Tom Watson: Momentum boss has undermined the Labour Party

čas přidán 21. 09. 2019
Labour's deputy leader accuses Momentum leader Jon Lansman of playing sectarian games in trying to oust him from his post.
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  • Nonce finder general...not

  • smeared the wrong people, eh Tom?

  • Sun Tzu: ''When your enemy is busy destroying himself - let him be...''

  • Labour Party has positioned itself as the enemy of the British working man preferring foreign workers to their own countrymen....that could be a losing strategy....!!!!!!!

  • this guy has to go now,he`s a snake.

  • This snake must know how it feels now to be plotted against !!.....

  • Communist Landsman tried his best. His best and failed. Probably because his brand of politics is anti British, and pro Russian.

  • That woman's beaming face and body language suggest she is having a fling with someone not too far away and she just can't hide how pleased she is with herself about it.

  • Ha ha labour are ripping themselves apart hope they fuking disintegrate

  • Lmao 😂 BIN THE LABOUR PARTY. I like this guy shame his dumped all his northern voter by being a devout europhile.

  • Will the real Labour leader please stand up

  • How dare this little weasal Tom Watson talk about being undermined. He needs to understand one big thing...he is NOT leader of the party and should tow the line. He has been trying to oust Corbyn for the past few years, the rat!

    • Toe the line like Corbyn did when Labour were in power?

  • These idiots have not got a chance of winning any election anywhere .they must surely be deliberately screwing everything up

  • Watson's loyalty isn't to Labour, Corbyn, the people of this country. It's to Guy Verhofstadt and the EU Globalist DeepState Elites. Always follow the money eh Watson?

  • Dont forget the pervert prince Andrew.keep the heat on .anytime anyway

  • It's Watson who has undoubtedly undermined the labour party. He constantly works against what the Labour party stands for. Will Corbyn ever grow a pair of balls and get rid of one of these zionist, centrist traitors?

  • Sack Tom Watson And replace him with Diane Abbott Corbyn and Abbott the Labour dream team 😂😂😂😂

  • #onthenaughtylist

  • Who's the smiling lady next to him?

    • One of his wives.

  • Socialists have history when it comes to night of the long knives activity.

    • Socialists do enjoy a good purge.

    • @Bat Taz Smarter than the EU though :-0

    • @Anglo Commando Brits and Brexit is Comedy Gold. A nation of retarded idiots.

  • join the lib dems please

  • Labour release their new anthem.

  • The Labour party have been a disgrace as the main opposition party. If they don't change their leader they will end up in third position behind the lib/dems. Corbyn is the Tory's secret weapon. If he insists on an election and Johnson returns with a majority God help us. The brexiteer fence sitter.

    • Johnson understands that he can do whatever he wants when the opposition is so useless. In that sense Corbyn has enabled Johnson and whatever he and his revolting government inflict on the nation once they win a majority. Not much of a legacy for a left winger and he has no achievements in his 36 year career in parliament that he could proudly look back on having never been in government, headed a department or shaped policy of any kind.

  • Watson is a creep who works against his own leader and party. He's also responsible for ruining peoples lives by hawking false accusations. Watson must go. He is a disgrace.

    • Mike hunt, apt name.

    • Landsmans politics are if his boss is anything to go by anti British, pro ira and hamas and pro russia.

  • Do labour ever not turn on their own?

  • Wow! Look at all the fanatical Corbinystas on this thread!

  • That staged cheering. Kim Jong Un would laugh

  • Labour party is finished, they are a bunch of pricks, no ifs no buts, and len maclusky, and the rest of, union movement are the sane , an absolute disgrace

  • Watson has been undermining Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity and now he whinges because he faces a challenge. The personification of hypocrisy.

  • If Tom Watson was a descent and creditable like politician Jeremy Corbyn he would ask the party membership if they still wanted him to be the deputy leader.

    • Corbyn has lied through his teeth about this issue. Claiming he didn't know about it and that it was about the position of the deputy leader anyway rather than about Tom Watson himself. Exactly the same kind of lies Boris Johnson constantly tells. Where's the decency in that?

  • corbyn kept watson on as deputy leader- johnson got rid of 21 tories; so much for their 'broad church' boast.

  • So Labours stance on this is...Go Back to 2016 and do all this again??

    • @Wendy Smith Your 'party' is a joke. Not a single economic, social or environmental policy. Doing the work of the US and Russia at the same time! Knobs.

    • Evilclown Production's Tom Watson wont get in nor labour again not in his home town it will be Brexit party all the way he is a traitor to the people of West Bromwich who voted 68.7% LEAVE NO DEAL

  • Ironic coming from him

  • Corbyn needs to step down

    • no son - he needs to keep driving the party over the cliff.

  • "austerity" = living within your means.

  • Labour should shut their mouth and let the vote for Brexit go through They like other party's have caused unrepairable damage to their party's over this What's a matter with these people does 17.5 million votes for Brexit mean nothing

  • Toady tom knows all about undermining , he's been doing it for three years. Lower than a snakes belly.

    • but he's smeared the wrong people the MSM dropping like a hot potato...

    • momentum shill. Thanks for the IP address. I harvest them for fun.

  • Bunch of racist lying traitors

  • Tom is such a hypocrite. He's made it his personal mission in life to undermine Corbyn and the Labour Party as a whole. Is purging Watson going to give Labour bad publicity short term? yes, but in the long term it will be great. It's also time for those in the PLP who oppose socialism to resign so that they can be replaced by people who actually want to make a real difference.

    • tigertron can’t he just be sent to the gulag, like the good old days?

  • Im no labour supporter bit Watson is a Zionist puppet and a traitor

  • The Labour Party is out only hope! Jc4pm

    • @qetoun Jc4pm interim government is the way forward.. Get corbyn in!!

    • @Mao Zedong yeh, a communist coup run a coward who can't win elections.

    • @qetoun Jc4pm interim government coming soon time to chuck the torys out ⌚

    • JC4JAIL.

  • Soner or later it happened to be as Jeremy Corbyn is not respecting a majority British peoples' mandate to leave European Union. He is not a candidate to be Pri Minister of Unied Kingdom as he was IRA activist.

  • This is awesome, a divided lefty looney party. Corbyn is losing control of Labour which is great news.

  • How is it possible that unelected agitators get important positions in a supposedly democratic political party? Jon Lansman must be opposed at all levels by everybody that has been cast aside by the new nasty Labour party.

  • they undermine themselves

  • Labour are the UK’s biggest joke

    • Naaa would would be Corbyn alone, a muppet and ventriloquist dummy with someone elses hand up his arse.

  • Labour can’t get anything right within the party so god knows how they expect to run the country they should be so far ahead of the conservatives they should be out of site but because corbyn is the leader there not & that’s the reason for most people.

    • Boris chose brexit because he wanted to be PM & if Labour had a proper leader they would crush the conservatives.

    • They shouldn't be well ahead of the Tories. Boris Johnson is a popular PM and the leave voters who support no idea worship him and his defiance. Hes like the peoples champion for those who want out of the EU.

  • Stop human right violations, ethnic cleansing and Indian State Terrorism in Kashmir by India. This is 49th day of curfew, all around 8 million Kashmiris have been made hostage by deploying 1000K Army troops in Kashmir by Tyrant State India. 🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️ Freedom, freedom, freedom of Kashmir from India.

  • Is this Newer Labour, old new labour, old original labour or new Tory ? Which one of them would give up their seat if they only got 52% of the vote ? Labour, liberals, Tory all the same ....The pretension of democracy in England has wilted and wrinkled up like an old ma .er a plastic tulip left in front of a gas fire. They're all trying to tell us that our votes counted for nought. Screw holding yet another referendum instead let's have a vote as to whether or not we still have a democracy.

  • All political parties are trying to make themselves unelectable!!!!!

  • The left have the momentum.

  • I'm surprised it has taken this long for momentum to act! No doubt with the full collusion of corbyn!

  • The comment section here is insane. It's a troll party. These Brits have toxic people among them.

    • @Jonny ward Yeah i do agree but, everyone who hates Labour always brings up Blair and the War. Infact the War was so divisive a fraction in labour wants the party to cut ties with the political group ''friends of Israel'' They are very powerful and this whole anti-Semitism has been put out by them and other party members.

    • @sterling Forever Tony Blair hasn't been the Labour leader for 12 years so it's hard to blame him for the fact that the party is currently in a mess. It's for the current leadership to make the party a popular choice for voters. Sadly there's no evidence of that.

    • sterling Forever Tony Blair:- He's a saint among men sacrificing the building of homes for his poor and destitute in order to be able to afford to blow down homes in Iraq for the sake of poor ungrateful Iraqis who couldn't even erect a statue in his honor in Baghdad.

    • 80% of the public don't forgive Tony Blair, He has almost destroyed there reputation forever. Comments are toxic nowadays its a shame.

  • Tom Watson should be attacking the Tory's appalling record in government not his own people.

    • And the Labour party should be showing themselves as a government in waiting, not seeking to oust it's deputy leader on the first day of the last conference before a general election.

  • What happened to money tom Watson got from the Mosley. Half million. It's just disappeared. Anybody know about where it's gone.

  • Ha ha ha.. change the notice board from the labour party conference to the comedy show comes to Brighton.

    • @Wendy Smith Not true. Tell Boris I said hello.

    • Doug Rutter Tom Watson is a vile man who is known for letting his constituents down and the town

  • Stop talking about beating Boris and start thinking about your historical electorate who voted to leave the EU in the referendum to get the focus put back on them and not the top 1% . The Labour Party has no leadership or direction or consistency and are failing the country

    • @Wendy Smith English isn't your native language, is it?

    • Michael Dwyer like ya in the rats constituency who will never vote labour or him back in his town voted 68.7%LEAVE and he had betrayed us but he has a lot of company in that eat hole they call Westminster

  • Love this,The Labour party is in Shreds,set of clowns.😂😂😂😂👍

  • Our countrys politics are totally fucked.

  • had watson and his minions of blairites backed corbyn back in 2017, corbyn would have beaten May and he be the PM today

    • There is not a chance in hell Corbyn could ever or will ever win a general election. Complete fantasy he is so unpopular and unsupported it's insane. Even his own party wouldn't trust him to lead the country. He would be the worst PM in British history. Totally ineffectual, unconfident and ludicrously out of his depth. McDonnell would have made a better leader but hes universally seen as a complete and utter lunatic and is despised. The policies he keeps spouting are a complete joke- pipe dreams. I'd also point out that Watson's more of a brownite than a blairite. He tried to force Blair out of the PM job to make way for Brown

    • @ajaya True, but as leader of the opposition he lacks any leadership qualities. He won't even say if he's personally in favour of remaining or leaving the EU. The Tory civil war was the greatest opportunity for a long term Labour government. It's as if Corbyn doesn't want to be in power.

    • Bat Taz I agree, but he is only the same as the other laughing stock MPs have have become

    • If Corbyn wasn't so toxic he wouldn't be the laughing stock of Europe. The greatest Tory shambles in history and Comrade Corbyn is busy making jam.