The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

čas přidán 11. 08. 2019
Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.

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  • I did not know ants were that smart.

  • 4:00 that made me say the biggest “aWhh”

  • you sound like david atten-something


  • Say what you want about humans but I'm glad that at least we didn't evolve to raid eachother in order to kidnap and eat other human children

  • lmfao the square-headed ant "What is my purpose?" "You stick your big-ass head in the entrance when we tell you to" "Oh...."

  • F World War 2, *All My Homies Watch War Of The Ants*

  • only S2 players will understand zerg wars

  • these ants are smart

  • this is amazing thank you for this information army ant colony: attack leafcutter ants: retreat Humans: god damn these ants squish

  • This kinda gives off a Warhammer feeling ngl.

  • Why fight ourselves when we can grow our own ant colony and let them do the fighting and look over them like gods. Just kidding...or am I?

  • Ants: *are having war* Me with a water bottle: *STOP THE WAR OR ELSE I CALL IN THE AIR STRIKE*

  • All i imagine when i was 6 years old that ants are working eachother and fighting when they have emotion or smthing

  • Xkcd: Why hasn't nature evolved grey goo yet, it's such a successful model. Kurzgesagt:

  • 7:06 Kurzgesagt: “for ant thought, the other ant will always be the enemy” *me: Racist! also Kurzgesagt: “no, some group just dont get along” *me: omg are you listening?

  • Why i like to watch ants confliting each other?

  • do ants have pp's ?

  • How about pharoah ants they have many queens and still work together while queens get out following workers

  • me: *sees ant running around tree* me: seems like they are playing ants: this is fucking sparta!

  • Must be a difference of political philosophy. Maybe some ants are Republicans and others are Democrats? Just a thought.

  • If Humanity ever goes extinct, I want Ants or Honeybees to take over. They seem to be the ones that would have a handle on things the best. ...Aside from the constant warring...

  • kurzgesagt explains death like how you would talk about your bread in the morning

  • ANTS: This is Spartaaa!!!!!!!!🐜

  • GET READY MEN *artillery and gunfire noises*

  • Wasp: *kills army ant* *Gets killed by 300 more*

  • 👍👌

  • "Humans have decided that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore". *Laughts at China.

  • *army ants attack leafcutters* Leafcutters who have a nuclear bomb up their sleeve: valiant hero ending

  • 0:57 While a single ant is pretty useless, together they are able to achieve stunning feats. Humans summed up in one sentence.

  • They should make a game about this

  • So, I just... I just can't take my eyes off those shaking, trembling ant butts. They're hillarious! Who is the one responsible for this in your team? They're a genius.

  • Ant news: world war 929293848484828299394586892929949 has be declared

  • i know its cool

  • Now I can't eat my pizza

  • Ants are the new humans

    • Ants have been around long before humans ever showed up = 140 to 170 million BC… while modern humans/homo sapiens have only been around as much as 200,000 to 300,000 years, with our ancestors reaching back as far as 7 million years in total… so ants have been walking the earth 20, 466 plus to 700 times longer than all of us throughout prehistoric times. They’re much older than us, so not so new after all. That would be a great series to make + watch = Walking with Ants.

  • Humans don't do war anymore?

    • Cough, cough = 5000 plus years of nonstop warfare still ongoing till today, even on a skirmish like level... cough, cough = the war on Coronavirus and more over so forth; cough, cough.

  • a

  • The big ant is fighting 5 min later... squish

  • So army ants are Mongolians then?

  • MORE!

  • That just sounds like Zergs with extra steps.

  • Why don’t the ants just nuke their enemies?

    • 1. They're too primitive compared to us in doing so. 2. They would destroy all the land that they could use afterwards for their agriculture and settling of new nests throughout. 3. Their enemies would have nukes too if they were as advance as us on that tiny level, so mutual destruction would occur all the time if they played stupid with them. 4. They would destroy the world and themselves if they had nukes in the first place and used them too often... so that's a no go. 5. Human nations would not allow them to have or keep possession of them to use even if they could in knowing what they would do with them = so there would be a global treaty with them not to use them at all + a disarming project of getting rid of the nukes or another bug + human war instead like the invasion of Iraq. 6. It's more beneficial to keep your former enemy's lands intact for later use as your own after the war is over = without using nukes.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • faz o jogo!

  • Please talk in Hindi

  • i played a game called empires of the undergrowth and one of the levels was leaf cutters and we needed to protect against army ants

  • Lol, square heads

  • Phobia of ants kicks in

  • War...War never changes

  • Imagine if ants actually had atomic weapons and artilleries.

  • Humans:what if ants had guns? Ants:HECK YEAH

  • I lo

  • Okay ants are pure merciless,

  • Is this tlc??

  • C4 vs mega ant

    • Water hose vs ants

  • you forgot the bullet ant the most painfull ant in the world

  • nobody: the other ants watching their soldier ants go to war: *ah just another monday*

  • What species of ant do you support

  • amazing

  • War... war never changes...

  • soviets be like

  • Hey marz ants can kill a lion together

  • Me en de bois walking back home 1:42

  • Humans: Close the gate! Ants: Bob, use your monstrous forehead to plug that entrance!

  • What is this, a war for ants?

  • Make a Shounen anime on this.

  • Team up with CuriosityStream to do a Video on Spider Ants!

  • Everyone: god ants are 20 % of all species? Bettles: am i a joke to you?

  • Why is this actually the most interesting thing in the world

  • what if the ants develop nukes

  • In the grim darkness of the dense undergrowth, there is only war.

  • "Despite the powerful defense and a determined response, the Army Ants are still superior in numbers" *laughs in Red Army*

  • BITE

  • No I’m just a little bit of a cat and a dog and a lot of fun I think you should be a little more fun and fun for me I love to see him

  • just his voice...

  • After watching this, I want to be an ant all of a sudden

  • Please make a video about thaumatotomyrmex

  • good, let them fight each other. cause otherwise us humans are doomed :v

  • 5123456789101112@

  • 4:02 neivamyrmex

  • Normal fire ants: We are proud, nomadic hunters! We are invinci- Leaf-cutter ants: WE ARE FARMERS. BUM BA DUM BUM BUM BUM BUM. Nomamyrmex esenbeckii: *"Allow us to introduce ourselves" intensifies.*


  • and yet we still we kill ants

  • Army ants: Barbarian Fire ants: Mongol empire

  • Army ants: appear Leafcutters: Oh, your approaching me? Army ants: I cant beat the heck out of you without approaching you.

  • WORLD WAR DEATH!!!!!!!!

  • vig

  • tudjrtyjgjgjbnvmklopuyrbjfedrtzxcvbnma

  • hkejf

  • This was super cool!

  • Indonesia

  • after watching this video i look at my leg and see an ant me:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • i want this to be a movie

  • This is one of the few videos from this channel where there are not many birds.

  • Ants : QUEEN WEEE UNDER ATTACK WHAT DO WE DO! Queen : attack them… Ants : BUT THEIR SENDING ARMY ANTS Queen : oh fri-

  • Ants -1/5 animal biomass on earth Who rules the dirt, the plants, the water and sky?

  • If part 3 of World War Ant is released, why don't you tell me you're going to make it earlier?!?

  • The war aint over till the fat ant sings.

  • Army ant soldiers are cool