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This list is based on users votes.
CS-tv Playlist:
Best Rap Songs Of 2018 (Year-End Chart 2018)
If You Rap You Lose!
Try Not to Rap!
Thanks for an amazing year.


  • This list is based on users votes. Results :

    • the nonfollower. Shut yo dick riding ass up drake didnt make the vid u retard ur like a 12yr old kid THAT only says rip to anybody who dies

    • Umm, bitch?

    • Imagine making a list of 100 songs without any female in it...tell me who had a better 2018 than cardi b

  • Tbh y'all on X's dick a lil too much.

  • sad is a good song but only at number 1 because he died... RIP X🕊

  • How u can choose this shit xxxtentacion for first place and put Eminem in 97 ??????

  • To Cheap these songs don’t even go on long

  • I love it, Walk, Stooooopid, Essketttiiitt, Billy, FEFE, and Arms Around You (not saying that’s a bad song it’s just ruined by pump) are all better than Venom, according to this list. Wow

  • Whos shock that the sicko mode is the second?

  • XXXTENTACION: #73 going down! #70 Ghost Busters (feature) #51 I don’t let go #42 King’s Dead Freestyle (feature) #39 Train Food #35 whoa (mind in awe) #33 Hope #27 Guardian angel #23 infinity (888) #21 Arms Around You #16 Falling Down (feature) #10 BAD! #3 Moonlight #1 SAD!

  • Yo this list full of songs i actually like!

  • sicko mode is one of the worst songs

  • Out of the top 10: 8,7,4 and 2 were the only half decent ones. The others were shit in my opinion

    • XXXTENTACION was only famous because he died


  • This list is so sad



  • Honestly i think that sicko mode should have been 1 ( not saying x is bad)

  • God rest x's soul

  • Anyone else happy that in the top 3, 2 of the songs are XXX ❤️

  • Wtf is 88 music video lmao

  • Nice man

  • *A lot is a 2019 song*

  • X is so overrated

  • The top 5 were were jokes right?

  • This is an accurate list

  • Number nine my boyyyyyyyyyy lol

  • I hate number 88 don't @ me

  • Stoopid don't deserve to be called a rap

  • Anyone just looking for fire song to add to their playlist

  • Y q paso con lil pump

  • I hate 6ix9ine a lot

  • fuck kodak black he fucking trash

  • Thanks

  • I know x dead and respect and this...but #1 for sad ?

  • Lil Skies!-🦋

  • Astrothunder

  • I really thought that sicko mode would be first then mo bamba second wow

  • Someone put these on an Apple Music playlist 🥴

  • New patek ayyyyy

  • You put Eminem at #98 you must hate him

  • definetly n1 for mo bamba imo

  • The worst list ive ever seen, die cunt

  • How many places each rapper got Trippie Redd-4 Pusha T-1 Ski Mask The Skump God-5 Smokepurpp-1 Juice Wrld-7 Takeoff-1 Eminem-3 Metro Boomin-3 Logic-1 Quavo-1 Gucci Mane-1 Kanye West-1 Mac Miller-1 Playboi Carti-1 Travis Scott-6 Post Malone-3 French Montana-1 Wiz Khalif-1 Comethazine-1 6ix9ine-3 Lil Skies-2 Lil Pump-1 Lil Mosey-2 J.I.D-2 XXXTENTACION(F)-11 Drake-5 Ybn Cordae-1 Youngboy never broke again-1 Ybn Nahmir-1 Flipp Dinero-1 Lil Wayne-1 Meek Mill-1 A$AP ROCKY-3 Denzel Curry-2 Migos-3 Amine-1 Rae Sremmund-1 Childish Gambino-1 Famous Dex-1 Joey Badass-1 Jay Rock-1 Tyga-1 Lil Baby-2 J.Cole-1 Lil Uzi Vert-1 Blocboy jb-1 21 Savage-1 Lil Peep(F)-1 Rich The Kid-1 Kodak Black-1 Sheck Wes-1

  • Omg childish gambino pretty much won his Grammy bc this is America how the fuck is it that high

  • How tf is in my feelings 72

  • Not gonna put in slime belief or some hoodie szn? Oh, k.

  • Why is leave me alone 59 bruh you tripen

  • sunflower only 84?

  • Sad so overrated

  • Polo g needs to be on this list

  • Not one song from KOD, Redemption and Daytona? Trash ass list

  • "I love it" before "venom"? rly?

  • R.I.P xxxtentacion :(

  • Man im tired of people putting x so high on the list,everyone likes his music because he fucking died thats all.

  • this is ass

  • Sad is first?hell nah

  • Top three rappers of the year X made 14 songs on this list Drake got 10 on the list Juice got 9 They combined have 33 songs just on this list alone And they make up and exact third of the list

    • +Josh also it's "are you stupid or dumb? 33 isn't a exact third of the list" if u wanna talk about being unintelligent

    • +Josh my man 33.3 is a exact third so 33 is as good as it gets for exact third 😂

    • Is you stupid or dumb? 33 ain’t even an “exact third” of the list

  • How tf is train food better than I don’t let go

  • I call fly

  • Seems legit

  • 13:01 gave me chills. rip x

  • R.I.P x R.I.P lil peep R.I.P Mac Miller Who do will pass next like and comment plz

  • Top 5 1. This is America 2. SICKO MODE 3. Mo Bamba 4. Killshot 5. Story of Adidon

  • I feel there should have been waaaaayyy more Tyler The Creator here.

  • I’m so glad sad was 1

  • I guessed that sad or sicko mode would be number one

  • Everybody forgetting lil peep, still rip peep🙏

  • Unpopular option there are too many X songs in here

  • Two thing why one of 6ix9ines songs not on number 69 and how was killshot not in the top ten that unpopular option but I don’t care

  • I was so happy when i saw X on 1st the place =))) #LLJ

  • Let’s go x is #1

  • the music went really black no racist

  • Ayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • 89

  • When you realise X has two out of 5"spots in the top 5

  • X had 15 songs on this list. he be dominating all the shit

  • Mom bamba is shit

  • YOU KNOW WHO IS THE BEST RAPPER (Read the first word)

    • Thank you sir. Keep spreading niceness nct for life

  • I came for xxxtentacion

  • A lot of x


  • I dunno why i like emo rap but x and juice are my favourites

  • These Red Bottoms Are No Vans

  • Hey, honestly x always helped me through hard times and depression love you x no home llj❤

  • Mo bamba shoulda been num 1

  • x is the best rip

  • Num 15 should be *Burger King Foot Lettuce*

  • Obviously half of it is shitty Emo rap

  • mooye xxxtentacion

  • Sooooo pretty much ALL of X songs, as well as features!😳 Rest In Heaven Jah,still mourning😥 💔

  • Where's Bubblin?

  • Why 63# the iam upset

  • I like X and all but i just do NOT understand how SAD! was first

    • 12 year old x fanboys thats how I respect him rip x but he is pretty overrated

  • Taste should be higher

  • X was good before all this depressing stuff now his music trasshhshhs

  • I’m gonna be honest if Mac Miller didn’t die he wouldn’t of been on here

  • Rip 51

  • 1st not wrong

  • God's plan????? and lucid dreams was the best plus moonlight is barely top 20 not 3

  • Yo where is “fuck love”???!!

  • Where’s murder on my mind