Top 5 Pocket Knives with Talon Sei | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 23)

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Zac sits down with Talon Sei during SHOT Show 2020 to talk about his top five favorite knives. Get your next knife here:
Check out Talon Sei's channel here:
Knives in order of appearance:
Protech TR-5:
Microtech Tachyon 3:
Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight:
Chris Reeve Knives Impinda:
Guardian Tactical Recon-035:
Protech Strider SNG:
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  • Yoooo the Wii music 😂😂😂Can't wait for our big plans together this summer 🙌🏻

    • I'd love to see this as a steady segment.. " 5 knives with.... then random people "....

    • Rubbing beards?

    • Great choice of knives..... Two thumbs way up. That Strider is freakin awesome.

    • This summer is going to be awesome!

  • I look to Talon frequently for advice on Knives and Pistol

  • Thoughts on Ravencrest Tactical OTFs?

  • Do a video on timascus steel not Damascus timascus!!!

  • That last knife is 🔥

  • Thanks to this video, I ordered a Protech TR-5 just days ago. Got it super quick from Blade HQ! Thanks guy! It’s my first auto and I’m super impressed with the quality and care that went into making this knife! Now the only problem is I have a huge wishlist and a few knives in my BHQ cart. Next up is the Guardian... in my cart and calling home!

  • I am new to your channel. Can you help me with an EDC folder with an authentic Damascus 2” give or take length blade knife? Love the channel! Elias

  • I've been carrying a Kershaw trace and love it.

  • Hey blade hq i have knife and i forgot what the name was

  • BladeHQ -- when are y'all gonna work with Spyderco to get a special run of the Tenacious in a better steel?? You know you want to!

  • I would to see you guys get a hold of Lotar combat knives and review them (I happen to have the CEO's contact info if you want to get a hold of them...ahem) that would be incredible. absolutely love your channel and videos

  • Do u guys sell butterfly knives

  • Another company that thinks there knives are number one over everybody else and there way over f****** inflated prices

  • Hello guys! Do you ship to europe?

  • I don't think that I can take an opinion from someone who can't use their real name or the name of a rejected Mortal Kombat character. The guy has four electric skateboards in his own apartment, what fun?

  • I would like to see a knife batter about the most underrated knives, that would be cool.

  • Was that a Train in the background i heard?

    • That's just the blade train. CHOO CHOO!

  • Love Your Videos, But Please!!! Tell Zac that while he's talking sooo much to please SHOW BOTH SIDES OF THE KNIVES he's showing while talking, both sides are usually different and should be displayed. Since your not giving performance reviews............

  • Man I wish I could have a auto knife......dam Canadian knife laws 😅

  • Love that protech/strider

  • I love the videos and they have have made me grow for my love of knives. My first ever knife was from my grandfather from when he was a sheriff and my second was when he was part of the DEA which was a custom spyderco paramilitary. Keep making awesome videos!

  • Love talon great channel learned alot from him

  • Subbed to both of your channels 👍🏻!!!

  • See I didn't know this dude so when I read Talon Sei I thought it was a new knife steel.. Great video btw.

  • Would definitely get the Strider if I had the funds

  • Hey Talon, you already quit carrying the Sebenza?

  • No beards. Yes, knives. Thanks for the work reporting.

  • I see a chip or folded edge on the pro tech

  • The GOA's call to action against the ATF's gun registry:

  • That Guardian Tactical OTF looks a lot like my cheapo Lightnin' OTF. I'm sure that one uses way better materials, and the blade itself is different, but I'm guessing the Lightnin' is just as fun to play with.

  • exactly!! I hate otf knives where it's a big as handle and a mini skinny blade

  • Talon, aren't those automatic knives illegal in PA?

  • Once I was at a gun show and saw an off picked it up slid up the toggle thing blade popped out as expected. Then put it down and another blade popped out the other side and woulda went straight through my hand if it was sharpened 💀😂

  • If there was a balisong knife and fork dining set, legit would use it at any steakhouse

  • I thought I was the only one to do black everything. Shout out to T. S. for liking the color black as much as I do. Black everything!

  • Nobody seen that Talon opened the Protech and Zac closed it? Bad luck! LOL

  • Very cool dude and collection of knives 👍

    • Talon is awesome!

  • Man that TR is sexy tho

  • Zac, you need to do a video on Talon's SDGD channel!

    • That would be epic!

  • You guys must have shot this like last last month! Wow that's quite a long time from filming to release but cool video Talon is an awesome guest! He's cool to watch on his channel so it makes sense he'd be awesome here!

  • I love that 95% of the knives you guys have shown lately are out of the price range of 95% of us.... great balance.

  • SNG 🎉💥🔥

  • 1K 👍

  • I dont get why the para 3 has such low quality steel

  • Blade hq and talon sei heck ya

  • BladeHQ Flashlight Banter? That would be pretty sick!

  • With all the new pocket cleavers since the last banter on the topic y’all should do another one😁

  • This was a great one. Talon has good taste in blades. Strider is a special one.

  • Glad to see the bromance is alive and well😂😂😂

    • Alove and well😍😍🤣

  • Yes slip joint The End of your finger OFF

  • Talon’s got great taste in knives.

  • Ewww stolen Valor knife. Everything else was awesome though!

  • Zach do you recojend knifes from miguel nieto ??

  • WhhhuuaaaaaaaT??!!! Zac... likes his Ultratech??? I could swear, once upon a time, he said he wasn't much of an OTF guy... minus his slurpy green AKC... did I make this up???

    • @Blade HQ OH NO! I trust your knife likes, so now I am going to have to think about this..... I need to find a leprechaun !!

    • I'm not a big OTF guy but the Guardian Tactical has me thinking the F16 needs a friend😁 -Zac

  • Cant even remotely afford any of these knives. lol

  • He’s a good guy and has great vids but idk there’s plenty of knife nerd guys out there with a lot more knowledge

  • Sweet video

  • i like the shape of the protech blades but i dont like blacked out i like my knife steel to shine

  • Can I get my mini bugout shipped now please. . .

  • Only 2 of these are CA legal :(

  • I used to be a big fan of Talon but I'm less and less excited about content with him.

  • Bugout and para 3... Booooo next please. Booooo

  • Blade HQ + Talon Sei = actual nirvana 😂

  • When are you going to post leatherman shot show 2020.

  • Love when two great channels I follow get together just for the sake of bro'in down on some good gear. Thanks for the vid!

    • It's always a blast to get together with other guys and nerd out!

  • I love the how the tanto OTF has like a scoop taken out by the tip that makes it look more like a chisel almost.

  • Are we just not gonna talk about how impressive that thumbnail is🔥

    • @Blade HQ magic of photo shop lol. *No hate*

    • Talon is a Magic Man!😎

  • what about the laws for caring balisong in las vegas?

  • Tailon Sai how do you have autos if you live in pa??

  • All Black YO2 in right pocket Bugout in left I'm complete! 👍👊

  • 🎶Talon sei and blade hq ...these are a few of my favorite things....🎶

  • Talon has great taste in knives.

    • James Todd thanks James 🙌🏻

    • He's a regular blade epicurean.😎

  • Love you guys Carry microtech jedi knite and topps bullpup xl every day

  • Speaking of insider info, when is PM2 S45?

  • Yeah Talon Sei Brother! He's just like Razor Ramon dude! He'll out you in the razor's edge brother! And then Zac comes in to do the post-match interview just like "Mean" Gene Overland dude! What ya gonna do when Hulk Hogan, Zac and Talon Sei run WILD in YOU brother?!

    • @Blade HQ Yeah brother!

    • The Creeeeeaaammmmm Always Rises to the Top!

  • 87th

  • Meh protech IS badass. But the launch series fires hard too especially the smaller ones and there is no weight to torque the blade out of your hand. I dig that

  • How tall is Talin Sei

  • I’m not mad at that Protech Strider

  • QUOTE OF THE YEAR: "I don't know if you can get them other places, but you can get them some places" - Talon Sei 2020