Transformers: Age of Extinction Pitch Meeting

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Transformers: Age of Extinction!

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Some people thought that three Transformers movies may have been enough. But what those people didn’t take into account was… what if more money?! That question is what led to a fourth installment in the Transformers franchise, once again with Michael Bay at the helm. But this time, with a whole new cast of human characters led by Mark Wahlberg… the inventor.

Transformers: Age of Extinction definitely raises some questions. Like what happened to Sam Witwicky? Why are the anti-Transformer people working with a Transformer? Why is Cade Yeager such a terrible person? Why are we spending so much time on these creepy Romeo & Juliet laws? Why was there an empty 30-feet deep Transformer-sized hiding spot under Cade’s barn? What happened to the Allspark being the source of the Transformers powers? How many product placements can they cram into one movie?

To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Transformers: Age of Extinction! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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  • I watched this movie start to finish and somehow forgot about that "Romeo and Juliet law" part. Word of advice, if you feel the need to carry around a laminated copy of a law to defend your relationship with someone, maybe you should just break up with them. Hell, if you're unsure about the legality of it at ALL, you should break up with them.

  • This was the last Michael Bay movie I’ve seen

  • How is no one talking about 5:19 "I like the sound of THAT", after it was shown that the product placement was a bluetooth speaker 😂😂

  • None of these are funny or entertaining.

  • So basically the boyfriend says: I’m a pedo but with in law 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Thanks to his clone warehouse, Ryan George will never face extinction.

  • Transformer movies: Unwatchable.

  • My favorite pitch meeting

  • Severed head, decapitated body.

  • No matter how many times I see these movies or have them explained to me, I have no F**KING idea what the hell is going on in them.

  • Dude has a laminated pedo card

  • Pause at 2.08 to recover from the "Well, listen... I AGREE." line Lmao!

  • I remember very vividly the movie was a cocaine trip of story elements they tried to cram together and being completely estranged by the minor age problem thing.

  • a whole movie stopped to explain why its not illegal for this 21 year old to pork this teenager.

  • Awesome

  • Awesome

  • I'm WHEEZING over the Romeo and Juliet bit

  • 17 consent law in Texas yeah dangerous stuff bro . I try not to think of it, but you just reminded almost 😅 1 million people of this !

  • 4:23 6:50

  • a pitch meeting of squid game would be good

  • Hilarious!!!

  • You are spelling the "i" in inventor wrong - you should spell like in "iphone" so "aayyventor" :D

  • The kid is 20 and the girl is 17. The Romeo and Juliet law specifies they have to be within four years of each other. Why does everybody think this is so horrifying> Jesus Christ, three years is a big deal at that age? It's not like he was 25 or she was 14. That being said I agree that it was a totally uncalled for scene in the movie. I can think of no reason why it was written and filmed that way. If they thought it was funny they were totally off base.

  • 3:07

  • Dude, you should fix your eyes, they are nearly glowing.

  • This is one of the few movies I turned off after about 20 minutes.

  • "But... There's still money to be made" :D

  • Do doctor who pitch meeting

  • Honestly after this and the Old pitch meeting I'm surprised Producer guy didn't quit lol

  • I am physically incapable of watching modern Transformer movies for how terrible they are

  • What a mess. Jajaja

  • "Its just a funny scene" *nervous* "ah hah hah....."

  • I love how it’s implied that the producer thought the movies were too bad too watch again

  • Oh man, I've been waiting for this episode! I knew Ryan's take on the Romeo and Juliet thing was going to be glorious.

  • Do Chappie!

  • And still this movie is oscar worthy compared to the next one lol

  • "Oh, a bad guy they have defeated 3 times now."

  • please do "Steven universe"

  • I didn't watch this movie and after watching this video I'm thanking my past self for that wise decision.

  • Excited for the Bumblebee (2018) pitch meeting coming after this! (I hope.)

  • I really hope Titus Welliver bought a nice house up in the Hollywood Hills with his paycheck for this movie.

  • "Cade Yeager.'' "CADEN YEAG--"

  • Transformer movies: unwatchable.

  • KSI wer have i herd that? its a "Loose" accusation but i think its from some kind of "Holiday". ('-')

  • Do people really enjoy watching these movies?

  • First guy to ever take a poop. Do ittt

  • What? Where's the Adstronaut? That's usually the best part of the videos!!!

  • 4:48 Real imaginative... smh. Of course they'll need to find some Unobtainium first...

  • The movie was shot in 3d IMAX digital, so worked for me. 😎

  • The screenwriters could have easily made her character 18, and it would have had no noticeable impact on the storyline. Instead they made the choice to make her a minor in a relationship with an adult. The only conceivable reason they made this choice was so they could include a scene of dialogue explaining why there is nothing wrong with that illegal relationship. Now ask yourself why they would want that dialogue in the film. Your answer should tell you everything you need to know about the disgusting people that run our entertainment industry. Please keep this in mind the next time some celebrity jumps on social media to virtue signal or give you advice on how you should be living your life.

  • thank goodness I didn't watch it

  • How is there still not a pitch meeting for Bad Boys 2?

  • "Warrant faces are TIGHT!"

  • Devoting an entire scene to explaining a legal loophole for statutory rape ISN'T tight! 😳

  • I'm more worried about the guy with a card explaining a dating law than the Decepticons.

  • Let there be CARNAGE!!!!!

  • Heads are disembodied. Bodies get decapitated.

  • Wasn’t this a video already? I might be thinking of cracked or fact fiend idk

  • Who else liked the video😁😅👍

  • Awesome content man, keep it up, thanks. I'd love to see a pitch meeting for...Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise), and some Simon Pegg movies would be cool too.

  • I'd like to suggest a Pitch Meeting needs to be done for THUNDARR! Get your Demon Dogs in line, smack the Lords of Light, lets see some THUNDARR!!!!

  • Please do the movie Unhinged starring Russell Crowe. It's awful.

  • "Baka Yeager"

  • do "what if" pls

  • 6:47 youll thank me later 🤣

  • "Well, listen, I AGREE!" 😂😂

  • Dissapointed they didn't highlight the scene where Mark Wahlberg parries a sword attack from a 30 ft Transformer with just his alien gun

  • OMG the Romeo & Juliet card scene was hella cringe, creepy, pro-grooming ... WTF ???!!!

  • You are getting too good at this and I love it. Brilliant job.

  • "actually it's super easy, barely an inconvenience" is one of my new favorite catch phrases

  • Producer guy sounded a little more tired of the BS than usual.

  • We not going to talk about the fact that at 4:48 or 4:47 he said KSI. Was that actually a name in that movie?

  • The movie is pretty old but I would love to see a pitch meeting of Oceans 8.

  • yikes

  • I need a Pitch meeting for Yesterday

  • “Why are you taking this scene in this direction?” “They had a pre-existing juvenile foundational relationship statute 2705-3…” This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in any of the hundreds of pitch meeting videos I’ve watched

  • statistically yes but let's keep going

  • This might be the best pitch ever

  • 6:47 every Michael bay movie ever

  • Cade Yeager sounds like the oc child of Eren Yeager and . . . Some other oc. Literally none of the female (or male) characters in AoT would ever name the kid Cade.

  • if you ever meet a guy carrying a laminated paper of the romeo & juliet clause in his wallet just walk away, better yet, run away

  • This one is one of your funniest 😆

  • Pls do a Jesus movie 🎥

  • "And it can turn into whatever product placement we want"😂

  • I want a pink floyd "The Wall" movie pitch meeting for some reason

  • Would love pitch meeting for Edge of Tomorrow please !! 😍😍

  • Please do for netflix's squid game

  • transformers gave pedos the ligit way to be creepy .... wtf hollywood

  • Please do How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. That movie is insane lol

  • Do a pitch meeting for Alien (1979)

  • make a Pitch for Phineas and ferb the movie

  • We need a remake of the harry potter compilation

  • Pitch Meeting for Titanic


  • Have you done The Office yet?

  • Screen Pitch for Predator II with Danny Glover!!

  • Dude, Ryan Can u please make a pitch meeting for a movie called : Don't Breathe, and Don't Breathe 2. Please ?

  • The explosions made me forget about the law scene LAMO

  • making a shrek pitch meeting is super easy barely an inconvinence for you

  • You should have shown Optimus Prime murder Frazier Crane.