These Stupid Trucks are Literally Killing Us

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Engineers, planners, politicians, and advocates all around the world are trying to improve their cities and build more great walkable places with viable alternatives to driving. But there's a looming trend that could undo all of that hard work: the growth of SUVs and light trucks.
This could all be solved if these pathetic suburbanites could just buy small cars, station wagons, or minivans instead.
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Script by Nicole Conlan and Jason Slaughter
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  • Save $20 on an annual subscription to Nebula: Consumer Reports petition: CityNerd on pickup trucks: Truck babies can go cry somewhere else. I don't have time for losers.

    • I just wish carsized wasn‘t only for American cars. The new Smarts for example aren’t there at all

    • The front end blind zone demonstrations were SHOCKING. But it might explain why some idiot in an SUV plowed into me head on when I was riding my bike in 2015!!! Fortunately I had the good sense and aforesight to mitigate the collision but had I not, she could have killed me.

    • Hi, A great sensible video! Can I translate it to Russian (voice over) and publish it on my Channel?

    • ​@StethGarage Probably not. But it's good that you're asking.

    • You used to show us videos of your cat when you did your Nebula plug. Why did you stop?Best wishes Nebula kitty!

  • The true irony is that full size SUV's are more common in a city then in the rural areas.

  • It's hard to stomach the fact that we now have more pedestrian fatalities than we did in 1990.

  • I am not immune to the appeal of an absolutely massive machine roaring down the line at impossible speeds. But like. That's why i'm into✨trains ✨

  • We know someone who's 4 year old child was killed in a crosswalk. They were walking as a family and their daughter was walking just behind the dad. The SUV thought everyone was through the crosswalk and drove right over the child and killed her. She didn't see her. It's absolutely heartbreaking.

  • My old man actually ordered a single cab pickup to do pallet loads in his local area. You won't believe how many actual trades people asked about it when he got it delivered. Really shows how the intended audience of the pickup is getting ignored.

  • A friend's daughter, a school teacher, was "T-boned" by a 4x4 full-size pickup last week. The truck ran a stop sign and its high front bumper hit her at shoulder-height sitting in the driver's seat, sending her car across two lanes and into a field. She died instantly. The driver of the truck walked away claiming the sun was in his eyes.

  • I worry that if we started giving cars both a "safety" score (how dangerous it is to the driver) and a "danger" score (how dangerous it is to other drivers), truck drivers would brag about their danger score.

  • As a person who works in the trades and actually needs his truck for work, the amount of accountants buying trucks blows my mind. Less trucks on the road is a good thing

  • ok, now I get the Futurama joke about "registering a grosly polluting robot as a light truck"

  • As one of those niche rural “light” truck drivers I don’t understand why anyone who doesn’t need one would want one. They don’t fit in garages, eat gas like a bottomless pit, and are so much harder to park and maneuver.

    • As someone that lives in a fairley rural area I agree. When i visit my family in Henderson i see people with trucks and yet they never need the bed or anything just weird.

  • It's extremely difficult to buy a micro-car in the US, It's annoying how the most economic choice is taken away from Americans.

  • fun fact from florida: alligators do in fact climb extremely well. not usually trees, but chain link fences do nothing to stop them.

  • When I moved to Los Angeles (from Europe) and needed to rent a car for a week, the renter was super excited to tell me that I got an upgrade and could have a bigger car than the one I ordered. To which I said absolutely not, I wanted the smaller car because we're in a city and I want to be able to park easily. Never saw someone so confused!

    • I don't know in Europe but here in North America many car dealerships simply don't offer compact cars anymore, sometimes even a berline/sedan is hard to find and they don't like selling them because they give them less money than SUVs and Pick-Ups. Also, as they actually sell car-loans (and not cars per se) they want to sell bigger cars for which most drivers have to take a bigger loan instead of using cash. This is such a step behind.

    • I had a Volkswagen Golf for years in the American south and people literally questioned my manhood for not driving a truck. It is ridiculous in the US.

    • And LA is one of the places where most people don’t mind smaller cars. Man, I miss my Miata.

    • ​@ChrisYeah, well, "American South" explains that little bit there, bud.

    • The same thing happened to me (well, I didn't move to LA from Europe)! I rented a Sedan and the guy was like "it's your lucky day! you got a free upgrade" and gave me the keys to a giant JEEP instead. It was awful to drive, so ludicrously huge, and the interior was this giant echo-y box with horrible visibility. Just give me the Honda Accord next time :(

  • What's really annoying is how electric cars seem to be chasing the "bigger is better" model as well, at least in the USA. It's a known fact that lighter and smaller is far better for electric cars, especially if you want them to travel longer distances.

  • Small correction: the Dutch are not famous for going on vacation with their caravans. The correct word is "notorious". Sincerely, someone who lived the first 16 years of his life close to one of the main Autobahns our lovely neighbours take on their way to their holidays

  • What annoys me with the “they are just responding to demand” argument is also that I highly doubt car manufacturers are recording all the clients who come in asking for a smaller car only to be told that it is not an option. Most people won’t try to import a car from overseas that works for them and will just get the cars available to them locally

    • Yeah, that's my thought process as well. Sure, they do focus groups and things, but those aren't usually representative of the general population and most people are just going to shrug and buy what's available. Which is really what these companies want. Its not as if they _want_ to have to change their entire design every 10 years because people's preferences suddenly changed. Also, even if you did get a representative sample of the country and asked them what they wanted, that's still not ideal because a lot of people don't even realize that there might be an alternative. If all you know is car dependence and don't realize that there _can_ be another option, you aren't going to ask for it. Similarly, if you've grown up hearing about how big car == safer car, then naturally, you're going to request that car be bigger. That's how I used to be. I too thought that big cars were safer and that having a car was just peek transportation because I didn't know any better, I didn't have the information needed to make a truly informed decision.

  • It's not just Europe that has to worry! I'm a canadian living in northern Japan now, and it is kind of scaring me how every year there are more and more idiotic north american SUVs (and G-Wagons especially) being imported. AWD kei cars are absolutely phenomenal in the snow and they are extremely robust and reliable as they are all made domestically. Who in their right mind would import an F150 raptor or Lincoln Navigator to Japan? Blows my mind.

  • For me in Pittsburgh, it's the headlights on these vehicles that have driven me nuts at this point. We have a lot of winding, older, sometimes ambiguous road designs that don't mesh very well with this new trend of aggressively bright headlights. When these headlights get mounted 2-3ft higher compared to your typical car, you're bound to eat an eye-full of lumens that can seriously mess up your night vision!

  • As someone who works in construction sites, you need a big car for the boss to sit in all day, yell at everyone and contribute nothing.

  • Full disclosure, I have a work truck that I drive everyday, for work. The discussion about how trucks have changed over the years got to me. I have a standard cab, long bed truck. Typically I need to purchase a new one every 12 years. My current truck is 2008 and one of the main reasons I am holding onto it is because it is almost impossible to order a standard cab, long bed truck because most of the production goes towards "quad cabs" (or whatever they are calling them now). Also, the new pickups are so high off the ground they are a pain to load and unload. My 08 has 17" wheels and that bothered me then (and still does), I just had no choice. It's only gotten worse since...

  • the story with G-wagons is really interesting, they're basically trucks for the military, and a VIP client liked the way it looked and comissioned one with a nicer interior, and it then caught on as a sort of status symbol because they were rare but then they became cool when celebrities were seen in them. they only recently redesigned it as an actual "luxury SUV", as before it was basically a chassis from the seventies with updated engines and interior

  • My mom keeps telling me walkable cities are apart of the “new world order” lol

  • I would totally put a stop on the car widths. Where I live (spain) we have a ton of old country roads, and it is just scary when you encounter one of these modern cars, because they don't fit in the lane, and invade part of yours. How they ever allowed to sell cars that are wider than the average lane of 40 years ago is beyond me. Because in rural areas those roads are still there. And honestly, they should stay as they are, as they go through some of the most beautiful natural sites. Those wide cars should just be banned to go on public roads.

  • "There's been a surge in interest in older pickup models as ACTUAL contractors seek vehicles that are more practical" Oh my god, thank you. I was an HVAC contractor before the pandemic and one of the MOST COMMON conversations was "What the fuck happened to the pickup?" Everyone is looking at getting ahold of old pickup chassis, Nissans, Toyotas, old F-150s that actually have a lower-to-the-ground USABLE bed and putting a newer, more efficient engine in it. Sure you'll only get two-wheel drive out of the things after an engine swap but it's worth it not to blow your back out loading equipment into a bed that's way too high.

  • I almost always ride my bike, but would like to have a small 2 seat electric for highway travel. No such product exists in America.

    • Same

    • What about the Arcimoto?

    • The Arcimoto mentioned by Ringo is promising, but it's a bit expensive, and in Washington state requires a Motorcycle endorsement to drive

    • that sounds awful compared to taking a train. a small 2 seat electric pipeframe with probably no doors, going 50 km/h in a 130 km/h highway

    • Or how the smaller vehicles in this country are still expensive...

  • The term "Sport Utility Vehicle" is really bizarre to me from a linguistics standpoint; because they're too big to be sporty, too small to be utilitarian, and too poorly thought out to be much of a vehicle in the first place. I also get agitated whenever someone coins the term "compact SUV" because we already have a name for that; it's called a "hatchback".

  • One thing that really bothers me is that I'm blinded by headlights during nighttime driving because every car on the road is higher than mine.

  • Independent of all other issues you raised, road wear is based on weight (it scales at rougly axle weight to the fourth power). Significantly taxing vehicles based on this would be a great start to reshaping what the average car looks like.

  • As a Texan I had a pickup for many years. I mostly used it to take my bicycle to places to ride. I won't say how annoying it was having to take my bike somewhere to ride rather than just being able to hop on it and go. Since then I have had smaller and smaller cars. We definitely need to get rid of the light truck exemption.

  • I live in streetcar suburb outside a major US city. When we bought the house, we knew upfront that we'd have to knock down the garage and replace it. When we went to get quotes for the job, it blew me away that a common sales tactic was to push for something "big enough to store an F150." The garage is off an alley. Who wants to drive an F150 down an alley every time you go somewhere? When our family grew beyond the size that our Mazda3 could handle, an unusual number of our non-city friends and family started pushing 3-row SUVs, extended cab trucks, etc. We bought a cargo bike and a minivan - both brand new - for less than their recommendations. No regrets.

  • "the roads are too narrow" "cyclists take up too much space" "we need more parking" - people driving 15-foot-wide monstrosities

  • "One of these vehicles is designed to efficiently carry lots of useful stuff, while the other is designed to carry fragile egos." PERFECT

  • When I was 16, I was going to get a smart car from a woman I worked for. My mom was adamant that it was a death machine and would not let me get this car. Instead, I was given a giant, steel-frame pickup truck. I was in an accident in this truck when someone ran a red light during my green arrow and the truck took barely any damage. My mom said this was a good thing, but the reality is that I took all the damage and still suffer incredible pain in my neck and back. The truck lacked the crumple zones, side airbags, and other safety measures needed. The smart car would have actually been better for my health in the long run.

  • no, you see, every single american adult is a rugged blue collar construction worker that tows 2 tons of cement and plywood every single day have you considered that

  • Another consequence of higher bumpers is higher headlights, few things are worse than driving at night with a truck or SUV behind you, its headlights at exactly the same height as your rear mirrors

  • As a car guy, I 100% agree. Not only are they ruining cities, but they ruin the car industry as a whole, gut punching us Enthusiasts in the process.

  • I talked to my Gen-X parents about why they didn’t like station wagons and they simply said: “they weren’t cool”. And then proceeded to try and convince me that a big-ass Escalade is safer than a Volvo v60 station wagon.

  • Large SUVs are larger in size than the Sherman tanks that won World War II. That is an insane proposition for any normal roadway.

  • My mom just bought the smallest hybrid she could find in our state in the US- a Kia Nero. It's still bigger than she wanted it to be, but there were literally no smaller options that were hybrids. It's crazy that someone who wants a small car literally cannot even buy one!

  • I've always thought of SUVs as the perfect example of a prisoner's dilemma. You can provide yourself with (a sense of) safety and security, but only at the expense of everyone else's safety. We would have far fewer deaths if everyone used small cars, but everyone is obviously going to prioritize their own safety first, using excuses like, "I wAnT SoMeThiNg SaFe FoR mY KiDs", etc. And this problem is only getting worse. Ford tried desperately to correct it by releasing a new "small" pickup truck, the Maverick, but even that is still bigger than a full-size V8 Toyota Tundra from 20 years ago. I really hope this SUV/CUV craze dies. Hopefully it's just a trend that will be gone soon, like the giant sedans of the '60s and '70s.

  • As a car salesman, its not only the manufacturers driving the switch to trucks, its the customers to almost the same degree. Many American consumers are obsessed with planning for the 1% of voyages where the capability could actually be utilized. The number of people who tow a boat once a year and are hell bent on something that could tow a boat twice the size and are completely willing to live with the downsides the other 99% of driving is truly staggering. "Being caught out with not enough truck" is such a crime against their masculinity that they are falling over themselves to get the hugest thing

  • Lived in the city for 90% of my life and recently moved to the middle of no-where Kansas. Trucks/SUVS are everywhere, but you can tell they actually use them for farm work. Weird part is I saw more truck/suvs in the city, and out here in rural America people drive sedans to save gas on highways.

  • The point made about kids being hidden by the front bumpers of SUVs (9:40) ... it's not just kids. I'm a wheelchair user and going past an SUV is a TERRIFYING experience. More than once I've intentionally waited on the pavement before crossing in front of an SUV I think is about to pull into the road because I KNOW they can't see me. I've nearly been hit in supermarket car parks twice. The first time I went past a parked SUV and realised the bumper was over my head was sobering. I started using my chair a bit over two years ago because of chronic illness. Before I got sick, I cycled, so I've always had a healthy wariness of SUVs. But the sheer sense of vulnerability that comes from being so low to the ground a driver couldn't see me if I were RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM... that's a whole different beast. I'm in the UK btw. Bigger cars are slightly less ubiquitous here than the States, but not by much. I can't drive for medical reasons. Thank goodness we have decent public transport - I would have absolutely no independence or autonomy if I were anywhere even slightly more car dependent. I'm not even anti car. I have a Blue Badge, that gives me access to disabled parking in whichever car I'm in. Cars are useful in a lot of cases. But my mum has a Renault Clio, which is wonderfully compact, and yet I can EASILY get my chair in and out of it without any assistance from the back seat. This would be challenging in a taller vehicle, and impossible in a flatbed or similar. Basically - SUVs are terrifying, horrifically dangerous for me, and would actively make my life harder if they were the only car available on the UK car market.

    • In the Netlerlands kids bikes are often fitted with an orange (duh) flag on top of a orange flagpole, so you can see the flag when the bike itself is out of view due to parked cars and stuff. Every now and then I see mobility scooters with the same type of flag mounted to them....maybe it would be a good idea to mount them to wheelchairs as well.

    • Check where you are, in a lot of councils blue badges mean 100% free parking in P&D bays as well as yellow lines without kerb marks

    • Oh f*******ck! I'm a small adult(think 12yo, which is really short for a grown person in NL) & i'm terrified of them. I been arguing against them on the basis of my height & the children. I didn't even think of people using wheelchairs... Have you seen the clips of the Englishman with a guide-dog? Sorry, forgot the name, but he films his walks & all the times that he's forced on the road because of badly parked cars etc. NJB's argument about parking these d*mn things hits harder now because it's obvious in hindsight that it's mostly chelsea tractors that cause this. Perhaps a ngo can argue against these deathtraps on the basis that it's bad for people with disabilities?

    • I compared my opel corsa to escalade, about same size as clio, I'm not sure you can see those cars from escalde, anything that is under a ton in weight is all but guaranteed to not be seen. Those cares are joke of a design .

    • Maybe install one of those stupid "lift kits" on your wheelchair

  • I live in Spain, and the large car craze is slowly growing here as well. But I was absolutely flabbergasted when I went to a car exposition/fair, and saw a full size pickup truck. It was just crazy! The wheels were larger than some tractor's, and definitely higher than my whole car hood. I just hope I never encounter one of those on the old rural roads. That thing was also so wide it would take up both lanes.

  • Its interesting to see kei trucks/vans recently imported into the US from Japan, apparently we (US residents) are so desperate for lighter trucks, that some people will pay extra to import a 20+ year old(old enough ignore chicken tax) vehicle from half way around the world because nobody makes them like that around here.

  • As a pick up truck owner I realize that I could have bought a different car/wagon for my needs. We all think we will use it more than we think. If I am honest I use it for camping and 4x4 about 4/5 times a year. An awd wagon would have done the same thing. Thanks hitting so deep. I have always been cognizant of my waste, but failed to do so on what I drive. Thankfully I drive like a grandma. I am not into speed so my mpg isn't horrible. Great video and thank you for the education.

  • Marketing is strong. When I was a teenager I thought I would die if I didn't have a shiny new truck. My dad always drove trucks. It's what men drive. Obviously. Then I went to a college where no parking was offered to freshmen, because freshman were required to live in dorms on campus so no car necessary. After a while I didn't just forget about wanting a truck but I started to realize how dumb cars were in general. I wondered why all places couldn't be like college campuses. I didn't understand what I meant was, why can't all places be mixed use and walkable. I was told, "you'll understand once you get into the real world, commuting is just a fact of being an adult" I've since visited numerous places in Europe and I get it now. Americans don't seem to remember what the real world is. It's not living in isolation and only venturing out into the world in a private metal and glass box.

  • I did my riding lessons in an SUV. I was forced to park "by memory", because I am a small woman and didnt have a tiniest chance to actually see jack shit. Which definitely didnt teach me much except being afraid. No, SUVs are not safe.

  • Most of my coworkers that buy these monstrosities, look down at my “small” car, and say they buy them so they can “drive over cars like mine”. And I find, locally at least, people do drive them like weapons, or at least with reckless abandon. It makes driving to work more anxiety inducing than it already was.

    • Sounds like folks eager to commit crimes.. do you work in a prison? Or just with people who will eventually end up there?

    • I feel the same. I drive a fiat

    • I wonder if these larger private vehicles are driven more aggressively than other vehicles? However something I noticed when I drove a larger vehicle (for pay,on the job,had to haul mulch or dirt) I noticed a lot of vehicles obnoxiously doing things to get in front of mine,even passing on a dirt shoulder. In general a lot of people are driving aggressively.

  • You know this is a good video when it makes me, a 23 yo Indonesian dude who never drove anything 4-wheeled in his life, livid enough to pause the video and walk outside to calm down.

  • when even a car enthusiast like Bladed Angel hates on light trucks and pickups... it says how much merit this video has.

  • In case you wondered how things are going elsewhere, in Germany VW just made Bentley annoy the traffic ministry until they decided to raise the 3.5 metric ton limit on total allowed weight. Reason: With the switch to electric cars the base weight of cars will climb. So....instead of making cars less stupidly big they made Germany change the law to make them heavier.

  • This just filled me with such anger yesterday. I primarily transit by bicycle for work even though I live in US suburbs, the danger and harassment one is subjected to is staggering enough. Seeing that experiment with these truckers driving over those fake animals, I really do not know how to comprehend such ignorance and cruelty. And all of it with relative impunity. It just breaks my heart, how much we debase ourselves for these motor and energy companies.

  • Between 2015 and 2021 I professionally drove SUVs - I ferried railroad crews. And I agree with every word you say here. My job sort of needed them (Railroad siding roads can be pretty off-roady) but I hate the tall blunt nosesprecisely for their danger to bystanders. As a driver I want to see everything, including all 4 corners of my vehicle

    • from 2009 to 2015 I drove taxi cabs. Dodge Caravans have dominated that market for all the reasons stated. They are all but perfect taxis. My personal vehicle is a 2009 Mazda 5. I bought it with an eye towards doing delivery work in it - which I did a few times. It's perfect for that application. Currently I am a medical courier for my job and I drive a Ram Promaster City, and while I do not enjoy the lack of side visibility, The front visiblity is lovely and features a sloped down nose. I would totally drive railroaders in a subaru outback and expect that to work out fine, unless I had to carry more than three passengers.

  • One thing I was waiting for you to say but never did: estate cars (station wagons) have another key advantage over SUVs. Their roofs are lower, so if you need to put something on the roof rack, like a kayak or a hang glider, it's possible for an average sized person. As an outdoors person myself and a station wagon owner I was so glad to hear someone sing their praises. I sleep in the back of mine when I'm out on an adventure sometimes. You actually get to use the extra space that comes with a long vehicle.

    • That’s very true. We recently drove to holidays in a GLE and while it’s a great car it’s just so big, you unironically need a step ladder to pack and unpack the roof box

    • He literally did @ around 19:35

    • its disgusting we dont get wagon-variants in the usa anymore. i used to love subaru but when they went for a cvt transmission they instantly became written off (an eco-car shouldnt have a 9000 dollar transmission that is guaranteed early failure in most cases) and sadly they are the only affordable option for a wagon

    • ​@dr. breen's beard At least the Subaru's from 5-10 years ago still had regular autos and standard transmissions

    • Hell snow removal is a big deal here as you need to see and not hurt other with the snow/ice that will eventually fly off if not removed. You can get a ticket for not removing snow but people still dont do it. Its much easier on a smaller car

  • The interesting thing about the Mercedes G-Wagen is that it was solely a military off road vehicle from its inception in 1979. In Europe, the Mercedes badge doesn't mean "luxury car", as MB also makes vans, work vehicles, fire trucks etc. It was a US grey market importer that marketed it as a quirky SUV for wealthy children (I guess it's child-sized by US standards). It wasn't even offered for sale in the US by Mercedes. It wasn't until after the importer managed to make it popular that MB realized that there's a market for these vehicles.

  • Keep on preaching the good word, Jason! Thanks in large part to your videos, I've joined a local advocacy group for alternative transit in my city and I hope to play a part in making my city a better place to live.

  • I grew up in Australia and have since moved to the US. When I was a kid my dad owned a small transport company that I helped out at after school. One of our main vehicles that we used to pick up pallets of goods all around town was a Ute (utility vehicle). You might think isn't that just what Aussie's call a truck? Well not exactly. In many cases essentially it's a just a normal sized car with the back converted into a tray. So our little Toyota Hilux was no bigger than a Camry or Mazda 3. However, because it had a proper tray bed, unlike these impractical trucks it has a lot more space for goods to be loaded onto it. We could fit two pallets in the back and with weights over 1 tonne. I'm also from the middle of Australia and our main clients were all out bush, which we took that 2 wheel drive Ute out bush all the bloody time with no issues. It also towed everything under the sun no issue. Another thing that anyone who's actually worked would know is that space in a yard is important, space equals money as the bigger your yard is the more your rent is. So having one of those big trucks would just be a huge waste of space and therefore money not to mention it couldn't cart as much as our much smaller Ute could. Anyways long rant but living over here in the US it's just ridiculous seeing all these stupid prestine trucks on the road. They just have no real practical use. Even for the things they claim to be used for, they are not good at. Hell just look at the example images of them with moterbikes in the back, they can't even fit the whole bike without it sticking out the back. Our little Ute could easily.

  • As someone who lives in the rural south, I'll admit, I came into this video thinking I was going to disagree, but I gave it a shot and I am inclined to agree with a lot of what you have to say. I drive a rear-wheel V6 1998 Dodge Dakota SLT crew cab (the one with only two doors, but still has a small bench seat in the back). It's MUCH smaller than all these huge trucks around me, but my truck bed is nearly double the size. It's longer, and even wider, while the truck itself is very slim, and not even as long as new trucks with their extended cabs. I even have back seats (it only fits short people or children, but they're still there, right?) I also do not daily drive this truck very often. I drive a compact little dodge dart. My truck gets used for truck things like hauling animal feed and material for our construction projects around the farm. It's beaten up, scratched, paint peeling. But I am comfortable driving this thing into the city because it's HALF THE SIZE of a modern SUV or pickup. (I also daily a 1985 Honda Rebel 250 when it's not raining and I just need to run somewhere and not haul anything). Even here, parking lots are riddled with oversized SUV's and truck that jut out and make it impossible to navigate. I live in a rural area mostly by choice, but also the lower overall price of homes and far better privacy. As such, I do a LOT of driving, I mean the nearest walmart is a nearly 18 minute drive. I love cars, I am a major enthusiast, but I hate SUVs and these oversized trucks that absolutely nobody needs, and these people are paying half their mortgage for. Don't even get me started on the pandemic of bright white LED headlights on theses tall SUVs. Its impossible to drive at night without being blinded by an SUV because they are so much higher off the ground. I hate the sprawl of urban cities and the insurgence of ugly expensive subdivisions, and I will always prefer to live in the backwoods country, but that being said, I see the appeal of city life, and I know some prefer that lifestyle and want to be able to do so safely and effectively. I agree that cities need far better infrastructure for public transport, etc. Thank you for the informative video. (Side note: one of my dream cars has always been an old boxy volvo wagon lol)

  • As someone who has driven trucks all their lives, being that I have always had something to tow behind it regularly, I can say with absolute certainty that the standard light pickup truck in the 150(0) size has gotten WAY to big. I have seen the creep in size for years and even had to be very careful the last time I bought a truck to make sure it would fit into my single garage door and standard garage depth size - and I had to buy a previous year model since the current model at the time had gotten a few inches larger and wider and thus would not fit. Its absurd. The New Ford Ranger is absurdly massive compared to the ranger of the turn of the 21st century, and is more comparable to an F150 from the same early 2000s. The titanic SUVs like the Hummer2, Escalade, and the obnoxious Excursion should not even exist. The fuel economy sucks too. I got the eco-diesel because it still could tow the weight i needed it to, but it has far better mileage and simply lasts longer I would be all for getting SUV and truck sizes back down to reasonable size. We also should be transitioning everything F150/1500 size and above to Hydrogen like the mac trucks/18 wheelers/lorries.

  • As someone who walks everywhere, I'd also like to point out that when these things are parked on the side of the road, I can't see over them, and therefore I have difficulty seeing when cars are approaching when trying to cross the road they're parked besides. And it's not like I'm short or anything, as I'm 6'1.

  • Man, you made me miss my old Passat wagon. Station wagons are absolutely the superior vehicles and on top of that handle a ton better. I don't get why people think that minivans are boring but the exact same vehicle with bigger wheels and a bigger engine is sporty and cool. It still handles like a brick.

  • This video is the epitome of "it can't get any worse" and it does

  • I would really love better station wagon options.

  • Please keep making these videos i really like them, hopefully someday it will reach enough people to make a difference

    • Thank you! I plan to keep making videos, as I have a list of over 200 video ideas. :)

    • @Not Just Bikes Oh yeah !

    • @Not Just Bikes i’ve been seeing more and more people making tiktoks and comments sharing their disillusionment with the car centric ideals pushed on us. keep it up!

    • @Not Just Bikes Hire more editors. We need videos every week.

  • I literally watched children get run over by an suv a few weeks ago. It was traumatic but all were ok because i beeped the hell out of the driver to stop. Anyway it cemented my hatred of suvs. (I’m in Australia in case you’re curious)

  • I was helping my mother in law move, and we found that my Honda Fit (or Honda Jazz depending on where you're from) actually held MORE CARGO than her Ford Escape SUV. We then looked up the numbers and sure enough, the tiny Fit actually did have more space on the inside than the comparatively massive Escape. Insanity.

  • I love the part about actual tradespeople using vans and small, practical trucks for their work. It always makes me laugh when I see an escalade on the road and realize that my astro van (which is made by the same company) can haul way more cargo and the same number of people by just taking the seats in and out. it would normally get better mileage but mine has some weird fuel system issues which is being fixed. I never really understood the suv thing. The only thing they're better at than other cars is going off road and like you said 99% of people that have them never will. The newer giant truck craze is even stupider to me.

  • The amount of times I've almost been hit by SUVs and trucks, and NOT cars, is abysmal. It's almost always the Ford F-150 and RAM drivers, it's gotten to the point I say "Just 'cause you drive a RAM doesn't mean you get to ram into everybody"

  • I love everything about this video. I've been talking about graduated licensing to anyone who would listen since I first got my license and promptly drove my dad's corvette into a parked van. I learned real early that not everyone should be allowed to operate almost any vehicle on a public road. We should have to prove that we're capable of safely operating the vehicles we choose to buy.

  • I learned to drive on my mom's 1994 Volvo Station Wagon, then I went down to visit my relatives in Texas and I had to drive their big SUV and large pickup trucks, and the turning radius on those things was awful, I felt blind and clumsy compared to the more nimble station wagon I'd gotten used to. Making a K-turn in a suburban residential street felt really hard without accidentally going up off the curb. In my station wagon it would've been a piece of cake.

  • This is why in Toronto we had 197 "interactions" between Motor Vehicles and pedestrians in the first 45 days of 2023. I walk to work, about a half hour each way, and daily see close calls. So much for Toronto's Vision Zero plan.

  • Coming from a family of 6, I can't tell you how bad it feels to drive the minivan while seeing all the smaller vehicles around me. But then, when the whole family gets in, I look to the back and say to myself: yep. This is indeed needed. We once went to a vacation, and we borrowed a bunch of stuff from our friends and managed to carry it all in the van along the 6 of us. The items contained: 2 surfing boards, 3 surfing sails, a inflatable boat for 5 people, a tent for 7 people, food for the entire trip, beach toys, sleeping bags, and a load of clothing. To somehow think that a car bigger than that can carry 2 people at most is absurd and outrageous. I am sorry for Americans. :(

    • @Not Just Bikes that was a fast heart, thanks a lot!

    • Vans and mini-vans, while large, at least have a purpose. SUVs & extended cab trucks can't even seat more people than a sedan or carry more stuff than a station wagon. & like the video points out, mini vans are designed so you can still see things in front of you.

    • @Sception if you think a pickup can't carry more stuff than a station wagon there's no helping you. It was designed for exactly one purpose and that is hauling the most stuff possible.

    • Very True, if you need to haul a truck is likely the best option though if you don’t need a trailer or load a Station Wagon or van might be more versatile. Main issue is that most trucks are never used for hauling and when you do need a truck for work the kinds americans are used to are really overkill

    • @toddmansilver12 Have you seen the Video?

  • "The freedom to swing your arm ends where my face begins", is such a good line that I had to draw attention to it.

  • Great topic. Government needs to step up and intervene, instead they're concerned with overpowered e-bikes.

    • Completely agree. If we could move even half of the moral panic from ebikes over to SUVs we'd save tens of thousands of lives per year!

  • I remember, around the year 2000 in the Netherlands, while on a bicycle or motorcycle you had a clear view OVER the roofs of the cars in traffic. Today, all you see is the back of the car in front of you. They have gotten that much larger. I also remember the first Porsche Cayenne. A customer had it, a stupidly large car. And I was helping him load his things. The boot of the first Cayenne, I kid you not, was exactly golf set shaped and sized. It was hilarious.

  • The funny thing is that even in America people that actually work in construction or such use vans more often than not. At least the people I knew when I worked in the area for a few summers all used vans, I never seen a single one of them using pickup trucks 😂

  • I read a book called "the hidden persuaders" by Vance Packard, which talks exactly about the issue of status and superiority in our purchasing decisions. It's amazing how people can be so manipulable when it comes to making a decision, and SUVs are really great example

  • Given that what's needed to decrease the sale of SUVs is negative public perception, I actually appreciate you expressing your anger in this video like you did :D

  • I myself could never live in a city, I am a man of the wilds and unlike SUV drivers Im serious, I spend most of my free time in the fields and forrests of my fatherland. The reason Im here watching these high quality urbanist youtbuers is for the good of my people. As a proud member of a democratic society it is my duty to be educated and make sure the government builds our cities as good as they can be, even if I will never live in them I have friends and family who will.

  • The pinnacle of stupidity of SUVs is, for me at least, all electric SUVs. You take an already oversized and overweight platform, and you increase the size and weight of it again to accomodate the batteries required to move these hunks of metal. All so you can go to Starbucks. It defeats the purpose of electrification entirely because no matter how clean or efficient the fueling is on these vehicles, it's just plain wasteful to chuck a couple tons of metal and plastic down the road for a cup of coffee.

  • My last car was a standard sized Prius and it was astonishing how much cargo it could carry with the rear seat down. Nevertheless, some of my coworkers liked to make fun of it for being “tiny.”

  • Don't forget about hatchbacks! I feel like every time I see someone driving a crossover I think the person just wants a lifted hatch. I hope at some point we swing back around and suddenly sedans are back in business and cool again. I'd also love to see more wagons in the states but the price point for most of them is really high 😢

  • BTW as an actual farmer who utilizes a pickup truck to do actual pickup truck shit, I traded my old F250 for a Ford maverick hybrid. I may have to make an extra run occasionally, but it's much cheaper regardless. My general get around vehicle is a Ford fusion energi.

  • “The real winning strategy was to make scared people feel safe” Ahh, the American advertising cheat code

    • And unfortunately America is lost cause in terms of being pedestrian and bike friendly. Urbanism is dead in America. It’s a lost cause unless it’s NYC.

    • bonus points if they make the people scared before then advertising to make them feel safe.

  • Yes! Finally a video about these monstrosities! I can’t stand these pothole machines and the pure carelessness of the driver. I can barely park my car at my apartment complex because of these huge trucks taking up so much dam parking space. It feels good to vent…

  • When my sisters '92 pickup finally broke, she replaced it with a mini-van because ironically it towed better then any of the pickups and SUVs she could find for you know, actual job calls. I feel like that's the most damning thing about how useless these SUVs have gotten.

  • Retired truck driver here. Spent 35 years on the road driving a semi with a hood the size of a dinner table to look over, but I found it harder to drive and see over the hood of my HD GMC pick up. Finally ditched it and bought a station wagon (Ford Flex). Yes I am a baby boomer. This video isn't saying anything new and I agree with the tone of it.

  • I wish someone would talk about those newer car headlights. They are absolutely blinding, and I have really slow down to stay focused on the road.

  • What a fantastic video, thank you for it. I have been on an anti-SUV tirade for years, I'm actually a car enthusiast but would prefer if we didn't have car based infrastructure at all and am against their use as a to b vehicles when they could have used an alternative. I hate tall, big, or heavy vehicles, all road taxes should be based on vehicle mass, and miles driven, it's ludicrous that a 500kg Caterham has to pay more tax here (UK) than a 2.5 tonne electric SUV.

  • "one of this vehicles is designed to carry lots of stuff, while the other is designed to carry fragile egos" made my day

    • ​@Tsifsas Tsifsarotatos Found the fragile ego.

    • I was sipping through my drink when this line came up and spilled it everywhere because I bursted out laughing!

    • ​@Gogo Baccalayou missed the point being made. Wether an SUV makes you and your family actually safer (to the detriment of others) is still debatable. So, the people buying these are mostly well meaning, yet still being hit with low effort insults. In fact, the fragile ego line kills most of the good will the logical and factual arguments that were made.

    • @Tsifsas Tsifsarotatos SUVs are less safe. They flip over way easier.

    • @Tsifsas Tsifsarotatos You ain't keeping anything safe in an SUV.

  • You make amazing informational videos. Always looking forward to the next one.

  • My compact is almost always surrounded by towering SUVs or trucks in parking lots, creating a hazardous blind spot when I'm trying to back up. Small vehicles in the US almost need to be equipped with periscopes to be able to see over these monstrosities. I'm surprised insurance companies don't charge higher premiums, given the added dangers imposed by them.

  • Couldn’t help but laugh to myself on my bike ride home today as an SUV passed me driving in the middle of the road to take advantage of the gaps in the speed bumps.

    • Yeah, that sounds about right for the kind of person who drives these things. Thanks for the Super Thanks!

  • Another thing not mentioned is that GM and Ford both gave up on the small compact truck. If you remember the Chevy S10, GMC Sonoma and the Ford Rangers from 25 years ago, these were small, 4 cylinder, fuel efficient pickup trucks that could be had for the same price as a Honda civic and were not much larger than a small station wagon. Ford and GM just stopped making these trucks at the height of their popularity. So they must have figured that if they discontinue the small trucks, the lemmings will just buy the bigger ones. Sure Ford just started to make the Ranger again, but that thing is still a huge truck and is nothing like the small pickups from 25 years ago. And Toyota used to have a small pickup truck called the Tacoma, which over the last 25 years has morphed into an overly large truck.

  • As a truck owner, I couldn't agree more. My 20 year old heavy duty truck looks TINY compared to modern trucks. They're getting ABSURDLY large. The belt line on newer trucks is at shoulders height at this point. You need a ladder to do anything under the hood. In a vacuum I would like my next vehicle to be smaller, but like you said, if you're in a collision with a larger vehicle you're at a significant disadvantage. I really like the Ford Maverick. It's a cheap hybrid truck that's about the same length as a sedan.

    • Maverick is the only truck I'll consider. Actually fuel efficient and not 10,000 pounds

    • My new truck is larger, no doubt - but it also gets way better mpg's than the 21 year old smaller truck it replaced. And pollutes less.

    • I used to drive a 1984 Ford F150. Imagine my shock when I saw a newer model. I thought my truck was a beast. The new model dwarfed it.

    • Tell me about it my Friend has a 2022 Sierra HD Denali can't believe how massive it is

    • @BladeoftheImmortal Yep, and GM is reportedly looking into electric "party trucks" that are smaller and more practical for more users. The fact that the Maverick is selling well enough they had to halt custom orders and recall units being lent to employees to fill demand also indicates that there are plenty of people out there who want small, practical trucks. If they made a short cab version with a longer bed that'd be better, though.

  • You got it! This is all based on the companies using the people's insecurity/ego for their own profit. It is so friggin' pathetic that I seriously can't handle it 99% of the time. Well over half the people I know drive an SUV or truck when not a single one of them truly need one. Many of them would be a-okay with a van or even just a sedan. It is so sad and if you even hint at it to people they have a panic attack.

  • Thanks a lot for this video! That’s an incredibly important topic and I am so glad that you put everything someone would need to know about SUVs in a single, compact video. Well done and keep on the good work. You are amazing! 😊👍🏻

    • Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • It angers me so much that car companies are literally getting rid of sedans and other smaller vehicles in the US. I use a F-150 for my job because I have to haul large items to job sites on a daily basis. Outside of work I want a smaller and safer vehicle because a larger one just isn’t necessary/is much more dangerous. As a safety professional I hate seeing people within my field falling for this advertising and not acknowledging how dangerous larger vehicles are.