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This is a top list of the loudest natural sounds on earth
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Attention: loud volume !!


  • "the sound of this can kill a human" tHEN WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS DO YOU WANT ME TO D I E

  • U know what the loudest sound is ... When u wake up at 3:00 am to grab a snack and u drop a bowl.... and it wakes up everyone

  • If the whale noise can kill a human why are you making us listen to it

  • Audience reactions to cap holding mjolnir is louder than all of these combined

  • 1:52 WTF I jumped 🙂

  • The highest frequency a phone can generate is not enough to damage your ear drums(not talking about long term). So NO, this will not kill you but fair warning to us earphone/headphone users.

  • Welp- I prepared my ear for this(I'm wearing earphones).

  • *volcanic eruption* Man: watch out for sharks

  • That will happend because of us we throw any garbage anyway and we kill animals we must protect mother nature who agree with me!!!

  • I'm Gonna Lower The Volume R. I. P To Headset Users Everyone:Im Gonna Get A Popcorn To Watch First

  • #1 When the shampoo bittle falls on the floor

  • the video says: these sounds can kill a human, me: pss, i didnt died

  • Loudest sound My uncle snoring

  • Mother nature is not exsist

  • Comment if you saw dolphin

  • 0:28 : this sound can kill a human! Me: should i pause the vedio or not😑

  • At 3 dad : sweetheart tomorrow am I going to cut that tree. Lightning :🌩 Dad : just forget it lightning already did it

  • meteor or an asteroid?

  • Number 1: My alarm clock at 3am HEYYYYY SISTERRS AHAHAHA

  • 0:24 i think i am not a human..... bcz i didn't die😁😁😁😁

  • The person dropping their hydro flask right behind me when the class is silent gives me nightmares

  • You wanna what the loudest thing is? Your scream when your WiFi stops working

  • TopVideos : 5 loudest sounds of mother nature on camera unexpected ads in youtube video : Yes.

  • the second lightning made me jump out my seat

  • 0:28 I am alive

  • 0:29 This sound can kill a human.... But then who is recording this?!?! Are they not dead

  • a meteor isnt a nature thing

  • 1:02 thats one way to trim your tree

  • Fok man I had earbuds on and now I think I'm deaf

  • At 1:14 look at the clouds.

  • 1. Your teacher when you don’t pay attention

  • “These sounds can kill a human” 0:28 Me: turns up volume all the way up

  • 1:52 9 year old with a $5 mic from Walmart joins the lobby

  • The loudest noise is... *_stepping on lego_*

  • We are mankind…


  • 0:30 if they can kill human then how someone recorded it???? 🤨 😕 🧐, maybe SUPERMAN did it

  • When I first heard that noise that said it can kill a human I heard the noise and picked a different video

  • 2:03 twin towers?

  • But how we still can survive?

  • Some1 upset mother nature

  • 0:36 It gives you heart attack

  • 2:08 me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa🤣🤣🤣

  • #1goku #2gohan #3naruto when he says I WILL BE HOKAGE ONE DAY

  • i think you forgot your *mom calling you to pray with her*

  • Fortnite chapter 2 epic Eldintheboss07

  • You forgot to add the mechanic keyboard.

  • The number 1 is You being whooped with the belt

  • That meteor just hit dusty depot and made it a divot

  • I think the loudest is me screaming

  • 0:56 That’s why you never stand under a tree during a thunderstorm.

  • يال الهووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووول

  • Guys, the most loudest voice is **morning flower alarm song**

  • 1:51 qué pasa gente yo soy lolito.

  • i flipping jumped out of my seat at 1:51 Comment if you did to

  • OMG

  • The asteroid sound scared the crap out of me there

  • No. 1: silently (or so you thought) farting while the class is silent reading

  • And the loudest goes to The bass boost

  • 0:28 how??

    • well, if the sound is loud enough human body can't stand it, so human dies. google about it, it's really interesting, mate!