Top 5 Singers surprised by fans singing skills (Pt.7)

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#Singers #invite #fans to sing together
and the results..see for yourself
The way Pink stared at this girl is just awesome! We think that she nailed it and Pink loved it!
Am i the only who thinks that the little girl with Jessie J seems already like a superstar!?
Who surprised you the most?
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1) PINK:


  • Hey CS-tvrs!! What do you think about Beyonce's facial expressions? The girl with Pink nailed it!! Who surprised you the most? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!! Which one gave you goosebumps?

  • Ha, beyonkey looks confused and realises that the audience can sing much better than she can..........:) As for 'PInk' and that young girl, she was so nice to her and encouraged her to sing her song, and I bet that young girl will relive that moment forever....

  • The young girl with Pink was awesome

  • who is here from.. part 1. 🤗

  • Love this 💜

  • Watching this video made me realize how beautiful songs before where it can make you sing along now in 2019 dont know

  • Paid a lot for a ticket for a Beyonce concert and the audience doesn't let her sing one of her hits.

  • wow that beyonce audience was the best in tune audience i've ever heard that was great lol

  • Wow! I see 3100 people are TONE DEAF

  • Selena just looks dead at the camera and says, fuck😂 5:21

  • One of the best videos on CS-tv.

  • Beyonce standing like a proud mom

  • Who else heared that girl at 2:35 she sound just like beyonce!!!!

  • Audience = The whole class. Singer = Teacher Teachers singing= homework The whole class singing=No homework.

  • beyonce's iconic video will forever remain

  • Does american singers have fanchants like k pop?

  • the beyonce one isnt really singing skill, more "oh shit they know the whole song"

  • gg beyonce can cook at kitchen

  • I'm really depressed now.

  • Te amo pickkkkk

  • The beyonce is the best one XOXO

  • Beyoncé's reaction was really nice... of course, there's nothing better for a concert artist to hear the entire audience sing and enjoy their song... by heart, and as one at that. And she went along, of course

  • i dislike justin bentonor is overwhelming for you and i

  • Selena Gomez almost cried she was so proud

  • *Pink and Jessie J! Those girls were soooo happy! They sang so beautifully! This is what love is all about and caring for others! Those young girl's have my vote!*

  • Pink is so humble she is amazing ❤

  • Pinks expression on her face said it all when the girl started to sing. She was amazing

  • In tears 💓🙌

  • Every time I watch these I tear up fml emotions

  • 4:47 the yodel boy.. he yodels at my walmart.......I told him to shut up once before he was famous *I MESSED UP*

  • LMFAO..Dat 1st 1 tho... Mom:DO PERFECT!!! Mom:TWELVE!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • I wish could sing I sound like a dying whale when I do😑😐

  • I used to be a fan but now im an airconditioner

  • Beyonce was looking like shoot give me some popcorn and a chair!😂❤️

  • omg beyonce fans were awesome

  • 5:23 Selina says

  • Pinks girl is amazing

  • ............ am I hallucinating or does that girl next to Jesse J look younger than me? 😱 I’m like ** and I’m an awful singer...

  • 5:22 Selena Gomez cursed😂😂😂

  • The first girl sounds like ariana

  • I think Beyoncé was more surprised by them knowing the whole song

  • Yo If i was only as good as them

  • 4:29 sería o menino do Walmart?

  • The first girl singing goes to my school 💀😂🙌🏻

  • Love them all

  • I ❤️❤️❤️ P!NK so much!!! She let that 12 year old girl sing the entire song or a good chunk of it

  • B is looking on the money Fully lit

  • No1 noticed that this is darcy lynne( winner of AGT 2017) whom Pink has given mike to sing. If Ia m the first one to tell you please like the comment.

  • The way Selena just mouths "f***"

  • XD the yodeling kid tho

  • You know you made it when your audience sings the song for you you could see the joy on there face!💕💗

  • Selena looked so cute and perfect 👌 while her hair was blowing whoaaaa

  • 4:30 The yodeling kidd💓

  • Yeah I’m y

  • It's like when all their fans sing perfectly they have this like humbling moment when they realize their impact on people all over the world

  • Jessie J is amazing ❤

  • see yall haters, selena does sing live at least sometimes

  • Beyonces hair flows like that naturally with out fans

  • pink just loves her fans

  • 😍

  • Fans are singing better than gomez

  • Jessie j is awesome

  • 2:14 )))))))

  • Beyoncé was going to sing at a concert but ended up attending a concert

  • Beyoncé made me laugh XD

  • Awww they sound beautiful

  • Jessie J's girl is a natural, I hope she grows up to be someone amazing. Precious girl.

  • Yeah, I'll just sing in front of 50,000 people. No big deal.

  • Pink..2019..I Love you..I like

  • Less than a minute and half that's how far I made it without crying

  • Beyoncé selena 😍

  • Wow everyone is amazing at singing YOU CAN DO ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT

  • Wow OMG she is so amazing 😱😱😱😱😱😱 if you da shoutouts I want one plzzzz

  • Beyoncé: shook My wig: snatched

  • Kylie Minogue into the Blue, Amazing! !

  • Nothing compares to Lara Fabian, Je t'aime! Creepy and she is really emotioned

  • Sweet selena gomez..

  • Beyonce is a queen ❤

  • with years working in the music industry, shouldn't they know the mic gotta be close to the singer to pick up the sounds xD. i get so irritated when they point their microphone toward the audience

  • Wow, looks like Selena nearly got tears in her eyes :O

  • Beyoncé's face 😂😱😂😂😂hahahahahhah

  • Ketty perry is sooo sweet

  • Wow, Selena must have felt amazing listening to the audience sing those words to her. What a touching moment.

  • I came because of p!nk. Love her

  • Jessie


  • Pink.

  • Did you see Selena Gomez she said fu**

  • Amo a Pink

  • Geezer

  • Harlems best out there

  • Huge applause for children 👏👏👏🙂🙂

  • Best bit was that lil baby girl owning that stage with Jessie J❣️

  • 5:23 and at that moment we realised that Selena Gomez had just sworn in front of millions of people

  • Beyoncé’s face killed me she was like “bruh ok um let’s go with it um sure maybe I should be paying to watch them or maybe they should be my back up singers”

  • Beyonce face 😂🔥

  • I saw this meme: (if you don’t know Divergent, skip this.) Hannah Montana: NOBODY’S PERFECT! Tobias Eaton: I am. Selena Gomez: WHO SAYS YOU’RE NOT PERFECT Tobias Eaton: Hannah Montana

  • around 5:23 Selena lips the f word😂

  • Pink é dolcissima🌹❤

  • Its do.beautiful and cute