Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

čas přidán 21. 05. 2019
Looking back at old photos and videos of yourself on social media is hard, VERY hard... so we took that to the next level :)
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  • If you guys want to react more about yourselves in episode go check out Yammy XOX CS-tv channel and search up Yammy xox playing episode and reading falling for the Dolan twins

  • opposite of improve is regress. thank you.

  • at 12:39 is it just me or does Ethan look like Nick Jonas?

  • wait Ethan didn't wear a fedora in this...

  • i'm dying grayson's laugh at 21:26

  • 18:43 Grayson is ShOoK

  • 12:23 😂😂😂 Their faces tell the humiliation they're suffering 🤪

  • i love there faces when they r looking at the vidio

  • I wish Grayson actually wore one of those tank tops for his final outfit 😂😭

  • Bro it’s so weird like I used to really dislike them back then cause they were sooooo cringe, but now I love them.... also they look so different specially Grayson

  • They look older than 19 which is great for them LOL cause 19 year old guys still look like dumb kids but they look manly so blessssss

  • at the ending i started crying😭💞💕

  • Honestly why do people watch the video if they just dislike it? yA MiNdS wElL jUsT KiLl tHeM

  • I miss their vines 😭😭😭😭

  • “We started social media when we were 14” I started social media when I was like 5 so 2006🤣

  • I mean, look at me, we have beards!- a lil bit..

  • Gray and E did used to wear the muscle tanks with their tits hanging out because i'm sure that's the reason why episode added them to the ink clothing lmao. same with some ripped jeans and flip flops.

  • Wow didn’t know they were from NJ. I live in NJ.

  • U guys are a LOT hoter now!😊

  • They should have done their old outro song

  • i think the word they were looking for is “regress”

  • What store did they go to ?

  • 14:08 ughhh that headshake omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 im actually in love Grayson’s the cutest thing ever. And at 14:59 with that face scrunch why is Ethan so adorable but so handsome at the same time 😩😩😩

  • Gray’s hat looks like it floating on is head lmao

  • This is me when I watch the twins lol love them

  • They both look so disgusted watching their own videos hahah

  • old Graysons hairstyle is the same as Ethan’s now - from their first video I think :) lol I love them

  • 0:27 the size difference

  • E-tee-wee-tee 😂😂🥰

  • They look so much more alike when they were young

  • Downgrading

  • I miss the old cringey them, Ethan’s hair was better back then, like if u agree

  • 🤦‍♀️

  • ethan was lowkey finding the baking cake video hilarious

  • i actually loved ethan’s old hairstyle.. when he got rid of that i changed to grayson lane loll

  • Am I the only one who loved Ethan’s hair back then(still love it now) and also I found the streaks in his hair soooo hot

  • Ethan looks fcking diffrent

  • Grayson 😃: Ive got a goatee Ethan 🤨: Shave it Grayson 😐: *Shaves it*

  • 2:52 why do i love this part so much???

  • 19:43 i can see how many grayson gir s just had a orgasm looking at the pic.

  • I Imagine the camera man trying to not laugh at how funny there are😂

  • 18:48 they’re EXACTLY THE SAME PEOPLE, they haven’t changed 😂

  • The background music tho. 🤣🧐

  • Grayson is sooo fine but that goatee makes him look like a super villain 🦹‍♂️😭 “ bUt tHEy aRe TwiNs hoW Is eAthAn nOt fINe tOo”...... cuz I don’t l don’t like his haircut graysons is better 😘😏

  • We need the sister squad back (minus Emma )(cuz she is very cringe) 😍😍

    • @Cosmic Lemon yeah

    • Kelcie Pack fair enough

    • @Cosmic Lemon I do accept it but like I was in a bad mood when I commented that so I don't really know why I did

    • @NAE Issa boss I honestly have nothing to do

    • can you all just accept that everyone has a different opinion 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Was I the only one who got jump scare 2:55

  • i cant belive i used to watch that stuff too

  • Why was Grayson hot asf more than Eathan aaahhhh

  • ee-tee-wee-tee (only the ogs would know)

  • Okay now we all know we were complete idiots when we were young lol

  • Sis they were hotter tho ..

  • Both: *laugh* E:eww I sound like that

  • Ethan 2015: fishhhhh Ethan 2019: crimson chin You are all welcome :) 👍🤡

  • f*ckboys in sh*tty hats fish 🐟 😁

  • Grayson with just a goaty makes him look 25 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I liked the old Dolan Twins and like the “new” Dolan Twins

  • They were probably the freshman heart throbs!

  • Sushi makes me happy😀

  • that perv face from ethan for a full straight 15 seconds 12:13 , 12:27 yes i liked my comment and what

  • am i the only one that went back to their old channel to watch the cringey videos they showed on this? lol

  • I miss there old selves 🥺

  • I like the sentimental music in the back tbh

  • I feel so sad when they say Ethan looks like a fish. :(

  • 20:09 the answer is : puberty

  • Dude they were litterally the cutest things ever no matter what they say💛💛💛😍😍 (i mean they still denying)

  • Who else loves the Dolan twins

  • Did you notice that during intros you guys would change sitting spaces in different videos but now it’s like you have your own side and Grayson sits on the viewers left and Ethan sits on the viewers right I find it cool to be honest😂x

  • Ok, but does anyone know the background music at the part where they're looking at their old insta ?? It's kinda relaxing lmao

  • Who else remembers "bromieomie" ?

  • Grayson’s smile at 00:27 😁🥰

  • Lol Ethan’s hands are turning pink from the dye

  • 2:19 i honestly love gray’s laugh 😂

  • I remember whatching some of those videos when they had just been posted

  • *my favourite pair of socks*

  • i love when gray laughed like a whole dad

  • I just died laughing the whole time

  • You should of made him skunk boy 😂

  • Omg when the old e and g came in I actually got scared lol😂

  • Can I just say that Grayson looks pretty fresh in that outfit, like it’s not even bad

  • They look more handsome without the beards