The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

čas přidán 11. 08. 2019
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Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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  • Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

    • i can't reply back to toxicboi i and kurzgesagt says failed to comment post on immunization video i don't believe in vaccinations, i got them for 15 years in military and as child didn't do anything for me and made me have strep throat,

    • @Pierre Jonquères of course once I manage to record the voice and edit the video

    • @lopassociate It's just a hobby but the idea is for everyone to watch these amazing videos in Spanish

    • I want a video on light pollution!

    • Will you comment a link to the next video here ?

  • Ms paint

  • Ms paint

  • The guy who narrates this is the same who narrates BazBattles? If that's true, that makes the video more epic.

  • The subtitles look ugly just use the auto generated ones

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  • Goddam fucking ants.

  • lets see how you talk about "space time distortion" if that is a thing

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  • Sottotitoli in italiano sta ceppa

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  • شكراً لنشر الفيديو بالعربي هناك امور اختلف فيها معكم لكن هناك معلوماتٌ جميلة


  • 3:51 WillAntE

  • Please please talk about the Amazon rain forest right now if you can afford to. Even if just a short announcement to inform people. I know a full video isn't a possibility and is too much to ask, but some form of announcement would help a lot if you guys can. Thank you if you get to read this comment.

  • Please talk about Amazonas and global warming...

  • Army Ant: War.....war never changes Square Head Ant: What you say boss? Army Ant: BACK IN POSITION PRIVATE!!! Square Head Ant: 😞 *becomes door again*

  • I love ants..... i love kurzhesagt! BOOM!!!!!

  • I love ants. Ants are badass. There should be like an RTS based off ants, or a movie...Call it, "A Bug's Life" or something.

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  • why is this so epic

  • News episode

  • In a million years ants will evolve to build guns and nukes and destroy the world if we haven't already

  • I saw one of these Wars in real life

  • Being nomadic warrior tribes, army ants are kind of the ant dothraki.

  • So much for "humans are the only species that violently kills others of their kind". Not that it feels great to know this ._.

  • Part 2


  • Ok, I want a video game now

  • Türkçe altyazı düzeltilirse sevinirim.

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  • Extremely good videos. Kurzgesagt upload very helpful and informative videos. I am the biggest fan of Kurzgesagt. I am watched all your videos.

  • When an ant sees an Ant Exterminator ATTACK ON TITAN MUSIC PLAYS

    • lol you got me crying

  • No se ustedes, pero yo estuve alucinando durante todo el vídeo, me encanto este trabajo.

  • War ia natural. arm up boys!

  • What an absolute social unit


  • Is it me or he is one of the voice behind how its made? Love his voice very much tho

  • In The Grim Dark Future of The 21st Century, There Is Only War...

  • Can you do a video about "What does Reality really look like?"

  • Awesome. Waiting for part 2...

  • A colony: exists An agressive colony: exists Agressive colony: sees that ither colonies exist Agressive colony's strategy: rush b

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  • "We found another species! let's name it..." * hits keyboard with forehand slice *

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  • TIL ants are super racist.

  • This video about ANTS was so epic. I liked it so much I watched it till the very last second to extend watchtime

  • 3:52 This is the ant that didn't show up when they said "be there or be square."

  • That is called TEAM WORK

  • Да это жёстко)

  • Pls who is reading my comment could you give me a link for a German version. Have a good day!

  • They say videogames cause violence, but look at what these ants have teached us.

  • Antvengers, assemble!

  • Does anyone know what Kurzgesagt means I think it’s German but it could also be a tricky scientific word

    • It means "put briefly", "put shortly" or literally "said shortly" in German. In German we usually will say something like: "kurz gesagt, ..." at the beginning of a summary or conclusion. You might also use it in a situation where in English you'd write tl;dr

    • It means "short review"

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  • 働き蟻は、我々よりブラックな企業に勤めてるのか…

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  • And yet us humans squish them with ease

  • Merci pour les sous-titre en Français.

  • Could you expose the possibility that the universe isn't infinite but very big and by studing explosions in space could help us with the Big Bang

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