The Vector W8 Is the Craziest Supercar Ever Made

čas přidán 10. 12. 2019

The Vector W8 is the craziest supercar in history. Today I'm reviewing the Vector W8 to show you why it's so insane, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the crazy Vector W8.



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  • Merry DougCember from the Vector W8!

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    • you all probably dont care but does anybody know a tool to log back into an instagram account..? I was dumb lost my account password. I would love any help you can give me.

    • Just found this video and it brought back memories of the testing Jerry did on the runways at the Mojave airport. It happened over several weeks during the spring back in the mid 80’s if I remember correctly. The most memorable thing about this car was it’s low profile and watching Jerry coil his 6 foot plus frame into it.

    • I like your channel great job 👍

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  • The gas cap is directly from an aircraft. I was an aircraft refueler and that was a pretty common setup on wing tip tanks. The blank for the number of gallons was so that individual aircraft manufacturers could place it where it was needed and the total gallons of that tank would be known. That was critical because of the need of a precise amount of fuel was needed to be known for weight/balance and available useable fuel for flight time.

  • y u not drive it?

  • Seriously? It's like he's never been in a car or aircraft before. LoL

  • It very likely does have a driver's side airbag. 1990 model years were required to have either a driver's side airbag, or an active restraint system. If my fuzzy memory serves (I worked at a GM dealership in the late 80's), the stering column, steering wheel (aside from the shape of the cover, and the seats are from the top-end Trans-AM/Camaro.

  • 2 baseball bats to bust some kneecaps for the old mafia and 🤣

  • I like you Doug. I wish you were born much earlier. You would have wished this car as a teenager. We had Rally Cars like the Peugeot, Lancia Delta(which I saw you reviewed), Porsche 959, Audi Quattro, Countach and Testarossa. All of which gave way for what they call Super/Ultra Cars now. I grew up with boxy cars and trucks were for farm or construction work at the time. Families have Station Wagons and if you drive a Jeep Wrangler, you're probably a Military or just a loner who spends time alone in the forest. Now, everything technology driven. Cars are not about driving anymore so everyone wants a Sports Car to feel what it's like to drive. It's not always about speed and tech, it's always about the experience.

  • I made a few visits to help with some of their paint quality issues back in the day. I remember a very modest building in maybe the San Pedro area.

  • The gas cap is a aircraft design and The gallons was posted on the cap.

  • Quick, someone sponsor Doug a kneeling mat.

  • Fantastic car

  • At first I thought it was a Lamborghini Countach. But seeing it, yeah the styling is more out there then the Countach. But both of them er weird cars.

  • Andre Agassi Got one of those and return it. After catching on fire

  • this car screams booger sugar

  • YOu can talk about it, but you can not sit on the driver side.

  • He left out a bunch of info about how and what the chassis was made of, why it cost so much money, much less knowing anything more about cars than anyone who doesn't, in all seriousness one of the most badass cars ever

  • Cyberlink in the 80's. No sad, just fad, and Tab. Lulz~

  • Anyone who wants to see how the windows open go to minute 16: 18 of the following video:

  • seems like something that could have sold more if it was priced around the same as super cars of the time.

  • It’s a lot like a Lamborghini countach.

  • A 3 speed automatic in a car like this, is the most unacceptable thing I've ever heard 🤦‍♂️

  • i love how useless the windshield wipers are

  • He made a 2020 Corvette in 1990

  • Didn't one of Fords GT Race Cars have right hand drive with right hand shifter mounted to the right of the seat? I believe Superformance GT40's have this option available.

  • JDM kids be like : SupRa hAs FigHter jET LiKE cOckpit inTeriOR Vector Be like :I took a screen from a freaking real Fighter Jet 😎

  • This guys info is wrong in a few areas. The v12 was reverse engineered into a modified WX-3 which was the planned predecessor to the W8. The Lambo motors went into the M12, which had absolutely nothing to do with Vector / Vector Aeromotives. The company was gone, the exterior design used and thats about it. The M12 was junk according to every review. They even coupled it to a M1 Corvette Manual gearbox from memory. The pricing was over $450K USD (Agassi paid $455K and drove it before he was meant to and blew it up). Plenty of info around...It was the car used on The RIsing Sun movie.

  • This thing has more diagnostic features than every car made after it.

  • 5:10 You are welcome!

  • Somethings could be changed in this car. They could move the gear leage and buttons to the center, even if it means to not having the open space under the console. The screen also could be more centered but it is very cool!!!

  • This car is perfect in many ways in term of choices

  • I can't believe I just watched a 40 minute video. Cool and well done.

  • Dude shut up and turn the engine on, didn't even rev or nothing.

  • RIP JERRY WIEGERT. he was truly living 50 years in the future

  • What in the name of Cyberpunk is this

  • His voice is so fucking yukky

  • That is bullsiht they can make this car today for less than 20k. Tell me im wrong?.....

  • This car needs to be made again.

  • This demuro guy is so rich with connections. Funny, it's all just for internet videos.

  • That missing piece on the right side of steering column is where the hazard switch goes...on an 80's GM vehicle. I always hated those hazard switchs.

  • lmao why'd you say u were gonna drive it?

  • Well this is the guy who says this, this, this😂. Lol

  • تصميم داخلي غبي ، امريكي عمره ما يتسنع

  • The engine hour gage is helpful, people forget idle time in which does not apply miles to the car but breaks down oil and also wear ... So I think that's smart of them .. Rear turbocharged bage was put were it was to help balance the look of the car given " the location of the tag " ...

  • The inside of this car is so ghetto looking. Back in the day I bet it was considered so cool

  • this car is actually very left hand friendly

  • "In this VECTOR." -This guy

  • 36:17 it kinda looka like a donkey , , lol

  • One of them went to Andre Agassi, who demanded a refund after his W8 overheated on a drive in the desert near Las Vegas. Agassi’s brother said back then that the Vector was “basically a death trap”.

  • THHHHIS!........

  • Had A poster of this on my wall as A teenager.

  • Imagine you're in the 80's and you pull out in a car like that

  • 20:15 GPS got much better over time.

  • Rest in peace Jerry Wiegert, you really made the great....

  • My grandfather had wx3 ford left hand drive 1985 blue brought in from US to Australia. Its built by flight jet material and very light car and very fast. Unfortunately car it was gone. Nothing beats the old cars


  • Dude get in the fucking car and drive, this talking shit is horrible.

  • Those window switches look like BMW E30 window switches, and not 1980's GM buttons

  • I had a poster of this car as a child

  • Doug is a nerd. He was the dude in high school that took teacher a apple and played teachers pet. And had his pocket Protector

  • I didn't expect to watch this whole thing. Thanks for reviewing this weird car!

  • It looks like a hotwheels countach

  • the steering wheel looks like a gusher

  • So your telling me you could get a key copy from Home Depot for a car there’s 1 of 20 of🧐🤣🤣🤣

  • This is the least appealing exotic/super car you have ever reviewed. But thank you none the less because even when entertainment value is the offering, you do it best.👍🏼

  • This car is made to race into the future.

  • As a helicopter pilot, I am pleasantly surprised at how many ‘aircraft’ specific systems they incorporated into this car. From the circuit breakers, gas cap, panels and information systems…Vector did an incredible job in merging the two industries. I even giggled when is saw the compass; in an aircraft, that specific ‘compass’ is a backup to your primary direction indicators. Very cool. Thanks Doug.

  • This car screams retro future

  • I see a Hot Wheels designer landed a gig with a car manufacturer.

  • I remember seeing this in a supercar book I had as a child. I always had posters of the Countach on my wall. After I saw the Vector, I couldn't have cared less about a Lamborghini. What a special machine.

  • 33:33 I was dying. the way they just pause

  • It's a HotWheels car!!

  • Interesting Quirk for ya. @5:39 - That silver latch on the interior above the speak...EXACTLY the same as in a Countach. 🧐 Opens the engine cover and rear boot of the Countach.

  • Lamborghini Cauntach was insane, no, Vektor W8 was insaner.

  • Looks like a Countach

  • True boundary pushing stuff. Sounds like that car was fun to conceive and build also.

  • At 34:46, Doug confuses "flimsy" with "over-engineered".

  • Wait...Weigert avoided the hostile takeover from that Indonesian company? I was under the impression that he didn't...

  • Hey don’t be such a cornball and maybe I can stomach watching your videos

  • That's the GM hazard switch location on the column. Looks like they pulled the whole steering column out of an S-10

  • Lambo countach but better

  • Sadly from 2030 on all combustion cars including classics will be banned from public streets in EU :-( In Germany the Green party gave order to shorten fuel supply from 2025 on by reducing petrol stations to only one state operated peoples gas station per city. From 2027 on the will even stop the production and the import of certain car parts as exhaust systems, catalysts and even stop selling engine lubricants.........

  • the fact that vector offered Lamborghini a W8 to help pay for the engines for the M12, and that Lamborghini actually accepted it, is crazy. Lamborghini and vector are compatible in many ways lol

  • This was Literally my Dream Car as a kid/teenager

  • The things I would do to my neighbours for this car....

  • Told myself I'd watch one of these car videos... I'm on number 10.... Doug DeMuro has a rabbit hole of awesomeness!

  • “You don’t see an Engine hours dial in many cars” *laughs in crown Victoria*

  • Hey 👋 Doug, will you ever make a video of the Vector M12? I understand they’re rare but you don’t seem to care that much of the M12. Anyways, just trying to remind and ask you to review the Vector M12. Thanks!

  • I like this Vector W8

  • That is one of the best car designs I've ever seen, very cyberpunk.

  • That screen alone gives off Knight Rider vibes

  • The delicious dream beautifully repeat because editor specially suspend behind a flashy jump. tense, unarmed silver

  • The engineering and thought put into making use of every inch of this vehicle is absolutely astounding! So so much inside a tiny space. Just remarkable!

  • Unbelievably cool, all the angles and edges on this car. But since I could only afford a used Starion in those years, that would be as boxy and futuristic looking as I would get. Always think of the Sean Connery /Wesley Snipes movie, Rising Sun, when I see these.

  • Nope that’s the Ferrari Enzo

  • On the front cover that was so flimsy there were two flat bars missing on each side. They just went in between the existing hinges connecting them. Although easily overlooked they were very much needed as you obviously seen how flimsy they are without them! Thx great video

  • It would have been a lot better if it had more money or Capital to back the car up. The designer wanted too but I don't think he was able to do it because he never had enough money to put it into production. And i think they were lying about the performance of the vehicle. Otherwise this would have been the next McLaren or Koenigsegg.

  • In dash cd changer. Taken straight from the F-14

  • Looks like they took some inspiration from Chrysler project vehicle used in film: The Wraith

  • That windshield wiper sequence was genuinely the most '80s exotic car thing I've ever seen

  • Bet the display dims only when the headlights are on