TronicsFix Couldn't Fix This PS4... Can We Do Any Better? TronicsFix Vs TheCod3r Repair Challenge!

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  • Hey everyone. The link to Steve's video seems to have disappeared so here's a link to the video he made :)

  • Subscribed :)

  • That was so interesting :) thank you I love to learn and possibly might give this a try as I have always messed with electronics but gone bad many times .. thanks bro :) take care

  • You from Dudley mate?

  • Great job, I really felt your excitement! This video answered a lot of curiosities of mine. I would think the labour would cost as much as a new system

  • Awesome job man! Came to your channel after watching Steve. Definitely going to Sub!

  • Good Job Mate.

  • Well done!!! great video!

  • nice work :)

  • Wow! There's just a lot of stuff that's confusing to me. You're heating the APU to 220C to resolder it, but if the console is running the system will shut down if the chip reaches around 100C due to overheating. Have I misunderstood something or do chips take a lot more heat than I thought?

  • I was screaming yes also hahah added you on Facebook mate got a 2080ti that needs a capacitor putting back on whacked it off accidentally when putting a water block on

  • Awesome job on this I was holding my breath when you turned it back on at the end, well done!

    • Thank you, really appreciate that.

  • Its Always Refreshing To See These Things To Not Go As Ewaste.. Good Job

  • Well done mate, you got me subscribed with this one and I really enjoyed watching it all the way down. All the best 👍💪

  • Well done mate, you got me subscribed with this one and I really enjoyed watching it all the way down. All the best 👍💪

  • Well done mate, you got me subscribed with this one and I really enjoyed watching it all the way down. All the best 👍💪

  • Very nice work.

  • Thought the UK had free healthcare, doesn't include dental?

  • why dont you use stencil to reball memory chip? it much faster then doing it with every ball

  • Haha that was awesome! Quite an exciting moment of triumph 👌🏽 (You earned a sub just because you changed the language to English UK 😉)

  • That victory feeling when the light turned white. Awesome work. 👏

  • Well done!!!!!Bravo!

    • Thank you so much 😀

  • i am happy too :))) Great work !

  • This amazes me! I don't know a hell of a lot about this stuff but I learn a bit more every time. You've gained a sub for sure. 👍 The steady hand you have is just crazy to me, finesse is not my style by default 😂

  • obviously this ps4 cost more than a normal ps4 price. 5.55 software version is in demand bcoz of jailbreak capability.

  • Subbed as a fan of TronicsFix, good luck in your future!

  • That was honestly an amazing video, thanks for sharing this

  • Amazing work! Liked and subscribed.

  • Well done, i never realised there were chips like the one's you worked on, learn something everyday.

    • Thanks buddy, much appreciated :)

  • Brilliant 👍

  • I really learn by watching you do your repairs keep up the good works

  • Fantastic job mate

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  • Nicely done! Rough fix

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  • Just found your channel via Steve and subscribed.Great video and a brilliant outcome.You,re an amazing technician.I enjoy your videos.Thanks.

  • nice 420 degrees

  • No reason to be here, but I watched the whole thing anyway. :-) Isn't it bad to touch the chips due to skin oil and static electricity?

    • Thanks bud, nah ESD isn't really a thing these days to be honest. I've never worn a wrist strap and not had any issues with ESD :)

  • I love watching these electronic orgasms when the switch on gets the right led lighting.. yes yes yes ... ohhh it works

  • Man this very tough job. Imagining the whole process to first diagnose the problem, then try multiple methods that each involve a good amount of time investment to finally count on your luck that to things would function. Mad respect for you electronics repair people.

  • I love this video.. Can you write the Celcius and minutes you used to reflow it ?

  • cool

  • U fixed this on my birthday i noticed

  • great dedication on ur work , giving inspirations to other , true happy watching dis video here from the phillipines

  • Awesome video, dramatic lol well done.

  • @TheCod3r Awesome ! Nice work. While you kicked in after the fast forward, what did you moved around with your fingers ? unfortunally the cam just filmed your hand doing somehint, what did you do ?

  • Andy Paul sent me here, subbed n liked pal

  • Great work!!!

  • And here I thought you needed to x-ray BGAs. You got my sub!

    • Thanks bud, nah definitely not. BGA work can be pretty easy to do with a little practice :)

  • Incredible.

  • Thanks for the video, very informative. What is the tip/extension you use on your TS-100?

  • ok, so, this guys will go to the list of people i need to get in case of apocalypse XD

  • Nice work mate tricky but awesome could u repair my PS4 console same issue blue light

  • Can you put a donor apu on the board?

    • @David Stevens it definitely is painful lol. No Sony revise them to optimise power consumption but the most common failure points are always going to be there. The most common are disc drives, hdmi ports and hdmi encoders and they're usually user damaged so there's no physical way to eliminate them. If the hdmi port was made with a magnetic snap connector it would potentially eliminate some issues though

    • That sounds painful. Do Sony revise boards to try and eliminate common failure causes?

    • You can but it isn't worth doing for customers who are paying. For science or a project it is possible, but you need to replace the APU along with the syscon, secondary ram ic, NOR ROM and renesas IC as they're all paired together

  • Awesome tutorial! Great job.

  • Straight away I noticed he didn't package it in static free bag, static can cause intermittent problems where it works today but not tomorrow.

  • Nice one assume fix .👍👍👍👍👍

  • Spectacular work sir

  • Hi does anyone have advice on a new 3ds xl upper screen now black after replacement it's getting backlight but no picture I've tried a different lcd that works but having the same issue black screen with backlight working

  • Drinking game, take a shot every time he says ball/balls.

    • I'm drunk already then if that's the case haha

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  • Brilliant!! Amazing work, brotha! True technician right there!

  • A brilliant and stunning piece of repair work. I'm totally stunned. It's nice to see people working with such amazing skills and knowledge.

    • Thank you, really appreciate that mate

  • Where about from the midlands are you from 😁

    • Willenhall mate just outside Wolverhampton 😁

  • Awesome stuff

  • fai le pulizie dio santo che schifo

  • Awesome job man, that was a big repair Nice skill

  • The worst pronunciation I've ever heard. Likely TheCod3r is a native of Moscow.

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  • Good work my man, another ps4 stays alive! :D

  • Dude, keep up the good work!

  • so what you saying it was, the ram reball or the reflow , dude gave me a ps4 that he punched, directly where the ram lays so im assuming hes cracked the solder or fractured the module

    • Very possibly the ram mate yeah, but damaged ram won't usually be fixable without replacing it.

  • Good job Mate.

  • Dude this whole video is chinge city. That being said you do know how to play with some balls

  • Nice to watch Big welldone on your fix 👍👋🇬🇧

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  • That's was awesome man loved every minute of it. 58:14 whoo!

  • Spectacular Job fixing the PS4.

  • Where did you get the frame to set the motherboard on top of in your bga rework station? I need a frame like that.

    • That came with the station to be honest so I don't really know where you would be able to buy them, sorry

  • I'm not easily sir earned a new subscriber. Thank you ! Your channel was a pleasure to watch!

  • What's the name of the solder balls or solder paste did you use with the tweezer

    • I just buy ebay ones mate, they're unbranded but basically just 0.45mm leaded solder balls

  • nice work dude!

  • I really liked how you gave a thorough explanation for every step of the process. I watched various soldering videos for literal months before someone explained that they were mixing lead solder with no-lead solder to lower the melting point for clean up. The explanation on reballing and such was also great. Thanks!

    • Thanks mate, glad to be of help :)

  • Amazing work! 👍

  • Man does kinda need plastic surgery tho

  • Nice work mate :) , Also you should link your twitch in the description because for some reason typing in your twitch name didnt show up on twitch

    • @TheCod3r oh really haha , at the top of this video there is a twitch logo with your name there so I thought you had one

    • I don't use twitch mate, my viewers have made it clear they don't want to watch over there lol

  • cool dude! good job.

  • Can you fix a macbook pro M1 chip

    • @Louis Rossmann Would you fix my macbook pro m1 chip 2020 ? I've been a long standing supporter of your channel !

    • @Louis Rossmann Lol I take it they aren't replacable then? I've fixed about 3 macbooks ever, and even those I probably got a bit lucky 😁

    • @TheCod3r oh no no no no no don't you send me that :p

    • @C O I honestly don't know enough about them to work on them for customers, but as far as I know m1 macbooks are difficult to repair and would definitely need an experienced technician

    • @TheCod3r Nah, he lives in US. I need someone in UK to have a look at it. The laptop was fine till one day i think it might be easy fix for knowledge people

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  • Link to Steve/TronicsFix video?

    • Sure, it's

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  • Is there any fix for C Bomb issues without updating the firmware?

  • This guy needs some ventilation - inhaled far too much solder and flux.

  • Dentists exist

  • Viewer from Germany here. This is purley God level work man! Keep it up! I did a board level repair on my Dualshock 4 last week and just stumbled across this video somehow. Am so glad I did 😊

  • Wow that was really awesome, i wasn't expecting to watch the full 70 minutes video at first but...I did, and i liked every moment of it, well done.

  • Hello from south America Brazil congrats for fixing this board and I am your fans I always watch your videos and Steve videos you guys have tought me everything for fixing electronics thanks for all the videos and the works that you guys have put in.

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