only "issue" a had, was anlong the lines of the commands used. they should be able to adapt, for sure, but there still might be other commands the indiviual assistent understand... a buddy of mine has used "end call" with bixby with no problem.

  • I was a google home user for the past 5 years but the platform has gone to the crapper over the past year. Google would take 5-8s to turn on the lights, misunderstood by commands, and half the time did not respond at all. Disappointing considering how many google home / nest devices I have at home. This Black Friday I but the bullet and went to Alexa. I now get 1-2s response times for most commands which makes controlling my smart home a real joy. I noticed in this video, Alexa responded much quicker compared to other assistants as well.

  • In my opinion, Arun's voice is the most relaxing voice i've ever heard, Google should hire him to be the Google Assistant!

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  • I've always been interested in voice assistants. I am really surprised Bixby did so well with how bad it was when it first came out.

  • Unbelievable this man and his team can short this incredible comparison video in a less than 10 minutes 😄

  • Arun. If you read this then I just wanna say well bloody done! In the past these voice assistant comparisons (not just you) have been way too limited focusing mostly on questions that would typically result in a web search. This would clearly skew the results massively in Google's favour. This is the most varied test I have seen which demonstrates a far better understanding of what a voice assistant is for and as such is able to achieve more accurate results.

  • Voice assistants got much better than I thought.

  • Arun's Voice As Google Assistant would be awesome