This didn’t exactly go as planned...

čas přidán 14. 04. 2021
The Liquid Devil 6900XT Ultimate is listed at one of the fastest 6900XT's on the planet... so let's put that to the test.
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  • I didn't know about that print screen option, i always used lightshot.

  • It actually does have limits to the power it will go and the dual bios is shit. But it still is a fast gpu. Not worth $3000 though.

  • Hello Jay, I'm hoping to get my hands on one of those liquid devil 6900xt cards. my intent is to install it into the raijintek opion evo case. Its an itx case & I know space would be an issue. Would you be able to tell me the distance of the card measuring from the bottom of the pcie to the top of the water block?

  • Way to rub it in Jay -- I'd be happy if I could buy a regular 6800XT at a semi-sane price... still a great vid, though, as always. Do keep 'em coming, I'm clutching at every bearable person. This is like a one-way Zoom call with someone likeable and interesting.

  • thats a pretty boring card

  • Anybody knows about the track in Intro ?

  • The sticker is "crooked" because it's the"devil" card.

  • The windows key is a liability and a useless key that still gets in the way when disabled. So considering all of my keyboards don't have those excessive keys...I'm still using Jay's method and will continue doing so.

  • Wth is a GSP500 doing back there???

  • There are 4 at my local microcenter right now...

  • Oh look! More things we will never be able to get our hands on!

  • Try to over clock anything in your pc just by 2% , and then go to play Ubisoft games. You wont last for ten minutes

  • the rdna architecture is really picky on what voltage gives the best performance for a certain clock speed , so doing + or - 5mv and playing around is usually the best way to squeeze performance out, i.e putting core volt to 1025mv might be better for frames than 1030mv at the same coreclock, that and or just using the morepowertool with its multiple features, but make sure you know what does what inside the sppt/ your system and gpu limits, etc. not sure if rdna2 already has more power tool support actually. just a general statement from a navi owner

  • we still screenshot with prtsc and paint bro you are not the only one xD

  • You could try using a metal bucket filled with ice water sitting inside a metal wash tube full of ice covered in rock salt cause the rock salt will cause the ice in the tube to get super cold which should bring the temperature of the ice water down even farther .

  • Sweet card Jay! I want one.

  • Its sold Out. So what the point.

  • Jay - Another option for screenshooting a selection of the screen is WIN+SHIFT+S which will allow you to drag and select a section which will then end up on your clipboard (and pop up in the notification bar on the right to allow you to click it and save). Really helpful for things like emails or documents where you want to just paste the file in, and don’t care about saving the file.

  • Can you guys make a video on how to install the ASUS Thunderbolt 3-TR expansion into a ASUS ROG Strix B550-F and get it working? No one has made a video about this(well for B550 board anyways)

  • I’m 69th on that leaderboard

  • im offended cuz that sticker is crooked. I expected everything to be perfect for the highest tier shit they sell.......

  • I bought a 2080 super like 3 and1/2 months before the 30 seties announcement launch and I like all that I'm gonna regret it I'm sorry gonna get it and then you can't get them and I don't regret it

  • Yes you need MorePowerTool to unlock the power limit. Simply throwing more cooling at it does not improve it otherwise the difference between AIB partner cards wouldn't be so little. MORE POWER!

  • This card hit a world record at over 3k MHz a few days ago

  • Seems Der8aur broke the world record with a Liquid Devil 6900XT Ultimate.

  • The majority of the systems in all 3 FireStrike tests are using AMD CPUs. None of the Intel ones are 11th gen.

  • Jay will you be my Leather Daddy?

  • We have a screenshots folder???? Tries it on the video: HOLY SHIT!

  • I am new to your page, I am looking at every video you have and I will be watching every one of them to learn damn well everything i can to build my own and understand components

  • Have you ever tried using LN2 instead of water a water cooling setup? Guessing the pump would just die

  • Has anyone suggested salt in the ice bucket for cold colds, a la homemade ice cream freezer? Melt the ice in the bucket with rock salt and the water temp will actually be colder. It would be salt (oxidizing chemical) on the outside of that rad-- that's the drawback I see.

    • I guess if it's "cold enough" then it's not worth the salt.

  • cam i compete with in hall of fame with user of just the 5800X & 6800 XT ( I have two 6800XT;s) one is off store and the other is an RMA Replacement of my 1st bought Sapphire (AMD REFERENCE PCB/COOLER) Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 XT (REPLACED MODE ON RMA IS A Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 6800 XT (Custom PCB CARD) which one would be better?

  • Too bad such a nice cooler is on amd

  • Jay you the dumbb

  • I have an Asus ROG 6900XT LC OC and when jay said "It crashed at lower frequency, but at higher frequency it passed just fine" had me very interested in keeping my card overclocked so I can prevent any crashes on heavy loads.

  • I'm good, I'm still over Jay :)

  • Jay, your 6900XT might have slower memory controller which feeds data to the streaming processors at certain rate regardless of the overclock and resulting the lower score.

  • I Didn't know about Windows+Print Screen and I'm mad I didnt

  • May not be LN2 overclocking, but its still good stuff to see

  • 17:54 jay ur dumb

  • 300,000 people

  • Dell

  • Next time try dry ice and alcohol

  • I put my volume down! By accident..

  • Place the hole thing in a vacuum to get rid of the condensation and use dryice instead

  • Salt water can get colder than tap water before freezing.

  • if you only want part of the screen, Win + Shift + S :)

  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • That paint-printscreen moment really hurt me

  • i'm the number 7 on fire strike ultra. you need to raise the watts on mpt.

  • My OCD would end me if I bought that GPU and seen that sticker on there crooked... Beautiful card though, looks great.. Good thing for me- I just recently got into PC gaming (Warzone brought me).. Bad thing for me- I just got into PC gaming.. Bought an entry level PC knowing nothing about anything, and now (even more so being off work with recent health issues) I can’t upgrade my damn GPU!!! Ugh the frustration is real

  • Win PrtScn.... Did not know.... Thank you! :)

  • Undervolting helps maintain the boost clocks, and your scores are similar to mine running between 2450 - 2550 MHz, something is not working properly in your overclock. Also blend in the Metrics in Wattmann to see how it really boosts, and watch what is clocking the card down, wattage or t-junction.

  • I’d buy that card if I could😭 I’m still missing mine

  • "its completely unlocked" .... except the ram

  • what about setting up a bong cooler that rains on the radiator and filling the basin with ice water?

  • We need and want some Radeon 6800XT videos how far can it be pushed and a sapphire Radeon 6900XT review

  • Why is it that all GPU's are volltage locked?. I don't understand. CPU's are not. It doesn't make sense. At least, i don't understand it.

  • it always amazes me how far some of these cards can go. although with the worry of condensation being a thing, why don't they just flip the beard and card upside down so the water drips away from the hardware instead of onto it? I know its a dumb thing to ask but if you think about it

  • jay wear a t-shirt, show off that dad bod. we still love you

  • base setup =power limit +15, max out the vram in fast timing and increase to cr4ash, back by -25. leave min freq to 500. Now just play with max frenquency and voltage, increase max Mhz, and and play with minus 1 or plus 1 mV at the time for stability. have fun

  • Dude it is time for you to use "More Power Tool MPT" for AMD cards from the german guys (IGORS Lab) where you can increase the limit for the power target of the card. As this point you need Watt not Voltage. An increase in voltage would decrease your score at this point. Jay becoming human doing errors.

  • And the practicality of this feature?

  • Please let me know where I can buy it and it cost less than kidney on the black market, please?

  • Snipping tool really is faster though Jay. It copies it straight to the clipboard to paste wherever you want it and you can edit it from the notification.

  • Higher clocks can actually decrease your score when it's unstable, even if it doesn't crash... Watch Gamers Nexus.

  • Honestly I still do the paint screenshot thing too...

  • Fire, pretty sure fire is a limit.

  • Wow! I also just learned about the screenshots folder 🤯

  • Have you ever tried using electric spray varnish on these cold builds to protect against the ice build up? If you add salt to the ice bucket you can drop the temperature by a lot more, just make sure you have enough antifreeze in your loop.

  • 7:12 me too

  • There’s an app called more power tool that lets you unlock the amperage and watt limits all the way which even with the ~330W bios I think it is on that card, you are likely hitting. I’m around the mid 20’s on fire strike Extreme and ultra with my reference card because I water cooled it and left my computer outside on a day that it was -20F. I was really mad when that day came around because I updated the motherboard bios and there was a cache speed bug that crippled my CPU score. At the time I was 12th and I was so close to top 10. Big sad. Also Big Navi loses score before it crashes, so try backing off when you hit the stability limit

  • He might be ruining a AMD Ryzen 5000 series which helps boost the AMD 6000 GPU's if you forgot Jayz!

  • 1:21 sus

  • Would it be more usable to have the motherboard upside down to reduce the condensation risc for the board?

  • I didn't know that print screen trick.... O.o

  • try swaping the AMD card to a 3090 to get a better score. 🤪

  • now pour salt into the salt water :D

  • CPUs cant go more than 5 Nano meter . There is a Limit CPUs cant go more than 128 cores . There is a Limit PSU cant go more than 1000 Watts . There is a Limit

  • Jay my man. You a car guy too? Props!!! Love you videos keep pluggin away at that leader board.

  • Super

  • fastest 6900xt would probably be one which is liquid cooled with super fucking low temps at stock and you oc it so much it hits 80 degrees + under load , 4900xt performance there @stock

  • Oh how id love to have that card. sadly didnt get a chance to get one.

  • @Jayztwocents is it a revision of Radeon Software for the 6900XTs that is hindering your voltage control? Or is it that AMD doesnt allow you to go high enough? When over clocking my Rx580 it let's me adjust voltage, albeit not much. (Sorry if I've missed a common knowledge point here, just cant remember hearing anything about voltage control being removed or not available on certain cards.) Edit: Nevermind, I read up on it and was able to answer my own question. Sorry for bothering you if I did. ✌

  • you could give me the card i would love it even if i am sure that would never happen lol

  • Can people lie about their scores?

  • Walked into my local MC today, and found one of these on the shelf............. Bought it because Why. The. Hell. Not.

  • I so want.... um... what u doiing with it after?

  • Use rock salt in you ice water mix.

  • Great analogy about the fuel system on an engine! The inability to tune voltages is a huge hinderance.

  • Why didn't they use msi afterburner?

  • Yeah but you got the one me with a crooked sticker, that’s minus 2000 points right off the bat

  • 799 waterblock 🙄🤔 errr no they can keep it. How the f### does a card go from £999 to £1799.!!!! This is becoming a joke now 😐😒

  • You dont have much experience with RDNA 2, do you? If you push the memory clock too high, you massively lose Score and performance. Even my 6900XT pushes 21300 Scores at effective 2.53 Ghz on the core. Your memory clocks are too high and thus it went into error correction. Doesn't neccesarily crash but you lose a ton of score. Try 2100Mhz max on the Memory or even lower. I cannot go above 2090Mhz without losing performance.

  • Pls pour some salt into the Ice water it should help to cool it down faster. othet than that? Win& Print screen.

  • The guy in Brazil probably has a different CPU and LN2 or at least a massive Chiller

  • Hey Jay, Please help. I have i5 760 but no gpu. please help me. i want to play games like GTA V. I just need gpu even if it is low end or high end, it is okay to me. here in philippines i can buy a gpu worth 2500 pesos (50$) Please help me guys. Sorry for my bad english. I just want to have a gpu that can help me to play games. Please. :(

  • Jay i have one and theres a form but you Will no like it, you can use a mining software, normaly you use it for reduce voltage but you can turn it up i done it and its running Way faster

  • thanks Phil for the screenshot tip

  • Is powercolor a good gpu brand?