Toyota GR Yaris v Honda Civic Type R - DRAG RACE

čas přidán 28. 11. 2020
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It's time for a Japanese hot hatch showdown!
Mat's in what many consider to be the king of Japanese hot hatches - the Honda Civic Type R! And given what it's packing under the bonnet, it's easy to see why it's regarded so highly, as its 2-litre turbocharged engine can put down 320hp & 400Nm!
The question is, how will it fair against one of the most hotly-anticipated hot hatches of 2020 - the new Toyota GR Yaris! It may be down on power, with a 1.6-litre turbo pumping out 261hp & 360Nm, however, it does have one major advantage over the Type R - it's all-wheel-drive!
What do you think - does the FWD Civic Type R stand a chance in these wet conditions? Or will the lighter GR Yaris race to victory? There's only one way to find out - LET'S RACE!
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  • Imagine when that Yaris is tuned

  • I wonder why I've only ever seen the Yaris in Gran Turismo 3, and not in real life 🤔

  • Video starts at @02:38 for anyone not interested in all these commercials and talk about other channels you must subscribe on

  • Honda for ever,

  • They need to make the Yaris GR engine an option in the Toyota 86.

  • Stock 2002 US model Subaru WRX’s we’re running high 13 second quarter mile times almost 20 years ago and cost 26k USD with tax out the door (sticker price). As of today’s date, the Yaris appears to cost close to 48k USD with tax. Clearly not available in US, but if it were, and as cool as I think it is, think I’d pass on it at that price tag.

  • Sometimes, I curse myself for having born too late. Because by the time I start earning, the GR would have started appreciating.

  • Honda civic type R is the best

  • Honda really needs to hire new car designers


  • こんにちは!

  • the new yaris in general will be one of the most buyed cars in future i think

  • Electron handbrake? How do you do hill starts in a manual with one of those?

  • so toyota yaris is not going to be reliable anymore...

  • Still rather have a type R I like all the angles and stuff :)

  • They don’t bring these to the us and people would buy them right up. Such a cool little car

  • "Civic has the best transmission." Except for all the blown up gears within 2000 miles.

  • 9:25, wow, that's a long drag race

  • I’d like to see this again now that they are bumping the Yaris to 300+ HP

  • shhhhh

  • I wonder if Toyota keep down this path and keep making even cooler hot hatchbacks would be really epic

  • Would love to see drivers swap when driving manual!

  • 🌎👍👍👍👍👍🌎👌👌👌👌🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  • Mat shouldn’t be driving manual because he’s soo bad at changing the gears! Otherwise Honda would win the drag

  • if they sold that yaris in the US i'd buy one. It looks like loads of fun.

  • @3:47 "the power steering malfunction on the dash he says" A big Pause @3:50 & there he goes "In a Toyota??? A Malfunction???😕" the Way he says it soooo FUNNYYY 😂🤣😂

  • Just saying you have the Ac on in the Honda but not in the Yaris?!?!

  • No video in Yaris?...

  • 3:23

  • who taught the toyota driver how to launch? Its an AWD, rev the crap out of it.

  • Wait doesn't the type r have something like launch control?

  • Toyota GR Yaris for me any day! The Honda Civic looks hideous

  • 6K rev dump and launch!!

  • So glad it kicked boy racer crap car

  • Always matters who's on the wheel!!!

  • No boyracer would be caught dead in that Yaris. It's just too ugly.

  • All Type R's have the most satisfying manual boxes. I've had the pleasure of owning a dc2r

  • Racing in real world conditions, dirty, wet, everyday streets where fwd with any kind of power just spins the front wheels. Try another test with winter roads and it would be no contest. Honda did better than I thought it would.

  • La Civic con 320HP non doveva nemmeno vederla la Yaris 261 HP. Dovevate provare sull'asfalto asciutto perché la Civic non poteva scaricare tutta la potenza

  • Civic is a track car, not a straight line car.

  • Must be hard to make cars sound that bad surely

  • Somewhere in the US, there is an xB owner trying to figure out how to get a Yaris GR motor swap!

  • Not a fair race. FWD Vs AWD. No chance.

  • Why not redlining the Type R Maybe the VTEC kicks hard

  • Test drag race bugatti chiron

  • sounds exactly like the AMG Black Series

  • Weight

  • Totally pointless testing these cars under these weather conditions.

  • Don't get me wrong, I've always liked Hondas, but the idea that I would even consider a fwd manual honda over an awd manual toyota is a joke.

  • 3:23

  • Toyota should bring GRs Yaris with four cylinders, epic!

  • That Yaris can smoke my Infiniti tf

  • This is not fair to compare a supermini with a hot hatchback!

  • I am an auto fan , really would love a dsg box in these cars...

  • Perghh!! GR Yaris! Paduu. Aku suke kete ni, Mat! Next review, Toyota Vios GR.

  • You need better drivers. That Yaris should of been well ahead with its 4wd

  • 33k for a Yaris though.

  • Sorry I meant disappointed the Japanese honda guys.

  • Try racing on dry roads dude. It's obvious the yaris had the advantage. Cumon you disappointed the Japanese. You need to do this race again on dry roads coz the Honda was losing grip throughout the race. "DUH"

  • Honda forever

  • they really want the yaris to win, toyota spending massive money promoting and paying auto journalists , youtube channels and reviewers

  • That ugly Toyota lol

  • Another 60bhp in the Yaris and I reckon it’s a close heat!

  • I thought Toyota stop making the Yaris?

  • 1.6turbo vs 20 turbo not fair...

  • Who wouldv thought that a yaris would be giving a civic type r a hard time.

    • It's a £34k AWD built from the ground up road legal rally car and they did the test in the wet, in the dry I think the results would be a bit different. The Yaris GR is a brilliant car and it's praise is well deserved but AWD will always beat FWD in drag races so comparing that is pretty pointless. What is interesting is that it's quite a bit slower around the Nurburgring than the CTR. The GR did it in 7 mins 56 seconds, the CTR did it in 7 mins 43 seconds... that's quite a big difference.

  • I love it car

  • for 99% of drivers, 0-85 or 90 mph is what counts

  • Prefer Yaris

  • Just get on with it for gods sake.

  • Awd is the answer, it made a difference on the damp track. Honda will be slightly faster in the dry. Awd is the better system in Yaris. Toyota 👍.

  • Honda 🧿

  • Civic should have been awd

  • What?? No Volkswagen or Audi win? unbelievable

  • Not a good comparison. You should have put the Audi S1 against the Yaris GR

  • I think the yaris sounds great and it's overall looks have grown on me

  • That wasn’t a power steering failiure. When you don’t shift as you should and the car falls out it gives you that sign which is normal. Drivers fault not cars fault!

    • @Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος gotcha thanks.

    • @T M i just told you that. With sign he didn't mean actually a sign. It was a metaphor for the grind you hear

    • @Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος I'm not trying to act tough with a hyundai lol. Hyundai hasn't updated the G4GC engine transmission since 2003. So it's very old for a 2010. What I'm confused about is why would the power steering light come on if he missed a gear? Never heard of that in any car.

    • @T M ahh ok I understand the problem. You didn't get the meaning of "sign". The guy with the comment with the phrase "it gives you a sign" meant that grind that practically warns you you are doing something wrong. And just because you asked only thing I have driven in my life is older manuals. Don't play the tough guy with a Hyundai. I have driven for the fields a Volkswagen Taro now last three years we got a ford ranger 2011 also driven sometimes an old mercedes "semi truck" and the not for work car a Volkswagen Passat 2004 I think maybe it was 2005. In Greece we only drive manuals my man.

    • @Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος my 2010 Hyundai elantra is a 5 speed manual and if I miss a gear I just get a grind no warning signs saying my power steering failed wtf. Have you driven an older manual not the new ones that babysit you?

  • Nice 👍 both cars but love my Honda’s !

  • Two fantastic cars but what on EARTH have rules and regulations done to exhaust notes?! These are sports cars to the core and they sound not much better than a 1.4 Golf 😐

  • And I quote "*ollocks" lol.

  • Did not expect this. If you got a chance... a Race between the GR and the Golf GTI would be (strangely) interesting to me!

  • Ông lái Civic như vậy là hỏng rồi

  • Wuaaau, that Yaris rulz, and looks good.

  • You should do three drag runs 🏃‍♂️

  • C'mon Honda, time for AWD type-R

  • The hype is over for the Civic Type R.

  • Drag races, drag races everywhere

  • Honestly you driving that civic like an old lady and very disrespectful to Honda waste of time watching this

  • if you did more driving and less talking, you would have won both times. easily. you're driving a CIVIC Type R for crying out loud!

  • Toyota VS Honda

  • I’m sceptical about your manual driving skills Matt

  • Yaris GR is the "only" has "real" Toyota engine, not like new supra (A90 MK5) and Toyota 86

  • in a toyooota a malfunction

  • Laughs in my Datsun that weighs 700kg with a 3L cosworth v8 that pushes 690hp

  • I like

  • i see u having problem when shifting...

  • i see u having problem when shifting...

  • Ok you have to do a drag race of a dream between cars tha people tha can afford ok this I know evo is discontinued but you have to make a drag race between evoX Vs sti vs focusRS vs golfR vs Type R Vs the new Yary’s and make it far on dry road because tha typeR will take tha yaris on Qmille on dry road please make it happen

  • this is the true 86ii people would want to buy, not the GT86 fake one @@ or toyota should just name it another name like Subaru BR-Z and no more compare

  • The Civic just looks too JDM. Looks ridiculous to be honest.