The World's Greatest Compromise

čas přidán 21. 04. 2021
Welcome to New York City's One World Trade Center; the world's greatest compromise. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Tim Gibson
Video Editing and Graphics - James Durkin

Additional footage and images courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/ CC BY-SA 2.0, Silverstein Properties Inc, Bundeswehr-Fotos, Studio Libeskind, The Dronalist, Alec Perkins / CC BY-SA 2.0, Vlad Lazarenko / CC BY-SA 2.0, Gerd Eichmann/ CC BY-SA 2.0, Beija / CC BY-SA 2.0, Carol M. Highsmith / CC BY-SA 2.0, King of Hearts/ CC BY-SA 2.0, Anthony Quintano / CC BY-SA 2.0, Marc Nozell / CC BY-SA 2.0, DBOX / Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) / Millar.

Blair Kamin's 2014 Chicago Tribune article -

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  • Me: Hi Mom! Mom: Who's this? Me: Oh, just One World Trade Center

    • What??

    • @Djarms67 no.. stop it

    • That was so corny.. and the fact you got 5.1k likes 🤣

    • @The B1M I thought you said stinky and now I'm disappointed


  • Things take time to become icons as people experience it and it becomes familiar. The original towers weren’t loved to begin with. I think the whole site works, it’s part commerce, y’know, screw you people we get up and get going again but also the wonderful memorial and museum to remember. Not sure how everyone could have been satisfied whatever they did.

  • WTC 2 should look identical to the Freedom Tower and be 1789 feet tall, since that was the year our constitution was ratified.

  • I feel like they should have rebuilt the original towers, definitely not where they once stood but maybe where the One World Trade Center is today. Even though I wasn't alive at the time, it just feels wrong not having the towers on the skyline they're so iconic and feel right at home in New York, I'm sorry if this is disrespectful to the people that died on 9/11 but these is just my opinion on what they should have done

  • Trump was totally right about this

    • We should not trust trump unless it’s about that.

    • @@Hi otherwise it's like crying on the milk that's on the floor, why showing loss and not strength?

    • Should we agree with trump?

  • The new wtc doesn't stand out at all

    • What is etc?

  • They should built it higher.

  • Donald Trump idea was much better, new WTC is very ugly

  • 4:25 knowing now as much as we do about Trump this was ALL to get his name in the news...he never was going to follow through with building anything...he never does, he just slaps his name on something already built, or books or steaks or a fake college 😂😂

  • I much prefer Freedom Tower to One World Trade Center. The less you remind me of 9/11 while inside that building the better.


  • Ojalá hagan las torres gemelas de nuevo

  • Was surprised to see Donald Trump protesting to rebuild both towers in their original shape. I would have loved that as well. For me, rebuilsing both towers in the older shape could have sent a stronger message and had played an emotional role as well.

  • They should rename it the “fear” tower. Because the entire thing screams fear of terrorism. They have this ugly 10 story reinforced base that wastes so much space and screams paranoia. And it’s only 104 floors. No 5 star restaurant. No more classy bar?

  • Definitely rushed. I mean there are much awe inspiring designs, for example think of two towers merging into one, so many variations of this concept.

  • Libeskind was robbed of this! He’s my favorite architect

  • my opinion is they should've rebuilt 2 towers instead of 1

  • Not a fan of this building. It’s so blah. A wasted opportunity.

  • I’m still upset that the windows of the world restaurant isn’t there…

  • *Fun Fact* This English comment has translation option to translate at English… *Idk why I said that*

  • From a design standpoint the old WTC wasn’t great architecture but the two towers and surrounding buildings nonetheless created a powerful presence. Imo the One World Trade Center fails on nearly all levels - it’s ungainly and unfriendly and doesn’t have nearly the presence the old complex did.

  • I see one but I know there should be two

  • Honestly, I really like it.

  • World trade senter💶 One world trade senter💶💎💷💸💵💴💰

  • Anthropogenic extinction golden opportunity 😕 misst. Future smart green skyscraper, energy hub food producton hub and a global example of The smart green city's. 👌 End toxic rule before to late. Thank you Buzz Knapp-Fisher 😊

  • Anthropogenic extinction golden opportunity 😕 misst. Future smart green skyscraper, energy hub food producton hub and a global example of The smart green city's. 👌 End toxic rule before to late. Thank you Buzz Knapp-Fisher 😊

  • All I can say is what's there now should be Deconstructed and Make it RIGHT

  • Sorry but Trump was totally in the right here... Bring the towers back. Bigger, better and stronger than ever. Both 1776ft high if they wanted to keep the same theme (also to make them stand above the ever growing NYC and not get lost)

    • @mR andross guy Yeah, like even if they made any kind of twin towers. But to replace 2 with 1 seems like a step backwards and half assed (no disrespect to the hard working engineers etc) They had more that enough money to make bigger and better twin towers... Sucks man...

    • Yeah I don't Understand how people can't see how What's Now is Disgraceful, Though I Haven't even been to the City Yet but seeing the History And How they "rebuilt" it is Almost WORSE Than the Tragedy!!? And the Trump proposal thing Wasn't All by him, He was just Promoting the Plan which it looked Very Bold Yet Still Respecting the ORIGINAL Footprints !!

  • Before the debris at Ground Zero was even cleared, the debate began. "What should the new structure be?"

  • That would be very eerie to see the twin towers rebuilt standing where almost 3k people died, people would look at them and get flashbacks.

  • Tiny Building

  • I love the design. its great and perfect. I can't wait to come and see it properly when the world stops being mad. (I did go to nyc in 2019 but I was on my way upstate and had no time to explore, cept the block surrounding MSG)

  • 🏢 🏢

  • I absolutely love 1 World Trade Center... I just wish they built two of them on the site.

  • Trump was right

  • Why didn't we build two?

  • Rebuilding the twins would have been the biggest F you to the terrorists. The skyline would have been always better with the two towers.

  • For the first time ever I agree with Trump. Building replicas but better and stronger would have been the perfect response to 9/11...whoever was behind the attacks.

  • I would rather have twin towers 2

  • I never thought I would say this but for once I wish Trump have gotten his wish come true to rebuild the twin towers

  • The two things that bother me the most in the final form of this building are, as mentioned, the unclad spire, and the way they covered the symmetrical chamfers on the tower’s plinth with that cladding. It would look so much better with both of those, and that’s the real architectural crime.

  • Imagine if we somehow get the twin world trade center but in Chicago

  • Beautiful building! I loved looking at it when I was there. Wish I could have seen the original 2.

  • According to Wikipedia WTC was completed in 1972. (Not 1970)

  • Basically everyone at or above crash site for WTC died. Unless victims are trained base jumpers, pedways between the WTC towers would have saved most people. Twin all new skyscrapers & use pedways? Pedways designed as sloping slides would be faster, perfect for disabled.

  • Basically everyone at or above crash site for WTC died. Unless victims are trained base jumpers, pedways between the WTC towers would have saved most people. Twin all new skyscrapers & use pedways?

  • Classic Trump.

  • i wish they rebuilt the towers

  • Beautiful clips & footage

  • The only time where I agree with Trump.

  • Thanks! 😂

  • or they could have built another freedom tower so that there could be twin freedom towers.

    • @mR andross guy no not really. Twin freedom towers would replace the original wtc twin towers

    • No cus that would defeat the purpose of the freedom tower

  • They should have rebuilt the original design of the world trade center towers.

  • I still miss the Twin Towers. The Freedom Tower can't hold a candle to the Twin Towers. Not only that, the irony to name it the Freedom Tower when we are being stripped of our civil liberties.

  • How am I NOT surprised that Trump wanted to rebuild what SHOULD HAVE been rebuilt!!! He would have also and it would’ve been beautiful!!!! WHY didn’t he continue?

  • I love the architectural design of the 1WTC however Trump's plan to rebuild the WTC had some really good points by having it stronger, taller but also keeping the original design of the first two. Plus the original two beside it on Ground Zero with a memorial outline structure of the first two towers still standing would be very symbolic of American power and independence. It would also give those a feel of what the originals were actually like WHILE still getting a chance to see Twin Towers 2, which is identical but advanced in many ways.

  • The one thing I actually agreed with Trump. Rebuilding the twins towers.

  • What is the song playing at 8:35?

  • It's funny how they say the one world trade center in generic but the OG twin towers were even more generic lol

  • When the original twin towers were built years ago, the name freedom tower probably would not scare away any tenants, but now……… “It points out the totalitarian of the United States!” “I get triggered when I hear that word.” Yeah, whatever.

  • Liebskinds design was awsome...som to what it that finger to your own government

  • Had they rebuilt them identically to what they were…you think they’d be able to rent those offices to companies? No one would want to work above the 30th floor

  • La torre Freedom no era rentable,por eso el cambio a la Torre One.👍👍👍

  • They should build another freedom tower as Two World Trade Center. So NYC would have its twin towers again

  • It is as underwhelming as the rest of the new buildings that litter the NYC skyline.

  • I would argue that the world's great compromise was the 3/5ths compromise...

  • No One: 'I want dirt filters on my footage'.

  • That single tower does not live up to what was they before, they should have just replaced the twin towers with new twin towers.

  • looks poor/mediocre 4/10.....the old towers were icons 10/10

  • Another one beside it would look so amazing wish they would have done twins

  • NY is dead anyway. Most money is moving out. You are looking at the next Detroit.

  • My main problem with the building is that the antenna - and it IS an antenna and not a spire - is included in the official height. That is not the case with any other building with an antenna. Without counting the antenna, it's only 1,368 feet, ranking as only the 4th tallest in the U.S. Also, the base is criminally bad.

  • Larry Silverstein. Criminal of vast proportions.

  • Goosh 1WTC looks ugly

  • I just think the tower looks ugly, doesnt feel like it fits the style of the other buildings but meh l guess

  • one World Trade Center is beautiful but nothing compared to the twin towers!!!!

  • The one world trade tower is amazing. But it's not the same as the twin towers. Their perfectly rectangular shape made them so massive, they were two collosums leading NY skyline. The modern shape of the new one, which tends to get thinner at the top, in addition to the fact that there s just one tower, make the 1 wtc appear a bit thin and empty. Idk thats my impression.

  • The public did not fall in love with the idea. The competition was a joke and the tower centric projects showed no backbone to stand up to the greed of the developers to replace two largely empty buildings.

  • Should have been a stadium. I drew a stadium that was in the image of a crater into the earth that opened with glimpses onto the adjoining streets. It was a great project.

  • Donald Trump was correct! As always.

  • Lame compared to the old ones

  • So that's what that thing is, down there! It's mildly pleasant to look at, since the shape is nice. The last thoughts I wasted on that project, were back when plans showed a complex of structures looking like a theme park. But who cares? And why would it have had "freedom" stuck onto the name, when the incident which started all of that, was used as an excuse to CURTAIL Americans' freedoms? Maybe it's a memorial to the freedoms we LOST?

  • 🇺🇸 Dedicated to the victims of September the 11th. New York City on a sunny day, seen from space. Stream source NASA Johnson ESRSU

  • hm I feel like the twin towers gave the site and the skyline a unique silhouette even if each building wasn't impressive looking on its own. this single tower, I feel like you could tell me that that was any building in any city and I'd believe you

    • The new tower just blends into the city it doesn't stand out as much

  • ONE world means no conflict . sometime prolonged peace have potential to create greater evil . then evil itself cuz absolute opponent is not present .evil is necessary for good to remain good without absolute opposite there's no way when things get too far

  • It’s simply boring.

  • Freedom Tower is audacious? What a clown statement.

  • Tony Soprano didn’t get his cut

  • George Pötákí

  • It’s great building; we just need two of them.

  • I will say that I was not at all pleased with some of the proposals that came, but I actually really like what became. One World Trade is a beautiful building. The width at the base is the same as the towers were, square on top, square on bottom, same height from ground to roof as the North Tower was but with a larger mast… And the memorial is absolutely amazing. I am seriously glad they didn’t go with their earlier plans.

  • Wonderful

  • Well the Merdeka tower now full of controversy😖😖

  • i prefer the looks of the old buildings better but i guess its better than nothing!

    • The old towers stood out now the new tower blends into the city doesn't really stand out much

  • They need to at least complete the antenna with the cover it was supposed to have. The cover would allow it to be illuminated better at night.

  • 9/10/01 #wokedreamsx100 🔥🌟🔥🌟🔥🌟🤑🤑🌟🔥🌟🔥🌟🤑🤑🤑

  • They began building that in 2006? I was at the site late 2008 and it hadn't risen over the barriers blocking the hole from view... Okay.


  • Either should have rebuilt the twin towers as they were or built something that was undeniably spectacular and unique. OWTC is neither.

  • Trumps plan would of been awesome

  • new new york now