Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends

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Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends
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Kentucky is a stunning place, that straddles the line between modern and western. A Bluegrass State that houses some of the most terrifying, and strangest ghost stories you’ll ever hear about. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going to be counting down our list of the Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends.
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  • My parents are from KY and WVa and let me tell you... There's a lot more scarier things going on in those 2 states than these 5 stories. Can you say inbreeding? Meth? Don't combine the 2 or else! 😳

  • If you do a part 2 don't forget the sheepsquatch it's a Kentucky Urban myth

    • His name is Elmo. He's my uncle.... 😮

  • The witches tree is beautiful an I've been a few times. Its a beautiful an sad places to visit.

  • u should look one state below in tennessee we have our fair share of ghost and demons too ;)

  • Kentucky is my Home. It's not perfect, but I love it. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

  • As a man from Kentucky I approve

  • Lucy what if go to Dexter's park

  • There's a myth about a serial killer living in the woods literally right behind me

    • When I lived Falmouth, There was a rumor about a Transient who lived in the open sewage pipes behind the Apartment Complex I lived in.

  • We do investigations in and around KY...even up to West is a video we made at the Pope Lick Bridge...more humorous than anything also SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL We went to BOBBY MACKEY'S NIGHT CLUB IN THE TUNNELS PERFORMING A DEMONIC RITUAL IN IT LOL CHECK IT OUT

  • The pope lick monster is basically the Rajang from monster hunter .

  • "In at 3 the Witches Tree" awesome rhyme

  • I live here in KY and hadn't heard of three of these - thank you!

  • My wife's great grandparents are from Marion, KY, I had never heard this urban legend

  • great show thank you for making it 🏆

  • Lucy though😍😍😍

  • Please make an Indiana urban legends!? Nobody else will make the video and we really would like to see it!

  • Bobby Mackey’s Music World has already been mentioned, but you could do a part two that's just about it, steeped as it is in creepy lore, some of which definitely has basis in fact. The subject of numerous paranormal investigations and television shows, Bobby Mackey's has been called "the most haunted night club in America", and Kentucky's "portal to Hell". The club is built on the foundation of a busy nineteenth-century slaughterhouse, and blood can still be seen splattered on the walls of its basement. Stories abound of suicide, murder, mobsters, a headless ghost, occult rituals, etc., which have given Bobby Mackey's a very dark reputation indeed.

  • There are several ghost stories and urban legends about Harlan county. Unfortunately some of the real horror stories about my hometown is the truth in it's past!

  • This should have been called Top 5 Scary Louisville Urban Legends. No Beast of LBL, or anywhere else in the state.

  • Yeti vs. Pope Lick, that be great battle

  • You're a lot cooler than Rebecca felgate

  • Spurlington Tunnel has a good story.

  • Yeah my home state!!! Awesome

  • To me when I hear the word Kentucky I think of Fried Chicken.

  • Plz do top 5 urban legends of Texas.

  • Yea i agree Trailor trash is pretty frighting.

  • You want to hear Scarey? Row faster i hear banjo music!!!

  • I'd love to see some of the other states covered. Colorado where I live you could do one that features Riverdale Road.

  • I think that monster is Jim Cornette!

  • Wasup Lucy hope ya had a awesome day. Love yall's vidz, Awesome 👍 i was wonderin if maybe u can do a top 5 urban myths or haunted shyt from Athens, Alabama if u can find anything? ima major paranormal n myth fanatic Landon n em can tell ya i been watchin their channel almost a year minus a few months bc of some personal issues i went thru but i seen u and jack on some of their videos and wanted ta check yall's channel out too, this one and the top 10 are my 2 favorite channels 💯 hope yall have a great weekend hun. Mmfwcl 🃏

  • Pssst...there are places in Kentucky that aren’t Louisville!!!

    • First legend wasn't Louisville

  • Do NJ next plzz

  • I think you have a doppelgänger working at a VR arcade in California. Lancaster. I’m currently reading insomnia

  • Tragedy at Devil's Hollow

    • @TheOneTheOriginal I'm definitely going to look into that there's a company locally in the capital called scare squad they have a doc in progress there still filming now tho but can't wait to watch

    • Dylan Barnes "Tragedy at Devil's Hollow" is the name of a book about ghost stories in KY.

    • Which devils hollow in ky?

  • I live in KY. I quite enjoyed listening to these urban legends. I might go check these out once I get the chance.

  • As a Kentuckian I can confirm... our history is rich with strange strange stories 😈

  • Kinda creepy, maybe I'll take a trip to check these out.

  • Surprised me to see this vid about my native state but fr this state is full of crazy paranormal legends and backwards legends. Ty for gathering together some of our best stories!

  • We need a part 2. All kinds that you missed in Eastern KY. Try Pikeville KY.

  • Lucy seems like some one I’d love hanging out with.

  • I know where that tunnel is.

  • No Beast of LBL?

  • I live in Kentucky. I knew about Pope Lick. But the other ones, nope, nothing. And what a coincidence, I live very close to Elsmere. Like, right across the street of it. Lol!! I may have to go look into that train tunnel. Should be fun.

  • Can't wait to see what you find for Washington state.

  • I thought Lucy had a mohawk at first, which she was pulling off pretty well.

  • It's nice hearing some legends from my home state, just sad most of them are ghost stories. Still it's pretty cool to see Kentucky talked about at all anymore so thumbs up from me.

  • Pilots Knob... Thats Funny...

  • Do a Michigan vid

  • In Kentucky, it's pronounced loo-a-vull, just saying....

  • As a Brit I am very impressed that you said ‘knob’ without chuckling 😂

  • Isn't the Bell Witch story from Kentucky as well?

  • Hey! I live there !

  • Wheres the beast of Lbl??

  • Humanity is the real urban legend. None of this is real!

  • I'm from Kentucky, we have a tire and Bible store down the way. Shits lit lol 😂😂

  • U Look cute

  • looking forward to minnesota

  • Great video lucy you should look into Glasgow urban legends . X that be a great video x

  • Haunted chicken. Lols