Top Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Junk Food

čas přidán 17. 11. 2016
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A refined, industrial diet causes excess, dysfunctions then chronicity that makes the bed of so-called diseases of civilization. The food industrial dishes like the "fast food" has been very successful but suggested a diet too rich in saturated fatty acid, sugar, refined salt, chemicals whose carcinogenic acrylamide. It is also very poor in vitamins and vegetable fibers and can also include beef tallow, dextrose and gluten. This food has bad press but appeals to people in a hurry, stressed, unaware of the link between how they feed themselves and their state of health or ill-being.
Junk food commonly includes:
• Salty snacks such as crisps, fried foods sold at fast food (fries, potatoes, fried chicken wings, etc.),
• Sweet foods like sweets, gumballs, most sweet desserts, soft drinks like sodas but also alcoholic beverages, some non-full cereals and high in sugar also belong to this food category.
By adopting JUNK FOOD, this brings about as detrimental effects on your health:
• Increased risk of cardiovascular disease (angina, infarction, stroke)
• Increased risk of cancer (Breast, colorectal cancer for example)
• Increase in blood pressure
• Increase in the level of bad cholesterol as well as triglycerides
• Increase in water retention
• Weight gain
• Increased risk of being overweight or obese
• Decreased expectation and quality of life
• "Bad" example for your children
• Spending money
• Increased risk of diabetes
• Increased risk of respiratory problems
Tips to Improve Your Food Habit
• Consume daily recommended amounts and types of foods
• Limit your intake of foods and drinks high in calories, lipids, sodium.
• Be active every day
Now, take a look at some of the shocking facts of junk food that are mentioned below:
• Junk food does not provide all the essential nutrients to allow our bodies to function properly. Regular consumption of junk food can lead you to a great desire for sweets, to be overweight, or even obese. Additionally, the state of overweight can affect the flow of oxygen to the brain cells which in turn affects the concentration and memory of the person.
• Excessive consumption of junk food increases the risk of developing various chronic degenerative diseases, cardiovascular problems, glucose intolerance, dental caries, different types of cancers and hypertension.
• Most empty foods come with high sodium content and this can develop a disease of high blood pressure in a person.
• It has been found that people who regularly eat junk food are more prone to mood swings and other behavioral problems.
• Often, junk food contains very high sugar content. Even a single can of cola is loaded with about 10 teaspoons of sugar. In addition, unused sugars are processed into fats, so people who consume junk food are more at risk of gaining weight over others.
• Junk food contains high amounts of ox cholesterol. It is a type of cholesterol and consumption of it results in increased chances of a heart attack.
• Colors and artificial flavors added in junk food are bad for our health. They can cause skin rashes, asthma and other problems such as hyperactivity.
• The junk food has no fiber and is loaded with fat, which can develop a problem of constipation. In addition, the high amount of fat can also cause you drowsiness.
• The excess of junk food can also cause gas and bloating.
• Consuming junk food can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease.
For more information about Junk Food Side effects, read our article:
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