They Obviously Lied - Fake Apple Airpods Max

čas přidán 21. 10. 2021
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An Apple counterfeiter sent us a pair of fake AirPods Max to review, claiming they are the best replicas on the market and the best headphones under $200. Let's see if they're up to snuff.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:58 Counterfit Apple Products
1:55 The Note
3:29 The Boxes
5:32 Unboxing the "Fake" Headphones
6:13 Realizing They Are Actually the Real Headphones
6:23 Unboxing the Real Fake Headphones
6:43 The Pairing Process
7:10 PlasticGate & the Scale
8:39 Noise Cancellation
11:25 The Insides
11:50 Listening Test
13:42 EQing the Fake Headphones
14:14 Bluetooth Sluething
15:21 Teardown
15:40 Battery Life
17:00 Latency & the Android Experience
17:22 Should You Buy Them? & Outro


  • Apple = rip off merchants because they can get away with it, $19 for an apple branded cloth anyone? Lol

  • we need a freakish ears in a stand test

  • Linus: "THESE ARE PLASTIC" Woody: I know...

  • Number 15 ... 9:48

  • Beans⁸

  • The apole watch is a watch for your one eyed monster

  • Beats do that because apple owns beats

  • I teach high school and I have yet to see a pair of Airpods Max. The kids don't even know what they are.

  • Like yore test should be Awesome if test Supra Nero TH Pro inear phones send a link to what Be something new never test before and Hear Sound of Sweden 🇸🇪 Thanks for a great Channel look on are relay on tests are from you're channel when Test Product not bought up in brands like to many are That is more rare than you actually know and this is rather Nice Product are a lot about Sony and Bose and so on this is Something new not are anyone in Yore part of world can be in other name but is a Swedish High-end quality Puce of tech 👍

  • 17:48 ***POKE**

  • This is why I bully the shit out of people that have fake shit😂

  • I respect Linus he has do a lot and help us with the problem with have with pc problem

  • i smell a lawsuit

  • Wireless headphones are still trash, imo.. Waaay too much static/background noise from them just being switched on. Go listen to some ASMR with your $550 Apple headphones versus a cheap $40 set of Sony wired earbuds.. You can hear shit going on in the background with the wireless ones. Wired? Nada. Silence!

  • Me : hey friend are those the real apple headphones friend yes -me presses x to doubt sus

  • I think it might be lead... Bite it

  • I was considering AirPods Max, but since you said there are other headsets better than that, I'd like to find your video telling me what my choices are. I'll search your channel now. If I find the link, I'll add it here. ... but I may stick with AirPods Max after watching that review.

  • So what I take away from this, is that Apples headphones still suck.

  • Hey wait a minute, y’all changed the title of this video!😂😎

  • 15:00, the beats headphones are actually an apple product...

  • If this doesn't say "zhe bluezhot devays is connecting sucsefurey" i ain't buying

  • What EQ App was that?

  • Serial number is legit, what?

  • Here's escobar all over again

  • Lol! Imagine paying only 550 dollars when in Australia you need to pay 900 dollars

  • i got an p9 it feels like they made it in a cave with a chineese voice actor when i open it it says “the bluetooth device is bla bla bla” i cant understand even what its saying

  • Whats scary is people are selling it for original price

  • At least I can still pay rent after I get these

  • You should eat Apoles Linus, they're good for your health and your ears.

  • People who buy fake for status symbols Should know No one will think they have status, only mocking will follow for being shallow and dumb.

  • Just buy a good wired headset it's million times better than those knockoffs

  • Amazing video Linus, I think the Pro Max will be my only option here in Germany since they cost 712 Euro, which is 823 USD 😢

  • someone have name of the song from 0:00?

  • Repent to Jesus Christ! “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • I guarantee the dislikes are from salty apple fans when he said the airpod pro max don't really sound that great

  • I don’t understand these rip-off brands, they have the technology to make it, why don’t they make their own products instead of copying others…

  • What equalizer app are you using??

  • Why dont you just if they scratch at a level 2 with deeper groves at a level 3?

  • I got a bluetooth adaptor for about 2$ which is recognised by my Iphone as official Apple device

  • "For Airpoddings"

  • Whats up with the yellow clicker in Linus' hand throughout the video?

  • they literally just replaced every instance of Apple with Apole im dying

  • as a buyer and seller of used apple products. this is legit scary af to be out there.

  • Buying Apple for the "prestige" is sad enough but cheaping out so you can "pass" is just tragic.

  • Anyone ever buy the knockoff Lego Sets?

  • so then I should buy these???

  • Ya'll need to mic up the people behind the camera if they account for more than 10% of the video dialogue

  • Just buy the beyerdynamic dt 1990pro/1770 pro/ beyerdynamic amiron Home for 500 Dollars and the beyerdynamic dt 990 pro/dt 770 pro for 150 Dollars. You'll get the best sound quality.

  • i cant get over the look, they look just like construction earcups i use, so bad

  • Less of a knock-off and more of proof that Apple products are cheap trash that should have an MSRP at a fraction of it's advertised value. Also, the naming schemes and the lies in the description are becasue it's easy to trick naive buyers that spend time on these shady sites, convinced they are thrifty and finding good deals. They think they are buying an officially licensed product but get a pos made of chinesium instead. Usually children and elders. I bet money they were raided by police that took down all of their product sites, lol. This happens all the time. I'd rather these companies not exist since they prey on the stupid and scam tons of people, but I also love that they create good products sometimes and prove that a lot of these mainstream companies are selling you garbage at a 500% markup, literally scamming millions of people like Apple does.

  • I love Apole

  • LTT should really do a 'ASMR Monday'

  • PLS explain your remote!

  • So when is the review for the Apole iFone 13 ProMax

  • dont pay 500$ for ugly apple headphones

  • There are too many mushrooms in your videos. Use bananas instead.

  • Airpods max are spying on me. Im scared and i need help. Its no joke. i turn bluetooth off on my phone as a desperate meassure, try to use the headphones on my windows machine, and the headphones will turn on bluetooth on the phone, reconnect, realize it should not have done so, and reconnect to my computer. You can even see the Airpods max animation starting on the phone just as the headphones disconnect from the pc, WHILE BLUETOOTH IS TURNED OFF. That is scary. I feel coerced and observed. How is this even possible? For this to work the turn bluetooth off button would havce to work as a sugegstion rather than a manual override. What is it? im frustrated, sad and a bit frightened. Please advice.

  • 0:46 it's him, Duke Nuke Them

  • Is there anything China doesn’t rip off????

  • proves nobody can beat apple, even if they copy! lol

  • airpods Max are the best headphones in their category. absolutely.

  • probably bait and switch and failed for it.They send you the good unit and regular customer gets shitters

  • i wouldn't spend any money on any of them apple sh...tttttt overpriced sneaky greedy company right 2 repair hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa

  • Buying a knockoff version of a pair of headphones that already feel like a bootleg themselves. Incredible

  • The Chinese can make perfect 100% quality knock off's for a lot lower price, but then they see that if they leave out a 5 cent part to make 5 cent more money they will do that turning their perfect 100% quality knock into a load of junk by saving that extra 5 cent. They even make worse bad copy's of bad copy's of the original just to rip people off.

  • These headphones killed JFK

  • Quality knock offs are pretty amazing, but I wouldn’t get them for one reason, they don’t last as long (durability) as the originals. Since I don’t buy every new products that comes out, I stick to the originals.

    • @EVOLICIOUS Agreed! The reason why I mentioned some quality knock offs are pretty amazing is because I remember my buddy got the fake Gen 1 Airpods when Airpods first came out, the fake that he got had all the same functions AND MORE… like it could control volumes on the head piece as well 🤣🤣.

    • Every product needs warranty and support. Knockoffs will cost you more since you will be buying the same product several times. People need to just learn how to save up money and buy quality brands instead of trying to be "thrifty" and buy sketchy crap. I'm in no way speaking of people who are poor and can't afford mainstream stuff, those people are forced try to find smarter ways to spend their money.

  • "counterfit" is counterfeit "counterfeit" :)

  • should we tell em that the DT990/880/770 are all below 200?

  • It is funny watching Linus try to figure out which box is which when the answer is right on the side (the side toward the camera)!!! (The fake says ProMax)

  • I got some actually good knockoff AirPods pro for $45. Transparency mode and ANC mode are working, too.

  • 8:00

  • Hey Linus the reason that Beats pair with Apple is because they are partnered with Apple.

  • why would they "simulate" music in the tests instead of just testing with royalty free audio testing music in the first place?? that sounds so much easier for everyone involved

    • I'm not an expert but I don't think royalty free libraries contain audio that have expansive depth, or anything of that sort. For instance, I would use a fast-paced rock track to "measure" imaging and instrument separation instead of using royalty free music

  • A bit of clickbait, but fair enough.

  • Dankpods.... Where are you?!

  • Fearless flyers fans? What would Jack Stratton think of these headphones?

  • Best headphones under 200 I have found are Audiotechnica ATHM50X. Compares to some $500 plus headphones I have tried.

  • Not great value, because if you were shopping for airpod max, it means, you really didn't care much about value anyway🤯🤯

  • You know a knock-off is good when the product name is the same name as the company

  • Why is suddenly noise cancellation more important than sound quality? Who needs that? Have you planned listening music in a hellicopter? All these new super expensive blutooth headphones are like a prank. Get a studio-quality Sony/Sennheiser one for 70$ that will sound 10 times better and are made with materials that last for decades. Much better than these new "gamer" ones in every aspect for a fraction of the price. People is sometimes so stupid wanting all that unneeded extras.... sometimes its just an apple logo, now its a noise cancellation feature that destroys your listening experience with phasing issues.... but they are happy with bad audio, bacause it was so expensive, it has to be good xD btw.... I'm an audio mastering engineer

  • Ahole authentic experience, sounds great.

  • Where tf are the macbook pro maxxxxxxxx

  • Lead is neurotoxic. Pleeeease don't try biting it.

  • 9:09 ummmm is he wearing them backwards? lmao

  • You have to understand that they use the same chip as the real one. The only difference is the parts they assemble it with.

  • wow, there is a third Pole on the earth....

  • Apple doesn't sell tech, they sell fashion. And there's always knockoffs for every successful fashion. But if you don't care about Apple fashion then $200 or $550 will get you much better tech (and much better sound) elsewhere.

  • i mean i just dont want to pay 500 dollarydoos for headphones for apple so I mean it could work on some people

  • These headphones are ready for their "iPad 2 (2011) moment". The "first effort" from Apple tends to be less-than-awesome, and they usually do *so much better* on the 2nd attempt.

  • That resizing mechanism ASMR though.

  • Best headphones under 200.......The Drop X Sennheiser 58X exist

  • Just curious... Does anyone actually listen to the sponsor Ads? If so, do they act on it?

  • Beats is apple.....

  • Wait Apple did a crap job and overpriced it? Wow thats crazy They are SO getting a lawsuit

  • Though he was tectone for a minute lol

  • Apple what's that? :-)

  • me watching this on 3 dollar earbuds

  • Linus became Duke Nukem and I can't stop laughing 😂

  • Is that SimCity music I hear in the back?