The Untold Truth Of Post Malone

čas přidán 20. 08. 2018
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Austin Richard Post, better known as Post Malone, has invaded the music scene in the most fascinating way. After releasing the track "White Iverson" on his SoundCloud account in 2015, he went from being relatively unknown to making a mad dash to the top of the charts. Malone's freshman album attempt, Stoney, snagged the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, solidifying his title as the prince of tracks that are both moody and hedonistic. You might know his lyrics by heart, but how much do you really know about this musician who went from sleeping in a closet to becoming besties with Justin Bieber?
A rockstar at heart | 0:35
A self-taught Guitar Hero | 1:14
The struggle was real | 1:57
Olive Garden’s OG | 2:40
Weird future | 3:27
Booze cures all | 3:57
Bunnies and Biebers | 4:34
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  • What's your favorite thing about Post Malone?

  • Bully post m alone!

  • "During "A" podcast" A podcast .... The H3 podcast let's get it right

  • Oh please 🙄


  • GAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Now this is PRE malone. 😉

  • I literally knew all of this

  • I wonder what it’s like when he goes to the store

  • Without knowing anything about him, first thought would be......another "lost soul" who is deep in Satanic culture. If that is true, too bad! He is "of this world" and needs God....NOW!

  • Do you guys not know what chicken Express is?????😯😯😯I do

  • "Just know that he is most likely drunk!"...and u say that like its nothing? And u not supposed to say nothing against that? What? Great artist... or... drunk artist suits him better.

  • You can see the Evil Spirit, took right over dat boy.

  • I love post

  • he was born in Syracuse Newyork

  • He sold his soul for rock and roll

  • You can tell he had to do some kind of blood sacrifice he looks so lost now its sad . God bless Everyone

  • The untold truth is that you showed his Lincoln Continental instead of a Wraith

  • See, Alcoholics can be successful

  • He’s from grape vine I love that town

  • That was a Lincoln continental not a rolls ???

  • Post is 2nd in spotify's monthly listens ranking, drake is 3rd. just think about that for a minute.

  • When he is clean shaven and his hair cut down nicely he is an extremely attractive man!!! Minus the face tattoos! The sad thing is I am covered in tattoos I absolutely LOVE them but it's just to much...Ugh.... what a shame!

  • White iverson 2015 Best song everrr! Reminds me of the whole end of that year and the holidays and stuff. Last time i was happy.

  • Love you Post

  • I dont care what he does i still love him and his music

  • This guys is really nice but I can’t get past how much he looks like my old weed dealer.. like all he did all day was sell weed and vape. Also I don’t think the dude ever owned a pair of pants, only wore sweat pants and joggers

  • That shit isn't music

  • I love god no hata post Malone copied me my style when MySpace was up my song was called balling & rolling long time ago before his song was ever thought of hear my song world

  • He attacc He protecc But most importantly WHAT THE HECC

  • Could care less what he looks like his crappy crybaby music sucks.

  • Meep

  • 4:43 "Ok, I love you" Illuminati confirmed

  • Post is just a beast

  • I don’t like the way she said “Grapevine”, lol. I’m from Texas and know where that’s at. 😂

  • evrey thang i am only 11 but i love evrythang adut you

  • Post Malone is my dad

  • If its untold than how did you find out about it?

  • He looks slow

  • This guy acquainted with @Sky Does Everything

  • Global countries 1st Global Online FUTURE COUNTRY . connect our World and its people and ideas and FUTURE .

  • He's very talented and easy on the eyes but all those tattoos and horn sign are so unattractive. This is what the music industry can do to you. Save your soul before its to late. ✌🏻️🙏🏽 😩

  • Brahs, hit me up, in LA, lessss jam!

  • White iverson

  • What, other than his music sucks?

  • Where the fxck is the untold truth?

  • No, I did not actually guess it

  • Ah mano gosto tanto do Post q tudo q é vídeo q tem ele eu venho ver 😂♥

  • Austin, why don't you come back to Grapevine?!?!

  • This is what Disney does to Shia LaBeouf?! Man I wouldn't let my kids watch Disney again.

  • His tracks sound like everything else these days a crying kid complaining to mommy he didn't get his candy right now lol

  • Gotta appreciate he plays guitar with incredible talent. It's such an introverted dedicated skill to develop. So now just imagining Post Malone alone fiddling on a song for hours

  • yo its boosty:"yoyoyo ".ca

    • and my wax for trim prep

    • ooh my haircuttingsizzorstheirfiskarsyea

    • smweeere

    • i need wayne to hesitokk well then what about thetasimo

    • ooh your gonna need my phinowayne4thepjhoneskkifhesjustkidding


  • Untold truth.... bitch posing as somebody there not.... but I’m fine wit having it now then lazer

  • He now owns the slogan when you’re here you’re family.

  • How much do you really know about any stranger you look up to

  • i just love him so much, he's soo sweet and niceee

  • If I become famous first thing ama do is “the untold truth of Nicki Swift”

  • Music today is absolute garbage....

  • "UNTOLD TRUTH" -.-

  • I thought this was actually going to say stuff I didnt already know...

  • Austin is honestly such a goofy sweetheart. He's been through so much (at least that we know.) I really wish I could afford to see him in concert.

  • She's a mess

  • Will be dead by 35 if he doesn't stop drinking.

  • Aka Leon de chino

  • Illiteracy, knowing little, and possessing 'small brain' are the dangerous ingredients of this dude; he thinks he owns the world. Well, Own Yourself First.

  • people dont catch the guitar bug.. by guitar hero .. lol stupid shit

  • I thought I would hear something negative my Post Malone

  • was watching his sunflower song debut from jimmy fallon's show and damn this guy is so humble and genuine. dunno about his music as i haven't heard any except sunflower but as a simple guy i admire him.

  • All these dislikes came from 69 fans

  • ...Cheshire Cat-Lone

  • I like him.


  • Richard post Malone is great artist actually

  • Literally everything was told already

  • clickbaiting assholes

  • We love you Postie!

  • a talented singer-songwriter ❤

  • i used to hate ppl with tattoo, i always thought they were mean but not until i found post malone. Since then i never judge ppl with tatts again. He's a nice guy.

  • some real BS right there

  • Why you talking about a Wraith when we’re looking at an old skool Lincoln?? Smh

  • guy your tattoos are so lame. And kickin it with beiber?? lolololol

  • Wow he really was a bum no hustle about him I knew there was a reason I never cared for him. He had no real hardships that's why I can't relate to his music at all. Just mumble some shit to let rich white kids believe that they know rap.

  • OH MY GOD malone knew Jason/truemu?

  • When you have to explain “guitar hero”

  • Usher should get a :ive got herpes" tattoo on his face. And it should also glow in the dark.

  • hes gay ... I think

  • Untold?! This was a video literally summarizing all the story’s that were already told.

  • I knew all of this already

  • Aaaaah, when drinking, doing drugs, and eating junk puts him in the hospital he will be a real post Malone.

  • 2:10 Jared Dines !!!!!

  • He sold his soul that’s how he got really famous over night

  • You got a perfect life there malone!!! Keep it up 😇

  • He reminds of the 22 year olds that use to date 15 year olds in high school. They get them to smoke weed and drink.

  • He works hard and it payed off

  • He's got some sound but he must have sold his soul just like all those before him it's just that.. Mocking Christ with some barbed wire or crowns around his head. Sitting around this illuminati fools.

  • 💓

  • He's gonna look 60 at 34

  • I can't believe this is considered talent nowadays