TOP 10 Funniest Comedians That Made SIMON COWELL Laugh on AGT & BGT | Got Talent Global

čas přidán 28. 09. 2018
Watch the funniest and down right hilarious comedy auditions on America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent 2017-18. Simon Cowell can't stop laughing...
Who do you think was the best comedian?? Let us know in the comments below...
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  • Simon 👺🌊PATHETIC illuminatti puppet👅

  • Let her know somehow...I lov u Amanada..

  • the people who made the english subs cant understand english

  • I can't believe lost you I can't believe you've gone I need you to know that You did nothing wrong First time I see you Just hangin' there The checkout lady said, "Do you wanna buy one of these?" Then I said, "Alright, go on then, yeah." You were my "bag for life" Across to be forever "Bag for life" We could have saved the world together And now I've lost you And yes I've payed the price You almost cost 10 pence And I only used you twice The other bags I used Compared to you were slack I always used to feel The strap was gonna snap


  • Tyra "somebody get his ass" ha ha ha yaaass queen!!

  • Lmao what a lame ass crowd!

  • First one was funny. Second one was kind of boring :/ The third one (Vicki) was good The fourth one was great! The fifth one (CJ) was awesome! The sixth one (Robert) was bad, even though I wanted to like him. The seventh one (Preacher) was hilarious, absolutely amazing! The eight one (Lee) was really funny :D The ninth one (Oliver) was great! He better get booked for more shows. The tenth one (Daliso) was incredibly hilarious! Hard to decide the best one but most of them were great

  • Woman at 38:17 looked like Kalki Koechin.

  • Why india fukers ,left over eaters

  • So nice to watch Oliver! And the roast is really good. He should have 4 yes's!

  • whats the song shes singing in 13:35 XD

  • The 33yr old woman, I 💜 her... I cried, starting from the man with special needs up to Oliver...

  • The first guy was hilarious. The judges cannot take a joke

  • i hate you tyra banks

  • I was disappointed in america after first video

  • What's The Name Of The Second Performer?

  • The first crowd was just horrible, a lot of social justice warriors in the crowd 😂

  • the guy at 14:26 really got me wheezing XDDDD i cant stop laughing lmaaoo

  • Lol. Weak ass crowd in that first clip. I’d love to see that same audience get torn up by Bill Burr.

  • im just watching the chat replay and everyone is just spamming emojis, other stuff in a different language, or saying "SIMONNNN" (or asking each other about themselves in all caps-)

  • And my parents ran on top of a hill and oh they’re break dancing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • A million dollars just for a trailer why not a house or a car instead

  • While I do not consider the first one to be that funny, I was surprised how strongly the audience reacted to the insults.

  • I like Got Talent

  • The talent show version of professional wrestling.

  • the second guy is so chilled and soo funny, i like him

  • The first one is so bad it's kinda funny

  • First guy was really going at them damn 😂😂😂


  • I didn't know Lord Farquaad auditioned

  • The emo guy made me cry :(

  • *CaLM DOwN PEasENenTs*

  • Why don’t we put a Trump joke in there. You know because it can’t get better than that

  • I didn't laugh at the beginning of the first guy's skit but by the time the first guy's skit was over I was laughing out loud.

  • The first guy looks like he’s gay

  • subtitles on... 24:08 it's worth it. go look!

  • First guy got jokes

  • I was cringing through the first act 😂 I loved the routine but the reactions of everyone else had me so on edge 😂

  • *me thinking through this whole thing* “the first guy looked like lord farquad”

  • Americans can't take a joke.

  • Omg the guy with turrets is probably the funniest bit I’ve ever seen

  • Why did the person at 32:47 when he got the yeses make me cry?!😭

  • He deserved the golden buzzer he was SOO FUNNNY

  • my little sister and i have watched ales hooper so many times we know exactly when to say "THATS TOO FAHR!" lol

  • Americas got talent is cancer it's so cringy with the hosts to the editing and reactions I hate it

  • love how clueless they are about any form of comdey

  • WHAT IS A BAG FOR LIFE AND WHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT IT??? I'm not joking, I really don't know what that is, english is not my native language... someone help me pleeeease

    • Lucy C Instead of the thin plastic bags in supermarkets you pay 10p for a ‘bag for life’ which is a big thick strong bag that you are supposed to keep using over and over. It’s a pun on saving the planet and you get to virtue signal with them.

  • why is Mel B dressed as Nicki Minaj?

  • I love the Lost Voice Guy

  • Soooooo ummmm does anyone else think it’s kinda funny that two brits, one Canadian, and one German are judging America’s Got Talent

  • Teachers make the *best* comedians

  • * Cough cough * *GATIS KANDIS?*

  • People getting unnecessarily triggered at the first guy XD

  • Lit

  • How is this chit funny?

  • The first guy wasn't bad. But if you're an insult comic, you prooobably shouldn't be giving that kind of intro. Remember that delivery is an important aspect of comedy, and he flubbed there. Sure, I still think it was a bit unfair of the judges, but I can't do anything except bark at the screen.

  • 3:27 Is that Bob Ross??

  • ‘I once had my identity stolen.......Don’t worry, they gave it right back.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert White should have won but I guess he just didn't have a good sob story.

  • This man said “one kid did a shoulder roll and my terex took that as a challenge and I gave him a head flop.” THE VISUAL I GOT!!

  • The first one was great and he really made me laugh. I don’t know why were the judges (except for Simon for obvious reasons) and the audience were butthurt about it.

  • I liked this video JUST for THIS MANNN😂😍😚 14:30

  • with that nose be careful taking those deep breathes you are going to suffocate the rest of the people

  • Politics news are well.We are looking peace overall.Enough fighting .

  • the first one was SO mean and INSULTING its like he wanted to get all X's

  • Haha these insecure talentless judges that cant take a joke

  • Crying without tears. 😒

  • Lmao I love simon. People can’t take a roast joke tchhh 😂

  • First guy was an ass 😂

  • nice

  • The first one.... Someone outta get his ass. Wasn't funny at all

  • WHOA

  • the fact simon didn’t know what a bag for life was 🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m sorry but I love that first guy, the one at Mel B was too far tho

  • That 1st guy was SPOT ON everything he said. BRILLIANT 👏

  • I love him💕

  • Every realistic mom ever.

  • Chabiso well done! Love yaa..from kisumu Kenya!!

  • This audience was soft af

  • You can tell how rich Simon cowell is, bint doesn’t even know what a bag for life is

  • 6:54 captions says " i do watch allah "

  • Who else think am dumb?

  • omg i looove the first guy XD

  • 10:22 was that Shim lim?

  • The first guy should noooot have gotten voted off lmaoo I am hollering

  • The first one was like an insult jokes, its funny, there are even shows on BBC radio where u insult each other for fun, and what the first guy did and said was funny AF, i dont get why people or even the judges got butt hurt, cant they take a joke and be professionals? They got triggered so quickly that its cringey AF

    • Thank you for getting what I did. I'm @hooperhairpuff on all socials.

  • first guy made me cry of laughter

    • Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. Follow @hooperhairpuff on all socials

  • Woah


  • lol

  • That emo guy deserved a golden buzzer!

  • i love the disabled guy :'(

  • you can really see how brits take humour compared to Americans

  • The fact that the "Bag for life" had to be explained to Simon was hilarious to me. Shows that Simon has no idea of normal life. He's catered to in everything.

  • Simon, Those teeth are so white & str8, they were just offered a position in Trump's cabinet! CALM DOWN PEASANTS!

  • the african guy was nailing it


  • Im up to the 2nd guy, we had eddie murphy, dave chapple...and now this guy.... MILLENIAL DOUCHES RUINING AMERICA MORE N MORE.