Tom Holland Surprises Chris Pratt

čas přidán 13. 02. 2020
Chris gives men advice for Valentine’s Day, and talks about getting trim for Jurassic Park, gaining weight “Parks and Recreation,” and he takes some audience questions from fans in the audience including a surprise from Tom Holland. Tom and Chris also talk about their new Pixar movie “Onward,” and Tom reveals what he bought his twin brothers for their 21st birthday.
Guys Quizzed on Their Ladies Fail Miserably
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Tom Holland Surprises Chris Pratt


  • It’s October and idk why but I low key got scared cus he said it’s valentine’s Day tomorrow😂

  • I love how when he finally got to Tom Hiddleston he was like -_-

  • When you test your crush to see if they know your name 😂😂

  • imagine being the person sitting next to Tom while he just waits for that moment

  • my gahd. why does everyone with high-pitch-girl-voice guys turn out to be Phenomenal? I mean tom rlly sounded mj there saying hi then reminded me of bieber and then kevinhart ...

  • did tom forget he has another brother??? what about paddy????? hello????

  • How could you take a chance of tom sitting in the audience....😭💜

  • aaawwweeee Tom talking about his younger brothers :)

  • theb used cga to take away captain america to make hifm look super skinny in his movie

  • Didnt know that movie had a bigger meaning to it. Thx Chris Pratt

  • Star lord is on TV

  • Onward is so underrated, I cried for another Pixar movie AGAIN!

  • Emmet, Peter quill, and Owen Grady all in the same place

  • No one gonna talk about how jimmy said Tom has two younger brothers, but he actually has Harry Sam and paddy

  • "We cOuLd maKe aN EnDorsemeT"

  • Chris Pratt is 40!??! He looks like he’s late 20’s or mid 30’s

  • Tom should’ve said something like _”Yeah, Evans and Hemsworth are better”_ just to get back at all the Tom H jokes🤣

  • You saw this older lady in the back asking a younger lady : Whos that? When Tom Holland got up 😹😹😹

  • 13:54 "I bought my brother Sam a piano... " TOM! I, Want a piano

  • Why is nobody saying anything about chris pratt doing nick offermans laugh??

  • Chris you can wear a green suit for the body cgi.

  • 10:06 makes Siri pop up

  • Cris Pratt be like Here’s the deal Joe Biden be like Here’s the deal

  • Poor Tom😂👁👄👁😂

  • What about Tom Hulce from Amadeus?

  • Buying a piano and rolex? Is he in the Marvel Universe?

  • Ive been with my wife for 11 years now. Never missed a date for anything. Add every date to your calendar a day prior. Works every time

  • chutiya

  • The hired audience tho lmao


  • Imagine being the guy sitting next to Tom Holland, that would have been awesome

  • I feel like those 2 were just like messing around

  • Isn't Donna the actress in the broken lizard movies?

  • Tom is cute

  • Can't stop smiling oh god

  • 0:25 yep thats me

  • Everyone: White people are unseasoned eww Chris Pratt:

  • Your captions are messed up they are delayed

  • Pratt’s face when Jimmy mentioned doing CGI on his body...!😂😂😂

  • why does the guy behind tom look like denzel washington

  • 50 bucks says Tom Holland will be the next James Bond in 30 years. Who wants to bet?

  • 3:38 Moment of realization

  • Is there a hyena in the audience?

  • The jokes in this were really well written hahaha

  • Images watching this without knowing who Tom Holland is

  • tom: hi my names tom audience: WOOOOO YEAHHH👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • While watching this, I kind of pictured Tom Holland play a new kind of character and I figured: it would be fun to see him play Tony Banks if a biopic on the progressive rock band Genesis was made.

  • This was filmed on my birthday !

  • Tom holland : how about an actor who’s name starts with tom Me : 1st thought : tom hanks 2nd thought : tom cruise 3rd thought : tom Hiddleston 4th thought : oh wait , theres also a tom holland

  • Same energy, different ages. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt everybody.

  • I wanna know what's funny... Chris had something funny to say.

  • 6:39 Confirmed: Tom Holland is a girl with a Ponytail

  • Chris could be 29 and we wouldn’t know any difference

  • 0

  • What, Valentine's day is tomorrow?

  • Has jimmy ever watched Justice league?

  • Dam......if only everyone has the same thought process as Chris 😂

  • She doesn't watch you .. 😂😂

  • Plot twist : they both are peter in marvel movie Peter Quill Peter parker

  • internet historian

  • Tom holland appears at 7:59

  • I feel bad for Chris because no one had a real question for him and it was awkward

  • 2:59 corona: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • That woman so rude to Chris it was really awkward

  • Do you know how you can tell all of this was scripted ? Tom referred to himself as British, he would have said an English actor if it was under his own steam.

  • Onward is an awesome movie!!! Disney/Pixar needs to focus on making new movies rather than doing live action remakes...

  • M

  • Whats the name of this new movie ?

  • Hi Mr. Pratt my name is Blake Aguirre and may I just say I'm a huge fan of you and your work and I would love to get your number because your amazing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😛😍😬✌️😉😘

  • Lol anybody else catch what Chris says at 3:26?

  • It was one of the funniest videos I've seen in my life

  • oh my goshhh tom in that fitted shirt tucked under them pants boy got style

  • 8:06 she do be havin a stroke tho

  • Terex and commando Dragon 🐉 who u want to keep it for the job?

  • Who is she aiming ....between America and Russia u think she would make one of that .....called her before ...she gets off this chair....

  • When mother is about to turn between stone and metal rose flower /metal one ......from rock turn to metal is the revolution isn't it?

  • 7:54 thank me later 😉

  • Yeah its beautiful 😍 onwards

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 never had this much fun watching an actor 🤠

  • "tom has 2 younger brothers" *cries in Paddy*

  • The lady behind Tom Holland was like he was infront of me and WTF am i doing till now.

  • Am I the only one who forgot they also played in the avengers: infinity war together too?

  • Why Everyone is taking about Tom Holland? Chris Pratt was the guest.

  • $cjrsea#/n

  • Hiobds

  • Riches bragging about eating too much. What a great guy! What a fantastic show!

  • I find these things so cringy

  • My favorite quote "Star-Lord can't eat a starburst"

  • he’s FOURTY, i thought he was 30 LOL

  • 4:33 why does he sound like Goku???

  • Chris Pratt has really worked with a lot of Toms. And even with the H too wow

  • I would’ve loved it if Tom asked “Which actor played the best Spiderman?”

  • Peter pan💀💀💀💀

  • Tom H Tom Holland Tom Hiddleston Tom Hardy Tom Hanks

  • 2:44 hahahhaha

  • 13:41 Daamn, those guys are lucky On my 21st birthday I got run over X'D Hey good for them 👍

  • Tom Holland is the worst spiderman of all!!!

    • Are you kidding me? He's terrific. Each to his own, I guess, but you're totally WRONG!

  • Both of those guys seem like just really nice people. No bullshit, totally bust on themselves, genuine smiles, genuine warmth, and just nothing arrogant or fake. I bet hanging with them is non stop laughs.

  • Am I the only one who wonders what happened to tom's house when he came home

  • 13:24 "They're 21 now, it's their 21st birthday tomorrow" Ummm yeah that makes total sense. They're already 21 and also turning 21 tomorrow.