Travelling To Most Cheapest City In Europe - Prague || Best Experience ||

čas přidán
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  • #ProbashiTraveler nice

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  • Mithilesh I am a big fan of you, you are such a genuine person. Your content is true...your talks are very genuine ... you make everyone realize how vast and big this world is. Valeriya is such a down to earth person. She gave you a meal(not only breakfast but also packed one for you journey), a place to stay ... Friendships and connections cant get any better than this. You both are so so warm personalities I simply hope that once iam traveling i will meet people like you. Also, at the end of your videos it feels very sad and emotional that you have to keep on moving and leave your friends behind ... I really feel to cry there but then again you come up in next videos with a big smile on your face...Man thats what is called as "LIFE". Hope i will be lucky enough to cross your paths one day. This world needs down to earth and true people like you. Thanks a lot for you videos!!!

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  • Bhabiness overloaded.

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  • I like your all videos I'm from Lahore Pakistan

  • I like your all videos I'm from Lahore Pakistan

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  • Loved this Vlog Mithlesh - AMS and PRG are wow places - u got such wonderful friends - Congrats for reaching half a million subscribers

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  • Bro nice video the music is fantastic wow life is good in Amsterdam n Valeryia was very kind to you I enjoyed watching your video God bless u from India

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  • The content and quality of your video has really improved.. Seems like the bus station is in Sloterdjik near Amsterdam.. It has a nice pub nearby and good connectivity... Good Luck and Cheers 🍻

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  • When he wished the white guy for future journey why the guy looked so confused and blank??? Neither he said thankyou ❓❓❓❓❓❓

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  • Rest in peace mithlesh bagpackers. You always be missed.

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  • I luv ur content mithlesh sir. Nice Vlogs. With your inspiration I too tried similar things with new creativity and new charm. Please have a look at it.

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  • Keep Travelling Brother 👍🏻Love your Videos 💐 I also likes Riding & Travelling........ want to Travel with you once bcoz I don’t have any experience out of India....... Sorry , I Don’t have Insta account ..can’t follow .... Please Reply

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