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Trevor Lawrence & Tua Tagovailoa Elite 11 Highlights | NFL

čas přidán 8. 01. 2019
Highlights from Clemson quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, and Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa at the Elite 11 camp.
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  • Well , kid with long blond hair and a deeeep voice , we know at least who the ladies are rooting for.

  • He reminds me of Sunshine from that denzel movie

  • Lol elite 11 got it wrong! Two interceptions 😂😂

  • And now Tua and Tevor are both National champ's

  • Why does everyone seem drunk?🤔 Oh, my video speed was set at 0.75x.... 😑

  • Trevor Lawrence is better

  • I think I saw Trevor hanging out with silent bob at a gas station yesterday.

  • Sunshiiiiine

  • Trever won the rematch Facts

  • Tua ain't going to make it in the NFL, good college player but I don't see him transitioning into the nfl

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  • He’s Sunsine from some movie I forgot

  • He look like Achilles cousin in troy

  • Tranny in the thumbnail

  • Lawrence looks like a horse

  • tua played liked crap. trevor played like the next joe montana

  • Russ Wilson son..

  • Can’t wait for Trevor Lawrence’s shampoo super bowl ads

  • They gave Tua MVP over Lawrence.... And Lawrence came back in the name of Sunshine and bust his ass in the Championship game against Bama tho😂

  • These two will make great NFL QB's some day.

  • But then he smacked him in the National Championship

  • Please get rid of that hair! Looks like he should be on Vegas strip turning tricks.

  • We won the Nati looks like u chose the wrong qb bud

  • Sunshine

  • His hair gets on my nerves. Lol

  • Sunnnshine

  • Trevor's hair is what makes him good

  • Who yall got?

  • Can someone please take clippers to trevors hair when he is asleep

  • Steelers need a qb like tua

  • Trevor ugly af

  • who else has seen Trevor play in high school? at ridgeland

  • Trevor L the man! Georgia’s own 👍🏼 Wish he would of gone to Georgia but Clemson is the right fit for him.

  • I get home from class early late last February and have some down time so I decide to go to the on campus laundry mat to wash my bed sheets. Passing the front desk, I notice this tall guy standing alone in some basketball shorts and a tee shirt. I don’t think much of him as I proceed to start the washer. It wasn’t until I was walking back through that I realize “Yo, is that who I think that is?” I quiveringly grabbed out my phone and asked for a picture. He smiled and agreed. It was Trevor Lawrence before he’d even thrown his first pass for Clemson. Just getting his room key from the front desk like everyone else. There’s definitely an aura about that guy, and I can’t wait to see him prosper.

  • Blonde dude look like "handsome squidward" lol

  • Golden Retriever

  • Trevor look like🗿

  • Roger Waters found the fountain of youth.

  • And then he leads his team to a national championship as a true freshman and i believe is the 1st to do that.

  • Trevor is the truth!!!!

  • Where did Trent dilfer go to highschool?

  • Tua is a beast(.)

  • This guys voice is way too deep for a white dude

    • TheSupremeCheese 101 Caucasians aren't build for these kind of sports. It requires a higher percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers. Not saying all blacks are either. East Africans for example are built with slow twitch muscle fibers.

  • When I first heard tua’s name I thought his last name was a part of his first name

  • why does tua have a baby face

  • Trevs a beauty but he looks like a ugly girl lol. His flow is wayy to straight

  • I’m watching this after Lawrence just beat Tua in the natty

  • both are great qbs. i hate the constant comparison

  • Trevor looks like a pretty Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones

  • I may be wrong but if I remember correctly neither of them won MVP, it was Justin Fields...

  • Trevor Lawrence the next big thang

  • Well Trevor you got a hell of a payback in the national championship 😂😂😂

  • I think Tua still better

  • Don't press read more Now you have bad luck Like to have good luck again (SUBSCRIBE TO ME PLEASE)

  • They were wrong ab who the best was

  • Elite 11 or National Championship, hmm...

  • It’s all good cause he beat him in the Nati!!!

  • Tua is such a kiss ass.. so fake.

  • Look at all these insecure men trying desperately to “make fun” of the greatest QB in College Football. You dweebs are gonna be hating on this champion for a long time, hahaha! Go Tigers!

    • OJuggernautO no, he’s just a freshman you bum

  • I watched this video years ago never thought they both would be playing against each other in college championship

  • thats a cute girl

  • All hail Lord Farquad

  • Is Lawrence a redshirt freshman? I ask because Tua played for Alabama last year

  • Trevor destroyed Tua

  • Yes! I watched the elite 11 high school vids

  • Why y’all not paying these boys and y’all promoting them on y’all page

  • Tua is so nice but I hate treavers freaken hair

  • Trevor Lawrence lost to Justin Fields....

  • well i guess trevor learned from his mistake because 44-16

  • I'll still take Tua over Trevor

  • I was wondering, I am 17 just about to turn 18 6'4 and about 220 pounds is it possible for me to get a scolarship to a college without any experience, I have played basketball for all of my life in europe and have seem to fall in love with american football. Margus hunt from my country made it to the NFL with being discovered in college shot put

  • It's Ma'am

  • First female qb?

  • Trevor Lawrence looks likes a woman who used to be really pretty but who got too many plastic surgeries.

  • trevor showed up, tua didn’t. that’s the difference

  • Lol anybody else think of Sunshine from Remember the Titans when they see Trevor Lawrence?

  • Trevor is a really talented QB, But in the NFL I can see him getting Picked off a number of times. There are many plays when his eyes are locked the whole time on the player he is throwing too. But that being said he has a lot of talents you just can't teach. Talented young man that will do well come draft day.

  • And then he beats Tua

  • Trevor looks like the Live action version of John Smith from Pocahontas.

  • Look at Trevor now haha

  • Lawrence looks like the most handsome squidward

  • Sunshineeee finally goin be a real Titan lmao.

  • Dont compare him to russel Wilson because he’s taller

  • Damn I didn't think they would get Sunshine playing

  • he's like sunshine from remember the titans

  • How bout Trevor showing a glimpse in the future with that pass to Ross...

  • Who’s watching this after his MVP performance in the Natty??? Go Tigers!

  • Elite 11 in pointless, any fan who thinks it means anything is dumb! You are throwing the ball around without pads, and without any defense!

  • Put justin fields up there too.

  • Clemson taking the dubski

  • Trevor looks like his nickname is "Sunshine"

  • Idk .. I prefer a national championship over an Elite 11 MVP .. lol

  • Tony Romo should be running these camps...He is the greatest QB of all time!

  • I’m ready to see Fields on my Buckeyes #BuckeyeNation

  • Boy if you don’t get your old potatoe looking edge out of here

  • They try to take as many slow mo shots of Trevor because of her long hair.

  • Trevor Lawrence is going to be incredible.

  • Lawrence is a god

  • Trevor has already reached the pinnacle of college football as a true Freshman national champion. I guess he could try to win the Heisman, but rarely does the best player win's PR smoke and mirrors mixed with really good candidates, which has a winner that may or may not be the best player.

  • Trevor Lawrence is Sunshine from remember the Titians with a right arm though lol