Trump’s 2020 Election Lawsuits Get Thrown Out by More States | The Tonight Show

čas přidán 20. 11. 2020
Jimmy addresses Trump administration lawsuits over the 2020 election getting thrown out by judges in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.
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Trump’s 2020 Election Lawsuits Get Thrown Out by More States | The Tonight Show


  • Nobody believes any thing you say.

  • First, I'll go to a judge for justice. After that, I'll go to Starbucks to have a tooth pulled.

  • I just saw your show today 12/17/20 and I was wondering why are you putting down President Trump? You are acting just like that other Jimmy K. You know it’s not over until is over! Wait for January 6 then we’ll know who really won the presidency! Why don’t you make fun of that woman Johnson that came out saying threatening words to the republicans (she has her “soldiers” and they know what to do. ) she sounded like she was trying for a movie called “The Godmother” got it?

  • Beatiful

  • Rudy literally smeared Covid all over his dickhead ! Btw, the legal terms questions for Trump were hilarious ! I loved that part ! 🤣😂😅

  • Trump=Cheater+Liar+Grifter=Loser Shame On Trump You are fired 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jail is waiting for you 😂😂😂😂

  • God allowing the snakes to show themselves

  • Wow this video is ignorant. Did you even listen to the press conference or any of the witnesses? Half of America is outraged about voter fraud and you want to make fun of a lawyer. SMH

    • Trumptards are idiots. How's all that going for you now? You people will be made fun of for the next 4 years.. Get used to it crybaby.

  • The President Donald Trump Show evidence of voter fraud!

  • im comming for you jimmy when the civil war starts

  • They have won more than they lost. The good guys got the server. All these democrats are going to prison for treason.have fun at gitmo losers

    • How's that working out for you trumptard? 🤣🤣🤣 You're gonna be the laughing stock of our country for a long time.

  • 😂

  • how is that there are NO consequences to BATSH*T Crazy Rudy&Co. for trying to blo w up our democracy ?????HOW?? the 80 million votes should each file a unlawful fraud case against Trump Rudy Crazy train and legally make them pay!. STAND UP AMERICA... THIS WAS A TRIAL RUN for a COUP by the CRAZIES among us (can be right or left wing).. if we dont make them pay the next try will be polished and effective in destroying the democracy

  • DO NOT TRUST LEFTIST MEDIA Watch "WATCH: Diamond and Silk on Election Fraud vs. Voter Fraud" on CS-tv

  • This guy Fallon is the most irritating man I’ve ever seen 😬

  • Read like the first ten comments, you people are cunts

  • Af Rick A Hudson

  • China did not do it stupid Africa did

  • Calling president trump old man . How old do you think spider Biden is?

  • He is so going to win. Then you liberals can go back to whining about ut

    • Another delusional trumptard to laugh at🤣🤣🤣 how's that going for you?

  • Jimmy Fallon used to be funny. Now he's just a sad misguided boy man.

  • nice intriduction siging skit on NBC Macys Thankgiving Paraide year 2020 november 26 thursday 9am til noon then dog show then paraide again ps did you really do al this flips stunt sumersalts or tom holland or born again Christian illusionist tv movie stunt double kartee expert k jonathen pendragon mastero the magnafacent i like how you went phew

  • B'H An interesting perspective =

  • Only wish the worse for Jimmy

  • If your political view is based on a Hollywood actor then you are a "slave"

  • Jimmy a clown working for his másters, the global elite, such an idiot doing the show to keep people with the head on the hole

  • Omg!even Covid put on a mask!roflmao

  • You wear bespoke suits in any lighter grey;no tie.You'd look like a bawler Jimmy

  • No Justice No Peace

  • if not for democratic fiction these tv shows would flounder.

  • ​No need to concede just arrest Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the fraud and prove it at their treason trials.


  • Hey Trump... You are fired It's better to count how many graves you have done in the Hart island Shame On Trump Jail is ready to receive you 😝

  • It was an Obama appointed judge. Trumps team expected it and are working their way through the court system to the Supreme Court. Fallon is an idiot

    • Excuses, excuses. What happened trumptard? Your president was trash, and we fired him. Cry some more.

  • Trumpty Dumpty bet on a wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the white nationalist & All the Klansmen. Could not put Trumpty back in office again. 😆

  • Rudy is too old for this.

  • Giuliani is just made to get fun of.

  • "I can only hear one person at the top"

  • Yalll a bunch of communists bitches “You don’t know how the law works” Democrats: let’s Change votes and let dead people vote

    • Dead people voted? Like the ones that were proven to be alive? Biden is your president now boy, respect it. Or continue crying, either way we gonna make fun you trumptards 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣

  • Pandering piece of shit.

  • Lord help us all 🤢😷

  • uhm, we already have the covid 20 (search covid 20 denmark), so he was trying to make the covid 21 then haha

  • That wasn't hair dye, but rather, diarrhea. Leaking, dripping, expunging........., from his anus.

  • EMILY MURPHY - DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! - General Services Administration for Rump Michael McCabe - JOE BIDEN - Absolutely NOT!!!!!! Please join NOW - help us Progressives get onto ALL 50 states ballots. PEOPLES PARTY dot ORG Please STOP saying "single payer" / "medicare for all" - instead SAY "NOT FOR PROFIT" healthcare. EVERYONE can understand that terminology !

  • When are we going to realize as a country that we've become worse than Nazi Germany? We need to obey the law and remove this guy before he nukes Los Angeles or does something crazy.

  • Since they can throw out the case so quick, why can't they do it for people who have cases of false arrest, especially for what we call black people in America? Why hold them hostage? Why have 2 million prisoners? Why profit off of them? Why encourage slavery of a people in prison and have long court cases for no reason?

  • Yikes Jimmie you’re having a brutal onologue. I guess people don’t agree with you.

  • The Democrat shit himself while talking in the microphone last month and your showings snot?

  • This is Simone's dad. Rudy is just nasty. What are we going to do when Trump is gone? No more fun, no SNL skits, no press conferences with drama, no one telling you to drink bleach, no one to call people names (Pochohantas) , no one saying that Fredrick Douglas is still alive, and just straight bufoolnery. (spelling, sorry). Can we have Shawn Spicer back??? I knew we were in trouble when Spicer announced that the inaguration (spelling) crowd was the largest in American history...lololol. HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS....stay safe

  • Haha, not happy that Trump won by a landslide, are you? Lies and propaganda is all that you and your trolls can spew.

  • St Trump Adios Contaminos. I wonder what is in store for USA.

  • "I'm going to the store, I got like 20 masks on, I'm wearing gloves. This guy's rubbing snot all over his face."🤣

  • True story: a pineapple and a donkey were tested for covid-19 and yes they both tested positive! Very questionable pandemic!

  • I love Jimmy!

  • dont want to get injected by an emergency vaccine? anti vaxxer much

  • The amount, my middle finger went up at trump in this video is ASTRONOMICAL

  • Remember BLM bidens laptop matters ☝️

  • Get some new material, instead of insulting the President of the United States on national television!! Jimmy Fallon is nothing but a goof!!!

  • More brainwashing right here.

  • He said almost 74 million people voted for him....Someone should have yelled "but 80 million voted for Biden"


  • LOL... Going by the look on Giuliani's face and the black OOZ coming out of his head, he looks like he is Possessed !

  • Who watches this trash show 🤷‍♀️



  • Eww 😷He folded it the wrong way!!! OMG!! Sooo grosss!!


  • He did this in 2016. Even after he won he still continued to complain about the states he didnt win and complain about Hilary. Like you won get over it. Now you lost get over it!! I have never met anyone like this man ever!

  • Can you even imagine how hallow Jimmy Fallon is? This guy is literally being fisted by the deep state.

    • Blah blah blah. You got shitted on. Biden is your president trumptard, keep crying.

  • i dont like you bringing politics in to your channel cause you have kids watching you and it might seem weird for them to see there favorite host of the show reacting to politics

    • You don't like politics you don't agree with, because to most people this is hilarious.. Trumptards are melting down everywhere.

  • Giuliani is the definition of the word ‘embarrassing’

  • Stick to comedy not stupity and ignorance.

  • Rudy is High Dude - Foo gots the Sweats

  • He blows his nose into one side, then folds it so that the snotty part is exposed. Then wipes his mouth then face with the snotty part. . . .his nerves were so bad, terrified if he said the wrong thing he’d be fired.

  • So freaking nasty

  • Is this supposed to be funny??

  • My iPhone x has been slower than usual and I’m tryna update it but it won’t let me, i want the galaxy z flip tho lol

  • Exactly

  • #Whocaresaboutdonaldtrump😝 #downwithtrump😎👎🏾 #wearamasksavelives

  • There’s an expression that a person is so full of shit their eyes are brown,,,,,, Rudy is so full of shit his SWEAT is brown.

  • Nasty

  • so from all the video this is what y'all ate talking about? well I guess is ok since this is not a news network...

  • I mean, as long as it's his own snot he rolls in, he, personally, should be golden. As for his surroundings that's another matter. It's the sharing-is-caring attitude what gets you jiggered.

  • What will you do when trump is out?

  • How an immigrant couple in Germany developed leading vaccine against COVID-19 . The two married scientists that are saving people were immigrants so yes they do bring drugs DRUGS THAT SAVE LIVES WORLDWIDE

  • Literal meltdown

  • Be a billionaire, build an empire even make your way to presidency. Or Be like Jimmy, comedian!

  • Rudy looks like he just crawled out of the swamp Trump was supposed to clean up. Would you pay that guy 20k a day ?

  • IRRELEVANT Fallon. Selfish, rich, gated security, Anti American.

  • Attorney Giuliani looks like the 1992 penguin in batman!

  • I like how there only 5 people laughing awkwardly. Be like Jimmy, a desperate comedian!

  • Trump is a solar engine that is just self generating jokes.

  • 2nd place is the 1st LOSER !!!!!!!!!

  • Fake Jimmy Fallon

  • Hush little donnie don’t you cry, cause your daddy taught you how to lie. Keep on telling those great big fibs, the only ones that believe you are your kids.

  • Rudy probably picks his nose in the car and eats it.

  • Trump a saboter les election pour pouvoir gagner ces un malade qui ce change de na pas avoir était elue

  • Well, he DID fold it.

  • Give Trump a mulligan on the election

  • Is Donald trump loses election?