THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW]

čas přidán 4. 08. 2018
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  • Last year I was going to a progam and I foubd s guy doing push ups to impress these girls and I just yelled "GET UP" in the most devily voice I could. The rest of the year he was scared of me.

  • Imagine these stories being real lmao

  • 6:05 a PHYSICS teacher? that's chemistry.

  • Teacher: Hello Jimmy. How are you today buddy? Me: pees with a boner Class: claps Teachers: finally, someone says it.

  • Are you gonna eat the kid who ate you?

  • yo that thumbnail got me goin like 😂 😂 😂 😂 XD xd xd

  • So I actually one day stood up in front of my whole class and held a scheduled presentation And then everyone clapped

  • 2:42 here a story kinda like that one my science teacher quit because he had 7per and he had to deal with immature students i heard about him 2 years ago because i asked my friend what happen to him and he said he quit because he could not handle it anymore I think he teach in some other school

  • 4:02 Pink Guy?

  • Badinga ahasmohgna Haltalalul

  • Meme review started. Then Felix clapped.

  • My grandpa ates the weeds from his gardens and then the whole classes clappdeds for his ears

  • I got the best mark in my English class

  • A girl in my class says nine eleven flew through into a building then turned blue, She actually thought we believed it.

  • Once in 7th grade I was on a field trip and I had to go to the bathroom, but i couldn't find the girls bathroom so i thought the boys bathroom was like a gender neutral bathroom so i accidentally went in there. Jk lol.🤣🤣🤣

  • word bro

  • Who would ever think that Donald Trump could write?

  • 6:00 would easily kill him, burn through the beaker, and destroy the table but ok.

  • Guys, I just showed this video to everyone in my class and they all want to say thank you Pewds. The teacher is here - she says I get an A for the test now because she thought this video was so funny and everyone is clapping now too.

  • its too painful i cant watch it till the end

  • My dog died on January 31st. I need help. Im a mess.

  • honestly, the dunkin one seems like something that could actually happen

  • STORY TIME You know one time i was watching a pewdiepie video and i watched it till the end and havent subsucribed #sweartogod

  • Pewds: *mocks slow clap comments* Also Pewds: *proceeds to slow clap reply comments*

  • I ate a burger today. It was really tasty. In case you were wondering why I posted that, it's because I haven't eaten a burger today. That's why it is r/thathappened. I ate fries, though.

  • I think what you say is partially true, though I think the core of the essence is that social media is made to play on peoples low self-esteem and their need for validation. Hence why everyone is posting the most amazing stories ever in order for people to validate their existance. I even think so about CS-tvrs and entertainers in general. Most of them do it for the "feel good" of being in the spotlight. Sure the money is nice but the feeling you get when strangers like you is really the goal.

  • There literally was one day when my cat told me he was a secret spy and asked me not to tell anyone. Unfortunately, his boss found out that he revealed the animals’ biggest secret and erased his memory. That is why nobody ever heard him talking, he just doesn’t remember how. No lying, actually happened

  • I woke up 2 weeks ago and pissed bloody grape juice looking I'm passing a kidney stone and it hurts. True story.

  • I was fighting with sans and pewdiepie showed up and beat sans for me!!!

  • I was sitting next to my mom, then she sucked me back up into her womb! true story.

  • Got

  • Ugandan knuckles shot me into space once and I died. This story is 100000000% true

  • I ate PewDiePie

  • I once didn't like a Pewdiepie video

  • One time a guy was being an idiot, so, naturally, I hissed at him, and he screamed and actually thought I was a werecat.

  • I watched this video

  • One time my dog died

  • and the taxi clapped logic

  • Leafy reference 2:36

  • Tgay Oopsie, not a lie

  • One day i saw PewDiePie Tomato man:)

  • I won a game of Fortnite

  • I remember in Junior High they started suspending kids because we would go down the hall screaming "WHO??" And someone else would reply with "MIKE JONES!!!" I guess teachers thought it got out of hand.

  • Last week I was on the beach and I saw Donald Trump and he actually turned into a mexican so I built a wall around him and now he is my pet. True story


  • One day I met Drake & Josh. Then I realized I was on TV and my class did a backflip. True story

  • Pewds brought back fridays with PewDiePie. True story.

  • Your not pewdiepie

  • 👏Meme. 👏Review. Wait wrong vid

  • 6:35 You're on some kind of strong shit. Give me what you're smoking so I can analyze it.

  • One day my teacher asked me a question and I got it right and than the whole class started started clapping and crying

  • One day I saw this PewDiePie video and I hEsItAted. tRuE StOrY

  • One day I was playing on my phone when I got a notification that told me pewds uploaded a gaming video!? That totally happened

  • I love how I can watch Pewds in front of family since it is so friendly... Also my friend keeps getting scared that T-series is going to end up winning, but I keep reassuring him that they won’t as it is impossible...

  • How’s the sun

  • I’m not saying this ironically, it did happen, but my school merged with another and the principle left after a month and we had 4 more principles. I just think that would actually fit, but not really, it did happen, and it was stupid

  • so i was walking home from jesus camp and suddenly i was tapped on the shoulder. i looked back to see who did it, but no one was there. i turn back around to see lady gaga! she pulls off a mask to reveal that... it was jesus! i told him that i was also jesus and screeched my way back home.

  • Scooby has waves

  • one day i woke up and this one girl came into my room and said “u r gay” and i said what the fr*ck i’m not gay and i did a 360 no scope on her off my bed and then i had s*x with her to prove i’m not gay

  • My friends and I were looking through a bin of discarded books outside of a bookstore and we saw a guy across the street running with no clothes on. One of my friends had a book in her hand titled "The Naked Runner". This happened on the North side of Chicago in the early 90s.

  • I went for a swim in a septic tank. Not a lie, just misleading. The home was still under construction but the tank had been filed with clean water for reasons that I can't remember. But I did swim in it.

  • I found a dead whale once. No, it's not a lie. It was on a beach near Olympic National Park in August 2018.

  • 10:27 His bleep was the default dance

  • *pulls out meat scepter*

  • When 13rw was becoming popular my school posted on the schools website basically saying we shouldn’t watch the show

  • OMG GUYS! so my 3 year old son said that war is bad and then the entire world applauded me and then Barack Obama came to my house and gave me a billion dollars and unlimited n word passes

  • r/nothingeverhappens

  • My middle school banned blankets for no reason. Like literally they said we can’t bring blankets.

  • lmao i know all these comments are things that never happened, but ill never forget the day i almost died whilst trying to put a knife away in the cupboard. i opened it, and next thing i know theres another knife which is balanced on my arm. almost had my throat slit and could have lost an eye, but luckily neither happened.

  • Okay im not lying! One time i woke up on the moon and i killed thanos and everyone applauded and my 1 year old said: «words are inntelectual and never die» and shakespare fkn shaked my hand!!!

  • there are three brads then why do they all have differant names?

  • Wow I’m gullible asf

  • La vie vous êtes des raclures

  • The administrators at my old high school banned bottle flipping and dabbing because the middle schoolers wouldn’t stop doing it during class and it got to the point where it was distracting. (The high schoolers and middle schoolers shared a building.)

  • hey! I work at subway

  • You know at least two of these actually happened but because the other OPs are such massive pieces of shit we'll never know.

  • The cringe

  • why do people put "edit" at the bottom if they edit their comment? Edit: i still don't see why

  • how about r/IfThisIsTrueI'llEatMyHat

  • Omg did he say the n word at 3:57 😱😱😱😱😱 don’t tell vox

  • PewDiePie - an adult male reviewing memes to an invisible audience of 9 year olds calls other people cringy. ok

  • Not all neutral liquids are water dumbass

  • One day I woke up and caught ligma then I got sent to the hospital where I recieved 399 to buy a new chair then I met Ninja and killed him

  • True story when I was at a petting farm a bull came out of nowhere but I stoped it with 1 finger then everyone clapped

  • Lmao you look like an australian tomato

  • I drop kicked my teacher *Class starts clapping*

  • if the thanksgiving one ended with the class being like "Alright then" or "fuck off" I would believe it

  • One day I went to sleep then I woke up and and and and and and then I went to school and the teachers set up a wedding for me and I got married to the girl of my dreams. and and and and and that totally happened. Im also still married unlike every one and this dude named PewDiePie was my best man cause me and him are best friends.

  • I died

  • Once I woke up and drank orange juice while brushing my teeth, the whole world applauded and I received the Congressional Medal of Honor, lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 3:30 is/was an issue though, mark and others perhaps made a video about it!

  • One time when i was 9 years old i was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease that effects every organ in the body its call Cystic Fibrosis and ive been struggling with depression and grief ever since cuz i know im probably gonna die in about 10 to 15 years! Shit! Was i supposed to lie?

  • Story time: How I found out I was adopted.

  • He'd use a base instead of a acid duh. (Just took bases and acids class)

  • I shot my load on my girlfriend I bet you didn’t see that cumming

  • i woke up and said obama three times then obama came in my room and yeeted me out the window and then tseries was taken down and world hunger was solved. then my sister loved me

  • Man U missed the party

  • I work at McDonald’s and the grill fucking sucks when the rush comes so like that 6 figure girl is a retar

  • I saw that the video was monitized and got suprised... then the girl on the ad said “I was shocked!”

  • One day I was playing outside then I started to break out in a rash then I went to the doctor with my mom the next month (after a few time it happened) then I realized I AM ALLERGIC TO HEAT AND MY SWEAT IM NOT KIDDING IF I DON'T TAKE MY PILLS I WILL PUFF OUT IT SUCKS LIKE IT SUCKS!!!!!!!! IT GETS WORSE EVERY TIME I PUFF OUT IM NOT KIDDING