Tomb Raider Legacy: An old friend menu

čas přidán
After a very long time I upload here some video from Tomb Raider legacy project. Its a menu from this game and I would like to say that this project is not canceled. All of us we are working on this game and we hope you will like it :)
More information soon at


  • @PabloFuentes never mind. I figured it out finally. In few days my level will be ready and maybe I'm gonna upload it.

  • @tymvoryxos280 Hello. Thank you. Yes Im using Dxtre3d. I dont understand what do you mean by destroy a level from original levels?

  • it seems very interesting. Very nice main menu. Did you use dxtre3d to build this? I am using it too, but i can't figure out how to make my levels playable for other users without having to "destroy" a level from the original tomb raider game. I wish i could make it a file that needs just a double click in order to run.