This is what it will take to get PC prices back to normal...

čas přidán 21. 03. 2021
We all want PC prices to return to normal, but this is what it will take first.
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  • I got a whole brand new pc except for a new gpu back in the summer bc I thought id wait for the 3060, ig ill be waiting a lot longer than I thought

  • Man I’m so sad, I used to watch pc building videos a lot and see $1500-$2000 builds with 3060s, 3070 or 3080. But I didn’t have money and didn’t want to bother my parents so I never asked. Now I have the money but I can’t get a graphic card...

  • Today I hate Jayz two cents ugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • There’s gotta be a way to limit graphics card sales.

  • Omg yes, this is damn crazy. Virtual currency taken over the world. At least gamers world... 😞 Ther is no real gold or anything behind it. That's just ridiculous. I am stuck with my gtx 1060 6 GB but it's not that bad after all. Good thing is I can at least buy new CPU and Mobo for normal prices. 3 years ago there was that boom with mining and GPU shortages but then all came back to normal.Gpu prices were quite ok until beginning of this year. I hope it will stabilize when manufacturers make more GPUs but again there are packs of these greedy miners just waiting for it. Sad time for gamers...😔 You nailed it bro.

  • This is happening with any new technology almost. Gaming consoles are in the same boat now. There's too much money in greedy people preying on the old way of getting products out.

  • Last year a gtx 1650 super for £200, this year for £450 pre owned 🤣 The worlds turned upside down.

  • I just want the ps5 or build the best possible pc but nothing is available at the right price :'(

  • I’ve had all the parts except the graphics card for over a year now. The entry level cards cost as much or more than I paid for all the other parts. I’d prefer to build my own, but I’d be open to a prebuilt if I could get my money back on all the parts gathering dust in my closet. In short, womp womp.

  • Remember the time when there were fewer morons?

  • well they need to bring the asic thing back because Gamers need the GPU's and miners need to fuck of

  • Just bought a pre-built for $1,500. Definitely overpriced, but I can probably make some of it back by mining, right?

  • better invest in doge coin

  • lol the sponsor part here said the starter PC is just 600 and now that i check it, its at 999 lol

  • At this point I'ma just buy a fucking pre built man 😔😔😔😔

  • Fake currency baked by nothing, you mean like basically all western currencies at this point.

  • Definitely sucks to be a pc gamer right now. This was the year I was finally going to upgrade my dinosaur. RIP to that dream. Thanks China and miners

    • Same I wanted to upgrade my 7 year old PC but graphics cards are right now impossible to buy or they are overpriced I'm gonna wait till next year when rtx 4070-4080 comes out

  • Bought a prebuilt a long time ago waiting for RTX pricing to go back to normal or get lucky and get a 3060ti

  • So kids what did we learn today? GET RICH

  • Why couldn't I have done this in 2019. A good gpu cost as much as a laptop now

  • This why I am just gonna get a Xbox to play until this shit gets back to normal.

  • problem is the monopoly of tsmc. we need more chip making companies other than tsmc. tsmc can’t be the only one taking every orders from entire world

  • This is a long video just to remind us: the love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Lol i have 900 bucks for an upgrade but cant even afford a 1080 Ti....let alone all the other parts

  • Thankfully all I need is a great workhorse system ! On board vid is ok for me. They can keep those rediculous GPUs until the dust is a mile deep for all i care.

  • Unfortunately this is the new normal

  • 1070ti build at $1500

  • All my parts equaled out to $798 CAN without the GPU, regular prices with the gpu would be $1000 but with prices now a 1660 super is $750

  • Will you tell me when the things gets normal , and can you suggest rx cards mid range and for modern AAA title

  • has NZXT always been sooooo expensive or is this because of the hardware crisis we are in currently?

  • I was able to build a custom pc last week at a local store. Sure, the prices on graphics card are higher than MSRP, but it's cheaper than what scalpers are selling it for. They have the 30 series reserved for full custom builds only, but it still goes really fast. Saw a 3080 one day and it was gone the next 😔

  • Bruh I’m trynna build a pc and got a lot of parts I just need my gpu and power supply and you telling me selfish people won’t share something for other people to enjoy

  • I don't think there is a gamer who doesn't think graphics cards are way too overpriced for what they offer! We are being ripped off year after year and I was hoping and saving up money if the prices would become reasonable, but the prices are becoming insane!

  • I remember wanting to build a pc and buying all the stuff and having it shipped to my house and the only headache in the whole process was the cable management... now I really want to start a new project but there's just no way... it sucks

  • Pls inform yourself about crypto first, before saying stuff like it isn’t backed by anything. You think $€,£ or even ¥ is backed by anything?

  • Nasopabial folds are really exaggerated today Jay, what’s happening? Doesn’t look bad but noticeable

  • The good news is that they are coming out with an ASIC for Ethereum. This is going to take out the profitability of GPU mining Eth. They are coming out in about two months. Monero can be mined with a CPU, and that is what people should mine anyway. This algo is resistant to ASIC mining, and will be the only coin left standing after the miner farms drive everyone out of bitcoin and eth. And the only reason Bitcoin has any value is that it is one of the only coins you can actually spend. Please put Pressure on bitPay to allow us to spend MOnero, and all the rest of the coins will greatly drop in value. That will be the single best way to stop people from buying up all the graphics cards.

  • CS-tvrs made 3070 giveaways back then

  • When it gets so bad, people are recommending pre-builts...

  • I blame China

  • RX 550 4GB in my country costs 300eu :D. Somone just send the scalpers to Siberia.

  • I built my PC back in 2015, he hasn't had a single problem since then, I'm worried it might start to act up and need to have some parts changed.

    • @Jesse Player2005 I do that often. Even moved it to a higher position as to not accumulate too much dust.

    • i dont see any problems coming if you clean it regularly, and you could change the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu to keep it a little bit cooler

  • Scalpers are a relatively easy bunch to deal with, don't buy from them, the problem is that we can't stop every single person from buying so they still make profit, but scalping involves a lot of risk, they spent massive amounts of money to buy the cards, if we just let them sit on their stockpile, not being able to resell at a unfair and high price, they will start to panic from the ensuing financial loss.

  • 3rd gen crypto fixes mining, read iota white paper, also, Eth will be proof of stake in just a few months. Save your money! GPUs will be cheap again.

  • I thought price gauging was illegal

  • Don't let me down now, 5 years old GPU..

  • My 90 degree gtx660 is fineeeee

  • Not because miners or gamers, just want sell the product with hight price .

  • Just sold my 1 year used Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro + for €880, which I bought for €440 lol

  • His mouth can't handle his own brain

  • I really wish law makers would just make scalping illegal across the board by severely limiting the amount (by percentage) that one can ask for a product above the established market price.

  • this video is so depressing for me. i sit with a really nice build all the parts except for a gpu. been trying to buy a gpu for 1 year now...

  • "fake coins backed by 1s and 0s and not gold or silver is just crazy to me" oh buddy wait till you hear about US dollars

  • 'Mining' of crypto 'currencies' is the dumbest thing ever conceived!!!

  • BTC is crazy to you because you do not understand simple economics of money transfer. Whoever did not enter BTC and crypto in 2018 and 2019 is plain Dumb imo

  • Nvidia gtx 960 gang. Anyone? Hello? :'(

  • "What the heck, has it always been this crazy with computers?" No! It used to be much much worse!!

  • Biden's 50% capital gains tax is gonna hurt for giant crypto farms.

  • Why doesn't a wait-list exist for these things? I don't mind waiting 6 months or a year if it means I would actually get one.

  • Man this was a bad year to try to transition from console to pc

  • It will be amazing when Bitcoin crashes and these people try to sell off their abused cards and nobody wants them and they now have hundreds of thousands of dollars in useless cards because they wanted to make a quick buck

  • Correction on what he said. Gaming rigs make decent workstations. Their motherboards are kind of on the cheap side, average disk drives, non-professional grade gpus and cpus. Have those guys ever done anything work related on a computer or they just transferred from gaming/overclocking to pretending to be computer engineers?

  • I just wanna build my pc man, Im tired of ps4. This is bullshit

  • I'm too now can't get e 1660ti gpu fr my 3d modeling pc.. (Cpu i7-8770k) Can i use gt 710 Or 810 ti instead of the 1660 gpu for temporary purpose??. Help me with it.

  • Just wait till Bill Gates corners the food market...

  • fuck, already bought all components, just need the 3080 to be available 😓

  • Jeez ... Guess I dodged one hell of a headache by making my new rig with a 2080 super back in June 2020.

  • You are sadly right.

  • I can't wait for all of the cryto miners to go bankrupt after the crash. POS hoarders.

  • Lets take a brand "New" Graphics Card be it a V770 or an 3080 Ti, try and see if it runs for "how long" before they "Think" they'll "Not work anymore" No video..

  • Suzuki, yamaha, honda, kawasaki..

  • Lo quality! LMAO!!

  • I do not believe miners are a significant influence. For every miner with 50 graphics cards there are 1000 gamers with one. Also, all current first world money is fiat currency which is not backed by any gold or silver or any other commodity of natural value. The factual foundation of value for crypto currency is much more real than fiat currency which is only money because someone in authority says it is. If your mental model of money is based on the gold standard than cryptocurrency looks like "a castle built in the air", which is true but the fact remains there is solid mathematical basis for its value which is entirely independent of outside authority. There is a reason why "they" have been inventing reasons to not inventory the contents of Fort Knox since the 80s, I won't speculate on what it is.

  • I'm confused is there something wrong about gpu and specs or is it price

  • For now, I guess I have continue to rely on my Lenovo Legion which I purchased a year ago. If I want to put together a fairly cheap desktop PC, I guess I can complete my work on a retro Windows XP build I just started for playing some old school games.

  • I just sold my rx 5700xt for 1200 lol

  • My friend recommended microcenter to me a while back but it is a far drive. Considering this is how building a pc is right now would it be better to go to the store. (i've never built a pc)

  • Best time to invest in cloud gaming

    • 5g spreading, gpu out of stock, cloud gaming servises poping up from alfas and closed betas version.

  • People buying graphics card to mine crypto just to make $5 a week LOL.

  • I wish we were still viewed as “those nerds”

  • Crypto currency is worthless. It's a drain on electric. Waste of electricity. Waste of graphics cards. Another made up thing people try cash in on.

  • when? :(

  • I built my new gaming rig last summer and used my old GTX 1650 because I was waiting for the RTX 3070 to drop. Can I have a minute... :-(

  • I got lucky I got the last 2070 super for retail price in December It was my first pc and all my friends waited it out and that didn’t go well

  • fuck man... it really sucks that it does not have a limit to how many gpus miners can get, it would be nice, just let us gamer have 1 man :/

  • I've been sitting on a 2060 Super for the longest time. Even if new video cards become available I'm just not willing to pay over MSRP for them. So I am just walking away.

  • I have been building PCs for over 35 plus years and the market is just crazy right now.

    • @Michael Whaley k thanks

    • @Ibtasam Ali a few years unless there are more factory's built. We will see what happens.

    • As you have a lot of experience in this field can you tell me when can i expect the prices will go down?

  • While it work, but I hereby curse those who do scalping, crypltocurrency mining, and companies making electric cars, to suffer agonizing losses, painful debilitating illness, and slow agonizing deaths and violent weather destroying everything they own.

  • i hate humans

  • 5months on the wait list and i had the chance to buy a evga 3070 at msrp. sold my 2060 super for nearly what I paid for the 3070

  • Remember when the gt 1030 was 70$? Now it's around 250$

  • There's no point in watching build pc videos if you can't buy the parts said day.

  • Holding on to my GTX1080, it still have some tricks in tha bag. Not paying a 3080 for over 2k!! If I knew this crap would happend, I would have gone for a 1080Ti.

  • Kill all the miners

  • Anything I get into that's is amazing for everyone will be boring in a day 😜 and won't be popular anymore

  • Bought a used/excellent GTX 1080Ti in late NOV for USD 350...wasn't sure if my daughter's GTX980 (else my RX590) would cope with a VR (HP Reverb 2) XMAS gift. Wow...did we dodge a bullet! The RX590 (purchased NEW JAN2020 for USD 170) is now ETH mining (made $75 profit since MAR'21) on the family room PC (pwr/temp limited to 69C) and I am enjoying the GTX980 for occasional WoT play; most of the time I use the PC for work/productivity. I can wait for the inevitable supply/demand correction...then will upgrade to RTX 2080Super or AMD equivalent. We are now in a holding pattern with the GTX1080Ti, 2xGTX980, and the RX590. Sold a backup GTX 1050 for USD 120 last month...ridiculous price for such a card...but this is the market today. Incredible. Thank goodness we built 4 PC's in 2019 and 2020 (myself, kids, and family room)...all on XEON (E5-1680V2/ASUS P9X79Pro, E5-1650V2/AsRock X79 Extreme 6, E5-4627V2/HZ X79 deluxe, E5-2678V3/HZ X99TF). I spent on average about $725 for each system (CPU, MB, Case, PSU, 32GB RAM ea., GPU, NVME m.2 or SSD, WIN10Pro, included), at the time. Bought tactically (mostly local deals or AliEx). Today...these prices have inflated significantly. Have a backup E5-1650V2/X79 Extreme 3 (combo cost $220), E5-2678V3/HZ X99TF (combo cost $140), and extra 16GB DDR3 Patriot RAM (cost $50), should something die over the next 2-3 years. Of course, I could flip at the moment for profit...but would rather wait 6 to 12 months, depending on the market. No rush. You may wonder how I got the E5-2678V3/X99TF combo so cheap ($140). The CPU was purchased for $85. The motherboard was fully refunded by AliEx as the product surprisingly arrived 3 months late and the seller did not respond to repeated update requests at the delivery deadline. Hence, it is an average of the the $99 price (+ ship) for each, divided by 2.

  • Just bought a 1660 for 416$ in my country. Dang.

  • 11:46 but... CPUs are _not_ hard to get 🤔

  • I used to work at bitmain the largest bitcoin mining company, it's cheaper to use asiic miners. They mine at around 95 th/s so compared to a gpu and the network hashrate people will figure out a bitmain asiic miner is better and cheaper