Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends

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Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends
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Kentucky is a stunning place, that straddles the line between modern and western. A Bluegrass State that houses some of the most terrifying, and strangest ghost stories you’ll ever hear about. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going to be counting down our list of the Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends.
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  • Waverly hills

  • I'm from Kentucky and as often as I've been to Louisville I have never seen the witches tree but I do love the supernatural so thank you for giving me five urban legends to investigate next time I'm in the city.


  • I live in Harlan Ky. On a road traveling from Harlan to Evarts (a back woods part of harlan) Called highway 38, on rainy nights you will see a headless woman in white. She will get in your back seat. She will then ride with you till the end of the highway then disappear. I've drove the road several times but never will I on rainy nights. No one knows who she is but I heard she was a hitchhiker in I believe the 60s. She was picked up and murdered on a rainy night. Ever since then shes been getting into peoples back seat and causing heart attacks.

  • I hate when people say Louisville like that

  • I’m from Kentucky so if u want to want to get an idea on what it’s like here imagine Florida with horses, fried chicken, horses and a lot of churches

  • My house is right next to the tunnel I go there all the time

  • Kentucky rules!! :P

  • I live in KY

  • I have to go by that bridge everyday to go to school

  • Check out Franklin, Ky. We’ve got a haunted house, UFO sightings, and a plane that crashed that had no cause.

  • I’m a child in Louisville and some Myths have it that since it’s active still and if you make it across (without jumping off before a train hits you or getting hit by a train this is how deaths happen) when you make it there will be the goat man he gives you 3 wishes but most are tricks no one has made it across but they said the man says “be careful what you wish for” and vanishes no one knows if this is true so it makes people more Eager to find out. Since I have family near it I pass it often it’s cold there and you get a feel of horror after you pass it.

  • As a Kentuckian I know the number one as the Goat Man

  • Kentucky Peeps, where ya at? | \/

  • Where's my ky (Kentucky) gang at

  • Kentucky is my home. There is a legend I know quite well and have been to the place with my mom several times. In Princeton Ky, there is a tunnel road. It was said that A women was walking to see her husband down the road. When a driver didn’t have their lights on (it was night) the truck hit the woman and she died. I don’t know the physics behind it, but there is a gravity thing under the road. And it is said to when you put your car in neutral, she will push your car away and out of the tunnel. It does work! My mom used it to scare us to not leave the house at night. She said something about there being like a hill under it making you go forward but I never knew :)

  • I live in Kentucky but I never heard of these

  • As a Kentuckian, we have a lot of haunted places, but ghosts aren’t so common and are somewhat rare to see.

  • Have you ever herd of elsewhere kentucky

  • I'm in kentucky and I live next to a grave yard 😭

  • Yay someone finally did my state!! Now to go find these places!!

  • Lewyville

  • As a Kentucky native,WOW.

  • I live in Louisville

  • I'm from Danville, Kentucky and currently living in Frankfort, Kentucky.. I have seen a lot of crazy stuff here.

  • Used to hang out around the tunnel and fish in the stream as a little kid, it had a really weird vibe sometimes but never saw anything.

  • I live in ky

  • I live in Kentucky so thanks for warning me

  • I live in Alexandria Kentucky!!! Come on all I knew was goat man jeez!

  • I live in Kentucky

  • 💘 kentucky

  • Should have included the Hopskinville Goblin. It's obviously fake but it's probably the most famous cryptid from here.

  • I know one it’s in Payneville Kentucky there is a witch who burned in a fire and there is still people who hear her and I was reading a book about her and The book closed and I literally scream and ran to my grandparents

  • I live in Louisville Kentucky and most of these are from Louisville Kentucky lol

  • The Elsmere tunnel I live down the road from it I’ve been there hundreds of times and I have heard voices but no shadows or nothing and there is a hook at the end Of the tunnel

  • From kentucky here.. did you miss anything? Ohhhh PLENTYYY pretty state with some twisted history

  • Can't stand lucy

  • Awesome 😈

  • at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> i drove past and asked my mom if we could go she said no its haunted

  • I guess Mitch McConnell doesn't count?

  • Kentucky it's where you can marry your sister

  • Without Jack its just a bunch of comments by people drooling over the little chick. I want Jack back. Dude helped crusade to save this channel, now hes gone. Miss ya Jack.

  • I live in kentucky😳

  • I live in Fisherville next to that bridge you should hear the sounds that it makes at night

  • I also highly recommend Under the Dome. At least the first 98%. But, as with many King works, while the body of the work is incredible, the end is just a let down.

  • Kentucky is the most weirdest state in the United States tell me a different state if you disagree. (Please don’t argue because that’s childish.)

  • Omg i live 5 minutes away from iroquise park

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  • Sorry Lucy, Kentucky is not stunning. My mom left there as a kid and never looked back. And every time I've been there, I couldn't wait to leave. P.S. I didn't think Lucy could get any more adorable, but the hair up in a bun is a new high.

  • Sounds like fried chicken

  • The Bell Witch

  • Kentuckian here. Love the list! I'm a little surprised Bobby Mackey's wasn't on here, though.

  • I've spent some time in Kentucky and it is a place rich with historic culture. This is a great video. Thanks for posting, Lucy! Oh...and the "s" in "Iroquois" is silent. You know...just a little facetious conclusion. Lol

  • Am I the only person who lives in Kentucky

  • We dont have villages, we call them towns, or towns people

  • I live in ky

  • My parents are from KY and WVa and let me tell you... There's a lot more scarier things going on in those 2 states than these 5 stories. Can you say inbreeding? Meth? Don't combine the 2 or else! 😳

  • If you do a part 2 don't forget the sheepsquatch it's a Kentucky Urban myth

    • His name is Elmo. He's my uncle.... 😮

  • The witches tree is beautiful an I've been a few times. Its a beautiful an sad places to visit.

  • u should look one state below in tennessee we have our fair share of ghost and demons too ;)

  • Kentucky is my Home. It's not perfect, but I love it. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

  • As a man from Kentucky I approve

  • Lucy what if go to Dexter's park

  • There's a myth about a serial killer living in the woods literally right behind me

    • Which part of Falmouth

    • When I lived Falmouth, There was a rumor about a Transient who lived in the open sewage pipes behind the Apartment Complex I lived in.

  • We do investigations in and around KY...even up to West is a video we made at the Pope Lick Bridge...more humorous than anything also SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL We went to BOBBY MACKEY'S NIGHT CLUB IN THE TUNNELS PERFORMING A DEMONIC RITUAL IN IT LOL CHECK IT OUT

  • The pope lick monster is basically the Rajang from monster hunter .

  • "In at 3 the Witches Tree" awesome rhyme

  • I live here in KY and hadn't heard of three of these - thank you!

  • My wife's great grandparents are from Marion, KY, I had never heard this urban legend

  • great show thank you for making it 🏆

  • Lucy though😍😍😍

  • Please make an Indiana urban legends!? Nobody else will make the video and we really would like to see it!

  • Bobby Mackey’s Music World has already been mentioned, but you could do a part two that's just about it, steeped as it is in creepy lore, some of which definitely has basis in fact. The subject of numerous paranormal investigations and television shows, Bobby Mackey's has been called "the most haunted night club in America", and Kentucky's "portal to Hell". The club is built on the foundation of a busy nineteenth-century slaughterhouse, and blood can still be seen splattered on the walls of its basement. Stories abound of suicide, murder, mobsters, a headless ghost, occult rituals, etc., which have given Bobby Mackey's a very dark reputation indeed.

  • There are several ghost stories and urban legends about Harlan county. Unfortunately some of the real horror stories about my hometown is the truth in it's past!

  • This should have been called Top 5 Scary Louisville Urban Legends. No Beast of LBL, or anywhere else in the state.

  • Yeti vs. Pope Lick, that be great battle

  • You're a lot cooler than Rebecca felgate

  • Spurlington Tunnel has a good story.

  • Yeah my home state!!! Awesome