The World's Most Remote Buildings

čas přidán 21. 11. 2018
Seldom seen, barely known about and hardly ever visited - Fred Mills tracks down the world's most remote buildings. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Images courtesy of National Maritime Museum (UK), Trinity House, David Wilkinson, Scilly Today, Jonathan North Washington, Martin Jung, Michael Turtle, Crop Trust, Heiko Junge, Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Riccardo Gangale, Matthias Heyde, Anthony Dubber, James Morris, Hugh Broughton Architects, British Antarctic Survey, Dave Southwood, Andy Cheatle, Thomas Schmiedbauer, IUB Engineering AG, ESO, José Francisco Salgado, Roland Halbe, G. Hudepohl and I. Werz-Rein.

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  • They must hire those who have to walk 15 miles to get water the donkeys are being used for bricks and charity donations

  • The Eso Hotel in Chile is what NASA uses to stay when filming like they are in Mars but are really in the Chilean desert. The word is out.

  • Desert hotel, I laugh that iron wasn’t Eco realistic but pumping millions of gallons of water and shipping it was totally worth it.

  • Huh, I actually visited the Sphinx Observatory, it was cool, first time I've ever seen such beautiful mountains from so high up.

  • Researchers working at the southern observatory? WHAT are they researching? People?

  • The one that is supposed to be a hotel, that's only one or two stories... I had a dream about a building like that, but it was more like a mental hospital. Weird. Are there any others like it?

  • What about the Epstein / Clinton island?

  • Orientated? Nope. It’s oriented.

  • wow amazing photography and beautiful compilation of videos I love it 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Corée du Nord et activités illégales | Comment des millions de personnes gagnent-elles de l'argent ?

  • I wonder why they left out warehouse 13? Probably still classified location.

  • Since when is 30 meters 120ft? And, arent all summers 3 months

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  • Valcano only to my eu from than after once and born now.

  • Takes the Brits 3 years to put their Antarctic module base together? Being the tea drinking experts of the world I'm not surprised at all 🤣😂 It must have taken them 10 hours to brew each batch in minus 60*C weather??

  • 5:35 ... your lucky I don’t report you 🚩

  • Santa’s house is the most remote building

  • The Svalbard seed vault is like 2 miles from Longyearbyen, which has a 4-figure population and, well, plenty of other buildings. It's even closer to the town's main airport. Not sure why it's listed here.

  • i dont want to live in a world without nature, you can have it,

  • @5:24 human centipede

  • WoW....

  • Wizard Towers. All of them.

  • Doesn't everyone's summers last a "brief" 3 months?

  • Guy goes low with his voice when he should go high, and high when he should go low. For a documentary that's supposed to be informative that doesn't make sense. But he does what he's told for a pay check.

  • really good video.


  • The lighthouse could withstand the zombie hoards they cant swim or scale vertical walls

  • Svalbard has major Death Stranding vibes

  • God bless the architects and builders 🙏🏾

  • That observatory doesn't belong on this list, there's a train station!!!

  • hi-happy birthday

  • Lighthouse wrong, Fassnet off the coast of Ireland far more remote.

  • .

  • Hotel ESO was in a James Bond movie and it looked great then.

  • Combustible hotel rooms are tight.

  • Adverts 30 seconds in , goodbye

  • The last building from 8:47 was destroyed badly in James Bond movie

  • Why didn't they just blow that rock into a million pieces; as opposed to pain-stakingly building a lighthouse

  • Several of these have been in movies, not just the Eso...

  • Not "most remote", but "remotest". In English we have comparatives and superlatives. Remote - adjective Remoter - comparative Remotest - superlative Q. Which is the remoter planet from Earth, Venus, or Mercury? A. Mercury is the remoter planet, but Pluto is the remotest.

  • That was in the James Bond movie

  • I would love to live alone at any of these places.

  • Where´s the building in a crater that was also visited by James Bond, in one of the latest films?

  • why haven't they figured out how to make water in the Chilean desert

  • The seed vault in Norway flooded and destroyed half of the seed stock 😂 BRILLIANT WAY TO THROW A BILLION DOLLARS IN THE JUNK

    • @Thomas Norbø it DID! flood. Stop spreading your cheap lies and propaganda

    • It didn't flood, no stock was damaged. There was water in the hall, but that is a long time ago. No billion dollars was spent.

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  • The Haley antarctic station is straight out of The Thing.

  • Not having neighbors is a good thing.

  • I click this cause i saw the building from daniels creg movie 007....

  • I'm sorry but the Sphinx observatory cannot be classed as remote if there's a railway within a 100m.

  • Damn, I like the ESO hotel. Maybe I can get a fake astronomy diploma on the internet. ;-)

  • Camp Summitt, Greenland is pretty remote. Can you dig it!?

  • @ 7:07 "Antarctica's summers ... last a mere 3 months." Shocking! Unlike the rest of the world where summers last, well, 3 months.

  • Don't forget to loose your shirt with your yert!

  • The seed vault interests me the most... Seems like something out of a sci movie while being very practical and reasonable in the same time.

  • 0:00

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  • It irritates me beyond words that he calls everything a "scheme".

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  • Oh look Mum, possible unique holiday spots.

  • Bishop inspired at least 1 poem.

  • When you REALLY want to get away from it all (assuming you can get in).

  • Doug Stanhope's house

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  • I used to live on Tresco, Scilly Isles. Indeed a very impressive lighthouse.

  • Excellent and interesting video. I enjoy your work! 👏👏🍺🍺🍺!

  • Humanity's desire of exploration can't stop

  • the seed vault is like right next to a commecial airport. LMFAO

  • seldom known about. what is this alien building ??!?!?! a lighthouse??!?! what witchcraft!@!

  • Excellent

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately recognized that building from 007, idk why I was able to remember that I haven’t seen that movie since it came out

  • i got news for you, that Dune hotel ain't for researchers

  • A "brief" summer period of 3 months. That's every summer, everywhere.

  • the most fpv friendly places

  • 7:31 recognized that from the game "steep"

  • So summer lasts a mere 3 months in Antarctica.... Sorry but does it last any longer anywhere else on Earth?!

  • I'd really enjoy going into these buildings, studying the architecture, relaxing and just having moments of 'being allowed to think I own these places- temporarily' and having sex with lots of beautiful Caucasian females. Sex parties with a whole team of women to my self in each building as a way of 'marking' my involvement in the crusaders submission, divide and conquer of the world.

  • The B1M videos are always amazing and entertaining but this one was my favorite I was able to guess one of the buildings before I watched the video I have heard and read about the seed vault and I guessed correctly that it would be on the list and I guessed that one of the most extreme buildings would be in Antarctica The others I had never heard of Fascinating video and you have always done a excellent job but this video was my favorite so far Have a wonderful day today everyone

  • 2:22 dear god that helipad looks terrifying

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  • Once again, absorbing content

  • Nice! Now I know where o go when the zombies come

    • LOL. I wanna go there Right now to escape Humanity.

  • This video was dislikes exactly 3000 times Love you 3000 B1M

  • no international space station station?

    • It's not a building. It's not on Earth.

    • Nah, it only takes a few hours to get to the there.

  • Ok

  • *YOU FORGOT* the Russian military base near North Pole

  • thanks man for sharing

  • To ensure survival they put seeds as far away from you as possible. I guess they are assuming not to be the main target... hate to tell you guys, you're going first. Your enemies don't care about us sheep.. they want the wolves that keep huffing and puffing. The 'hotel' built with public taxpayer money and isn't accessible to the public is covering up ancient ruins.

  • 3:36 did he say Ireland?

  • Woah that Hailey VI is awesome how have I never heard of that before. Thanks for the awesome video.

  • I love the fact that the edition team got all their information from wiki sources, they didn’t travel there and do the report / commentary; so a little bit more of recognized info and you are gonna miss the first and very lonely lunar research base (based on what official darwinist sciences offer) #researchflatearth 😉

  • Amazing content and informative. I am satisfied. Well done. Subscribed.

  • I should be studying

  • 8:46 I thought Bond blew that up?

  • 5:00 Hallley VI looks exactly like those modular buildings in Apex Legends