Thoughts After KSI Vs Logan Paul 2

čas přidán 16. 11. 2019
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  • The real winner was ty ( ed Sheeran lookalikes)

  • We will still support you

  • Whos here after Jake vs Gib

    • It's 5 months ago you're too late

  • JJ: I looked like he beat up my mum Me: *No,He didn't. But someone else did....*

  • i love watching olajides old videos

  • 1:20 didn’t you beat up ur mum😂😂

    • No he didn't his brother lie

  • Why am I j seeing this

  • “And he’s white” Imagine the scenes in 2020

  • Hi

  • philosophy tube

  • Last

  • Logan Paul: Got Justin Bieber on his side ksi: Got Post malone on his side he don’t mess around

  • Who is here after KSI got NO:2 on The official charts

  • Hot girl bummer was lower than down like that, big ups jj

  • Wait didn’t you and Logan become friends?

  • I all ways though old logon was terrible

  • Background music name?

  • Champ 😈

  • Jeff may weather before fight he not a real fighter

  • Jeff may weather before fight he not a real fighter

  • Jide olatungi (sorry for the spelling) Vs Greg Paul Would Be The Best Fight Ever Like So He Can See This

  • 🏳️‍🌈🔥🔥 🏳️‍🌈❌

  • Yoo guys give me the name of that music background

  • Your laugh is the ugliest thing I every heard

  • from 'holy shit theres a bug on my screen' to 'I WANT THAT KNOCKDOWN '

  • 23/6/2020 why did this apear now? I didnt watxh this video because youtube is stupid and i never saw it and now i get recomended it

  • And S-X

  • Post Malone was on Ksi's side. That's how you know you've made it in life.

    • Fabi Prajitno got bored innit 😂

    • @Roses are Red memes oof

    • @Rosea are Red memes thats jokes😂

    • But didn’t he make a diss track on him? Oh wait that was Skye does mine craft sorry

    • Drynjolf yeah he was on his side before the first fight too

  • 0:41 everybody showing W's in club while harry just enjoying his drink

  • 440

  • Jj, go check Logan Paul channel..... So much predictions about winning the match

  • Logan will not be able to defeat him even trained 1000 times from best coaches

  • Do this for ksi Not loganpaul 👇🏿

  • damn, 21k logan paul fanboys came to this video

  • 5:24 AND S-X!!!!!!!!!

  • Everyone is a gangsta till pewdiepie shows up ;)

  • Who's here after dissimulation hit number 2

  • React to your Epilogue of the fight


  • JJ an inspiration. To start from where he was and to get to where he is now, to go against all odds, to turn a kid with no athletic prowess whatsoever into a fighting demon through pure hard work is amazing to see. Credit to him, continuing to break barriers, and he better smash Jakes face in when he gets to fight him next.

  • Logan Paul: I sneezed 3 times ... 🤧🤧🤧 = 🙂 Still good Logan Paul: 😶 Logan, even emojis have better endurance than you, you lying bag of junk. Logan: I can ‘yoss’ you Shut up

  • I wanted you to win the fight with Logan Paul.

  • Clubber Lang

  • This is like naruto when Sasuke can’t save a friend he ain’t training but Sasuke did but naruto was just trying to find him And ksi doing music and not training in the 1st fight but then 2sd fight went full power breaking his limits getting god power then Logan was just doing maths 😂 but respect ✊ him because all lives matter he even said it himself

    • Black lives matter

    • My thumb tired 😓

  • ye jj what a sick lad

  • Good job KSI the fight was sick! I can see why Logan Paul is so stupid I was on KSI side the whole time. Like wtf Logan

  • You will always win

  • So happy this happened before quarantine

  • JJ: Shows records The first fight in which there was a tie: Am I a joke to you?

    • It’s because this is a professional boxing record, you can’t include the amateur fight

  • 👑 you dropped this

  • Are you seriously proud of your fight you were swingin crazy my guy 😂

    • @Darien Espinal fought *

    • @Bryce Little true 😂😂 and he does get money but i would be happy for the money not for the way i faught he was proud of the way he faught

    • Still won

  • Logan Paul only lost the fight because of him getting 2 points taken of 6ix9ine: No he didn’t he would of lost if he took steroids

  • Ksi vs Justin beiber

  • what's the song at 0:25

  • Surprised you didn’t get knocked out with such a big head...

  • Be good to see how much further you can go big respect

  • Fu joe weller

  • Nobody cant defeat ksi he is the king

  • Justin's scared man hop in the ring with him

  • You started this make a video about your year 10 telescope project on jidejunior

  • stfu u lost

  • When he laugh. I felt that.

  • AND S-X

  • Little did ksi know he was going to place 2nd on official charts dissimulation

  • Imagine being in that 22 k people who disliked 😂

  • And some other fights

  • The only way to end this is ksi vs jake gib vs Alex wasabi or deji. Logan vs AB

  • He beat joe so that’s two Ws

    • Yeah but professional fights

  • Alguem brasileiro

  • You got your ass beat though you km know it

  • I wished Logan won. I don’t really like ksi

  • Well whys this back in my reccomended

  • KSI: Down like that is the highest i've charted ever Baldski: Am i a joke to you?

  • You forgot s-x

  • Who's here after the Realese of Dissimilation ...BALDSKI wanna RETURN!

    • Are you disappointed with the results he went number 2

  • My boyyyyy still hyped about this🥳🥳

  • How is it 6 months already

  • Jake is gonna be way better

  • JJ is technically 2-0-1.

  • didnt he beat joe weller aswell so he is 2-0