Trump Mocks GOP Candidates Who Didn't Embrace Him

čas přidán 8. 11. 2018
As Donald Trump claimed victory for the midterms, he couldn't help but express contempt at every failed GOP candidate that didn't embrace him.
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  • Just wow.......

  • It’s so sweet being able to look back and laugh at you people lol

  • Trump sent a woman to do a man’s job.

  • Who were the losers who did get the embrace? Trump is such a child. I think Mueller understands tax forms.

  • By admitting that he wouldn't compartmentalize investigations on his person would result in conflict in the government itself. Basically he's saying his own personal affairs are more important that the effective and impartial leadership of the entire country...... That would be like an Apple employee filing a complaint against Bill Gates and Bill having a response that put all Microsoft employees in a potentially very negative and detrimental situation..... Seriously the morons defending Trump are quick to claim he's running the country as though it's a business, despite the very clear and obvious fact that a person running a business and handling themselves as he does would quickly find themselves out of business, out of a job, out out out......

  • People wouldn't understand his tax returns😂😂

  • Cancer if it was legal. -_-

  • trump's didn't embrace me speech was creepy af

  • Y'know what I want for Christmas? For the head of the IRS to talk to Trump in person on live TV and tell him to his face that the audit does not in any way prevent him from releasing his tax returns, and we could watch him try to weasel out of that one.

  • The Embrace!AMEN! Whats netx Donald?You'll become Jesus or Allah or maybe Buddah ,Jezebel or Tut En Ahmun?Odin or Wotan?

  • Let’s spread awareness.

  • Let’s get this thing done.

  • Just do it!

  • 6:41

  • now-cj-of-supreme-court-puts-down-trump!----a-conservative-!!!--now-will-trump-ffolks-care?!

  • I personally think to stop their attack on Jim Acosta, Jim should file charges. He did not say she could touch him and she forcefully did so.

  • Embracttthhhhhhh. Don’t say that word. Hearing it from you just really turns my stomach.

  • Perhaps the bone spurs joke should be rephrased to "Sorry I've got bone spurs Nancy! I'm having flashbacks of Vietnam even though I dodged the draft like five times. If you will excuse me, I need to try and have some therapeutic intercourse with two Swedish supermodels, that are very similar in appearance to my daughters Ivanka and Tiffany... Listen, I haven't got time for this crap! I have to go, before they leave again!"

  • Get a real job Colbert, you are as funny as a fart...

  • Single. Digits.

  • FDJT, go embrace yourself.

  • 8% Lol 😂🤣

  • Dow did this sick show get on my IPad? Come on People improve you’re IQ stop watching this trash ! MAGA Woman for Trump 2020.

  • The media is NOT the enemy of the people, they ARE the people! Kudos to all the reporters giving no room for BS! Especially the gentleman who corrected his allegations of "highest poll numbers with African Americans" I'm proud to be an American, so may we have it back please!?! Tired of this "dictator in training" spewing out nonsense, EMBARRASSING us to the entire world, and throwing temper tantrums when we, the people, refuse to swallow his load of FAKE FACTS... take a hike Don (the "Tallahassee Trail" preferably😂🤣😂)

  • Wait-till-Trump-refuse-to-concede-in-2020-in-2016-Trump-say-will-NOT-ACCEPT-RESULTS-OF-VOTE-IF-LOSE-WILL-ONLY-ACCEPT-A-WIN-OR-WILL-SAY-VOTER-FRAUD-AND-NULLIFY-2020-VOTES!---remember-Trump-say-about-state-of-PENN?!---will-see-2020-like-maybe-now-in-states-of-Florida!--or-stacey-abrams-in-Atlanta!

  • No means no ,no touching , no embrace.

  • Embrace a Gorilla and then you are a Banana No Thanks !!!!😂😂😂😂

  • How long does a tax audit take if you have nothing to hide?

  • the.....embrace?

  • tax returns who doesn't understand them, I like to see numbers, fill out my own mmm how stupid does trump think we are

  • Will this kind of show make American great again! So stupid !

  • if you embrace he cops a feel

  • I love paying taxes i wish i could pay more. Im a Democrat... How stupid....

    • +The Truth why would it matter about anyones tax returns?? Everyone wasnt born rich, should just be equal for all. And where i live, i pay tax on everything except food..... Dem state...

    • Kyle Lawson Unless your rich, the Democrats aren’t taking much of your money.

  • Is that the doctored video? oh wait no its the actual video someone tell Trevor.

  • As funny as a tooth ache. Americans laugh at almost anything.

  • “Let me run the country…” He runs the country?

  • Let's face it Moron you'll never recover from 2016 election EVER. Your kind hate to see a man of Trumps stature get so much respect from the good people of America . Most of the world leaders really admire Trump . Real men . They wish they had the balls he has . He's definitely the right man for the job and more qualified than most to run America. You as a person are a snake crawling around on your belly leaching the life out of good people . But your time is coming soon. Very soon.

    • +Ronald Cammarata That's four words . here's another few words that makes real sense . Bull Shit.

    • Two words. Blue wave.

  • You know when Trump is lying when he repeats himself over and over.

  • He’s still recovering from the election in 2016!! 🤣 I’m sure he is!! How pathetic does this guy sound and behave!! Along with the minority and select few!! Trump is ridiculed because he’s stirring it!! Stirring what!? He’s confronting what no one else has had the courage to do since Kennedy and unfortunately they got rid of him!! This guy is making a global impact which is what the world needs now more than ever!!... he’s confronting what needs to be confronted and courageous in doing so! While others scoff and judge... it’s gone to the stage their actually making a fool of themselves with outrageous and childish comments like this idiot on here!! I see America in a total different light because of these guys! It’s no wonder you have the likes of bullying and all sorts of discrimination goin on with these fools constantly heckling! hyenas at their president!! Why don’t they put their energy into supporting him and get your country and the world back on track! America won’t be great again until the people back their president who so far confronts all sorts of corruption and those in it are disturbed by him!!! The Truth Hurts and those mostly affected become and act like serpents!!! This guy is in a position as a host on American tv, to influence but he’s goin against the majority which speaks for itself!! Cop on and get over it!! Stop making yourselves and your country look pathetic by your squirming and ridiculing!!!! Like most great people,Trump and his work will be monumental after he’s gone and America Will morn and hope for another to replace him but none will fill this mans shoes!! All you’ll get is a people pleaser!! Had Hilary got in, it would have been another day in the office stirring nothing but her coffee while those in corruption continued to destroy your country!!! Foolish people you need to wake up!!!!!

  • If I m not wrong , this is one of the idiots who Said that Trump would not be president ...😂😂😂😂

  • I wouldn't want "The Embrace" - yuk!

  • They took control even though the districts are Gerry Mandered to swing the election to the GOP! And if you're a billion dollar pimp who makes money from your Money Tree farm why would you not wanna release your taxes to prove your claim? I mean what type of billionaire doesn't want to prove his claim on being so rich?One who is full of shit thats who! Can't wait till we see these returns because I'll bet it tells a quite different story from what hes claiming!

  • JON BATISTE I hear Brubek at 0:30 (Blue Rondo a la Turk) - such good taste!

  • And yet another example of Trump's fantastic memory...he doesn't know who Lil John is and he worked with him on The Apprentice for how many weeks?! I never watched the show or listened to rap and even I knew who the guy was...and that he'd been on The Apprentice! What a genius. If only he ever knew all the things he doesn't know he'd still be a bad president. Really? He doesn't know the difference between the Baltic countries and the BalKAN countries? And he chews the Baltic countries out for what the Balkans had done! We are truly the laughing stock of the world. HINT: you got your most recent wife from a BalKAN country. Check the return address on the box she came in.

  • He talks like somebody having a martini at a cocktail party , not presidential in the least bit . I knew it from the first debate but we have this , we flipped the house , the next 45 day's will be greulung

  • Colbert is as refreshing as a 3 day old Tampon! Typical liberal Hollywood shill!

  • Trump mocks someone and ppl say he's immature and disrespectful,but when someone else in politics or on these dumb night shows mocks him or talks shit about him and his family bcuz there y'all low-key falloweres y'all no nothing bout politics but hate trump cuz it's the cool thing to do,think for yourselves kids

  • The USA does NOT understand that it has become the most hated nation in the world under Trump. He has spread his hatred around the world like a plague. His support for dictators and genocide and the violence in your own country have assured the world that trusting Americans is committing suicide. Millions of Americans come over the northern border annually. Many return to the USA as criminals. WHY? Because under Trump they have NO respect for the laws of other countries. You have become a sick viral and vial country spreading its hate and murder. When will you wise up??

  • If people can't understand tax issues, why do we trust the IRS? Can they understand tax returns?

  • You mean the sabotage of 2016?