This Was the Day the World Almost Ended

čas přidán
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  • If yu squint your eye he looks like Klay Thompson <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="86">1:26</a>

  • Just shows that one angel can win against a dozen demons.

  • Why do united states peopole think that they are the world ,the say that united states is america like if every latonoamerican country didint exist,they think that if united states explotes the world dies,united states is not the center of the world

    • True

  • This guy saved thousands and created thousands

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="397">6:37</a> so technically this guy saved the world.

  • Kubakrisen

  • If I was him I would choose all

  • Anyone watching during the Coronavirus pandemic?

  • why not on 27october?

  • I think you're better off a teacher in CS-tv than being a teacher in school

  • Does anyone per chance now the name of the song that is used throughout the video?

  • Thank god Stalin wasn’t the leader then

  • Kennedy’s level-headedness and Arkhapov’s common sense basically saved all of us. It’s insane that Castro didn’t even consider that a first strike would mean that he would get nuked too. It’s insane how one smart man (Einstein) gave rise to weapons that would be handled by some of the most ignorant people in history. Now, we have an orange maniac in charge of thousands of nukes at the press of a button, and while the threat isn’t nearly as high as it was back then, it is still way too high for the world to end because one man couldn’t control his temper...

  • Everyone today basically owes their life to that man

  • I Learnt about this in Year 3

  • Somehow you endup with skill share these days

  • october 27 is my birthday

  • 2012 is the biggest joke ever

  • October 27 Vasili Akhipov day

  • Cuba: Nukes US . Cuba USSR attack US . NATO (what was part of it) Attack USSR And Cuba . Dooms day yay

  • arkhipov is probably the most important (and underrated) figure in human history

  • And yet all it took was a bat eating Chinaman.

  • Can he be my teacher xD

  • If Mr Vasili Archipov made a different descision: Fortnite won't be created

  • Too bad, I'm a Malaysian so that man didn't save me

  • This is why Communism is a disease

  • I was born exactly 45 years after this...

  • If he had chosen another ship or succumbed to peer pressure, JFK would likely not have died by assassination

  • October 23, 2077 vs October 27, 1962

  • Mr vasili arkhipov is the irl Clark Kent ( superman )

  • Damn, am from Cuba, so I wouldn’t have even been born

  • Me in india:hahahahahaha

  • perhaps if no nukes were placed in Turkey, the Soviets would choose differently in their action and there wouldn't be any Cuba missile crisis.

  • Wow, the day that happened is in my birthday

  • Vasili was a cutie. I'd have blown him.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> But what if Im Swiss?

  • Well, I wasn't even born in America. So I would have probably still lived anyway

  • 1962 would surely have been the end of the world..since 2 of the biggest countries in the world India and China were also at war with each other in that year ..

  • Is this anyway related to the Denzel Washington starter film Crimson Tide??

  • Same day came ven Mr. Donald take it cool aftr Garbage iran attackd iraq 4 their radical cmandr reveng. Donald = Vasili.

  • That is the day of my birthday😕

  • People know this because of black ops 1. We do realise black ops is educational. Now DA teachers can't say anything

  • But the thing is how is this gonna afect Africa

  • Dad: That is so sad 😭 Son: What are you watching Son: Tell me! Dad: The day the world almost ended! Son: What are you saying ? Dad: Watch the video. Son: Yay 😁 Dad: weeping Son:What should he be thinking Dad: weeping more dramatically

  • Thanks vasili arkhapov

  • Nuclear missile and bomber crews make mistakes, nuclear weapon machinery malfunctions and leaders make poor decisions. This has been true for decades and remember the longer these weapons are on alert the more likely an accident will happen . As a retired nuclear officer and instructor the only safe way I see to handle these weapons is not to have them. Nuclear weapons require perfection from humans and our machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year for six decades and counting. One day events may line up to be perfectly wrong.

  • Castro is my hero

  • But wait wait how did the rest of the world be murdered

  • This is the most overdramatic video I think you have made that I've seen lol

  • I have only seen 1 minute of the video and I know exactly what this is. This is about the Cuban missile crisis during the early Cold War. What happened was that Russia found out that America had placed nuclear missiles in turkey facing Russia. They did not like this so the secretly sent missiles to Cuba after a new communist revolution led by Fidel Castro took over Cuba. The US created a blockade around Cuba to stop any incoming storage ships and inspect hem before letting them go. The whole world ending thing happened when a crew of 3 men in a Russian submarine underneath the blockade thought they were being aimed at. The submarine was containing a nuclear warhead that could only be launched from 3 men turning keys simultaneously. The captain of the sub and another crew member both thought they should fire the missile, so they put there keys in and waited for the last man. He thankfully decided not to launch the missile. This is how the entire world almost went to nuclear war in 1962.

  • all the things that is happening, now i know for sure God truly exist, without him we will never have this freedom except in north korean

  • They could have solved a middle blockade by using door dash.

  • You see, my existence is so disturbing that a nuclear middle will avoid me at all cost. And my birth nearly ended the world.

  • Soviet flag =Turkish flag

  • December 21 2012 *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  • The Cuban missile crisis was unlikely to trigger a war, in reality. Russia certainly wasn't going to end the world just because their distant ally was invaded. More to the point, we had no intentions of striking anyone but the Soviets and they no one but us too. So to say that that would end the world is kind of arrogant, as untouched would be gigantic S. America, Africa, and even China and western Europe. Even Russia and the US wouldn't have been flattened, though it would've been the worst thing mankind had ever done to his fellow man...

    • You know the hydrogen bombs they had at the time were like 3000 times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima in WW2. It's stupid to say that the USA and USSR would be the only places affected. Have you even heard of NATO? The rest of the world probably wouldn't even function without the US anyway as that is what the rest of the world traded with for money.

  • How is Vasili Arkhipov not the most loved man in USA

  • This Russian man should be a world hero.

  • Notice we started threatening the USSR by placing ICBM's on their borders. They retaliated by doing the same. Nothing has changed ever since and our foreign policies are driving China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea and other nations to stand up against us. Germany and other European countries are ditching us over economic sanctions. We are the problem.

  • Black ops 1???

  • It's so shocking to think that fidel castro wanted to nuke America and it actually was krushchev who declined! I mean nuke! This was the a man hailed as a hero by millions and this very same man fidel castro who had he had his way would of destroyed the planet! Even today almost 60 years later Cuba is such a backward and poor country! Socialism just doesn't work!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> That’s a Turkish flag.

  • The world will end in 2024

    • Tryhard gameing 1 ?

  • The Spacex grasshopper rocket isn't an ICBM(<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>)

  • so basically, if the USSR f*cked up, the US would’ve s*it on them

  • War said save millions of people he meant billions

  • It was GOD who arranged for that man to be on the boat at that crucial time. .it was not time or place for Armageddon. The battle of Armageddon Will happen when all the world will gather at Jerusalem for war to destroy Israel Israel will be overrun by these armies BUT CHRIST will return to prevent mankind from destroying himself Zechariah chapter 14 Matthew chapter 24 Revelation chapter 16 When CHRIST returns it will be to a well populated world Their is a hint in the bible that two thirds of Israel and one of mankind out side Israel will die .This may be symbolic of a great warfare or literal either way it means their will still be billions on earth to see CHRIST coming in power from the sky to decide where man spend his future .

    • peter oliver Well you believe in whatever you want

    • Further to my comment yesterday Reverlation chapter 1 says HE is coming in the clouds and every eye will see HIM indicating that the world will still be well populated at that time .Also Matthew chapter 24 The LORD says EXCEPT those are cut short no one will be left alive on earth. CHRIST'S return will suddenly stop the war.

    • peter oliver Well good luck trying not to get jumped by atheists

  • 2 minutes to mid night

  • Cooler heads prevailed.

  • Octet 27 is my cousins birthday but he was born in 2014

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  • Btw if US got bombed, more than 6 billion people would still be born and continue the life. This is not the end of the world like your baseball league 😂

    • You know the hydrogen bombs they had at the time were like 3000 times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima in WW2. It's stupid to say that the USA and USSR would be the only places affected. Have you even heard of NATO? The rest of the world probably wouldn't even function without the US anyway as that is what the rest of the world traded with for money.

  • the fact that this is so close to the day the bombs drop in Fallout explains a lot. maybe they picked the 23rd of october in Fallout to reference this real life event, but of course it actually happened in the game.

  • Yeah fallout

  • you should have wrote september eleventh 2019 when my ttacher deciided to put a picture on the permentheam board and scare me to death leaving me ith anxiety hooray

  • Thank god. Billie eilish wouldn't have existed. Thank that Russian

    • HopefulDavid .. cringe...

  • The title: this is the day that the world almost ended Me: :nuke all

  • Majority of us know that America and Russia were ticked at each other. Well I know. I’m a war geek

  • cooler head prevailed.

  • Don’t forget September 26th, 1983 when one Soviet officer, Petrov, he thought that the U.S. launched thousands of nukes at the USSR, but he trusted his gut and not the Machine. This was days after Reagan called the USSR an “Empire of Evil” So he did not press the nuclear button. Thus saving us from War. The Cuban Missile Crisis was also crazy. Both the Americans and the Soviets were powerful. Can’t imagine what a direct war would be like.