Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady

čas přidán 16. 11. 2018
Michelle Obama is clearly enjoying freedom, but during her time in the White House she obviously had to be careful about what she said. But now that she is no longer there, she can basically say whatever she wants. So Jimmy came up with some things that she couldn’t say while she was First Lady and had her read them aloud.
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Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady


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  • 1:44 i also say my mom’s name when she does not listen to me

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  • I miss her family so much😭😭

  • She's TOO CLASSY, for classless words, and statements. SADLY, Trump is a WHOLE different story.

  • atleast hes not the first lady anymore so we can actually choose what to eat at lunch

  • Lol. Can I meet Michelle Obama also.

  • TBH Michele only suits in Ellen show.

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  • Compare her hands and shoulders to Jimmy's. What are your speculations afterwards????

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  • I thought she was going to cuss

  • Still love how real she is.Too bad she was not a fan of politics cause would love to see her run for office.Deb😉✌

  • I do the same thing as Sasha lol. If I’m calling my dad and it’s a public place, I’ll use his first name. And my mothers too.

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  • "I'm a transgender woman"

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  • Yes we’re going to make America great again that’s the problem she never did say a damm thing she brought the class of South side Chicago into the White House and spending more money on herself than all First Ladies combined who does THAT


  • She’s adorable best First Lady yet

  • Michelle For President!

  • I love her outfit

  • I want to read her book right now!!! It's really beautiful, i've read the first pages.

  • Don’t @ me. I didn’t think I really cared for her- until I watched this.

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  • trump told a sever year old boy santa wasnt real and that he was old enough to know that

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  • Michelle!!! I love you, I miss you as our first lady, and THAT SUIT, GIRL YOU ARE SLAYING IT!!!! Never stop being the sensational woman you truly are, thank you for lifting our spirits ✌️🕉️✨🦋💕🥰😘😍😊👍

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