This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous

čas přidán 5. 12. 2019
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Maaaan this titanic ripoff no good.
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  • Yeahhhhhh that sponsor

  • I'm getting déjà vu

  • *sees rapping dog Me: He's the love interest right-

  • At least I can rest easy knowing all the animals made it off safely : )

  • Ratatoing is the sequel

  • Good that your sponsored but jesus christ, RAID SHADOW LEGENDS?!

  • So we’re not gonna talk about how a cat got smashed by a suitcase

  • when the dog started rapping i instantly got so confused to the point i had to take a break from this

  • Hey Danny there is two more movies the legend of the titanic and in search of the titanic please like so he can see

  • Why does the loe interest kinda sound like salad fingers 🤔 😳

  • I can see something wrong with this... He's wearing shoes in BED

  • Is it just me or do the mice in this movie definitely have a connection with ratatoing 😂😂😂

  • Conspiracy theory: Danny is actually JonTron using denny gorganzolas face to rebrand his channel

  • The thieves be like: Mhmmmmm bakiousqbakois

  • 0:30 yeah a lot of people don't know huh 'scrolls down 2 inches' seems that someone named jontron made a video 4 years ago raking in 15mil views about the dame movie having been the most to my knowledge watched video on this movie nice job copying the same jokes as jon ass hole the rest of this comment is dedicated to danny copying jon 1. made fun of the title 2. made fun of the step sisters 3. talked about all the side plots 4. made fun of the guy saying hope it's a smooth crossing 5. talks about the fact that it's PaRTy TImE 6. almost the same qoute of " rapping won't be invented until several decades " 7. talks about william looking through agelica's laundry 8. talks about william grabbing her hand 9. talks about the old person's exit 10. makes joke about the william imposter then proceeding to find william yes this video has *some* original jokes but i prefer jontron's

  • The lady in the beginning said " hurry up you layabouts"

  • Danny: When you know you know and she knows she is in love Me: the more you know

  • Gotta love mockbusters they are so terrible

  • 6:01

  • Him- Angelica Me- Eliza and Peggy!! My parents, who were also in the room- 👁️👄👁️

  • *T O R I A T A L Y A B A B S*

  • Anybody have an ikea add before the vid

  • They should of just removed the titanic from the plot entirely and instead made it just some random ship that didn't sink, not like it effect one of the 700 plot lines at all.

  • Car

  • The lady with the pet dog is out here reciting the old scriptures Edit: Why is the dog rapping??? Why the fuck is the dog rapping

  • "Theres this girl Angelica-" elIZA AND *PEGGY- THE SCHYLER SISTERS-*

  • danny looks like he is lip syncing himself i cant unsee it

  • 4:39 Untitled Goose Game in a nutshell (I like the game this isn’t an insult to it)

  • Raid shadow legends of course

  • Makes a video about a shitty movie and gets sponsored by a shittier mobile game

  • It's PARTY TIME!

  • May have been downloaded 16 million times, but probly not kept

  • imagine being so popular that u can put your own name as a hashtag in your video

  • i had this on auto play and thought i was wathcing a drew goodman video the entire time

  • I subscribed and turned on notifications. I am truly Greg.

  • this week on the world's greatest mysteries: trying to discover what the fuck did old white lady say

  • I love this guys videos but (to save you some time) raid shadow legends is a terrible game, you barely do anything... its more a story line than an actual game.

  • I feel like the nutcracker is contemplating its life descions.

  • It looks as if the animation or the characters and their movements were taken from other cartoons. Tracing or other forms of copying isn't uncommon with 2D animation. Nothing is consistent here, even the way characters move in a single scene.

  • Also did anyone notice that “Will” went from blonde to ginger

  • Why are his lips yellow🤢

  • This whole video is just one big fever dream and I thoroughly enjoyed it 10/10

  • I remember the Titanic movie

  • them are doctor suess hands

  • Why do the faces look so gross,,,

  • At least you we're smart enough to not comment a comment promoting and pinning this crappy sponsor

  • I my parents were watching when the oh nanny her eyes part

  • Ok even when Danny is promoting a game he’s funny. Funnier than I will ever be :(

  • This movie was the prequel to Ratatoing that's why the mice got a job at the restaurant.

  • i found it weird that they totally ripped off the geese from the aristrocats

  • What did she say? 5:44 The detective’s case is to figure out what she said



  • I don't know what it is about the film but it makes me feel sick.

  • I am a droid and I know every language, I couldn't understand a word.

  • As a mexican i can confirm our mice sound just like that

  • Noooo Danny why did you have to accept raids sponsor the game is so bad I mean like free money i guess

  • I genuinely thought this movie was a fever dream I can’t believe it’s real

  • OMG I just realised the old woman was saying Hury up you layabouts omg it took me months lol

  • JonTron fans are having PTSD...

  • I feel like a 7 year old watched too much cartoons and then someone forced him to be the director of the movie

  • "Hey, look! It's your crush! Act normal!" *_Me and my bumbling ass:_* 6:03

  • Noooo danny has been taken by raid

  • I watched this whole video and almost cringe to death, if it weren't for Danny's beautiful jokes


  • In 2015 that dog song was a meme

  • Danny:Angelica is like a slave My brain:don't do it! you've just litrerally said and peggy while watching captain america! me:yeah i won't do it me: me:WorK wOrK aNgEliCA

  • ear rape at 13:37 through 13:39 ish

  • I lost count on how many times I rewatched this video

  • YoU sToLe ThIs FrOm JoN-tRoN

  • 17:50 i can’t breatheeeeeee 😂😂✋🏻

  • I’ve rewatched this so many time’s

  • I disliked the video because you got sponsored by rage Shadow legends

  • I think she said "hurry up, don't lay about " ???

  • This just looks like a really bad Hamilton fanfiction

  • This movie looks like someone took my fanfiction from when I was ten and animated it

  • No raid got him

  • Me realizing the fourth funnel has a smoke: b r e h

  • Professor: Don’t plagiarize this essay My essay:

  • Is no one gonna say how creepy the digestive system part is

  • How the hell did William know Angelica didnt know where her parents were? Angelica never told him. What a creep

  • Jontron fans: aw shit here we go again


  • 13:47 Am dead

  • watch my titanic trailer please Do a reaction

  • You think this is bad? try the OTHER animated Titanic movie where a dog-faced octopus saves the entire ship.

  • **Shitty Titanic flute music plays**

  • Dear lord Raid Shadow Legends has got him too---No AGHH!! Todays sponsor is Raid: Shadow Legends, One of THE MOST AMBITIOUS RPG's YET! With amazing graphics and a voice acted storyline! Click the link in the description below to get 50,000 silver and a free EPIC CHAMPION!

  • We’re is he findings theses?

  • 14:00

  • Oh god no raid got Danny too

  • You were my favourite CS-tv until you were sponsored by RAid sHadow LeGeNds


  • This movie seems like one of those movies your class watches when there’s a substitute teacher in music class because it has a “song” in it and there’s 3 dvds to choose from and the class all votes on this one but you never finish it because class is only half an hour long and the teacher is back the next class and everyone’s sad because they liked the funny animals!

  • ok danny i'm gonna ask you once again to not moan during the video 13:34

  • Imagine a movie like this about 9/11...


  • Ok... so we have Titanic, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, An American Tail, Anastasia, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Charlotte's Web, Ratatouille, Turner and Hooch, Speedy Gonzales and Poochie the Dog. Did I miss any others? If your going to steal a story, keep your eggs in separate baskets, guys.

  • O O O H I THINK wait i used caps-- i think jianhao tan sponsored this- no wait it was dragon raja- my bad

  • I think raid shadow legends didn’t think that if they sponsor EVERYONE ON CS-tv then people will begin to hate them for ruining CS-tv for a couple months