this skill took me 46 days, now what? | tileman #24

čas přidán 6. 02. 2023
3 likes and I will upload more videos this month
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Tileman was a concept by Sram1337
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Intro Song: The Thief in Marrakesh - Arc De Soleil

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  • mctile says to drink water, he can tell you're dehydrated, he also said to like the video not really sure what that's all about

    • Thanks… definitely knew something was wrong.

    • interesting, could u tell me more about that?

    • Ayo, how mctile know I'm smoking weed?

    • best subliminal ad I've ever experienced truly incredible

    • I missed you ❤

  • I was kinda scared you'd just give up tileman with two new series on the channel, but I'm happy to be proven wrong! :)

    • Moar richard tape!!!!!! I mean tileman too.

    • latest ep was real short though. First one i didnt like from the series.

    • @Raph A that agility outfit is top tier fashion scape tho

    • @coroc sat how so? GG3 was recorded a while ago.

    • @Level 1 Dodo Swampletics is probably the single greatest runescape saga of all time.

  • I don't know how you keep the enthusiasm at 110% at all times mate, it's infectious! Incredible patience and incredible content as always.

    • @Muntjesman why add the haha at the end

    • have you seen his views, his twitch. he is earning more money then someone with a good job in society. he gets to play his favorite game and getting paid big haha

    • he doesnt need to wake up every day at 6, this is pure happines

    • @Richard Boykin bro its his JOB

    • @Dean 100% me as well haha

  • Jubbly is my favourite recurring character in this series.

  • I love you mctile you’re so awesome

    • I just checked and YT has unsubbed me from you. glad I checked :)

    • This is the crossover I want

    • Gameception right here

  • I don't even play Runescape and only stumbled upon your channel by accident, but damn, I look forward to every installment of this series!

    • Then start playing noob

    • Started playing it myself after watching Swampletics - taking a break after hitting base 60's but still enjoying it

    • never too late to try it out! and its free other than membership but that just unlocks more skills and locations. give it a try!

    • Played it way back in the day, never got far. Enjoying the series in ignorant bliss

    • same, never touched runescape but love this channel. really shows the quality of his videos!

  • Whenever I'm getting tired if a grind I remember this man exists and that's all the inspiration I need

    • and people say there are no kings in our modern age...

    • Yes but he’s getting paid for it and you’re not. Grind Irl bro

  • I think you could have saved a bunch of tiles by making a Necklace of Passage and going to Jorral by that thing. Since you have access to Shilo Village, the gem rocks there are a viable way for you to get a Jade. You can also get the silver ore, necklace mould, and the cosmic rune pretty easily.

    • @RandomKek chill out man

    • Just goes to show how boring the tileman restriction really is, he stopped caring about the tiles since he can just farm them. This is a regular UIM account that needs to grind a bit longer for everything, what a snoozefest

    • @Dylan You most definitely do not need the quest to teleport there via the necklace. Just used it last week on a fresh account to quickly get to the Gnome Stronghold.

    • i had thought you needed to finish the quest first to unlock the necklace of passage teleport to there

    • As a tileman I died a little inside at that part of the video. At least it was noticed in the editing process "he really just be walking" XD

  • we've been waiting this 15min video for 44 days... hopefully the hardest part is over and videos are going to come more frequently. love your hard work.

    • it's not like settles only makes tileman...

    • @Arthur True, but hopefully he doesn't have to grind as much for useable clips so that might be an earlier video. He has all the supplies for herblore, his woodcutting is only two levels away, and he said that he has close to enough money for construction. So we can hope that at least next vid comes out soon.

    • exactly the opposite. As he progresses it will take longer and longer to do every task, and longer and longer to produce videos.

  • Always the highest quality runescape content. I loved the superheat rap it should of been in 8 mile

  • Honestly going into this series I thought it was going to be a boring one off series but we're 24 episodes in and It's something I'm always looking forward to. Keep up the good work

  • The quality of your videos are just unbelievable. Great job mate!

  • well i just finished all 24 episodes in a day and a half, was amazing! i thought there was so much more but it makes sense considering how much damn time goes into gathering and editing at the same time. Love the series cant wait to see more!

  • Honestly I've never played much runescape and am not totally invested, but there's something really appealing about a guy that is passionate about what he does. It's satisfying to listen to in the background while I do other things even if I have no idea what most of the jargon means. I'm happy you're living your dream and I hope you keep finding ways to challenge and enjoy yourself.

  • I had not player in years until I started watching Tileman. Now I'm back in the game thanks to you!

  • Genuinely the best, most quick feeling 20min video ever, most long videos I click off but I feel like I ca never get enough Settled action 🔥🔥

  • Congrats on the levels man! Watched the whole series in my agility grind and actually finished it some 30 minutes after this episode ended.

  • It's always a good day to watch a settled video. Gotta say, my day brightens whenever I see it in my subscriptions, and I tend to wait until a morning before work to watch it so I can start off my day right.

  • can't believe its almost 1 year since this series started

  • Re-watching this series while waiting for the next episode and I am convinced someone is just trying to follow you and freak you out with the jubblies.

  • I was scared you’d given up on this - so glad to have a new episode

  • The multiple series coming out concurrently on this channel are absolutely marvelous.

  • I’ve never been more excited for a series!

  • this series always leaves my mind and i get to rediscover it every episode, its great

  • I don't even play Runescape but enjoy the energy and effort to make just overall great quality content. Great job buddy and keep it up!

  • I started watching your videos about a month ago...binged Swampletics, binged all the previous episodes of Tileman, watched (and loved) the Escape videos....this is my first video where I'm watching it the day of release. And man, its a cool feeling. Being exicted as hell when you see that notification pop up on your phone. Appreciate all the content man. You rock.

  • Your dedication is super inspiring! Seeing you work past so many obstacles and reach your goals in the ways that work for you has helped me to be less hard on myself for the pace of my own progress on things irl. We'll all finish the race someday!

  • I'm excited to see how his fight with Seren at the end of song of the elves goes. I recently did it myself and I'm not an insane player like many others, but I struggled a bit even when using blood blitz

  • ngl, I would pay to watch an extended version of this series, I started playing for the first time because of you

  • What a beautiful episode complete with a musical! I liked seeing the time it took for everything you did for some perspective. I also liked the video and subscribed so you don't have to die

  • Your enthusiasm is so unmatched your videos always fly by like they're 5 min long. Keep it up!

  • Always a good day when McTile comes along. Can't believe your commitment, i can barely stay focused on my slayer task! Cant wait for the next one

  • Another great episode Settled. Keep it coming! I don't mind if I have to wait for other content or long grinds, I always enjoy your videos. Seeing the gradual progression of this account is so satisfying.

  • such a heart-warming series! love to watch these while i grind my agility

  • Ayy, this account is gonna be a huge grind. Thank you for not giving up on it. This is my favorite series since swampletics. Much love 🥰

  • and when we needed him most, he returned

  • An upload and your Gielinor Game save?! A treat indeed. Every upload notification from you Settled is always so hype. Big Luff

  • Stumbled on your channel a few weeks ago and I'll admit you got me to play Runescape again after a 10 year break. Love the content and the series.

  • I get so hyped when a tileman episode drops. Now i cant wait for the next! Keep up the great work settled

  • I love your videos mate. I stumbled upon Swampletics near the end of that series and even though I don't play Runescape I was hooked and binged every episode you had released so far all night and now everytime a new videos from you comes out it's a treat!

  • Finally!!! I was starting to get worried about Settled. Awesome episode and can't wait for the next one!

  • The immense joy i feel every time you post a video is so special! Keep doing you, I am loving it

  • Watching McTile inspired me to jump back into OSRS. It cool to see we are both grinding for Song of the Elves together.

  • Hey man, love your vids. One way I learned to get your smithing up with no resources is by repairing the water wheel at motherload mine. The best part is that is scales with your level as you get them. I'm sure you probably know this method already but if not I hope this helps!

  • Haven't played OSRS in probably a year and yet this is still the series I look most forward to a video coming out, out of all of youtube lol!

  • Always so exciting to see a new McTile episode!! Love the work, Settled!

  • God I've been needing my fix sir, watched back through all of morytania and the early mctile episodes waiting for a new video. Keep up the grind brother, you're awesome!

  • Was missing this series! Thank you for putting out another!

  • have been looking forward to this for what seems like ages. I don't want to admit it but I have been checking my bell pretty much every day for the last week. Awesome series, possibly my favourite of all time. Thanks for your hard work Settled - side note, your escape room content so far has been out of this world. I pray that we soon see another

    • I check my bell daily, and after that I see if settled has any new content out

  • always nice to see someone who makes youtube videos that aren't exclusively stream clips

  • keep up the grind! much love. I always look forward to your content.

  • Just finished Swampletics and a new Tileman ep comes out. Today is a good day.

  • I started watching you when your last video came out. I binged the entire tileman series, then the entire swampletics series. I feel like thousands of hours have passed since I last saw McTile.

  • Haven’t even watched the video and already liked bc settled always comes through.

  • I quit OSRS a few years back but through your amazing content, I can still get the Old School Dopamine I need Keep it up Settled, but you are killing me to wait that long

  • Man I just rewatched Swapletics, Jeps northern UIM, and was going through McTile again and here you are!

  • so, I think the question on everyone's minds is... what are you going to do for all those tiles? You previously said you wouldn't do Wintertodt, which is more than understandable. but 20+ mil exp? I suppose that question will be answered in the next episode. Looking forward to it!

  • man, I hope to one day get even close to the storytelling ability Settled has when doing things in this game I haven't touched OSRS in years and yet so many of these series are so easy to follow and get invested in

  • So excited! Keep it up, this is such a great series! Much love

  • I'm finally all caught up! This is an amazing series

  • Keep on grinding brother. Your content is minty! V clean!

  • The amount of excitment when i see the next episode get uploaded is unreal after waiting over a month. This series is nutty lol

  • Since Im finally catching a recent video: Ty you for bringing me back to Runescape. After I found out about your Tileman I bingewatched morytania in a few sittings. I played osrs many many years ago and decided to start playing after all those years. I started as f2p in fsw and am fully able to sustain my bond. You really inspired me to play this old gem again and I didnt regret a single minute. Ty so much for the amazing content and keep those ideas coming. I appreciate every single video ♥️

  • So happy to see another episode! Just gotta say you inspired me to actually try a UIM. Nothing fancy, just basic, but I've never tried before. You have an infectious mindset and determination!

  • Happy you’re staying healthy while also grinding mctile. Absolute legend

  • I've been anxiously waiting McTiles return! By far my favorite series.

  • I watch you grind, because I can’t get near the excitement out of 20 mins of gameplay that I can in your vids. I wish I had the ability to dedicate hours a day to osrs again, But not the card I was dealt, so awesome to watch! Love every bit I’ve seen.

  • This is my new favorite CS-tv channel. You do such an amazing job with your videos.

  • Welcome back! I was starting to wonder if Richard Tape would be taking over for the rest of the season. But you never give up on a series, no matter what. So glad to see you again :)

  • You got me back into RS in the past month. Having LOADS of fun just running around and doing quests.

  • you make playing OSRS seem so fun. I think I'm doing it wrong

  • Not sure why but I'm getting Swampletics vibes. Something about just watching you grind out these skills, putting the "Days since" counter at the bottom of the screen, it's all pure nostalgia

    • @cocomonkilla Truly one of the greatest mysteries of our Era.

    • You're not sure why a series about a randomly difficult OSRS UIM challenge is similar to a series about a randomly difficult OSRS UIM challenge by the same CS-tvr?

  • Another great episode, from my favourite creator, on a game I haven't properly played in 8 years lol

  • The raw jubblies are my favorite recurring gag on this series

  • love this series and thanks for turning me onto Arc De Soleil, they've become one of my favorite bands thanks to this

  • I wish I found out about Settled 2 years in the future so I could watch the next 3 episodes. Seriously though I hope we get a little more frequent uploads.

  • This series got me watching Runesape Content for the first time really excited to see it continue and I'm rooting for you in the GG

  • OH MY GOD, DADDY'S BACK This series gives my life meaning. Thank you for the work you do.

  • Keep up the good work, always look forward to watching these and can’t wait to see what happens next

  • Damn bro your channel is growing like fire, all this ridiculously complex and never-before-seen content is attracting the eyes of the community, keep up the great work. I've loved your videos since Swampletics, watching your videos are like a nice TV Show :D

  • Congratulations on the GG games finals been rooting for you all the way!!!

  • these grinds are insane man, your dedication and patience are something else

  • Oh my god, I am so happy to see you keeping up with the tile journey! You're a legend!

  • this is the series that got me cripplingly addicted to runescape

    • If it makes you feel any better Swampletics did the same to lots of us years ago

  • Definitely worth the wait. These are so unbelievably well made. You are awesome

  • Amazing video. Good luck with your grind :)

  • Not me patiently waiting for updates on this series, the song of the elves grind is real, keep up the good work settled

  • For any other ultimates wanting smithing xp the Jatizso ore shop only has 5 gold ore but it is significantly cheaper and restocks fairly quickly. Also if you can do the agility pyramid and have access to the mages guild, getting gp from the pyramid and then buying natures is significantly faster nature runes per hour then any other method I found at early-mid game. You lose out on the herbs but depending on your priorities it might be better.

  • Welcome back - what an almighty grind you undertook this episode!!

  • Settled brought the HEAT, mans should stop playing RS & aim for the Billboard charts 🔥

    • Yea he’s superheatin

  • Finally getting my next hit of a settled video dropping after check almost every day for the last month. Thanks so much for the phenomenal content sir

  • Thanks for helping to motivate me to finish my grinds on runescape

  • Rooting for Tileman in GG this season

  • This series feels more and more like a Settled series with incredible progress and exciting achievements throughout. I have to admit I felt like you lost your touch at the start of this account where you made every small grind out to be an incredible achievement and seemed to value quantity over quality. I am so relieved you make us wait again for a masterpuzzelpiece every time! I wonder if it's because you're genuinely excited for the grind ahead now with song of the elves and the gauntlet up ahead. Much love.

  • I love this series, keep up the motivation man.

  • I miss when these came out often

  • Went through and rewatched the whole series twice in prep for this video dropping Stoked!

  • "This quest is all about subscribing to the Settled CS-tv channel" "the most unmemorable quest of all time" -Settled

  • The best content in all of RuneScape content. Was worried you quit cuz it had been a while. So glad you’re still at it!

  • Oh God finally it has been way too long !! Loving every single moment of the series :)