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čas přidán 4. 01. 2019
This list is based on users votes.
CS-tv Playlist:
Best Rap Songs Of 2018 (Year-End Chart 2018)
If You Rap You Lose!
Try Not to Rap!
Thanks for an amazing year.


  • This list is based on users votes. Results :

  • So it's just a 100 XXXTENTACION songs list?

  • MOONLIGHT is the best for me but good list

  • So Much X

  • Mona Lisa should be higher

  • Before X dies: Oh yeah x is so shit After he dies: OMG X is so good y did he have to die People just because he is dead doesn’t mean he is good let’s be honest his new album is shit Btw HIs FuCKInG BeArd IS WeIRd

  • X is dead lol

  • I wouldnnt one thing about dat list

  • At the beginning of the video I said i would cut off my dick if SAD was number one. Now I’m bleeding out and this will be my last CS-tv comment ever

  • Drake is trash

  • *sICko MoDE oR mOBaMA?*

  • itd 2019 Eminem is still on top lol

  • Where Big Baby Tape - I take your boo

  • Seeing SAD! as number one made my day

  • dude xxxtentacion appeared 11 times change that dude hes not the only one who has rlly good songs

  • Lust is 2017

  • Where is twenty one pilots

  • где ксан уёбщина ты тупая

  • 1 Mac Miller - self care, 2 Psycho - post malone 3 taste - tyga 4 walk it talk it - migos Who think the same?

  • Nr 5❤️😂😂

  • R.I.P X

  • killshot#1

  • Fuck drake

  • bro go listen to finnish rap bro they fast AF

  • X - i don't let go! legend

  • Wu tang forever? Fall? Butterfly effect?

  • can’t say 85th???

  • Monalisa...

  • Rip x

  • Why only one Lil peep's song?

  • Holy shit so many bad songs

  • Thx 4 everybody who voted for logic, x, trippie, 69, juice wrld, and lil mosey

  • Ever since J.I.D joined Dreamville I was waiting for him and cole to collab and I mean off deez is quality

  • Xxxtentation the king #depression

  • Where is humble

  • How is 69 even a "rapper" he's so ass

  • Most of these songs at bad tho 😂

  • All the white kids over hear saying no Hanna should be #1 😂

  • 6:35 600 БЛЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ

  • Lol x in the top 10 three times if he was still alive he would be in the top 100 twice mabie

  • Rich the kid

  • 93 is my favorite

  • Creeping

  • Space cadet

  • How the hell is sunflower a rap song ?

  • why "doihavethesauce" on 96th place?

  • X fans made this

  • Yesss #1 SAD!

  • scoop

  • Rip x man... number 1

  • I just came to see xxxtentacion reck this other rappers

  • I demand more ski mask, less xxxtentacion.

  • Eminem needs to be higher

  • Ok wtf so much 13yr olds spamming x wow I think 1# should had been Drake but I can see this is a people's list BRING IT ON XXX FANS

  • X Just isn't a hip hop artist

  • How you gonna make 6ix9ine #68

  • I love it sucked

  • Lucky you by Joyner Lucas and Eminem should’ve been WAYYYY higher. Their actually rapping pretty good the else is just cocky dumbass teens with issues and auto tune

  • When they put lucid dreams 5th Smashes computer

  • This is low key accurate

  • It’s all trash

  • Lowkey who ever voted for X for number 1 is bullshit half of his songs arnt even rap its emo shit... dont get me wrong i like a ton of x but only like two songs from this video was actually rap.... And one more thing i bet half of the people who voted for X is just dick riding and started listening to his music after he died lmao

  • How is wow by Post Malone not in this lisy

  • When you realize ? And skins is in the pop genre

  • Thanks for making my playlist

  • I would have voted for 44 more if i would have realised this earlier

  • RIP X and all but what the fuck is this list lmao. SAD and Moonlight should be on this list and thats it.

  • Happy to see X in 1st place :) RIP

  • Thank god

  • I stg if sicko mods is number 1

  • I think someone is a fan of X

  • Apparently this was purely 13 yr olds voting in this

  • when sicko mode is the runner up

  • You almost didn’t put xxxtentacion songs 🤣🤣🤣

  • Was noticed by lil mosey on here? Cause if not what are they doing

  • RIP xxx

  • Rip x

  • You forgot about Chunges Mode

  • Killshot but not rap devil that's weird

  • Gods plan is number 1

  • Kod, album of the year freestyle

  • ONLY ONE PROLEMM::: never recover

  • X sucks

  • Peep and X ❤ The perfect combination

  • X had 2 of the top 3

  • Why are half of them x songs?

  • Yeah moonlight da shit

  • Shoota at 86?

  • I can’t tell if the list is based on how good the songs are, or if it’s based on popularity. 🤨

  • 10:20 ain’t no fuckin rap

  • Whys venom so low?

  • Rename this video to try not to sing challenge. 0 votes Lets get to 100!

  • The "my mom took my Xbox because I'm failing 7th grade" playlist

  • Trap and Autotune everywhere.. seems like only 15 year olds voted.

  • Dope gentr

  • Use me as a "99% of this is trash" button.

  • RIP XX

  • Jow is SAD the best boi

  • R.I.P XXX

  • X is trash