This is Google Pixel 4 Ultra!

čas přidán 1. 04. 2019
Exclusive leak of Google Pixel 4.
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  • Pixel 4 "ULTRA" His prediction was almost on point😂(Samsung s20 ULTRA)

  • I was confused at first but then I looked at the upload date.

  • It’s sad that this is better than what we actually got 😭

  • Didn't come out this way😔

  • is that a parody?

  • Ultrawide lens...riiiiiight About that...

  • Ah, how wrong he was

  • Did you just mention about your sources saying " i trust them with my life there. A100% " ?

  • april fools!

  • Oppo Reno

  • Thanks Marques, very cool.

  • Well, we got something worse

  • Rip 😂

  • Oh, this has aged well

  • Expectations vs reality

  • Yeah right

  • man like that ultra creative aluminium limited edition hat

  • Who is watching after the phone released.

  • The moment I read that title I checked the date

  • Sad we didn’t see this 😭

  • An April Fools joke ends up being better than the actual thing

  • Watching this after the pixel 4 launch is jst sad... What a disappointment of a phone.

  • oops it looks different now!

  • whos here after the pixel 4 came out?

  • Wow, this actually got me until I looked at the the date

  • Best video ever😂

  • Whaaaaat ? is this pixel 4? naa

  • Nothing matched except internal

  • When is it happening?

  • Nice ;o) Thank you for the infotainement, you hooked me with the title and reeled me in ever so elegantly... bravo mon frère

  • Lol this is awesome 😂. Troll power lvl over 9000

  • But why can’t we have this in real life?

  • I'm so mad

  • got me! shit

  • watching this 4 months after thinking this was real...

  • You actaully had me until the tin foul hat

  • Coming back to this video saddens me. I wish they would have used a design with a punch-hole camera. :(

  • Lmao

  • 5:49 did u notice the day is April 1 (April fools day)?? 🤔🤔😎

  • Got me for like a second until I looked at the date

  • Magnifying glass over the hummingbird. Glass = Google Search Hummingbird = Famous update to Google's search engine algorithm

  • I audibly gagged when I saw the "ultra" That shit gross lmao

  • This is hilarious

  • I just got notified for this video

  • Crap I forgot to look at the published date


  • I don't get it

  • when u watch this when the real pixel 4 is leaked

  • Bro....hahahahahahahaha... You started sounding like those Illuminati conspiracy video people

  • Fake, sorry

  • I was wondering what the fuck is going on with this video, why the weird ass music and why he's talking like that, then I looked at the upload date.

  • When he showed the Google phone with top and bottom notches😂

  • This sounds preposterous when you watch it the second time 😂😂😂

  • "Reno" in reverse is "boner"


  • Man... Marques is one hell of a detective

  • No no no my bother that's not it at all!!

  • Holy shit i laughed my ass off when he put on his tin foil hat. Priceless!!!

  • "... It's cubic hd here"

  • Lmao