Top 5 Android Q Features!

čas přidán 18. 03. 2019
Android Q beta is here! Hands-on with the best new features.
To install Android Q beta:
AndroidPolice running list of features:
MKBHD Merch:
Video Gear I use:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track: Paradise City - Pop Up
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:


  • Android R beta dropped last week, why am I watching this

  • Wish will get call recording feature soon😗

  • Hello Marques

  • Notches on phones are stupid TBH.

  • The Themeing Option Doesn't work for Samsung

  • I don't get why there has to be things like a built in screen recorder. There something called third party apps you can install, you know. People who don't need all the stuff get a bunch of bloatware again. I thought we got over this.

  • I am waiting for the android to launch an inbuilt call recorder which a lot of Chinese companies give and is a very useful feature.

  • Does Android Q get a auto voice recording option while calling ?

  • theming option is not working on my phone

  • *_Bill Cosby: the Q is going to be for Quaaludes_*

  • Here's how it works: iPhones copy Android phones, just makes the features better Google copies iOS.

  • Q could be queens cake?

  • Maybe the *Q* in Android Q stands for *QUAKER* ???

  • That intro thou!🔥🔥

  • lmao...the look on his face when he talked about the notched screenshots was funny asf...🔥

  • Android 11: Android I: It's just iOS with the Android customization

  • Funny that most of these customization settings are all there in oxygen os

  • Questions

  • the 'Q' might not represent a dessert or something, but the logo 'Q' looks like the number ten

  • Bro use a background music

  • Marques, what do you think of the new gestures feature? Are you a fan of it or will you stick to nav buttons? I personally don't like it.

  • i just realized that the symbol of android Q is also a 10 (android 10) with the one tilted at a 45° degree angle to the left 🤦‍♂️

  • I thought they're ditching the dessert names?

  • That’s why people use iOS or like iOS that’s why I like iOS been using a 4 year old iPhone 7 and still never issues works better then most new android phones lol

  • so till now iOS was getting android features but now its the other way?

  • Android Q is 10

  • need that thumbnail wallpaper please!

  • 7:13 what

  • I think we can switch off that notch feature in screen recording

  • Android 10 is its official name

  • Quieres?

  • Screen recording not in the update today.. 9-3-19

  • We never knew 5 months ago that we will see the Android Q as Android 10 🤩

  • Q may be says Quality...😊

  • Anybody use pixel 2 xl? Does it lag?

  • I dont care much for the corners in the screenshot but the notch being displayed is actually great

  • Soon enough, apple users will run out of excuses

  • the android q name would be fu q

  • Q! Is awesome

  • Bro review mi a3

  • What about RCS?

  • Can't concentrate on the video because of that HUGE notch!

  • how do you get lock screen album art?? 4:52

  • Dark mode on oneplus is good

  • Coincidentally, I use the same mouse and have the exact same desktop wallpaper as in the background...😂

  • Will these be implemented into samsung phones for one ui 2.0

  • Can't wait for the new update!

  • I wish a s9 sir plss

  • Adraoid 10

  • Queen cake

  • That notch......OMG

  • Screenshots in android Q on the pixle now have a cutout.............for the notch.................. build into the screenshot............🙄😶😑😐🤨🤔 😭😭

  • I LOVE the teardop icons in the quicksetting and the accent color options The notch-screenshot is ridiculous 😂 "Q tip" 😂

  • He said Android Pee.😂😂😂😂 P. S. Maybe he wanted to say Android P, but it's still funny.

  • Can anyone share me that wallpaper of blue mountain

  • But it was changed

  • I'm mad....shitty hell no keyboard reading access nor permissions...fuck it

  • YES!!! finally a native screen recorder!! God, this is long overdue

  • Qiwi ?