Top 5 Singers surprised by fans singing skills (Pt.7)

čas přidán 15. 11. 2018
#Singers #invite #fans to sing together
and the results..see for yourself
The way Pink stared at this girl is just awesome! We think that she nailed it and Pink loved it!
Am i the only who thinks that the little girl with Jessie J seems already like a superstar!?
Who surprised you the most?
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1) PINK:


  • Hey CS-tvrs!! What do you think about Beyonce's facial expressions? The girl with Pink nailed it!! Who surprised you the most? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!! Which one gave you goosebumps?

  • Stupid jealous people who disliked

  • I absolutely LOVE PINK

  • 5:20 selena gomes said fuck

  • The concert goer is probably a paid actor/rees paid by the Beyonce or pink in order to boost there image of having a care factor for there fans which is all a lie I am sure.It boosts sales and reputation remember everything at the top is crooked that's how it works weather it be politics or hollywood.Its all a game and its the masses losing the game every time sheep.

  • 4:34 is that the yodel kid?!?!?

  • P!nk at 0:53 is the best

  • I love how pink was so supportive and mesmerised

  • OMG that first one made me cry! I don't even know why but she is mad talented!

  • Pink is a rare star. Completely humble and so lovely

  • Who dislike this video

  • Beyonce said: My work here is done

  • That's right Beyonce! Now you know how Cher, Madonna and Mariah feel. Welcome to the diva society. Edit: you too Selina!

  • Selena when she getting started to cry

  • 5:22 Fuck 😂😂😂

  • My favourite moment is when an artist is overwhelmed by the crowd just chanting back at them. It's such an intimate moment and I just can't imagine how loved they must feel. It's so special.

  • What is the name of bank song

  • I really like Beyonce and Jessie J's part❤️

  • Pink's reaction is so sweet. Watching her watch the girl was cute.

  • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • I fucking love pink. "You can sing anything you want." Pink is so sweet.

  • Why Beyonce look so controlled by some external hard drive force??? Those eyes.

  • pink is perfect i love her so much

  • First girl made me cry lol I love pink and how cool she is

  • Jessie J te amoooo.

  • They really could sing

  • Selena Say "fuck" 😂😂😂

  • Beyoncé looks pregnant

  • Pink so cool . New friends here Lets support each other

  • The first girl is soo good to sing! 😍

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  • Selena vomez too music is gay.... and sa e old tune

  • Stfu so we can hear... damn all tht noisew u xan clap later

  • Beyonce😂😂😂😂

  • Auf der Bühne stehen und es auf sich wirken lassen ..............das was man da wahrnimmt ist doch einfach das beste , wenn man hört wie die Leute deine Songs singen aus ganzer Seele

  • ‘perfect’ is my favourite song by pink up till this day

  • That little girl with the space buns sings very well. She needs to be a

  • These kids are amazing. I sing like a chicken on crack...

  • How classy is Pink.

  • does beyonce hair always blow in the wind

  • Jessie J is the cutest 😍❤❤

  • Missing lara fabian with je taime

  • Of course Selena was going to be outsung

  • Black, white, yellow Republican, Democrat, Independent Music has the power to bring people together ❤

  • LOL beyonce was always be my queen. But since this performance, i worship her even more

  • i love the amount of positivity in this video.

  • I cried a little bit at nr. 3, it was so beautiful

  • Why doesn't the crowd shut up

  • Pink ❤️

  • Wind has left the chat 2:07

  • like

  • when beyonce goes to a concert to hear all the crowd singing..... 😁😁😁

  • Pink t'es belle🙃❤😁

  • That girl with P!nk

  • When Beyoncé’s concert to her fans becomes her fans concert to her 🤣

  • Это и есть счастье для исполнителя, когда полный стадион поёт его песни, а он может просто стоять и наслаждаться! В такие моменты понимаешь, что в своей жизни ты сделал все!

  • That kid with Jessie J is so adorable. Hope her dreams come true. 😊

  • The girl with pink was beautiful

  • Pinks respect for this girl is obvious, one proud moment for girls fam

  • BABY

  • Beyoncé has left the world

  • OMG this hole video was AWESOME.

  • *Angelica Hale? Best youngest singer ever!*

  • Pink...your motherhood is showing. Holy sh*t is exactly what I was thinking too.

  • Beyonce Museum: This is her trusty wind machine she used in all of her performances

  • Wow!!!

  • Beyonce 😂🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤👏👏👏👏

  • Hello , what the name of the first song ? Please

  • I can see the security guards smiling in the first one


  • Are we not gonna talk about Jesse J and that tiny kid who is an amazing damn singer???

  • They were probably all thinking 'This little person gonna steal my job sooner or later' Then when the crowd was singing 'They just gonna take my stage okay, my fans are now ruling over me and I'm kinda scared because there is a whole army of them' I bet that's close to what they were thinking at least.

  • Beyonce fans knows the rules. Yall better come correct when singing her songs! Lol

  • Pink made me cry

  • rrip beyonce

  • I really liked the jessie j one she is amazing also the girl that was singing with jessie

  • This is amazing! As soon as Alessia Cara (my idol) goes on her next tour in America, I'm going to beg my dad to let us get VIP tickets (I'll even pay for them) so that I can see her concert and then I can meet her and sing for her. She's my biggest inspiration and I want her to hear my voice since she's the reason I've worked on it so much ^^

  • Beyonce was like ak exusme

  • the last one

  • That young girl is so good!!

  • Who noticed selena say “fuck” at 5:22

  • 4:30 oh God the wallmart yodeling kid

  • The best

  • Ok 10/0

  • It looks like Beyonce was going to concert of Beyonce😂😂😂

  • P!nk is fkn awesome love 💕 her

  • Would be nice people shut up so you can hear them

  • 4:39 is that the yodling kid???

  • Selena Gomez was the first Artist that I liked 😂😂

  • I think it’s just me but I don’t like the way kids sing it sounds like they have a cold

  • Things like this make me cry, it's truly amazing how music connects people 💖💙

  • Selena Gomez and Beyonce were classic. The damn audience sung their whole song and they were in awe.

  • 4:41 the Walmart yodeler is back!

  • Selena is such a beautiful woman with an amazing heart.

  • e Selena actually enjoyed hearing them sing

  • 'B' sit down we GOT THIS!

  • beonceys fans can just sing for her

  • Omggggg i wish i could do that

  • Anyone else crying like a baby ? Or is it just me ? Okay I’m going to hide now 😭

  • I cried with Selena.