THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW]

čas přidán 4. 08. 2018
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  • I died

  • And everyone clapped!


  • Imagine thinking CS-tvr are more influential than teachers

  • One day I hit or miss I guess they never miss huh you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss yah he go find another girl and he won’t miss yah she go skirt and hit the dab like whiz kalifa I’m not lying I promise

  • one day at school trump walk in and says “yo peeps” and then jumped out the window no joke and my teacher so shocked she evaporated so we walk out to go home but then we hit by a bus and died no joke im not lying I swear it sad RIP us 😭

  • I said:’Bitch lasagna’ And then the whole class clapped

  • Once I dabed so hard i broke both my arms, but the good part is the creator of the dab gave me $10,000 for my service, then my entire class (that was somehow there too) started claping, AND THEN I met PDP. Best day ever.

  • Yesterday, I was in an airplane, but then I saw that the pilot was *blind!!* the co pilot was drunk and the plane was about to crash, so *I* flied the plane and saved all of the people! Even a 3yro said "Wow that guy is a hero! Thank goodness he was with us! And then *everybody clapped*

  • There was this one time when I tripped over and fell and then died. Now I'm alive!!! Isn't that crazy 🤪

  • 4:59 me:*does not get joke* *After few secs* Me:*thinks me got joke* Me like,'yeah lol"packet of gum"' After few more secs Me:wtf,that's really a packet of gum😐

  • 7:48 Apply cold water to burned area XD

  • r/thathappened

  • Not kidding, T-Series won ... true and epic story.

  • I think this happened when I was in seventh grade. So I was at lunch and at that time it was really popular for some stupid reason for kids to snort things such as smarties. Well, there was this one kid at my lunch table who decided to snort part of his jello and for some strange reason, he had a straw so it used to to snort the jello. After a few minutes, his nose started bleeding and he had to go explain to our lunch monitor why his nose was bleeding at it was the funniest thing ever. After that, my friend and I won’t back to class and created a petition to get him mental help. Believe it or not it’s not the craziest thing he’s done. Everyone in the class including the boy who was snorting the jello, a few other classes, and three of my teachers signed it. That was a great day.

  • okay, y’all i’m not joking, but maybe i am? a teacher threw a chair at a student and then got fired. lol

  • You’ve never gotten so drunk you flew to another country?

  • one time...I got out of bed

  • so i went to school today and my friend stapled his arm and i found my new stalker haha idrc if you believe me or not

  • 2:13 why'd she name her son 3?

  • One time I had sex.

  • true story: I hit the like, then subscribed to you and then hit the bell button

  • a physics teacher with a knack for chemistry?

  • One time I was watching pewdiepie and then he crawled out of my phone and said "bitch lasagna" then pepe the frog appeared and baked me a cake, so I ate it but turns out it was poisonous so I started to sleep and in my dream pewdiepie and pepe the frog left but never farted again in the whole existence. Then I woke up and felt it again, how I got an f on maths but I actually studied a lot for english. Best experience of my life 🙏

  • In class: Teacher: *says thing that is not SJW propaganda me: *disagrees class: ....... class: * claps

  • Wow.I literally went to Macdonald yesterday and ordered the fortnight burger, the look on the Worker's faces was awesome. Everyone started slow clapping and Pewdiepie showed up and bought my burger too

  • They banned smarties (candy) at my middle school because kids were snorting it.. this did happen my state is just full of r-words

  • 76m yaaaaas

  • Your ' every baady ' in every video is soo cute ❤

  • Damn tomatoe

  • I shitted in my car

  • 1:26 *eyebrows* reddit occasionally

  • You know it's bad when he says "wcdonalds" and you thought of "I Love Yoo"... Shin-Ae?!?

  • some of these are kinda plausible... r/nothingeverhappens

  • one time I fucking died. true story

  • "Books don't die." looks back at the library of alexandria ok buddy...........

  • Today I got out of bed after a week and everyone clapped

  • one time in middle school my teacher fell down some stairs and died but i saved her by doing one of my epic backflips then my entire class clapped. true story. can’t make this up.

  • i best sans first try And then the mayor thanked me and gave me a million dollars. I got 12 awards and I’m now living the life in a mansion with my 7 purebred dogs, 3 white cats, a 83748273 metre radius fountain and of course a standing ovation from the town I live in not click bait

  • Oh god, please don't do reddit videos. The comments will be plagued by wooooshes

  • So i jumped on my desk and said I’m gay! And my teacher said me too!

  • I did something and everyone started clapping

  • This one time I was studying for finals and I really needed to do well on one to not fail. But I still found myself watching old pewdiepie videos. And then I did a backflip

  • >Be me >Be Grade 9 >Writing English final exam in gym >Tired as hell, not going to finish in time >Time runs out, but i keep writing >Everyone leaves except me and some teacher or TA ive never seen >"You have to leave" >I just keep writing >Finish 30 minutes later >Walk up to where all the exams are on the table at the front of the gym >He stops me "sorry but you didnt finish on time" he reaches out his hand as if he wanted me to hand him the exam >I ask him "Do you Know Who I am?" >---"What?" >"Do you know who i am?" >---"... No.." >I lift up half the stack of exams and slip mine in the middle >Run away

  • i once watched a pewdiepie video.

  • I don’t know who this is, but this guy is NOT pewdiepie. Press F in the chat to demand that the REAL pewdiepie removes this imposter.

  • One time I was in JCPenneys and this guy randomly yelled "YALL WOMEN MUST HAVE IT SO HARD" then he blew up

  • I was sitting in my bed watching pewds when all of a sudden my bed started shaking,and I looked down and i saw pewds,holding a popcorn out to me and then he suddenly disappeared,then reappeared on my bed beside me and gave me chocolates before back flipping out of the window which was in the living room. Then I went downstairs and saw Marzia sitting a giant white bird with a mustache which had popcorn in its mouth,but before I could do anything it flew away to Narnia but appeared in Hogwarts. Then bird pewds and Marzia met Draco Malfoy and bought him to my bedroom then left to give us some privacy as we kissed and watched Harry Potter. Harry potter yeeted out from my TV and ruined our moment and grabbed Draco by the collar. Then they kissed and Dramione fans screamed. And I screamed because my OTP kissed but I also wanted Draco so we had a threesome and then Harry left for Dumbledore. The next day I woke up next to Draco and looked outta my window (which was in my living room) to see a grey cat walking a grey fence on a grey morning. Draco left my house to get some popcorn and I watched CS-tv,finding this video. Then I commented this thing.

    • EDIT: Draco appeared back with pewds and I said thank you to him for bringing me Draco and he said he will talk about this amazing phenomenon that happened to me in his next video.

  • Today I saw PewDiePie had ads in his videos! Yeah,ADS!!!

  • told my dog i like pewdiepie, literallya just started giving me head

  • Guys you heard me I really am Pewdiepie!

  • One time I donated to charity and people started clapping and obama congratulated me and gave me billions and millions of dollars. True Story

  • 6:53 how dare that shithead whoever it was do my boys dirty like that

  • Emmm. Lend time I drew a picture of a girl in a dress, but then Nyah Cat burst into my room and changed it into a picture of a pizza (trust me *I’m telling the truth* )

  • i got appendicitis

  • 8:38 Well I mean my class would've literally had a third of them dabbing and another half doing fucking fortnite dances while the rest screamed stuff like "Nerd" or "r/thathappened" I'm not believing that shit "0h mY CLaSs cLAppeD" 😂

  • funny story: i once hung myself and died 😳

  • One is true. One is false. Which is the truth? My class ran out the room when I pulled a party pooper. Or I outsmarted Steve Harvey in his show and it aired.

  • Hi can you do my chores I really don’t wanna do the dishes

  • Me: Walks into class class: claps

  • One day I was born. True story. Oh, and then apparently I had superpowers for a short moment and and the nurses started levitating. Super weird stuff. My parents like to remind me about that everyday.

  • One time a turtle bitchslapped me and screamed “I ate your frozen pizza”. I retaliated and did 14 backflips then the turtle got infuriated and jumped into a subway bus and flew away. That day I realized how truly scrumptious the world is

  • Epic story! I woke up and I watched CS-tv until it was 10 and then I slept until 8 am. Epic right?

  • oh shut up rebecca he did not say that

  • 4:20 but men aren’t

  • When I was in first grade I was so tired I forgot to take off my pajamas before putting on my school uniform, so I went to school with my pjs under my uniform.

  • I live in a box...

  • Our 3rd grade gym teacher left school (probably)because of my classmate and I fought eachother idk we hadn't seen him then Edit: forgot we were supposed to make up fake stories

  • Are u rlly pewds?

  • Something else: T-Series beating PewDiePie

  • All. Son yo beat t restared

  • This world can be really weird sometimes.

  • Help me I’m drunk

  • one time in class I sneezed, everyone clapped

  • My uncle totally didn't touch me as a kid.

  • This has been pewdiepie, ...........bye

  • the plane one they went through the trouble and fees of getting a visa while they were drunk for months too

  • LMAO LITERALLY one time i was playing video games and then a SWAT TEAM grabbed me and my 3 year old son said that violence was wrong and everyone clapped and they gave us 10,000 U.S.D. and then i got drunk and went to Sweden LMAO this actually happened pewdipie was there

  • Sans stuck his fingers in my ass and the entire country did a backflip

  • I was walking and wearing pewdiepie merch then a ghost appeard and screamed skratta du and then i died True story

  • i died r/thathappend

  • This one time back when I was younger and still lived in Germany, I walked into this bar and started screaming about how much I hated the Jews, so some of the guys in the bar made me their leader. A few years later, and me and those guys accidentally took over the whole country XD! When they declared me Fuehrer, I was just like "owo what is this?" am I right guys?

  • Once I watched youtube rewind 2018 and didn't want to kill myself

  • One time I left my house. True story

  • W O M E N R SO DUM

  • I clicked the like button and everyone in the world clapped

  • one day, i was eating a burger and then threw up on a canvas ON ACCIDENT. LeBron Lames then jumped thru my window with eminem in his arms and they both gave me a sprite cranberry because my throw up made a master piece of them.I became a millionaire. and them got in a car crash with Wiz Khalifa and we both died.TRUE STORY!

  • Felix doesn’t go outside, he has no legs, therefore he cannot have small talk with his neighbor.

  • So one time Santa clause flew through my window on Christmas Eve and said “fuck you” and the reindeer started clapping as I proceeded to back flip off of a cliff. The end. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • So I was literally just in math class then this kid sitting next to me was like, "Yo teacher you're doing it wrong", and proceeded to correct the teachers math. Then he back-flipped out of the room and everyone started clapping. Then another girl started blasting music and someone dropped into a split. Totally happened guys.

  • Badinga

  • One time a I died then my family started clapping. The end

  • If words don't die what happened to Latin? And then everyone stood and clapped... my cheeks

  • Gender studies!!!! Bahahahahahhahahahahhaahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhahahahahhahahahahga Pathetic!

  • Tom-ah-to not tom-ay-to

  • Best thing at 6:45

  • I would have laughed at the Thanksgiving protester.

  • this one time I was playing fortnite and just killed some dude called "Ninja" with a dope 360 Trickshot. Then everyone in the lobby did the "clap" emote and after that the clan FaZe asked me to join them and now im playing fortnite with tfue in his battlebus he got from MrBeast.. dont know how to do a "hashtag" on my keybord bc im fucking retarded soo yea ... +truestory i guess

  • I banged a poo out my bum a couple hours ago Been waiting 4 months to be able to comment that

  • I breathed air. TRUE STORY