Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady

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Michelle Obama is clearly enjoying freedom, but during her time in the White House she obviously had to be careful about what she said. But now that she is no longer there, she can basically say whatever she wants. So Jimmy came up with some things that she couldn’t say while she was First Lady and had her read them aloud.
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Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady


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  • I thought it was gonna be literally bad words

  • 1:42 i have to do that with my dad all the time lol

  • Lol my mums the same

  • Now i understand why people hate her and her husband. they are just money hungry attention seekers.

  • Why is no one talking about how hey used a new card for every new sentence

  • She's such a likable person

    • I cant stand her arrogance.

  • She’s such a good sport too 😂

  • am I the only one hoping she would swear😂

  • whats wrong with her left eye?

  • She’s such a classy broad 💅🏿

  • “What have you done”?!😂

  • I love her so much nobody will ever ever ever top her 😭💜 she’s a blessing tbh

    • +Brian A not Melania

    • Pretty much every first lady has done more than she has, so she isnt near the top. What did she do so great? Make kids throw away food they hated at school? Good job...

  • I like him as a Host. He does a good job, he connects with his guests and he doesn’t look fake or laugh just for the sake of the show. It comes naturally and that’s what makes it real

  • I love her so much 😔💕

  • Obama’s ruined this country, Barack is a terrorist

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  • Things Melania can’t say...... Thanks for being faithful I’m here legally

    • Things Michelle aka "Big Mike" can say..... I'm a man

  • Warmongering neolibs hiding behind the curtain of liberalism

  • I hated America and the people! My husband full do you all didn't he? He started the race war and it's continuing to this day! I am so proud that you're all blaming President Trump for what's going on in this country because I surely don't want anyone to blame my husband!

  • I think she was a men ?

  • If i can just pay the obamas to rule over Philippines, i’d be eternally glad. Because I can’t believe that our country is ruled by a killer tho.

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  • Now that she’s no longer First Lady... she got to wear those pajamas on the jimmy kimmel show

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  • I really want Michelle to run for president in 2020 I’m pretty sure she will win and don’t @ me trump supporters

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  • Host SNL!

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  • She has more class than trump

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  • I was waiting for "Write your own speech". Opportunity missed Mr Kimmel.

  • Michelle Obama is not only a smart person she is a great person , I can listen to her talking all day , let me tell YOU , WHO SPOKE BADLY ABOUT HER is because is a racist , jealous , ignorant , stupid or a brainless person , she was and still is a classy woman HONORING THE USA

  • She looks super gorgeous on that cover page!!🖤

  • I have a Rabbit called Trump, and shes the SWEETEST Rabbit ever! So why did i name the sweetest Rabbit Trump? Because i have 24 Rabbits atm (i have my 3 mom Rabbits have kittens rn) and when she was a kitten she was the ONLY orange.

  • So funny!!

  • Clooney is my freebie! 😂

  • I just love her

  • Things she couldnt say as first lady- 1. Your taxes will be lower 2. Her husband isnt a racist goon 3. Her husband didnt cost the nation billions upon billions (gave what...$100b+ to iran on one shot) Oh wait, she still cant say that.

  • Such a beautiful and clever woman nice to all of us no matter what they've done or not really regret she will be no longer first lady

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  • #1 has got to be that she is a man

  • Do you remember any other presidential couple beign promoted so much by celebrities,media etc. ? Me neither

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  • She's TOO CLASSY, for classless words, and statements. SADLY, Trump is a WHOLE different story.

  • atleast hes not the first lady anymore so we can actually choose what to eat at lunch

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  • TBH Michele only suits in Ellen show.

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  • Will she come out as Michael finally?

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  • I honestly think Michelle is a dowN to Earth SeXy woman with a likeable personality..... And she works out.... shops at CVS .... She is truly looking legit....Sexy Ladies in da house....

  • I thought she was going to cuss

  • Still love how real she is.Too bad she was not a fan of politics cause would love to see her run for office.Deb😉✌

  • I do the same thing as Sasha lol. If I’m calling my dad and it’s a public place, I’ll use his first name. And my mothers too.

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