Thoughts After KSI Vs Logan Paul 2

čas přidán 16. 11. 2019
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  • This is how many people are proud of him 👇🏽

  • Its mental how they can actually injure each other with beefy head guards and gloves to no head guards and not as beefy gloves but they both came out as if nothing happened

  • Check my freestyles out!

  • lets go champs

  • Congrats 🎊 Edit: I’ve probably said this late

  • React to logans tik toks!!!!

  • Ksi pls dont be a dick bout winning hes sayin good things bout you rn so give him respect

  • Ed seeran bro


  • Asholl

  • Don't you have enough money now

  • I hope you get bumped by your hip hop pals

  • I wanna fight you

  • You do know you just won because Logan got 2 points taken away right?💀

  • I've never seen Logan celebrated in ring but I have seen u celebrating 2 time I love ksi bruhh

  • Now that KSI vs Logan Paul is finished let’s see KSI vs jake Paul

  • You suck!!😠 Logan is nicer and better looking!😝

  • Jur the best bruh 💪🏿🧒🏾💪🏿🏅🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🏆🏆

  • Jk you or good

  • Just want u to no kis Logan was sick that week and he was sick during that match if your a man verse him when he’s in his prime

  • Logan to KSI's manager:Hope you know how dangerous this is? Manager:Ye for you!

  • Even Adam saleh can fight better than you better than you

  • Your video suck man

  • Let’s go jj

  • Succccks

  • KSI: this time I'm not gonna be swinging wildly, we've trained so much Fight: "KSI swings wildly" Yeah, you're the better fighter.....

    • @iron flab there is no way JJ was the better fighter, his fighting was sloppy. Yeah Logan wasn't pushing the fight forward but his technique was waayyy better. And I can safely say that he did not "absorb the uppercut" that would rattle anyone so don't think he's that good, the only illegal punch Logan did was the tap on the head when he was on the ground.

    • Bradley Davis The reason why Logan lost is because he wasn’t the active fighter, Logan wasn’t actually throwing enough punches to win the fight whereas JJ was the much better fighter due to the fact that he was the active fighter absorbing all of the punches especially the uppercut which Logan delivered for his so called knock down JJ absorbed the first one but as soon as Logan did those illegal punches it was game over for him.

    • @adnansf kasjfh running? It's called ducking punches... Who gives a shit about sparing because it didn't carry through to the performance 😂

    • What else can you do from someone running ? Just watch his sparring he's 10 times better

  • NDL

  • İkinizde çok degisiksiniz

  • Logan paul is so much more respectful about it and ksi just shoves it in his face😂

    • - KingMeh - false, logan is fake stop watching him aha

  • YEEEEEES!!🤟🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾✌🏾🔥🔥🔥🛑🚫💪🏾💪🏾

  • Logan was sick and ksi suck the your Punch's suck your not a boxer.

  • I just wanna know are you and Logan good now I know there was some hate between you guys but now you've fought it out

  • He mentioned rick Ross and lil baby but didn’t mention s-x

  • Srsly half of the video is about your song 😂😂 you are a beast jj 💪🏽

  • Fack you

  • My whole face thought this video 😕😂😑😒😑😑😑😡😡😡🔥🔥👍👍✌️☺️

  • Fight jake Paul

  • Did they settle the beef

  • Fuck yea bro. I love this video. I'll support you.

  • It's cool that you seem so grateful for your life man. Good for you. I hope good things keep coming your way. It seems like your working hard.

  • To be honest both Logan and KSI can’t mess with Justin knowing how much fam JB. For real for real he has the most fam till this day.

    • 38BABY more like Michael Jackson😂

    • Ksis got the biggest and strongest fanbase

  • Your sloppy when in comes to fighting

  • I won and so did all my illegal viewers

  • Logan Paul shits Shannon brigs push it out champ

  • Idea 💡 If JJ hasn’t already done this than he should put his beerus chain in a frame or something

  • Couldn’t even hit straight

    • Fys TehNormALOnE you have your youtube channel picture as fortnite shut it 🤣🤢

  • ksis ego literally makes anger build inside my blood

  • Like so that KSI does boxing again

  • nice eye

  • How many times Logan missed on his right hook. 👇🏾

  • I love this guy's laugh

  • “He got legs and he’s white” ~Shannon Briggs 2019

  • Who also laughs when he laughs? He has such a funny laugh Liek tu agri 👍🏻👇🏻

  • Where is your belt

  • It's funny how his accent when he's putting up facts. Just makes it a hole lot better.

  • My

  • "puck you ksi" XD

  • Funnel vision was there

  • I’ve been doing martial arts for 8 years and no hate but I’m gonna be honest boxing does very little to show how well you can actually fight, MMA (UFC) is much more practical since it includes punches, kicks, and grappling, rather than only punches with very limited strike zones.

  • In reality there is not anyone beatet. Winning with scores is not beating.