Top 10 funny performances Got Talent

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Top 10 funny performances Got Talent
The Sexiest Performances on Got Talent -
Top Sexy Performances | Got Talent 2017 -
10) Ricky K 0:04
9) Darren Carr 2:25
8) Graham Blackledge 5:04
7) James Ingham and Ed Gleave 10:58
6) Ray Jessel 15:32
5) Paul Zerdin 19:34
4) Steve Hewlett 24:02
3) Marc Métral 28:34
2) Philip Green 32:34
1) Paul Zerdin 37:44


  • I loved the sudden turn the song took.

  • Can't believe they did Dark Doll back then. All Dolls Matter

  • Who have a habit of reading comments while playing video

  • The first act is a HOOT! He boils down all the unrealized expectations of young love. Well!! That did not turn out as I planned!! LOL

  • Hey people I need to start an orphanage in Kenya for the less fortunate Abubakar Ramos youtube channel and watch my videos so tht I can accomplish this

  • The first performance did not age well. Cringe.

  • D U C K.

  • Oh her was pissed he's ugly😹😹..they got h well

  • Slush rail buff of for or lost yogi city four f

  • Kyle is so freakin' fragile!

  • I was so confused with the guy with the dog that talks is he a ventriloquist or did he teach his dog to open its mouth at the right times and he just talked please help I’m having a mid live crisis

    • someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the dog is wearing a false mouth that is attached like a muzzle, and the man is using a hidden remote to control when the dogs mouth opens and closes. The man is a ventriloquist and is speaking for the dog. I hope this helps!! if not, I'm sure you can look into it more on the internet somewhere :) (also, i could have it completely wrong, this is just what I've heard)

  • God's voice to settle you has no semblance with stranger's

  • Yah

  • It last one was super funny

  • that dog made me laugh so hard...

  • the old man Mr. Jesse is the best act, amazing i was not expecting that i love it mr. jesse you are amazing 84 year old more funny than any 20

  • Ventriloquism has never been funny once.

  • LOL

  • Omg ilovet dog

  • Capituló 129 hercai

  • Michael Graham was hilarious

  • Read Translations, You Are a Idiot!

  • Simons mind when they all said yes to the 3rd one: wtf what dirt are digging into at the moment

  • the piano dude was funnier than most comedians

  • Around 20:00

  • 9:15 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 have u ever had vanilla and sausage

  • So great i lv it

  • The last one killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  • 0:50 it is my future profession😂

  • Мужчина с собакой это гениальное выступление )

  • 3:25 bro take a joke 6:23😂

  • Simon teeth are brighter than my future

  • 14:00 damn I love him ❤!

  • En van darre

  • I hate the overdone laughter

  • Marlon Wayans is one of the Funniest man alive He and His brothers are the best, they had a show called in Living Colors during the 90s that show catapulted Jim Carrey to fame. Yhey have only two white persons in that show Jim Carrey and a Lady that I don't remember her name.

  • My First language is SPANISH and I can barely understand what he is saying!! Para bailar la Bamba Se nesecita una poca de gracia y otra cosita. He said : Pa bala la bamba eh nesecita uma poca e racia por mi par ti?? No even Close!!!

  • HORRIFIC!! That is TOCCATA IN FUGUE by Bach a very difficult piece to play.

  • Girls always got the humor

  • 28:55 Simon's reaction here killed me every time ! x'D

  • Brilliant

  • 2:38 hahaha I am brazilian and I can tell that the way he pronounce "Passaro" its completely wrong lol.

  • I feel so bad for the awkward guy who didn't know when to do stuff and who got stopped for smiling n

  • welkom op youtube kanaal van jonathan de clippeleir allsje leuk vind om telijken en abonneren dan zien je mijn op youtube kanaal

  • That was absolutely brilliant

  • Started weak, but got better each time.

  • ha ha ha ha

  • These videos are really funny

  • 1 am for me Trying so hard to not laugh and wake the family up

  • When the baby kept saying Duck, what was happening to him, I couldnt understand.

  • 9:13 Nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream and a sausage If the 11th doctor who (Matt Smith) liked fish fingers and custard then vanilla ice cream and sausage should taste nice too

  • Turn subtitles on and go to 30:19

  • It went from baby to grandpa I think the baby grew in age..

  • The first one was cringe but funny

  • last one was incredible

  • Woww!!

  • Woww!!

  • All I could see was that ugly one..the last one...with the disgusting tattoos.

  • the first one sounds like the narrator from getting over it

  • 28:42 he was actually doing all tge talking and his dog was just opening her mouth so sorry for ruining your dreams 😂😂

    • I think even the mouth is fake

  • just making sure, the guy with the dog is talking for his dog, right? hes a ventriloquist so his dog just opens his mouth and he talks for her

  • When you notice the videos 43.02 minutes long

  • Too bad James and Ed wasn’t a real act, they were so good

  • The first person vibing

  • Im still not sure if Graham is a comedian or just so awkward its funny

  • The last 1 o it made me laugh

  • I love the story behind James and Ed's act. They did it as basically a dare from the judges. They were brilliant!

  • The organ player should do stand up he is so funny.

  • englisg substitles are wrong thats not good !


  • I love alesha's laugh😘

  • 5:00-8:11 simon was not having it...


  • Really enjoyed la bumba man soo funny. 😊😀😁☺️

  • What horible thing did he do to the white dog to wire the dogs tail and mouth so he could make it look like it was talking. Before they show this they should check the animals to be sure they are not being tortured.

  • Me *Just* realizing that the guy that’s the ventriloquist, Has a fake hand. His real hand is in his puppet, the toucan. I was like: "How does he make his Arm straight for like 30 minutes?! I can barley even do 1 minute... Btw, sorry if it’s bad Spanish I speak English. Me di cuenta de que el tipo que es ventrílocuo tiene una mano falsa. Soy tan estúpido ... Su verdadera mano está en su marioneta, tucán. Yo pensaba: ¿cómo está él estirando su brazo durante 30 minutos? incluso puedo hacer cebada 1 minuto. Por cierto, lo siento si es mal inglés, hablo español.

    • Gacha Toons oh that was meant to be nice I was saying thanks for translating cause most people don’t even care enough to but you did so thank you

    • Kristen’s Edits are you being nice or mean...?

    • Don’t worry you took time out of your day to translate thanks for that!

    • Gacha Toons Don’t worry ur English was fine. Second languages are hard...

    • Bobby Javier hola! :D

  • اسوء ترجمه

  • Howie is so nice ❤️

  • 30:19 turn on the English subtitles , your welcome

  • Is not a brazilian word ,is portuguese,from PORTUGAL 😅😅