This Car Is SHOCKINGLY Fast! - Porsche Taycan 4S

čas přidán 17. 05. 2021
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This Porsche Taycan 4S is optioned out at $132,000 and it's their electric car. Alex "borrowed" it from Linus since he wanted to give his first impressions of it, and maybe he might need a new set of underwear too.

Check out the Porsche Taycan 4S at

0:00 - Alex needs new pants
0:03 - Introduction
0:44 - Front Trunk
1:14 - Porsche Low Air Drag
2:06 - Porsche Options
2:43 - Exterior Look
3:21 - Trunk
4:03 - Interior First Impressions
4:40 - Pulseway!
5:10 - Driver's seat
5:41 - Infotainment and climate control
7:33 - Backup Camera impression
8:11 - Driving first impressions
11:15 - Steering impressions
11:48 - Suspension and comfort first impression
12:10 - Porsche launch control and acceleration
13:21 - Soundaktor
13:47 - Closing thoughts and hints


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  • Don’t call it a gas it’s an insult to a liquid which is called petrol

  • jeez that’s a nice car to skrt around in

  • I had to look at the channel name twice.

  • Love the gawkers on the street, lol

  • laughing and talking makes your video suck. Why don't you quit the giggles ?

  • Ever heard about Tesla?

  • Mr. Bore

  • tech youtubers reviewing cars is like an actor trying to drive a formula 1

  • Motorcycles for life. Once you go motorcycle, you never want to go back. Just get one that is simple and easy to work on. not the fastest. The simplest. And the one that hauls the most cargo (aka Groceries). That might require going back several decades.... but If it's lasted several decades, it will last several more in your garage.

  • Two-four: Canadian slang for 24 bottles. Lmfao

  • When I get a good job I will work my ass of to get this ride.

  • props to the editing job in this video, the bleep out of the ok google was a rly nice touch.

  • 7:11 6969 STREET 🤣🤣🤣

  • wow this car sucks in everyway yet a positive review??? ...i get its a main stream sports car but come on this is so bad... like look at cars in the price range...

  • When you are going release it on ltt ?

  • lol s/o to crab rave 🦀🦀🦀

  • This is like mkbhd interviewing kobe bryant all over again.

  • If you want something fun, get a 911 GT3. If you want something to daily drive get a Panamera or Cayenne. The Batterycar is way too expensive for what it is. Maybe 80k would be a more reasonable price for that freakish-looking thing. (Why do all battery cars have to look like a Back to the Future car?)

  • Ok . But what if you are an eel and sodium salesman ??

  • A Porsche that is fast, how surprising.

  • Great review. I’ve test driven the 4s I love it . Gonna pull the trigger on one soon and this color is gorgeous 👍🏼

  • It's missing a rev counter /gets coat :)

  • 10:04 tactile break pedals vs. linear brake pedals

  • The reason why Porsche hasn't focused on autonomous driving is because they make cars that are meant to drive by the owner. It would just ruin the meaning of Porsche itself

  • 4:32 Germans designed this to be a driver focused car, get an s class for the passenger focus

  • Would love to see thoughts on the Outlander PHEV if you still have access to one ;)

  • His hair literally looks like 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.

  • Reminds me of high school when we ditched school on a Friday and went to test drive muscle cars from the local dealerships . They got pretty upset by the time the car was returned to their lots . LoL !

  • Car: Is electric. Yes Is Porsche. Yes Title: Car is SHOCKINGLY fast.

  • For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (Matthew 11:28-30) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

  • I would advice you to also take a look at the Gumpert Nathalia and maybe we can get a video about that too ?

  • Why was it "hey Goo-bhgffhhycrhbgfxs-gle" ?

  • 11:40 alex... gonna slow down ALEX!!! imaginary brake, engage

  • my vw golf still has higher torque then the taycan 4s

  • If you have to ask yourself "how do i turn this off" in a car that costs over 100k, that's not a good sign

  • Rimac Nevera meanwhile: 🌖🚀🌍 In 10 secs

  • 8:37 "when you take your foot off the GAS" bro I don't think this car runs on gas 😂

  • Really nothing new, the steer, chairs, audio and display options were already used in Audi cars from 2018-2019

  • I love technology, but putting literally everything in this massive infotainment system is just too much. Yeah, no. That's a car accident waiting to happen when there's no tactile feedback to anything and you have to pay more attention to the screens.

  • You can as see that he us not used to dealing with these cars. Always close the frunk with the bottom latch thing and to click it in place don’t push on the paint, push on the Porsche logo :)))

  • it's UGLEH.. i'd expect chevy to look like that of hyundai... but surely not porsche :(

  • If I beat box the entire crab rave song during my interview, do I get a job at LTT?

  • "Yeah, we got one" the verge vibes?

  • Dave2D car

  • I love this new segment!!!

  • 6:44 Wut

  • The great thing(and horrible thing) is if you don’t like the piano black or any material in the car really, then you can change it.

  • Porsche owes 4g auto a check for those wheels.

  • so when is the car channel coming?

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • 3.8sec. to 60mph is pathetic compared to Tesla...

  • lmao alex looks homeless

  • $1 for every frigging

  • u need to try the p100d. its the only one thats faster

  • How tall is alex? As a dutch giant i'm dying to know if i could fit into the back of a car noone i know could ever afford.

  • Tycan is expensive !!!

  • That infotainment center *does not* look responsive in the slightest. Especially for that price point.

  • Just got that car today with the same color and it's the most amazing car my family has ever had... well it is our first Porsche anyway

  • Friggin.

  • he should review cars more often. i actually only watch car youtubers and he is doing a really good job

  • That number plate certainly triggers them Malaysian friends. F for 2020/2021

  • I appreciate the "hey Go"*gle" part. Saves me the effort of averting my eyes/ears away from this pretty entertaining overview.

  • It’s not even a turbo s


  • crash it plz

  • 6:05 Tesla

  • Not a car guy huh....

  • When he kept laughing like an excited high school nerd, you know Alex is real happy in this one!

  • The mature kitchen pathologically moan because step-brother symptomatically delay to a zesty bridge. snotty, panoramic gun

  • Im guessing Alex is a massive car guy. This dude looked very exited the entire time.

  • Porsche marketing: "Hey you know who's got money!? GAMERS!" Hmm...

  • TieCan o-o

  • Does it come in matte?

  • Booooooring...

  • Sorry, but this is so ugly

  • he need a carbonfiber hood

  • The low drag thing is a bit off the mark. Some cars have a higher Coefficient of drag to make downforce. So lower isn’t necessarily always better

  • I like the teardrop tattoo. Shows attitude.

  • 166k bucks? Buy a 5k second hand Seat Ibiza and use the rest to enjoy beach life. You only live once, I choose nature.

  • I love how you cut out the "hey google". Hate it a lot when its called in a video and google goes crazy. Good job guys. The small things you are thinking about matter a lot to me.

  • 3:33 BMW did that close and lock trunk thing like 5 or 6 years ago.

  • DIFFERENT? Nothing.... o wait.....make it longer

  • TLDR: Alex breaking the speed limit and being happy

  • This is a pretty cheap sports car. I think my dad's car is 5 times more expensive. Anyone earning 6 figures should be able to afford it... and earning 6 figures doesn't mean you have expensive wine and constant partying ;) If someone buys this they probably have another car as well though. It's very situational.

  • The obeisant lotion feraly grate because trial explicitly expand towards a ajar needle. fluffy, sassy organisation

  • Alex saying Tesla as Telsa is peak…

  • Put Linus in the frunk, to really see how big it is.

  • it called PorschE with E

  • this is like watching a little boy on christmas morning