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We Give Crewmates a HUNTER Role in Among US
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  • Hey ssundee love your videos

  • what about a monster role they can jump and smash crewmates LOLOLOLOL

  • Can yee make a bomer mod

  • Can you play pokemon go

  • The one that l said was said by ssundee

  • If you can find like button it will turn blue just like you just like ssundee

  • X

  • Soccer mod

  • wait theres rage elixer

  • New impostor role idea: Rickroller Sabotage: All sabotaging is normal besides communications. When the Rickroller sabotages communications, instead of the crewmates seeing tasks, they see lyrics to Rick Astley songs. Killing: The killing remains the same as how a normal impostor should be. Rickroll: You can select any task and if any crewmates try to do that task for the first time, Rick Astley appears on their screen and he shouts his songs in their faces and the volume of which he 'sings' propels you into the air and launches you to a random location on the map. Transformation: Transform into Mega Rickroller and equip a custom face mask with Rick Astley on it which disguises your identity and your character's skin colour turns into Rick Astley's skin colour. Also, there's a brown leather jacket that covers the character's body. Dance: While in Mega Rickroller mode, dance like Rick Astley and trample people causing them to die. Sonic Boom: While in Mega Rickroller mode, earrape all crewmates by screaming "Never Gonna Give You Up" and the soundwaves travel faster than the speed of sound, causing Sonic booms. The Sonic booms and the volume combined stun the crewmates for 15 seconds. Like so Ssundee can see _Also, if you hit the like button, it will be_ *FiLlEd* ⬇️

  • Can I play with you

  • My like button is black

  • 12:52

  • 13:6

  • wither mod

  • did we miss anything: answer we: "we just dont like henwy": correction i do :/

  • Grim reaper mod

  • Do a star wars mod plz

  • 6:43

  • did someone else see LoafXy out of the rocket in minute 6:44

  • When I heard Bush he should have said Ambush

  • Everyone: Loaf just e chilling outside the nap in his imposter lobby Me: The lobby code is LOAFXY *confused screaming*

  • Did anyone notice the code for the game was loafxy?

  • You lied to me Ssundee the like button turned black it turned BBBBLLLLAAACCCKKK!!!!!!


  • Chicken came first


  • 6:13 360 NO SCOPE

  • 👁👅👁

  • 👁

  • how do you get mods

  • how do you get modes

  • make a darth vader mod

  • Thumbnail : hunter kill the crewmates Game : hunter kill the impostor

  • i pess the like boton it got blue :O

  • Lonely sandwich I’m a fan

  • SSundee says: there's a dead body in shields me: why didn't you report that?

  • who likes sunddee foot i ,am homlessso it small good

  • 50 first dates wold it be nice

  • It does not turn blue

  • can you make a super roboter mod

  • I like🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • Sundee hunt for like buttons 👌👍

  • Venom mod

  • my user name is hunter

  • deq

  • 1000000 -1000 =

  • 500 + 900 = 1400

  • lol

  • mod idea: janitor it works for the impostor it can clean the bodys clean the impostor's votes if the crew votes for them and throw a broom to a player (throwing the broom makes the player freeze si the impostor can kill the player)

  • Hi

  • Ssundee please make a of airship map

  • SSudee

  • you should make a flash mod and the flash can run super fast he can throw light nang at people he can blind people with his light he can jump on people after he runs super fast and he can use his light nang to grab people and throw them on the other side of the map

  • I wanna use this mod, plz! Tell me how to get it plz!

  • Which App Do U Use 2 Call, PLZ?

  • make a cat mod

  • the hunter mod reminded me of fifa 18 journey ‘alex hunter’

  • No ili yes

  • Sigils is the impostor

  • reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 哦哦哦 我没SUBSCRIBE

  • scp 096 mod

  • 11:14 Ian "don't say anything, don't say anything." me "like I could even do that through a screen."

  • You should do the wizerd where he has ban hammer and he can zoom out and use there wound to make a big explosion

  • chicken mod and it poop eggs

  • Mod idea: Cyclops Enlarge and stomp on people Laser eye Mind control

  • Anonymous imposter role: The imposter can go anonymous using a different button, the affect off the anonymous imposter role is that the name off the imposter disappears and the among us character will wear a mask?

  • the map

  • Dragon role. Can fly across

  • Mod idea: dog imposter role

  • Can we get a spider man role the imposter can stun with webs fly around the map and shoot webs at people

  • The Turtle: can be underwater then it can bite turn eil stomp on crewmates and then it can make crewmates and its self slow to blend in i rilly hope you choose mine bc i love turtles and i have liked subscribed and smahed the bell:)

  • I like it

  • I want to hit the like button or hunt it

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  • Tennis mod

  • Love the part where he just says I dont wanna talk to u Henwy then murders him

  • Play 60 seconds just saying I forced my cousin to sub so can u plssssss play 60 seconds and if u do I will force my dad to sub and mum :D

  • how do you download mods?

  • make a sonic mod

  • Lonely sandwich are cool

  • Hi

  • Do yallll remeber hiittttt thattt litttleeeeee beeeeeelllllelleleleleleleelleeleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleelelelelelelelelelelleelellel*********

  • Mod king kong

  • Hmmmm

  • Me: watching them play O-O Ssundee:~wouldn't it be nice if we could pooop~

  • Dose anyone else think the thumbnail guy looks like the hunter in the og jumanji

  • when you realize ssundee made a pun in the first 20 seconds that was not a like button joke

  • Hit a like it will turn blue

  • ☺😍😃

  • I love your videos I will watch you everyday

  • Can u do a but mode

  • The like butten turn black you

  • I pressed the like button and it turned black


  • I could not find the bouton

  • Do a pennywise mod

  • How about a fat imposter that can eat the crew mates and go invisible to run away