THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW]

čas přidán 4. 08. 2018
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  • Audio is out of sync w/ video a bit

  • Something like a phrnomenon

  • "It's me, I am Pewdipie!" I don't believe you. I think you're Poppy Harlow.

  • I clapped myself to sleep last night

  • When I was 6 months old, my parents found me in my room and were in shock because I managed to crawl out of my crib and pick up and start reading multiple dictionaries in different languages. I was fluent in English, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, and I’ve also learned to communicate to aliens through their native language. I work for nasa and earn 4 billion dollars a day. I’m 15...

  • one day pewdiepie came out with original content. true story.

  • I literally just gave a homeless man a cruise ship with two jacuzzi's along with 50,000 dollars, because it is just not like me to leave someone out on the street without a little help, by the way I AM A GOOD PERSON AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, YOUR DUMB

  • 6:03 Try again, physics teacher, you drank your hat. You never ate it

  • So no outro 😢

  • one time I took a shit

  • Why do I watch this

  • this was an especially entertaining segment, I even laughed out loud a bit. you can be a very clever fellow.

  • I was playing despacito fortnite season 69 when someone instafilled the despafier and instathanked the bus driver and I bought a Lamborghini and won the lottery and accidentally hit a link my bff sent me to a small jail escape server on roblox and a random cop joined and shot up the place xx-it was lit

  • 5:10 ...the numbers have 1,2,3... On them.... that's... that's how you know the order..............

  • I went to the moon and meet Adam sandier, he was drinking tea then I came back to earth and when I came out of the airport my whole class was standing there clapping.

  • One time I watched my cousin who is a guy kiss another guy for a play I’m not even joking, I’m dead ass serious.

  • One day i literally woke up and i was in pewdiepies house! Jojo siwa and donald trump was there. Then i got 1 million dollars and dabbed on pewdiepie

  • r/thathappened is litteraly how pewds channel got popular.. by telling lies

  • pewdiepie gave me $100000000 after i dabbed on the president

  • One day I watched a PewDiePie video on CS-tv and laughed at all the idiots he was calling out.

  • I hate the ads so much but i also love them cause you're getting money?

  • One day, I wake as usual. I pee shi far. I walk by my 17 hour old brother building a 3 dimensional model of the Mona Lisa from legos he made himself. The build is about 93’ high. He is on quite a tall ladder, but he accidentally drops a piece from the heavens above in which he seems to have been residing in that moment. The piece had a density equal to that of Ukraine. It falls right on my head. I die. He descends from the heavens and laughs at my pathetic dead body & starts playing Opa Gangan Style while flossing, but my mom walks by on the part of Opa Gangan Style where he says “sexy lady”. My brother pee shi fart in fright & pleads for forgiveness. “Desculpame Mama, for I have sinned” he pleads. Kevin Spacey, my mom, replies “LMAO WHO TF BABY IS U AND Y MICHAEL B. JORDAN” (I’m Michael B. Jordan) “SCHLUMPT ON THE FLO DEAD DEAD?? BET U KILLED HIM, THAT WASN’T VERY CASH MONEY OF YOU!!” And starts to default dance. Can’t make this hit up LMAO😂😂😂

  • That one time I was bitten by a shark so I did 17 backflips underwater and bit him so hard it exploded. Donald trump gave me his presidency and I am now leading America.

  • still waiting for MCR to come back

  • one time i went to scool and said to my teacher who is 45 its actually spelled school everyone clapped and no joke im not joking even though this is a true story subreddit video but all these stories reeminded me of this true storry i know this sounds like a joke but this happend

  • One day I got the pewdiepie chair and sat for 4 hours saying can u do this

  • here is a story when i was 5 i fell off a roof and fell on bricks. when i was in china my friend stole my bike and i took his to get mine back while i biking after him i got hit by a car i had a dream that came true SENPAI NOTICE ME

  • I got cancer from t series looking at there logo and everyone applauded and everyone through money at me and I became a millionaire and I solved the cure to cancer then the president handed his job over to me. True story -Donald J Trump

  • Once I gave birth to talking donkey-dragon hybrid, then i grew a penis that ejaculate was fire. Dont do drugs kids.

  • I was watching this video and my bird moved the mouse to the like button and clicked on it. then trump came in and made me the president of america and shoved his fist up my ass-


  • I died in 9/11.

  • Once i was watching a pwdp video and i enjoyed it That totally happened

  • Girl usopp

  • One time I died

  • Totally real story ok! No joke, So literally I once enjoyed my life Hahahahaha that aint true!!!

  • One time Amy Schumer was actually funny

  • so... i passed my psych midterm. absolute no lie-truth

  • I was playing COD when suddenly I found a bug in the map that made me Thanos IRL and bc of that i'm a trillionaire. Tru story

  • Can confirm at Dunkin’ Donuts we would do that

  • I was on my way to my concert because I'm a great singer and I saw a homeless girl. I gave her 1 dollar and then she transformed into a fairy and gave me 10 billion dollars. Now I'm rich and I live a great life. Edit: I forgot to say that everyone started clapping

  • audio late?

  • I’ve seen the gum one and on the bottom it has small numbers 1-10. And then the big numbers for the phone number

  • So I was in my tesla class since I go to Elon musks school and I walked in and then he just took my hat and ate it and I was like EXCUSE ME and he gave 6 trillion dollars and all of his Tesla’s and gave me the school and all the kids clapped for me

  • There was this one time on insta where I would end up dating Jimin based on the last number of the post’s likes EVERY SINGLE TIME! It must be a sign, I thought, and I was not wrong. I made a statement that Jimin was my bias and he jumped out from behind my curtains and started applauding in Korean. We are now happily and secretly married - it’s amazing how these miracles work out!

  • Omg I literally walked into class without shaving my legs Teacher: why did you not shave your legs? Me: who says I have to? T: M: Class: C: *everybody claps*

  • Mcr...

  • 3:06 how stupid do you have to be to guess that the president was writing poetry. I get that some of them had hobbies but fucking name one that's still alive that is known for fantastic poetry.

  • 1:00 periods aren't that fucking insane, no one needs to give you a therapy session. Physically painful? Yeah. But I can promise you that it's not paralyzing during every single second of you "week of the month."

  • Ok so basically...

  • One time I fell and every one clapped

  • One time I died. True story. I wrote this as my last words and my family is helping me post it on pewdiepies newest video released three days after I died. Not lying.

  • sometimes pdp shows glimpses of intelligence and slices of humor.

  • Once upon a time, I woke up to President Donald J Trump giving me a pet dragon that turned into an applauding crowd and they each gave me 300 trillion moneys...

  • 7:09 - Drunkin Donuts

  • Btw felix, in the bottom left of each piece of gum there is a number for them to be ordered

  • Sneaking bits of activism in there eh? good work Pewds :)

  • One time president trump burst into my room with a bazooka launcher, kidnapped me with his tractor beam, and back flipped his way onto the Death Star. It’s ok tho bc I had my trusty infinity gauntlet so I summoned a golden scar and the words wasted appeared in thin air after I shot him

  • One day I got out of bed and beautiful pewds was starting there with Jenna Marbles and they said HAPPY BIRTHDAY even though it was March and my birthday is in November, then oprah walked in and gave me a car then pewds told me he was leaving Marzia for Brad 2 (sorry brad 1)

  • Me and my younger sister organized the seasonings at our local Walmart, it didn't merit a response, still applying for a position there though, wish me luck

  • I was born with autism and ADHD

  • _"I go outside for 5 minutes - badinga"_ *- poodipai 2ki8*

  • Once I was in bed when I woke up and thanos was there no joke and he gave me the infinity gauntlet and said if I snap my fingers I can remove the memes Bowsette and thanos car. So I did

  • This morning I died but it’s ok cuz got my computer with to tell u get guys

  • The one face mask looks like black face

  • My middle school banned the word "Shrek" when they found out what Shrek is love Shrek is life was because everyone was making jokes about it. This actually happened, believe it or not

  • Oh so one time when I was younger my friends and I were fishing and we got a hook stuck really far in the fish and we were set on getting the hook back so... long story short I decapitated a fish with a spade (I think that’s what the small gardening shovel is called)

  • One day I slept and woke 8 hours later.

  • This story definitely happened I ate a salad

  • One day my teacher slipped us all alcohol in beakers and told everyone “this is peroxide” but it was actually alcohol and he winked at us to let us know. Some girl said “no it’s alcohol” to the principal and the principal said “I know but these students deserve it. You need to learn to not be a snitch” and then the chalkboard clapped and fell.

  • here is a true story : i live in south africa and i went to check online and i see this Breaking: Weed is now legal in South Africa for private use, rules ConCourt

  • when I was a kid I saw my mom on the second balcony of the clubhouse, and pretended to drown when I wasn't. I was fresh out of swimming class. holy moly the next minute a lifeguard was pulling my hand up and my mom was talking to him. I never dared to say that I faked it till this day. everytime I think about it my face just heats up

  • I can't believe that I haven't liked this video yet. ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  • Poor doughnuts

  • Why was a whole ass jacksfilms video as an ad

  • Mmmm, not memey enough clearly not poods

  • I had a great Thanksgiving eating turkey and enjoying the company of my wonderful family. I'm sorry you spent yours wallowing in self hate and wasting your time.

  • T series

  • one at skewl i died and my friends mourned me jk i have no friends and imma live forever

  • My dog ate my pepperoni then thanos crashed through my roof and told me to commit aliven't. True story (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  • Disclaimer: true and very disturbing I went to go on an airplane and when it took off I decided to do 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 backflips in 2 seconds and I did then the plane crashed and I died then I took and IQ test and got -120983 oops I'm not smart uwu

  • One day I walked into class, and wouldn’t you believe it, the fucking president was there . And then everyone started clapping

  • I once killed myself. Then the house clapped.

  • Today at school someone was playing Pokemon Go in the crowded hallway of teaches and then yelled am a cool kid! The Pokemon in the Pokemon Go app slowly clapped as the fat math teacher did a backflip.

  • lmao low key he is plugging his merch

  • Pewdiepie made original content

  • The gum is numbered in the order they go in the corner

  • 4:02

  • One time I fucked a stool

  • I got a stick of butter and i was the 1,000,000 customer at walmart and i got ten million dollars. People crowded me and i became a celebrity. I met jacksepidrman and he gave me his youtube channel.

  • Once I was in Gym Class and was about to throw a dodge ball, then a girl just came up to me and start going "GIMME GIMME GIMME HURRY!" so I looked at her confused then she just took the ball and gave it to her friend!!! I MEAN AT LEAST USE THE BALL IF YOUR GOING TO TAKE IT FROM ME ( true story )

  • yeah this guy is actually from smosh games

  • One day I was walking out of my window like I always do and I suddenly see a dinosaur eating my neighbor and that was the best day of my like. I also won the lottery that day.

  • Gender studies professor.. well the lie has already begun with those 3 shitty words in sequence. haha.

  • To be real, if u know ur chemistry, then what the physics teacher did isn't impossible

  • Funny bc in my high school being clapped means that you did domething so stupid you deserve to be laughed at ... THAT DIDNT HAPPEN

  • i was on my computer, watching pewdiepie. then everyone applauded

  • "...and then she did a backflip!" 😆

  • I watched the whole video now that’s a story right there

  • Hey guys its ya boi, pewdiepie. Today I spent lots of days in the sun and burnt myself. #RedPewdiepie