They Kept Falling for It

čas přidán 22. 03. 2023
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a guy put a sticker of an airpod on the ground to trick people.
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Also in this video, a deer runs away from a dog. A flight attendant sprays down a cabin. A whale has scoliosis. A guy learns to not eat vegetables at a restaurant.
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  • For those who are confused about the veggie clip. Nobody was eating the veggies because everyone knew they were re-using veggies instead of throwing them away. That is why nobody was eating them. The person who cleaned the table didn't throw away the veggies and put them back into a pile.

  • For those of you feeling sad about the dog, it’s eating again and seems to be in higher spirits, so just know that it may seem sad, but it is getting better

    • how u know?

    • ​@@kunalmarathe3472 he is the dawg

    • Aw, that's amazing to know!! What is their social media if you don't mind me asking? I'd love to support them all through this grieving process

    • @@kunalmarathe3472 The dog text him.

    • I want a proof asap

  • The sad pup broke my heart in a way I wasn't prepared for. Wish I could give big hugs.

    • We just lost a dog this week to cancer and our other dogs are acting pretty sad too. Still eating, thankfully, but it's been very hard for everyone. Rest in peace, Mo.

    • @@BobbyDigital6411 Rip Mo 🪦😭

    • @@BakeMyDay. rip mo

    • @@amazingaidan6250 😭

    • Who cares

  • 1:00 This truck driver shows dedication to his job like i've never seen before. He shows his pure skill by not only taking the trash, but the bin itself. He not only does that, he also ends this presentation by not taking the wheels with the bin. This man is a legend

    • I could not agree more

    • The clip had me Rollin💀

    • If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus Is Lord' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. -Romans 10:9

    • Well that bin was broken, so it effectively was trash as well.

  • 2:45 This video blew my mind, but not for the reason you might think. When I was young, my father took me on a drive along one of these musical roads and I was absolutely amazed. He passed away when I was 12 and as the years went by, I began to doubt the memory and thought that perhaps he had just been honking the car horn in a musical way. But now I know that it was real and it takes me back to that moment when I was just a little kid, filled with wonder at what my father had shown me

    • @@Beebal nice taste in music my guy! (Pfp)

    • @@noranizaazmi6523 thanks! good kid is great

    • That was so wholesome. 🤧

    • Meanwhile here I am, remembering when I was a kid and I asked my dad "what happens if you were to drive over the white stripes at the side of the road?" and my dad said "I'll show you" and he drove the car slightly over the white line, and then a honking sound came so he quickly corrected. AND FOR YEARS I THOUGHT THE WHEELS WOULD MAKE A HONKING SOUND WHEN YOU DRIVE OVER THEM BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY A CAR BEHIND US HONKING TO WARN US!

    • those aren't exclusive to europe. there's plenty in asia too.

  • The dude who was actually checking the IDs at the bar letting the guy pull the prank was a legend.

  • That poor dog, I hope he got over it soon after. Also get well DDOI.

    • @@billybobjoephilcorncobtiptopge "life advice bot"

    • Don’t worry a few days later, he ate a burrito.

    • ​@@Buddermaster567 How would you know it's a burrito-

    • @@Buddermaster567 "This is Baba. And Baba loves eating burritos."

  • I love how the deer is just moderately concerned about being chased by a dog. It's not running anywhere near flat out.

    • thats a dog??? why the tail so long

    • @@Hana_suki that’s the leash look carefully

    • @@Angel-lj5co Ahhh i see it now

    • @@Hana_suki yeah I thought that was the dogs tail at first as well lol

    • I thought it was a freaking mountain lion or snow leopard 😂 on a leash makes more sense lol

  • My step-dad passed away a year ago and our cat still occasionally roams the house meowing, calling out to him. Animals have so much more emotion than you'd think. I hope that dog will be okay - they can sometimes fall into such a deep grieving deppression that they'll die from neglect of themselves. Gladly it looks like he has caring owners who are going to do what they can to help

    • I study in a different city than the one I live. my brother tells me that every time I leave my house for the semester my cat starts meowing at my door

    • @@mati_abc Aww!! Poor thing

    • It's true, cats and dogs can have depression like humans

    • CS-tv has a video about a smart dairy cow. Dairy cows usually have their calves taken away in a day or two. This cow had twins one year and left one calf way out in the field to hide it from the farmer. When the farmer couldn't figure out why the cow wasn't producing much milk at all they kept an eye on the cow who would go out to its hidden calf and nurse it, only coming near the barn at milking time. Smart cow!

  • Poor pupper. I hope he's rediscovered his hunger and happiness.

    • I mean he looked pretty hungry chasing that deer (I get it's a joke, dw the dog at the end is doing much better now :D)

  • Brilliant execution. He made it look like he intended to hit the ball but we all know his eyes were on that bakery from the beginning.

  • Thanks for all your hard work putting this great content together in such a unique and wonderful way. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Get well soon DDOI, thank you for always working hard to providing content for us 🙏🏻

  • Reminds me of that one time some foreign tourist stuck some power outlet stickers around the airport boarding area and people kept falling for them including me. They showed it around the news too when he was going around sticking them everywhere. No harm done, nor any punishment given, gave everyone in our country a good laugh. Somehow there was a rumor that the airport authorities left a few of the stickers to troll around some would be passengers 🤣

  • We've had 4 dogs since I was around 11 (Im over 25 now), and lost the 4th one a week ago. The dogs were all different sizes (Lifespans to fit their size) and as each one went, they all went through a couple days of not wanting to eat each time. Never got easy watching them grief as much as we did. It hurts to watch them look in their usual spots to see if they came back.

    • We have a brother and a sister that are from the same litter. If one dies, I don’t know if I can see one alone. I’d just put it down

    • @@Us3r739 Wow? That is way too extreme! We don’t kill people because they’re grieving! It’s hard, awful to watch and it tears your heart appart but eventually, with enough support they can get through it. Same goes for a dog.

    • I’m so sorry, do understand. Loosing the kitty I grew up with still hurts over 20 yrs later. His name was Tiger. Found him homeless as a child. He only had 3 legs, never slowed him down a bit. He was the most loving little thing. I had no siblings, so he kinda filled in that spot for me. Let me dress him in baby clothes and roll him around in my doll stroller:) He was a senior when it was time to leave my parents. Wanted to bring him to live with me, but knew it was best for him to stay in the home he knew. Remember how much I struggled with that. I truly believe he is happy and all of them are just waiting 4 us on the other side 🌈

    • I'm sorry but four dogs in 14 years is crazy... I hope they weren't at different times

    • @@jaydub2546 Each a couple years apart. It was tough each time but we still had the resident rescue cat to keep them company. Some of the dogs were someone else's we ended up keeping, but we got most of them around the same time, maybe a year apart at most. We got the 4th one when I was 11, which happened to be someone else's dog we ended up being left with. Miniature doxin. He was constantly in someone's lap, extremely smart dog. Definitely the one I miss the most though since he was around the longest, always looking for a lap to lay in, and would talk/sing whenever he was excited or being fed.

  • The dog one was so sad. Animals can feel grief, and need all the love they can get ♥

  • On the dog grief thing, we just went through that a little over a year ago. We had two dogs, 15 and 12, and the older one got cancer, so we had to put her down. The 12 year old got super depressed and also wouldn’t eat for a while. We were so scared we’d lose her too. We got another dog soon after just because of her (we knew we’d get another eventually because we like having two, but we initially planned on giving everyone in our family time to grieve, but we changed plans when we saw how badly she was taking the loss). That luckily ended up being the right choice, because, while she was annoyed with now being the big sister, she had fun playing with the new puppy and started eating and getting back to normal! As of writing this comment, she’s still with us! ❤

    • Excellent news! And well done on their ages, that shows they were loved and taken care of

    • That's good to know I hope all's well!

    • ​@Dr.Wahoo! treating cancer in dogs especially has incredibly low chances of working, is super expensive and often not worth it with older dogs as they would likely live an awful life from there on.

    • W

    • @@DrWahoo-zv7uhThe owner mentioned that the dog was 15 and it would be better to put it down then to let it live miserably for a few more years (depending on the average life span of the breed)

  • Hey, DDOI! Hope you get some great rest and feel better soon!😁

  • Such a rapid shift in emotions, from fun to such sorrow. Reminded me of my dogs, how Lily watched for Kyree to come home for a month. I cried a little.

  • The video about New Zealand and spraying the plane with bug spray is interesting! I thought my country, Venezuela, was the only one who did that kind of procedure (until about 12 years ago, or so). Before landing at an international airport, to prevent the spread of mosquitoes carrying Yellow Fever, flight attendants sprayed bug spray through the entire airplane, before everyone was allowed to disembark.

    • I seem to remember we did that in Australia sometimes, too. We also have strict bio-borders, even between states.

  • Hope you're feeling better soon. Thanks so much for every upload, I watch every one!

  • Thank you for your videos. They are largely quite amusing/entertaining/informative. Concerning the presence of pets' emotions: I have no doubt that they possess at least some of the emotions that humans do although the manifestation of these emotions can take different forms. As an example I offer the case of a cat I had. When my mother, who was staying with me at the time, passed away, little Kitty lost all the hair on her stomach. It eventually grew back, but I am convinced that the root cause was her grief caused by my mother's death. On another occasion, when I entered the house I found Kitty lying on the couch, an action she knew was a no-no. I yelled at her extremely loudly. She immediately jumped off the couch and ran away. For the next few days, the cat acted rather strangely. She wasn't acting as though she was afraid of me. I finally realized that the only explanation that properly fit her behavior was that she was upset that I had yelled at her. Yes! Animals have emotions and their personalities are a lot deeper than we generally realize,

  • The dog at the end melted my heart. Poor little buddy

    • Ironically his name is Buddy.

    • Nevermind it's Tam.

    • Our dog always went kayaking with us but we were going on a very difficult/dangerous river so we didn't take her. She was sooo mad at us. She ignored us and gave evil-eye for a month after that. Animals have feelings for sure. She was tough and would swim through whitewater for miles (she had a swim/flotation vest on).

    • He's an Australian Sheep dog or something like that, btw. So a medium sized dog, white with black spots smeared here and there, in case you need a visual to go with the story.

  • I visited New Zealand with my dad and grandma about 7-8 years ago. My grandma was almost positive she didn’t have any produce with her (many countries don’t allow fresh produce from other countries through customs), but unfortunately, security found a full orange deep in her handbag. The fine was $400. For an orange.

  • For the glue section of the video, I don’t think it’s heat sensitive glue I believe it’s pressure sensitive. I work with similar glue and it’s typically used for carpet tiles or laminate vinyl flooring *as shown in the video* . The best way to describe it is like a sticky note, you can slide objects on the surface but as soon you apply pressure it sticks. If you pry it up in a corner you can peel it off and reapply another piece without having to put more glue because it holds the stickiness, hence acting like a sticky note.

  • It is not an evil idea, it is GENIUS.

  • I just want to saw thank you and i know I, as well other people, appreciate the videos and content you release. Whenever I have problems with my mental health, I always drop in to feel better. Again thank you very much! ❤

  • My dog lost his sister just a few months ago. They used to go outside together to play so when he goes outside now sometimes he waits by the door and looks back over his shoulder waiting for her to come and play. It’s heartbreaking.

  • Poor dog, he deserves all the love in the world

  • That poor dog! It just goes to show how intelligent they are, and the emotions they have, that are similar to humans.

  • Regarding the whale: I heard They figure that she was hit by a ship and her spine was broken. She made it all the way to warm waters with no caudal fin. Took incredible strength to move with only her pectoral fins. Pictures show she traveled with a companion back to the warm water for the winter, but they don't expect her to make it any farther.

    • Wut... you mean it was the rare whale spina bifida or scoliosis?!?

  • 1:58 imagine how many people are gonna just stare at you when you ask to go to the bathroom. 😂

  • To explain the veggies: in Asian countries it is common to use those types of greens to garnish and adjust flavor to certain dishes like "pho". (Which I only prefer a few extra leaves if any) They also don't believe in wasting as much as the rest of the world and yes could have found a more sanitary way to reuse the veggies but don't know any better due to lack of proper materials.

    • Vegetables are one of the easiest ways to catch pretty bad bacteria like salmonella in un developed contries, big no.

  • The garbage truck clip- the wheels got me 😂 edit: im not laughing anymore now that it ended with the sad doggy :(

  • I actually almost started crying for the dog :/ They're the first animal to come to us when we are in pain, I'd do the same anyday for any dog.

    • That dog may coincidentally have some health issues, though. It's quite old...

    • Same. It needs a big hug and quality time spent with it while it grieves.

    • My cat is right there in my face all concerned if start to cry.

    • I almost cried when I read the user name. It was “guywith2dogs” 😢

    • @@wideawake5630 damn you have a really cool cat, when my granpa passed away I cried for 2 days straight it was impossible to comfort me at all, then one time my cat came, sat down beside me, looked at me, and then that bitch slapped my face and ran away. Never before I got so much confused and angry at the same time

  • I went to that school! It was great. It was actually quite rare to be distracted by something going on in another classroom and having everyone be able to enter/leave the rooms without funneling through a small door was really nice

    • I found that to be so damn cool. I wish my school was like that.

    • I thought the school was an airport at first 😅 Personally I would dislike that type of school, but I've never really had one like that, so I wouldn't know.

    • One grenade and it’s all over so much blood, would be AWESOME to see in minecraft

    • Cool! I'm going there right now!! For like the first month maybe it's a little distracting but you absolutely get used to it. Did you hear that they also had to put in metal detectors this year? Shooter threats got to bad lol now it takes an hour to get into the school someday cause the lines so long

    • wait until someone says something absurdly funny or bursts out a giga fart and watch as the entire school system come to a halt for a few minutes.

  • Dogs definitely feel grief. My dog’s brother who he was with for 9 years passed away. You couldn’t even said his name without him crying. He wouldn’t eat and barley drank anything for weeks. He has actually started doing so many thing that his brother used to do. The way he sleeps, the way he walks, even just his personality.

  • Yeah, same thing happened to my dog. His brother past and he refused to eat, and we did everything we could. Eventually we had to force feed him a nutrient paste from the pets store just so he would atleast have something to thrive off of until we got him to the vet. He did eventually start eating on his own again, but very slowly and it took a fair bit. He ended up befriending this super small chihuahua puppy that my grandmother had (I was living with her at the time), and I think that might have helped. Sadly he passed from a heart attack a year or so later.

  • Thank you for the video, and I hope that you are feeling better as soon as possible. Wish you the best in your recovery

  • I wanna give the dog a hug!

  • I’ve known about dogs experiencing grief because I used to have 2 dogs but one passed away very suddenly to a bad seizure. My other dog was noticeable less active and barely ate. The saddest thing is that at first he was just so confused but after a little bit I think he knew she wasn’t coming back. Rest in Peace Bella and keep going strong Hank.

    • Sorry for your lost.😭😢😞

    • @@EliteZero12 thank you, luckily my other dog was able to recover and move on and he is in very good health.

    • Did he see his buddy dead? I think its better that they see that.

    • Same thing happened to me, except the other dog in this instance was my cat. They were like Brothers but my dog has epilepsy and died whilst having a seizure. He was 15 at the time, so he had lived a nice life, but would have loved to see him more. My cat was noticeably sad and would curl up every night right where my dog used to sleep. It was very sad but he's all fine now

  • 0:39 This spraying has been going on for decades for certain destinations but these days I think on some planes it is automated and goes through the ventilation system. Also I think it's not just insecticides that gets sprayed.

  • I've experienced the open school scenario first hand before. It usually happens because the classroom can't be used at the time or there's too many students for the school so they improvise these open classrooms. Everyone hated it cuz it was distracting having multiple teachers teaching different topics at the same time

  • Hope you heal quickly! Feel better. Blessings to you.

  • as an very noise sensitive and socially anxious person who knows how incredibly stressful, draining and painful large open spaces with many people in are, that school makes me absolutely furious.

  • About the dogs experimenting grief, that's definetly true. A couple of years ago I had two dogs, both rescued. When the oldest one was put to sleep, because of some kinda cancer affecting her, my other dog instantly felt almost as if she was in slow motion. It was a complete turnaround from how energetic she was. She was like that for a couple of weeks until she started throwing up and we took her to a vet. She had to stay there because of exams and check her condition. That night they called telling that she was suffering a lot out of nowhere, she had a disease that they could not cure in the state it was nor they could give quality of life and she was put to sleep too. The vet said that they found a really bad tick disease that she had for a long time, most probably since before rescue. It was dormant and a sudden low in her defenses(most probably because of her depression) was enough to activate it and it was fulminating. Yeah, that was a rough month for my family. Edit: For you that is reading, if you have/had pets I hope you have good moments and memories with them. I wish you all the best

    • Did the vet decide to kill your dog without getting your permission?

    • geezus... A collapsing spiral of terrible events right there... I feel sorry for your losses.

    • @@Juggler1097 tbh I'm not completely sure, my mom told me what happened the next morning though it was a bit complicated since she was also crying. I kind of understood that. But I believe the vet called because I heard her crying in the night while I was sleeping.

    • Cows and pigs have been shown to be just as intelligent and emotional as dogs, but we don't really give a damn, do we, since we subject literally billions of them to the nightmare of factory farms.

  • Yep, spraying insecticide is pretty common in Australia too. Both countries takes biosecurity very seriously as there are island countries that are somewhat biologically isolated from the rest of the world, so there's a lot of native insect/animal population that wouldn't be able to tolerate invasive foreign species.

  • I loved this! I laughed out loud unexpectedly & shocked myself 😂.

  • Yes, animals experience grief. My best friend went to camp and his cat thought he gone forever so she stay in his room and on his stuff until she died under his bed.

  • No matter what the state of your voice it is still wonderful and soothing. Thank you for your content

  • For the last video, here’s some advice (ofc you don’t need to take it): I’ve heard that when a dog’s (or any other pet’s) friend passes away people got another dog to help the grieving dog. Most of the time it works and they become good friends. Also I wouldn’t do this if the dog who was grieving didn’t like other dogs and/or the dog they were going to adopt wasn’t that social.

  • Aw... I just wanna give that dog a big hug 😢

  • Hope you feel better soon 💕 thanks for the video.

  • Hope you and the poor dog feel better very very soon. x

  • The insecticide spray when landing in New Zealand is also a thing in Australia (experienced it ~2 months ago, very nice trip), very weird, but anything to keep invasive insects from coming in, I suppose

  • Hope you feel better, Jason!

  • almost cried seeing the doggo, hope he is ok now

  • As someone who easily gets sensory overload, this school looks like my worst nightmare

    • I thought the exact same thing man

    • Nowhere to hide if somebody came in shooting.

    • @@chrisprescott2273 DUDE!

    • @@chrisprescott2273 commit zombie horde on the shooter, they don't have enough rounds to get all of them

    • @@jakewairbelly That was my first observation, too, it’s just not very safe in that scenario…

  • You make my day better every time you post!😊

  • You make me smile in all your video I watch to so thank you for being you and made this channel!

  • Regarding the veggie clip at 1:33. It's a Bún cha place in Hanoi, where I have eaten before. It is unlikely that the people didn't eat the salad because they knew the restaurant was re-using it. Lots of people, Vietnamese and tourists alike, prefer their Bún cha without the salad, so they simply don't eat it. And yes, if you don't finish it, they'll put it back on the stack and serve it again after rinsing it with water. Why throw something away when the customer clearly didn't touch it? That'd be such a waste...

    • thank you for explaining what was going on. i was so confused.

    • you deserve more attention since hundreds of people start making asumptions without confirming the facts in the other comment.

    • This make no sense?! No one want to eat the veggies being touched and breathed on by multiple people, after sitting out on a plate, then supposedly rinsed, then sat out on a plate multiple times. The restaurant would quickly learn to simply ask when ordering if they prefer the veggies or not and they would save money, like how they ask if you want water in certain places now due to shortages and waste.

    • Rinsing with water wont remove bacteria and viruses left on the food by being touched, breathed and sneezed on. In worst case scenario, such disgusting practices can kill people.

    • its not salad tho, those are herbs and its ok to reuse it since it just uncook leaves

  • Get well, Dude. The video was great as usual.

  • I hope you get well soon, Daily Dose of Internet. :)

  • for those who are confused about the veggie one. the guests that ate there knew they were reusing the veggies and just didn't eat them

  • The sad doggo just hit me right in the heart.

  • Dude all animals experience grief one way or the other. I saw a documentary once where they had a chicken and a rooster as a couple for an extensive time together, and when they took away the rooster the chicken seemed unfazed. Doing it's pecking at the ground, but when they monitored her stress levels they were through the roof, so yeah, that's not just a human thing.

  • Get well soon! love your vids regardless!

  • The plane spraying happened to me as well on a flight to Mexico. We made a short stop on Cuba, where they came around with sprays and we weren't allowed to move until it was all sprayed.

  • When one of my dogs died, the other was confused and looked everywhere for her. He would refuse to come home after going on walks and kept looking back as if he was waiting for her to catch up. What hurt the most was not being able to tell him that his older sister would not catch up :(

  • Whether he's sick or not, he can still find a way to entertain us. Hope you get well soon DDOI

    • @YeaMan lol

    • I too hope you get well soon.

    • @YeaMan you looo very bot to me

    • Don't Read My Profile Picture you also look very bot

  • Dogs have all the emotions humans have, and more. And they are telepathic.

  • I don't like dogs, but that dog melted my heart.

  • I remember getting sprayed when I arrived in Australia. They should make the passages aware of this before they travel and what it is that they are spraying on you .

  • I guess I'm weird, dogs have emotions, grief is just one of many they share with us. I've never thought they couldn't feel anything. It's one of the things that shows they have souls in my opinion.

  • Imagine what kind of vibe you'd be on if all your classes were shared with your whole school. I bet it would be more chill because any issues and ALL the staff are there

  • I feel so bad for that dog. I hope it gets through its grief soon and starts eating again. Anyway, Get better soon, and thanks for the video as always.

  • Dogs absolutely experience emotions of all sorts. They have souls like humans

  • I cried at the end.. poor baby, i hope hes okay now

  • My grandpa had two german shepherd’s, while during a trip to the forest he got attacked by a wild boar, one dog ran to get help after fighting for a bit while the other dog died defending gramps, the dog that went to get help got people to follow and save gramps, but the grief was too much for the surviving dog, it stop eating until it too, past.

  • Gotta admire the honesty though. They did it right in the open for eveyone to see 😅

  • I wish I could get a double daily dose of internet. Can't stop watching these.

  • Its so human to think we'd be the only species capable of complex emotions

  • Getting “Where the Red Fern Grows” vibes from that dog 😢❤

  • aww that sad dog really hit the heart, I felt its grief and had tears myself... poor dog.

  • Oh man you were sick. Hope you feel better and if you need to take a break you deserve it, we will be fine

  • I love that one part we’re the dump truck dumped the entire trash can and the wheels came off🤣🤣🤣

  • I got unreasonably upset at the guy showing of the glue placing a tiny piece of laminate in such a random spot lol. The glue was so nicely put down too

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • I'm assuming this type of glue is used in installing tiles

    • ​@@kashiftechgaming laminate tiles and carpet tiles yes, but definitely not ceramic tiles! Lol

    • My friend that's not unreasonable at all! I got pissed off!

    • @@criollitoification why not ceramic tiles?

  • Regarding the airpod sticker... I once came across a coin on the ground (equivalent to around 3 dollars or so in US currency), but when I (tried to) pick it up, it was glued to the pavement. I had tools in my pockets, so I was ALMOST about to take out my tools and chisel/pry it off, but then I decided it was funny, so I left it there instead 😆 🤣 .

  • 2:57 both of our dogs were very old. One passed away about a month ago due to kidney failure. I had received the news on my way back from school. When I got home, his brother seemed pretty happy which was strange because my mom had just told me how sad he had seemed. I put my backpack upstairs and went back down to comfort my dog. He came over and walked into our laundry room and died right in front of me and my mom. So that was two dogs in one day. Hercules had died only around 4-5 hours after his brother kona. May both Kona and Hercules rest in peace in doggy heaven. But yeah, dogs sure to grieve for their loved ones, and can die from sadness due to losing them too, apparently. The vets couldn’t find anything else that might’ve caused it, so it’s about 100% from heartbreak of losing his brother.

    • Oh my... What a sad but touching story 😢

  • Get well soon, Daily Dose!

  • Both my cats passed away last summer as result of one suffering a sudden heart attack at age12. The other one already had occuring issues but stopped eating and was put down for infection and 42c fever altogether. The doctor said the fever isn't a spontaneous thing to occur but I think my other cats passing was the final straw. I dont think Ill be getting pets for a while.

  • My high school had open classrooms. We could pass notes (tells you how old I am) around the corner and five partitions later your friend got the note, then wrote a response and sent it back. We had 2 big cafeterias, one on top of the other, and two libraries, the same. It was a cool high school experience. From outside it looked like a giant three-story prison. I wish I had pictures or video or something.

  • I was really happy to hear the music the road played, it’s one of my favourites. (To anyone asking, the song’s name is “Érik a szőlő”) I feel so bad for the pupper tho… poor thing. I hope the owners can get them through this. Losing a loved one hurts so much.

    • Yea, is there a video for the road song? I can't find it in the description.

    • @@demetrioskekis6697 you should try "Zenélő út in Hungary" or the song's name "Érik a szőlő"

    • ​@calokifilm6392god damn I've just seen your comment get posted, first time it happened to me

    • guess its.. man with 1 dog now

    • Anyway, what is the name of the song of the Italian road? It's a beautiful song and I wanted to listed to it. Edit: Italian = Hungarian. Listed = listen

  • thanks man, this helped. just accidentally broke my dad's laptop I have no money to buy a new motherboard, neither does my father. this helped me a lot from crying to getting a smile back on my face.

  • Every single time I watch one of your videos it makes me so happy 😅

  • for everyone concerned about the grieving dog is doing much better. all wounds begin to heal with time, and by the fourth day he was eating again. since then, he's gotten out there more and really explored his own wants and needs. he's started listening to jazz music and talks about getting a time-share in boca raton. "it's what my brother would've wanted."

  • 0:40 as someone in New Zealand I can confirm we have very strict laws on foreign and exotic animals, Though I have never seen this happen before

  • I pray the dog is ok! That got me!

  • I've had a lot of pets throughout my life, and they can absolutely feel grief like we do. We had a pack of 3 when I was younger, and one by one they left us. First was Gidge, she passed less than 2 years after my dad did. She was his dog, through and through. Next was Ozzy. We think he got into something that he wasn't supposed to have and was jaundiced. We did everything we could, but it wasn't enough. Not too long after was his sister, Chloe. She just kinda gave up, she wasn't able to walk anymore and we had to put her down. She was 13-14 by the time we lost her, so she had a good run, but she just couldn't cope with the loss of her pack. After she went, our other dogs were devastated. If I remember right, Joker (a pitbull-boxer mix, just turned 9) was upset for weeks. He suffers a lot from separation anxiety now, since every other animal he's ever known has either passed or moved out with my sister, but we do our best to make sure he's not lonely.

    • Gidge... You live in Perth? We went through this twice. First time we made a big mistake and buried our dog without showing the other dog. For weeks she would search for the other dog. We then had a mum and a pup. The dogs had a bed each and the never went in each others bed. The pup was 13 when the mum died. We showed her the body so she would know she was dead and she began shaking. Was horrible to watch but very important I think. She didn't look for her. For the four years until she died she would only sleep in her mum's bed.

    • I didn’t know pitbulls also experience grief

    • @@FawnTheCreator why wouldn't they? they're really emotional dogs, mine is regularly grumpy when I get out of bed before he wants to get up, and 20 minutes later he's either ready to play or crying because I'm getting ready for work.

    • @@twobats they're a troll, don't entertain them

    • Pets are absolutely awesome and super fun to take care for, but it always ends up being sad 😢

  • The school “no door” idea is horrendous. All it takes is one gunman and you have mass casualties because the school decided to do something cool 🙄