Things that Happened While I Grew up

čas přidán 9. 09. 2018
glad i didnt drown!

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you don't drown anytime soon (or ever)


  • P-please stop staring at me Jaiden 😥😥😥

  • Cool

  • I was scared of the filters too 😓😓


  • 하지만 I LOVE JAPAN 🇯🇵 (I’m English) ... OWELL 감독은

  • Jaiden’s mom: HUHHHHHHHH

  • 2:43 easter-egg...

  • Oh I remember when I was learning to swim (still can't and I'm in 7th grade) I was walking into the pool and I fell in and couldn't get out.. My sister was laughing too 😒

  • The monokuma clock though

  • Well I almost drowned but instead a foam mat it was a kannoo I almost died rock hunting u find rocks then u put them in the kannoo

  • 0:13 what is that?

  • 2:45 papyrus is in the background

  • How many times did I watch this oh yeah it's 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999 999999ooooo9ooooo99999999999999999999 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 999999999999999999999

  • I am an Asian

  • Did you see the skull on the spageti box like if you did

  • Me too

  • Poor Maaz...

  • 2:17 thanks for waking up my 2 year old sisters

  • 3:06 Pastha With No Sauth *Hits Table*

  • *eating food* Whispering: *pathta with no thaws*

  • Omg papyrus,spaget, and MARIO

  • Hey, people are always telling me that I sound like you. Sorry that's really random. ...I live in Australia and my accent sounds different to my peers. Also I to come from Japanese heritage, and I grew up not really knowing anyone who was Japanese let alone half asian until I got into high school and then I was like wait... there are others??!?!?!!! So it was weird I just wanted to say something because yeah, people are strange and it can be hard to find people who are similar.

  • Ur videos are good😃😄

  • My mom says the same thing

  • 0:40 :| Mommeh:Who dat? Daddeh:idk Meh: :p

  • 2:42 anyone else see the papyrus in the backround

  • 🍝 patha with no thauce

  • Did anyone realise that papyrus was in the spaghetti boxes

  • I saw papayrus

  • Did Anyone See The Undertale Papyrus At 2:43 On Top The Spaghett

  • Why you recording in a closet

  • I love you jadine

  • Jaiden=😮 me=😨

  • Did anyone notice a figure in a spaghetti box in 2:44

  • I saw a Papyrus in the spagetti

  • So... ur friend was black?

  • I saw that the guy that saved Jaiden he had a bottle that said "pee"

  • what was miter chads eye color

  • 4:15, i almost drowned and died too until my dad saved me, I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT HORRIBLE DAY BECAUSE I WAS SAD :'(

  • so, you like mario too, I DO AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!! MARIO: Its-a-me! Mario! -________-

  • You must bring honor to your famirry

  • 2:17

  • I LOVE your videos. You inspire me.

  • My parents would quiz me too on people, only instead of eye color, it was their names. I've also been criticized for saying "what" too often.

  • When she tried to move the mat how did they not move

  • :3

  • This is so inspiring.

  • "Famarie" LOL

  • From your description of yourself over the course of several videos (eye contact, sensory issues, social anxiety) I wonder if you have mild ASD?


  • patha with no thauth

  • papirus

  • Hah I live in mesa and I went to a swimming class as a young 3 year old (proud) and I NEVER wanted to touch that water IT WAS DEATH then I would always look over at my mom and she would be like “SWIMM YOU FRICKEN CHICKEN CHILD” and then at the end of the class I would get Lickerish as well👌🤣

  • looking to eye of people it soooo reatable to me. even my friends thing im a psycho

  • 2:44

  • Only Army's understand this… Jk and RM: pArDoN !?!?

  • This is hilarious!!!

  • My brother also almost drowned and died!...

  • Happy birthday

  • When I was little I had trouble pronouncing my name correctly. So you can see from my name that I have a th at the end, well I could only pronounce f so I said Keif instead of Keith. My parents took me to the side and got me to say it correctly.

  • My mom makes me make eye contact too. It gets too a point where I become conscious that I have to make contact and also answer their questions so I get really nervous MORE NERVOUS THAN WHEN I COULD JUST NORMALLY TLK TO PEOPLE DJRHR HRIEHEIIWJQNAHHAHHAHWHW.

  • My dad when he gets mad: *deep breath - HHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH

  • I see papyrus

  • pasTHta wiTH no THauce

  • so we can't bring dishonor to out famiry

  • That happened to me except that it was a tHose swan floaties and I was already freaked out from ACTUALLY almost drowning when my cousin had a panic attack and I was like “oH what a good idea it is to go into the water me being like only 10 pounds more then him and save him while he’s flustering his arms. Oh (insert name here) lemme save yo- AHHH HELP ME IM BEING DROWNED” yea that happened Anywaysssss moral to this comment is that swan floaties are evil and you should actually save somebody by getting a float for them unless your like me then go for it Jk don’t.

  • I was watching this video while my mom passed by and when it said oh don't say what say pardon so she asked me to do something and I said WHAT she grabbed my hand and yelled PARDON

  • 👶👦🧒🧑👨🧔🧓👴

  • Viva l' Italia! (yeet I'm Italian :'D)

  • ..........I saw one else?......ok

  • Who else saw papyrus

  • My sister's birthday was when she posted this

  • Something about the drowning jaden, I fell asleep on a mattress, (idk how) u fell off, I can't swim, I gasped like a flipping goldfish for air, my mum saw me, and saved me. Yay

  • i am part italinn

  • Bella x tutti gli italiani

  • Me: *Struggles with anxiety* Jaiden: just stop it! Me: *gasp* I know the secret!


  • are you Japanese?

  • I am Asian to!

  • don't almost all asian moms answer with " *HHHUUUHHH* "

  • The parent story’s 1 was 10 mil and it did not deserve it but this deserved 8 mil

  • i've choked on a grape

  • 2:48 A Wild Mario Appeared!


  • 4:23 papyrus head.

  • “Wow. I'm just a fricking adult” ♥

  • *pasta with no thauce*


  • Did anyone else see paps in the spaghetti XD

  • I had the exact same fear of pool filters . . . (Rubs back of head awkwardly . . .)

  • I did not go to for con


  • Yay finally an Asian girl in CS-tv I watched

  • 0:40 I heared famiry

  • 0:39 Well done just well done for saying famary

  • Jaiden listen to me spell CS-tvr sing and you will find you

  • 4:14 relatable to both parts 😂

  • Wait so is pasta with no sauce just like cooked noodles with salt and pepper? Maybe some meat balls?

  • Famiry?

  • I got speech impediment