Things that Happened While I Grew up

čas přidán 9. 09. 2018
glad i didnt drown!

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you don't drown anytime soon (or ever)


  • P-please stop staring at me Jaiden 😥😥😥

  • I like your voice~ It sounds like ashly burch ❤️

  • my first thaught was about bts when you said pardon

  • I have a queshtion. Do u ever think about latter when ur like 20 or 30, would u still be doing youtube or will u "Reiter"

  • One time not too long ago I went out surfing and the waves were freaking rough and got pushed and stuck down to the bottom of the ocean at least 10 - 14 times. (Keep in mind I’m not THAT far out but somewhat) Probably almost died. Like or comment if any of y’all have had a similar experience.

  • dear jaiden i am british and i would love to buy your merch but i dont have dollers i have pounds so can you please take this in to considoration thank you me ps im 11

  • Who else got tricked by the pause button edit?

  • I L O V E D pasta with no sauce and a little butter when I was a kid. Goddamn that was gud mang. That being said, I was 200lbs at 15

  • *pasta la vista*

  • I almost drowned to.

  • mom you're a G R A N D M A. huh?

  • youre eyes.. they are mesmerizing

  • My parents taught me to say pardon by replying to my question with "what" until I said pardon instead of what.

  • I had a speech impediment as well, I used to say, “Pashta with no shawsh”. Also, PARDON?



  • *who even needs eye moisture?*


    • +Candy Fluff Your DA is Candy Fluff ?

    • +Nicky Ng Yeah...

    • +Candy Fluff i think i see you on DA

    • +Candy Fluff xDDD

    • +Nicky Ng Yeaaaaaah

  • P A S TA with no sthause

  • P-please stop staring at me jaiden 😥😥😥

  • How did I miss the Papyrus in the background at 2:43 when I watched this the first time? NYEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!

  • Pastha with no sauthe

  • My tablet is coming on monday! Youre such an inspiration!

  • You should try to watch the live action version of Pinocchio

  • 😂LOLl

  • Good video

  • Jaiden’s mom 😂😂😂

  • pathta with no sauth

  • On 2:43 theres papyrus in the background(Papyrus:S-SO..SO MANY SPAGHETTI'S!!!!)

  • 2:43 papyrus!!!!

  • Do you do any art or just animations?

  • Patha with no thots

  • we all saw the papyrus in the speghet

  • *DoN't tOUcH MA SpAgeT*

  • Me when i hear the word 'Italy':INVADE GREECE NOW FOR THE ITALYYYY

  • Was that Pipyrus?

  • Oh look i found a easter egg papayrus

  • the monsters at the youtube bridge shouldve been yellow demonitizations

  • PAPS!

  • 2:43 NYEH HEH HEH

  • Jaidon..... WHAT IS LIFE!? I need answer

  • *HUH*

  • Am I the only one who thinks Jaden sounds abit like Chloe Price from the Life is Strange game? If anyone has played it. 😂😂😂

  • Papyrus is there XD 2:44

  • Have you seen painted plummet its an undertale au with you as sans and James as papyrus!

  • What do you use to animate

  • Pardon me, I must destroy the spagett.

  • Who saw the papyrus in the spaghetti

  • That video may not be worth 10million views, but you are

  • I also almost drowned and died at my swim school .. cuz I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD GO SO DEEP LIKE 1.8 FT

  • 2:54 Idek but that’s cute *dAMmNnNnnN*

  • Pasta with no cloths?

  • Jaiden, Is it weird that I like scrolling through your der videos to see how much you've grown as an artist and animator with your crew? Yes? Ok.

  • This video gets better and better every time I watch it

  • Face reveal! (No pressure do it when you want to

  • Wait...she lives in CA?

  • Is jaiden animations character hair brow or black I can’t tell I’m blind

  • Yay!!! Jaiden on trending! Love your channel! 💙💓❤️ 😀

  • Jaiden 😆😆Jaiden the Domino king did something with you and Dominos please see it.

  • Lmao who doesn’t almost drown if u didn’t then you don’t have a childhood


  • Hi

  • HEY!! WAS THE PAPYRUS?! 2:43

  • Pathetically wanted pathta with no thauthe. Thith ith awethome

  • Everything really is on fire here 😂

  • Im starting youtube but im scared help me plz

  • Jaden's mom: **ask me a question** Me in a alustraian accent: mate what Jaden's mom: PARDON? me still in a alustraian accent: MATE WHAT IM ALUSTRAIAN SO I'M NOT AS RESPECTFUL AS YOU MATE

  • Can you do a Ari video plz!!

  • That happend to me except I was punching the floaty and I had tiny air pockets under the floaty somehow... GLAD I DIDNT DROWN ETHER! also Im glad Im not the only one who doesent add this thingy ' on the didnt word.

    • Also I pushed the person overr sooo... I survived your not alone

    • Also Im bad at spelling

  • 2:42 did you see paps from undertale??

  • Anyone else notice the papyrus head at 2: 43?

  • Anyone else see the little papyrus in the spaghetti

  • Did you guys see paps?

  • Pathta with no thath... just... pathta with no thath

  • Lol I am Japanesse I do these

  • Your cute I had the same thing with the filters and bench press bit also black hairs my you*.

  • 2:41 is that doggo from undertale on the spaketti box

  • Wonder what happened with MAYBEL

  • I'm 8 and I love u videos can you make a cartoon

  • 2:14 when you ask a strict mom something and they don't understand RIP headphone users

  • Anybody else see papyrus at 2:42??

  • Undertale!! YEA I SAW Papyrus!! I SAW HIM!! I LOVE UNDERTALE

  • PAPYRUS!!!!!

  • 2:54

  • Pastha with no sauthe


  • I’m growing up :,) *SEND HELP*

  • Hey random thing what's that cold hands thing called again cuz I though I was the only one with it at first I want to brag about it

  • i watched all of your videos. :D i'm so happy i have that much time on my hands.

  • You can’t bow to anyone *YOU ARE THE THUPERIOR*

  • 2:17 3:04

  • Hey jaiden you have inspired my to draw animations on my free time of course there bad animations but thanks for inspiring my and to draw! btw I love your vids!

  • I think I screamed a bit at 1:10

  • Jaidens Mom 😂😂😂

  • when you make fun of your own culture while saying not to make fun of your culture “we’ve got some asian blood in us so we can’t bring dishonor to our fammery”


  • I've been going to speech therapy for my trouble with R's since preschool. I am in 5th grade now and am getting better gradually. 😄

  • Oh cool jaiden we have something in common :) I almost drowned and died to :D cause I was pushed. Into a lake by a dog :/

  • All of sudden "I almost died once!"

  • 2:41 like if u saw the meme on the spaghet box