The Worst Things about Czech Republic

čas přidán 1. 10. 2018
Czech Republic, or Czechia, the country of beer and mullets. It's capital, Prague, is my home. Let me guide you through this special country.


  • Guys, is there any website you recommend for sharing this video? I'm gonna sound like an ungrateful fuck, but seeing 5k international views after 3 weeks of making this video is making me sad, depressed, demotivated, -insert another negative adjective-. Since I'm from Slovakia, I know only websites that sell cow farts or gypsy slaves. + thank you for your lovely comments!! It's my only source of motivation alongside toluene.

    • You speak like Russian, l know, I'm Russian

    • Cornhub

    • You're a very funny and talented guy... I can't believe you are from eastern Europe... when i think of eastern Europe i think of racist, grumpy people (like Bulgarian soccer fans).. Now even though you deserve 500 million subscribers and your videos deserve millions of views the thing is that you focus on countries such as Czech Republic or Slovakia which happen to be countries with extremely small populations... I think you would get very different results if you focused on nations such as Mexico, Colombia, Brasil or Chile..There's a famous chilean youtuber (soygerman) who from my perspective is not remotely as funny as you yet he has almost 40 million subscribers .

    • mluvka - online czech conversation for foreigners.

    • One year later 250 thousand views as seen here in a diff a year makes

  • Paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry, but all the beer I've ever tried available in common czech stores were complete shit. Try Belgium or Baltic states, you'll learn how beer is supposed to taste.

  • Make a video about Greece.

  • German beer is better than Czech beer.

  • Can you make an video from Hungary? HU ( because im from Hungary 😂😂 ) And Hungary is beatiful!

  • 😂😂😂

  • Czech Republic the home of dirty gipsies, sluts, and trash... full od corruption and all shit you can ever imagine.I lived there for 17 yrs so i know what im talkin about, nothing can save that place... just nuke it ...

  • i am a"fucking north hungarian asshole"

  • Jews are bad.

  • Make "The worst things about Poland" and then "The WURST things about Germany". I was laughing hard.

  • 4:19 heeeeeeee

  • That's it. I'm moving to the Czech republic

  • "One small beer", lol. As a Czech I have never heard this sentence in my life 😂 And that Billa bag? Necessity. But why the model looks like a drug addicted Asterix? 😄 (yes, you got my dislike, bro)

  • It's was very funny and I'm getting full in love your channel))

  • White socks and sandals it is the most popular fashion může

  • THANK YOU! hahahahaha

  • a bit over the top

  • Well im czech, i used to like Slovakia, until they caved to EU. Now they are dead to me.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Disgusting

  • Curak jeden hornomadarskej :-) To me rozbilo

  • I am Czech personally and this videos is pretty hilarious :D

  • Why are you afraid to make this video available in the Cech Republic?

  • I just pissed my self 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Wait did he actually go to Paris street in Prague?!?

  • Great video brother, love it 😅🍻😂

  • HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Best comedy bit I've seen from you so far, bloody brilliant. Re. The Czech Porn bit: I remember staying in Bulgaria for 3 months for work in the last decade. When the regular TV broadcast ended, on came the hardcore porn :-)

  • Tu vas percer toi t'es un bon

  • It's not a small beer, it is a child beer. (I kid you not a waiter said that to me)

  • Ok, this made me laugh out loud in library with my headphones on. The beer ordering guy in the pub killed me! LMAO! And by the way, I love Czech Republic - one of the loveliest countries on on this planet!

  • 1:27 Me a German HOW DARE YOU

  • you are high. Belgium beer is by far the best in the world. nothing comes close. As for 2nd's, yeh totally agree and Czech Republic is an awesome place to be :) also the women are super fantastic and if you forget the brutalist soviet times, it has some of the most impressive buildings in all of Europe :) nice also that you got a Tatra tram 1:38 .. not to mention that everyones favourite actress "Lucy lee" is also Czech .. come on, the place is awesome.

  • In Russia we have same ... a problem?))

  • As a Belgian i always cringe a bit when people say czech repblic has the best beers , close second though ;)

  • The Czech Guy call Slovakia north Hungary.


  • The dislikes are from the Czech

  • brooo its very funny ,greetings from bulgaria

  • You crack me up, man. Absolutely love all the videos and all kinds of vlogs you make. Cheers from Brazil.

  • I know that nobody will read this but for the one percent who is reading this,Even just a single person read this it will make my day!👍❤ Have a great life and good luck for future❤ I know fame doesn't happen overnight but i am trying my hardest to become a successful youtuber.Wish me and help me to grow 1000❤.

  • I've been to Czech republic , the people are really nice and drunk😂😂

  • Looks like fashion in usa,lol

  • It didn’t replace the religion, it always was the religion.

  • Ohh pppeter is so talented

  • I need to move back...I miss good beer

  • Czech here! I find this actually very funny and very accurate :D

  • ....huh!....funny!!....I am from Czech Republic and as a comedy pretty good.....but,maaaan , you get thous read necks characters anywhere around the world......unfortunately!!....hahahaha 😂🤣

  • Rubish

  • Czech men are eternal hillbillies. Heavy metal t-shirts, tons of beer, camping, hiking, and love being in the mountains. Growing up near Appalachia, maybe that is why I feel so at home in the Czech Republic.

  • Interesting… what was that? Has your Czech girlfriend left you? Should these be 6 mins of hatred of some Slovak with an inferiority complex, or just unsuccessful attempt to be funny caused by the usual Slovak deficit in sensitivity, empathy, being cool with the world around? Whatever… I see it as pretty embarrassing and not helping Slovaks to build a better image of them.

  • *GoD? I pReFeR bEeR!*

  • Is @doketv your brother from another mother?

  • The Czech alcoholic is everybody in my town 😂

  • Paradize

  • Oh god, the fashion is very bad in all east Europe.

  • For when a video about Portugal?? Merda mais ao Gajo paaaa lol subscrived! You are funny as merda. :)

  • 1:45 I saw that guy any town. Reminded me at home since nothing new for my eyes

  • A faT stupid man. and let them go. I mean why care? bald and fat and worthless. Uhm you nasty naggas don't have NFL no more sooooo keep fighting to the land is a waste land. Alright .....

  • I'm Czech, watching this from Scotland and somehow I suddenly miss my homeland. Why though? :DD