top-5 Massive landslide Caught on Camera

čas přidán 26. 02. 2019
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Most Shocking landslides ..

i can't find the real owners of this clips if you see that i have used your
video or somehow i used your work feel free to contact me i fix that or will give you a credit its up to you

Note: This video doesn't contain danger activities or injures all people are on safe distance and no one is injured in this specific clips.


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  • Did she say yikes, no joke. Oh Great God.

  • fuck you ... until you can count to 5.

  • Landslides always happen in a places here idk the language

  • What is the event at 6:59?

  • humans dont give in to the planet they only give in to the bible when bible is deleted from human history we will start focusing on making sure thigs like this wont happen but too late every time i warn peoples about this they keep thinking i am crazy humans should not give in to humans humans should give in to the planet because only on this planet we can live i gove in to this planet thats why i seen all this before it happen but when i warned they keep thinking i am crazy because they cant accept the trueth

  • 6:05 i am sure lady tsunade fisted that groud or mybe sakura from naruto

  • سبحان الله وتهيدو الجبال هدا

  • them Feminist crying at the back why the fuck are yall screaming

  • Wow, there are some really dumb people making some of the most ignorant comments in here.

  • FIM dos tempos fim do mundo

  • Mother Earth Shows Its Power!

  • How did they know there's gonna be a landslide? , it seems like they know it beforehand.

  • Landslides is one of the worst n scariest disasters in this world.

  • Is there a forewarning? I mean there is always a crowd when these landslides happen! Totally interesting video!

  • I wonder how many people have died

  • Semoga tidak ada lagi bencana alam............ Cukup dividio ini Saja

  • Allah will examine us by these disasters God fearing peoples always save in these disasters

    • @SunnySydeRamsay in the day of judgment you peoples says us plz tell us the way to save but their is no way there is only hell there fire will end all of you🌎🌎🌎🌎 will end and the Muslims meet the God and you found your fack gods

    • Except for the ones who aren't.

  • 9.18 is fake

  • Os burros ficam olhando

  • Landslide: drops a load Me: ight Im out

  • That was f* loud

  • I hope everyone is ok in the video

  • Humans: Maybe we can build roads here, for transportation and trav- Land: no

  • Females always gotta scream. Always.


  • Aahhhhh... fuhchi capesta

  • Not a natural disasters. All of them done by humans stupidity.

    • chud Zechnas it is natural disasters cause by humans 🤧

  • This is just only a revenge of mother earth

  • When you fail to build a sand castle..

  • Power of gravity


  • Everyone is screaming Ooooh my God but this what God has created for us to show us how powerful he is

  • This is what happens when you don’t treat mother nature right

    • Uh not to be a smartass but that just has to do with the moisture levels of the mud and gravity, mother nature isn't a real thing it's judt nature,it doesn't seem for revenge ,it doesn't take liking in killing it's just ,nature

  • What?indeed there is someone called GOD

  • 0:28 why are y’all screaming for the car at least y’all safe

    • Plus insurance very likely has this covered

    • I ain’t no artist I’m a weirdo And Matt major yea and you wouldn’t scream and how do they know there safe the land beneath them was falling

  • I think they meant top 50 🤔

  • 미기한것들 답없음 ㅜㅜ 보다가 다뒈지지

  • i see the word

  • Ada yang merusak alam juga disitu.

  • Signs that our mother earth is slowly being destroyed by us humans.

    • Sir no,that's just mud and moist things being forced into the ground,humans have really nothing to do with mudslides

    • Æn Jél I eat grass

  • 1:03 the sign that warns for falling rocks!! well the next day will replace it with a falling Mountains warning!!

  • 0:24 to 0:33 the girl screaming X3 she maked me laugh so hard I thought on my mind: *Me watching the video normally* *Screaming girl* *Me Dying* : PFFFT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHA Srusly she screams like a peacock xdxdxd

    • Actually that screams sounds like Sr. Pelo xdxdxd

  • 9:42 she was shouting out loud 'san tta te' very similar to '산사태' Coincident?

  • بسم الله مافي سلم يقول لأ اله الا الله محمد رصول الله

  • This is The most shocking landslide video i have ever seen !!! One almost didn't think that it possibly could be as bad as this ! Poor people !!!

  • Astagfirullah ya rab

  • Thats no massive

  • Why I’ll never live on a hill

  • Hsyw

  • No stone shall be left unturned

  • I saw in the spirit the cars that comes from the see. I used to see this in dreams when i was a child. But i know that God was talking now it is fulfilled

  • الله اكبر

  • What ?

  • I have something to say 😭 sad but here at the 🇵🇭 due to bad weather cause of typhoon Ompong last year September 2018 had landslide

  • Oh nooo!

  • 5:5 Nepal

  • i think that you showed more that 5....

  • Hard to see this in my country, GOD bless Africa GOD bless Nigeria

  • Sợ quá nha 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱