Toxicologist Answers Poison Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

čas přidán 25. 10. 2021
Toxicologist Anne Chappelle answers the internet's burning questions about poison. How do antidotes work? Can a pencil give you lead poisoning? Can you overdose on vitamins? Anne answers all these questions and much more!

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Toxicologist Answers Poison Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


  • Some more info on fluoride from Anne! "The whole reason that they found out that fluoride can help prevent cavities is that beginning in the early 20th century, scientists linked high levels of naturally occurring fluoride in certain community water supplies to low levels of tooth decay. Since then, fluorination has been recognized as an easy way to drastically improve oral health. Actually, parts of India, China, and Africa have areas with high natural fluoride levels in their water, and are taking measures to remove the fluoride. Some countries have programs that fluorinate milk instead of water. There has been more recent evidence that suggested pregnant women should not drink fluorinated water, as it may result in lower IQ scores in their children. But, how much is too much - has not been fully determined. Should you - or should you not drink fluorinate water is a different issue than eating a tube of toothpaste. It should be obvious that eating a tube of toothpaste will make you sick. Thanks again!" - Anne

    • 8:28 Wrong! Activated charcoal absorbs a lot of stuff and not only the toxin.... ouch....

    • Bicth I believe a big reason are children there, as it's difficult to control how much tooth paste they swallow

    • Fluorinated toothpaste makes more sense, since toothpaste usage doesn’t vary as much with weather and activity levels.

    • Actually, it is not critical for an adult to eat a whole tube of toothpaste, even with high doses of fluoride, because the acute toxicity is rather low. Children could be at risk if they ate high-dose adult toothpaste, but they don't like it anyway because it is usually too spicy. The studies with reduced IQ after ingestion during pregnancy are inconclusive. There is usually a lack of information on co-exposures and the effects on IQ are usually manageable. It says "may result" but this should be emphasized more.

    • @A normal Duck Yes, if you breathe pure oxygen for too long. Hyperoxemia can cause muscle twitching, seizures and death. The only time you would be breathing pure oxygen is in hospital where your O2 saturation would be monitored (the clip on your finger with a red LED in it has a photosensor which can detect how fast your heart rate is and blood oxygenation by the change in skin tone every time your heart beats) or in an emergency situation where you would be going to the hospital very quickly and will likely get your O2 Sats monitored on the way there. Oxygen toxicity is also a thing when SCUBA diving with nitrox (oxygen enriched air), there are tables for depth and time. Look up Oxygen window if you want to know more.

  • if poison expires, will it no longer be poisonous?

  • That 1 in the poison control number bothers me

  • This doctor is so good, she got me wanting to listen to a toxicology lecture

  • There are no B vitamins that are fat soluble that I know of. Which ones is she talking about?

  • She's like Debbie Downer's useful sister who teaches

  • 5:10 just a clarification, fat soluble vitamins are A K D and E, and not B.

  • Poinsettias are highly toxic to CATS, just one leaf or flower petal could kill them.

  • Isn't it bad to restrict the blood vessels in your eyes too though???

  • I really don;t like the way how this lady talks. It's so demeaning, rude, I don't like her.

  • I don't like this girl's personality.

  • She looks like real life cartoon characters..

  • She's so amazing, but after reading this comment section. In 20 years time, her profession probably won't exist in America anymore, people are so anti science ffs.

  • Her voice reminds me of Bart Simpson.

  • What's worse, sarin gas or mustard gas?

  • She gives me an apothecary vibe with those beaded necklaces and her knowledge of venoms and poisons.

  • Great video! One thing: Leprosy’s preferred name is Hansen’s disease.

  • Tacobell: 😶😶😶

  • I’ve never ever been so violently ill as when I’ve had food poisoning.

  • In 4th grade my class had to present examples of elements for a science project. I was the only one who didn't represent lead with a pencil. I used fishing lures.

  • Me, franticly taking notes: keep talking, keep talking...

  • What’s the antidote for love?

  • My grandpa used to have this drinking buddy who would keep a tube of toothpaste in his truck and eat it whenever a cop came by so they couldn't smell the beer on his breath. He's long gone now.

  • 8:28 Wrong! Activated charcoal absorbs a lot of stuff and not only the toxin.... ouch....

  • i hope she’s truly as excited & passionate about her career as she seems in this video.

  • My Grandfather used to occasionally forage for mushroom, and during hikes with the family he would point out what was what. But he was a Scout Master who had studied Mushrooms and told us grandchildren to never eat the wild mushrooms as some poisonous mushrooms look very similar to the safe ones and him just pointing them out to us briefly on a hike did not give us enough knowledge to know them apart.

  • Thank you ma'am! I found this Very informative.

  • I just stored poison control in my phone…

  • Wow, she is the expert on "you should call poison control"

  • Commenting so more people see this

  • Activated charcoal sounds a lot like bezoar in the Wizarding World

  • You can tell that she is dumbing this right down for us plebs.

  • A skeleton hearing her talk about calcium: _C A L C I C U M_

  • 1:20 🤣

  • So much myco hate ate the end. If you take the time foraging is safe and a great way to enjoy the outdoors

  • Jehovahs Thickness- people are creative with these handles🤣🤣

  • Anyone else crying of thinking how many animals have been tortured to the point of death 😢

  • Well I guess Kerry Syndram is going to delete that tweet asap.

  • I never knew what ipecac was in that family guy episode. Now I do. Thank you

  • The question about pencils and the way she answered it makes me kind of mad. Yes, MODERN pencils are made of graphite. But what about pencils that actually do contain lead? I know it’s very uncommon to find true lead pencils anymore but I own a set of vintage drafting leads and lead holders. They’re not “pencils” but the difference is negligible in the scenario of someone getting stabbed by one. Like, if I ever happen to accidentally stab myself with one should I go to the hospital immediately? Or will I likely be fine?

  • But spitters are quitters

  • " If you've ever been bit by a brown recluse spider, the first thing I can tell you is: KEEP the spider". That was the most interesting intro I've ever seen in these videos.

  • “Fluoride shouldn’t be ingested”, *puts fluoride in the nations water*

  • Toxicity and LD 50…. Lol ok System of a Down and mudvayne

  • 1:18 I DIED

  • Homegirl is fun. I like her.

  • Bart Simpson knows a lot about poisons

  • Every detective writers watching this: *Write that down! Write that down!*

  • So how much iron should I be consuming? Like. If youre anemic, you need iron n typically take supplements. So how often would they take a typical iron pill

  • As someone with hemochromatosis, I can confirm, iron overdose is NOT FUN AND DANGEROUS

  • Thank you Anne! This is a public service.

  • Thank you Anne! This is a public service.

  • This was so interesting! One note, though: poinsettias may not be (very) toxic to people, but they can be deadly to cats, so please be careful with them at Xmas if you have kitties!

  • I learned more in 5 minutes of this video than 5 years of school.

  • 9:42 This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on social media.

  • LMAO i thought she was going to talk about toxic kids on the internet

  • Me, thinking about the time my sister and I ate an entire thing of tropical flavored tums: ...forget the mouse water we should have called poison control for tums overdose.

  • nice

  • I've been feeling suicidal for 21 years, I think I was poisoned as a child. Can I snort a line of activated charcoal and have my problems go away?

    • this is a joke if you find it offensive then let it sink in that you're offended at someone who pressed buttons to make people think

  • I don't know why, but I want to listen to her talk all day. 😂

  • I drank eyes and dettol 3 times

  • So lucky to be alive today after eating those chocolate flavored toothpaste we had when I was a child

  • I'm watching this video at the same time i'm eating my dinner and now I think I'm getting poisoned

  • Can I have her as my chemistry teacher? PLEASE???

  • I used to eat toothpaste as a kid…. I just now realize how stupid that was

  • She looks like that one humorous aunt you always can count on!

  • Ahahahahaha I knew the "I saved your life" lady was gonna get lectured.

  • What a great little show! Each question that occurred to me was the next one answered.

  • 5:00 welp now I know why my pee was neon lmao

  • “If you get bitten by a brown recluse spider keep the spider” I probably would’ve already tried to crush it in s panic… 😅

  • It’s very cool to know something that hard, it’s also kinda cool to know that she can kiiiiiiiiiiillll people

  • *writes down the first answer just in case my bf cheats on me *

  • There are no rattle snakes in north ontario. ..massasauga rattlesnake looks confused.

  • After the taco bell joke, I thought she might answer "how to measure toxicity" by talking about comparing it to a CoD lobby

  • Madam, you had my attention based on the topic alone, but the respect was doubled with listening. Wonderful!

  • Good news folks! No amount of cannabis can kill you! A median lethal dose (LD50) of THC has not been established in humans!

  • Me, living in northern Ontario, feeling very called out about rattlers

  • Toxicolgists are some of the coolest people. I'm lucky enough to be friends with the head of poison control in my state. She's absolutely brilliant!

  • I could actually sit and listen to this lady all day....

  • The toxicity of our city of our city

  • Buh-wuh- It was told here that pencils are made out of lead and the paint in schools were lead

  • when i was a kid, my schoolmate used to eat toothpaste cause it's bubble gum flavor, she also share them to me and to others. im glad we are still alive up to this day. 😭

  • My mother used to make raw milk ice cream because we had no access to milk any other way. She always used activated charcoal powder and vanilla to flavor the ice cream, I guess now I know why. It was probably so we wouldn’t get food poisoning huh?

  • I hate that woman

  • Imagine if Chubbyemu was in this interview instead. The video's title would probably be ''A Toxicologist Was Invited To An Interview. This Is What Happened To The Video.' Then the starting would be "BH/DB/CE (depending on which initials Chubbyemu would use-CE is most probable) is a 36-year-old toxicologist presenting to the interview with all the answers to questions on Twitter. He tells the director..." He would probably bring saltwater and pure water to conduct his requisite salt-is-attracted-to-water experiments, while saying (for the Visine eyedrop question) "This causes the blood vessels to vasoconstrict, shutting off blood supply to other organs, explaining [patient's] high blood pressure." (for the fluoride toothpaste question) "This can cause Hypocalcemia and Hyperfluoridemia. Hyper, meaning high, Hypo, meaning low, calc pertaining to calcium, fluorid pertaining to fluoride and emia meaning presence in blood. Low calcium presence in blood and high fluoride presence in blood. " 8:00 No no, that doesn't sound very barbaric. That sounds EXTREMELY INHUMANE! Not that Anne Chaddel in this video was bad! I just saw the title of the video and commented before watching it. I really enjoyed how she explained most of the answers! I didn't understand the Taco Bell joke, but it was still so funny! We can totally have Anne again, just like Victor M. Sweeney!

  • I've seen dumb tweets on this channel, but this episode really takes the cake

  • Sorry the video was interesting... however the thumbnail why wired did you put your white logo to a white background it hurts.

  • Why do you have to keep the spider?

  • Omg she's awesome :D

  • Pharmacists in France are trained to recognize poisonous mushrooms. Here, we're advised to show the mushrooms to a pharmacists before eating them, if there's even a slight doubt. And, if there's even a single poisonous mushrooms in your basket, you should throw it all away, because of cross-contamination

  • About that toothpaste comment. What about Astronauts ? I've seen video of them ingesting their toothpaste after brushing their teeth because they said that it's harmless Edit : here's the video

  • What is up with the lighting in this video 🤔🤣

  • Hah. Taco Bell joke

  • “Not necessarily Kerry…” 🤣

  • This woman seems very knowledgeable....however, the questions for this round seem to have been poorly chosen. I can think of a dozen questions with more interesting and practical usage than these.

  • i used to eat multi vitamins, a few here and there in a month. they were harmful and caused severe nerve pain in my feet and i wasnt able to walk. but when i stopped taking them it went away, the nerve pain allways came after taking 1 of them. took me years to figure out it was the multi vitamins. now i havent had nerve pain in over 6 months.

  • I stabbed myself with a pencil when I was a kid, can relate to the dude.

  • As a writer this is very good

  • It is great. Very good.

  • I like how she mentioned flouride is a poison even though here in america we treat our drinking water with it.