Try Guys Bake Mac & Cheese Without A Recipe

čas přidán 3. 12. 2021
We hope this episode will Mac you smile :) Today we're trying to make baked mac & cheese FROM SCRATCH and ! Who's cheesy noods will take top dish?! SHOP our talking figurines today on!

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    • P

    • Hey try guys, ur gay. U aren’t extra funny cuz ur gay. Only far left people think gays are funny for being gay, the rest of the world just sees you guys trying too hard to be funny. “Try Guys try to be funny”.

    • Eugene had missed oportunity to call it Without Recipie HELLiday Edition

    • Hi

    • I am 13 and I can probably make better Mac and cheese then the 4 of you combined

  • I love how ned and keith's table is crisis and chaos and Eugene and Zach are just playing with waffles and balls

    • Eugene tots saved them both 😂

    • @CS-tv Administration 2 of them are married to a woman and the other is engaged to a woman so no, they're not gay. They're not bi either, they're just comfortable with their masculinity and sexuality, unlike some people it seems...

    • @CS-tv Administration the rest of them are engaged/married to women...

    • "waffles and balls"

    • @Olivia-Brooke oh please they are all flaming homosexual. Eugene is the only one open about it. But 100% they are all gay.

  • No one cares but the reason why Keith's went wrong is because the enzymes in pineapple digest the meat when you leave it overnight, which makes it taste similar to vomit.

    • Omg I cared, thank you!

    • Oooooooh I see! Thank you for this comment! I literally just commented asking what the heck happened and how he messed up pork!

    • The thing that got me was the EXACT same thing happened to zach in a previous episode. did keith just black out and forget or what...

    • That’s why I’m so upset whenever any one of them decide pineapples is a good idea

    • @elusive Did you use fresh pineapple or canned? I think the enzymes are deactivated in canned pineapple; that's why you can use canned but not fresh pineapple in jello.

  • They should make a recipe book with all the recipes that won with this challenge

    • @Dio Brando fav comment

    • @Dio Brando If i had the money I would fund this omggg

    • That’s honestly a great idea

    • I would love to know how to make the brownies that Zach made. I have no idea how I would even make them- but a recipe book would be awesome for that reason

    • They absolutely do! I really wanna try that mac and cheese waffle lol

  • The utter shock of everyone, both judges and try guys, at Zack making something good was hilarious. Specially since Zack was the most shocked.

    • zach not zack goddamn 😩 it's been years since he joined yt and people still misspell his name

    • Zach is gonna be pissed at how you spelled his name and I'm here for the drama

    • Zach's was like baked Mac n cheese aka macaroni pie.

    • I fricken cackled 🤣🤣 because he never is that successful lol

  • “And he dresses just the way his food tastes; BLAND!” When I tell you my jaw dropped-

  • "Mac and cheese balls. Guess what's inside." "Mac and cheese?" "And?" "Balls?" One of the funniest exchange in Without a Recipe

  • Why did Keith's dish look and taste great the day before but was horrible the next day? Its a cooking lesson for everyone: never combine meat and pineapple then let sit for any more than 2 hours. Even 1 may be much. Pineapple contains an enzyme that literally digests protein, so its great to tenderize with a quick marinade but overnight you end up with exactly what was described: pre-chewed bird feed.

    • Also note that it’s fresh pineapple, if it was cooked pineapple or canned pineapple, it would’ve been fine.

    • Makes me wonder what kind of sadists made the menu for my primary/high school, we had some kind of pork pineapple stew almost once a month.

    • Side note: if you don't want your cheese to be oily and disgusting the next day, add an artificial substance to keep the consistency. American cheese or cream cheese will do the trick! If not the oil will separate and create the greasy mess you see in the video. There's something about the chemicals in artificial cheeses that keep it together.

    • and doesn't help that Ro doesn't normally eat pork.

    • @Ayesha Mohammed because pineapples sit on the pizza as a topping (placed on the pizza the last) then into the oven immediately which denatures the enzyme in the pineapple (breaking the bonds in the enzyme by heat which makes the enzyme unable to work) therefore, the enzyme never get its chance to work to digest anything, it was denatured

  • Ned and Keith: stressing out that their water isn’t boiling England: Kettles

    • They also used big ass pots for boiling pasta even though they could’ve probably used smaller pots which wouldn’t even take as long to boil. I remember in an early Hell’s Kitchen season, someone said they thought cold water boiled faster than hot water. So they probably just put cold water in as well.

    • @miss piggy yep cause this is the internet your allowed to lol

    • @Jessica Von Ziegenweidt yet you’re adding more to it

    • @cobalt blu this is freaking hilarious, whole CS-tv conversation over Kettles. Such riveting conversations. Anyway i have met many American's who don't have kettles, but i have not met all of Americans so like to me and my friends its a stereotype. But its not like you Americans have stereotypes for English people, right?

    • @Jenny Dunn no I do, Ramen has been good, and tea even better.

  • These time constraints are nearly ruining this season for me:/ Of course their dishes are gonna turn out underbaked when they’re only given a measly 30 minutes to cook dishes that, at MINIMUM, require 45+ minutes to cook properly😑😑 Also splitting the dish between two days was a weird move-Keith was robbed!!

    • The cinnamon roll episode, in most cases, fresh cinnamon rolls take like an hour to bake. They had what, 30 minutes? Of course they're gonna be raw!

    • In the end I think a lot of this comes down to filming constraints. They probably have a bunch of projects going at the same time and only a certain amount of time before they have to be at a different filming location, plus cleanup. It’s really unfortunate that this is what they have to do to stay in business tho 😞

    • also Ned's cheese mixture getting ruined because the staff member who put it away threw two separate mixtures in one container? after he went through all the trouble of starting over and making a new one? what was the point of that? like he'd already made several mistakes, it's not like it wouldn't have been difficult for him anyway.

    • Agrew

    • Yeah it feels like they are adding challenges that set them up to fail in unfair ways. Like...not becuase of their ingredients or techniques but from a lack of time. If they are going to fail I want it to make sense and not feel so out of their control.

  • Rosanna is a real one for sacrificing her stomach, mouth and sanity for these boys every time.

  • Cannot believe that Zach did not call his dish 'Zach and Cheese', honestly such a missed opportunity.

    • Thought the same 🤣

    • @Natalia Eden-Winn I apologize for cursing you in this manner.

    • NOOOOOO thats honestly a crime I- I wish I had never seen this comment, to feel such unfulfilling loss

    • @lizzy Rank WHAT A CONCEPT!!

    • @Fabian Random or Zach n waffles?!

  • There were so many things that went wrong in this video that was the fault of the producers. I want the guys to succeed or fail based on their own decisions and not because of the extremely unrealistic time constraints, weird multi day separation of steps, and no set prepping (pre boiling some water)

    • I totally agree, it's not fair at all and nobody can preheat cook and cool in that time frame

    • @Marina Keunecke not to forget when they had 30 mins to cook, cool and frost cinnamon rolls when they needed almost an hour to just cook. There was also something wrong with the ovens not heating properly. Surprisingly (not) they were all raw.

    • Agree

    • There have been a lot of these this season! It's so frustrating

    • Reminds me of the time in the brownie episode when Keith and Zach didn’t know they had to bake within the time frame. Like shouldnt they have told them ??

  • My heart rly broke for Keith this episode. You can tell he was actually very upset and it really wasn’t his fault

    • It was

    • It was

    • it was

    • @AserHapi and Zach’s dumpling filling

    • Well it kind of was, after so many episodes eating restaurant food he should have guessed that mixing things with pineapple was a bad idea.

  • I think Keith's dish got gross overnight because he put citrus rind in there. As it sits, it gets bitter and overpowering. I've made that mistake before!

    • @Erica Meeks apparently there is a drink called Tepache which is made by fermenting pineapple peel. It’s 2-3% alcohol by volume.

    • @Erica Meeks huh,,,,,,,,,,,,, thats a good thought

    • @parmeila dhevi can you make alcohol with pineapple?

    • And it tends to digest the meat, so it would have a weird texture and and even weirder taste

    • @posthuman yes! Pineapple releases ethanol which curdles dairy and makes it foul tasting.

  • The time limits are ridiculous, the challenge should just be “from scratch and without a recipe”. Adding further limitations is just unfair and setting them up to fail

    • Renee W yeah but they could’ve easily cooked these in one day. Start early in the morning and just say okay you’ve got two hours or whatever to be done. It would’ve completely saved Keith’s dish, and avoid stuff like beds cheeses getting mixed together when he clearly made a new one cause he didn’t like the first one

    • ​@Natalia Eden-Winn they don't have forever to spend on one video though. I'm sure they've thought through how much money they likely make from this series vs. the time and effort it takes to film and edit, how much they have to pay the guests for their time and schedule everyone to be there, etc. They also can't have one person's food taking several hours longer than another's, because it needs to be served pretty fresh. I personally think the time limit stress is a factor that keeps it interesting. But, a lot of other people seem to be complaining about it and saying it affects the quality of the content, so maybe it is something they should try to revisit, at least for certain dishes.

    • agreed

  • Eugene really takes every opportunity to flex his cheese

    • @AxxL I saw your CS-tv, I'd stay in school.....

    • @AxxL education can't be replaced by money. Ever. Study.

    • Eugene is definitely more Balsy this time around.😂😭🤗😅

    • @AxxL Stay in school. CS-tv fame dies off really quickly and it's best to have something to fall back on

    • I can't even laugh out loud my cat's sleeping on my lap. Tsk. Balls!

  • Ned every time: I've got a target on my back Meanwhile none of the other Try Guys have never, not even once, mentioned going after Ned 😂😂

    • He puts the target there himself lol

    • it's just a shtick to plug his book

  • Southern woman here: y’all should NOT have made the sauce the day before. And you should not have made your own pasta. I was more offended by it not being made all in one day. Keith’s rant was justified.

    • Georgia in the house 👋 Mac & cheese really isn't great with fresh pasta. You need hard dried noodles to hold up to the sauce and baking. Homemade fresh pasta that isn't completely dried tends to be very soft and luscious. You really need that firm aldente bite for mac & cheese. I'm from a family of Italians. Know your pasta!

    • Exactly they should had done the pasta one day and the rest the next day

  • Keith’s mustache makes him look like a firefighter I will not explain

    • uhm this comment made me laugh out fucjin loud thx

    • I read "refrigerator" instead of firefighter and I think he also looks like that now lmao.

  • I feel so bad for Keith ugh. This should all happen on the same day. Keeping stuff refrigerated overnight can literally change EVERYTHING!

  • Hope you guys enjoyed this episode 🥰 I CAN’T wait for you to see the next one. 🌭🍆🍆

    • I hated it, the time restraints are super unrealistic and it's not fair

    • No Eugene wouldn’t

    • 😂😂😂 dongle

    • This was unhinged, way to go YB!

    • Epic editing YB! We love you!

  • rachel: *doesn't let ned serve rosanna pasta that fell on the floor* also rachel: *pork testicles okay*

    • First its beef not pork. Second it isn't a bad meat you just aren't accustomed to it.

    • @cobalt blu maybe it’s bc you can see when dough is raw whereas floor pasta is going to look like regular pasta but will be dirty still, so the judges can’t make an informed decision on if they want it or not.

    • @LittleMiss MatchMaker Now THAT is actually a better comparison. food poisoning is no laughing matter rachel: doesn't let ned serve rosanna pasta that fell on the floor also rachel: raw dough okay

    • @Jenna Wallace floor pasta isn’t the most sanitary.

    • @Trini Fernandez lol cause you know them, or........

  • 2 things 1. Absolutely love the judges in this episode: Dormtainment and Try Guys have a great friendship and chemistry! Kevin Bludso was affable, kind but also constructive in his criticisms, loved his presence! Rosana continues to be the absolute best, sweetest, judge with the toughest spirit who continues to come back time and time again! We love her! 2. The consistent, unrealistic constraints are really upsetting me! It’s coming off as more destructive force rather than a fun aspect of the competition. Why split this up over two days? Why force them to make their own pasta (when the legitimate restaurant owner doesn’t even do that)? Why put Ned’s two sauces together? Why not let them boil the pasta (especially when there seems to be something off with the stove/oven in this kitchen considering the addition problem of cinnamon roll episode where it wasn’t baking). Just. Getting frustrated with these continual issues that are cropping up.

  • this was FR one of the hardest ones- the worst part was they didn’t just have one long day like the owner of bludsos tutorial. this made it like 100% harder because of reheating and what happens to food when it sits overnight. For example Keith’s might’ve been really good if it wasn’t split in two day time period.

  • I find it humorous that Zach and Eugene were chilling meanwhile Ned and Keith were stressed 🤣 normally it’s the opposite.

  • "I've see Matt make it" is gonna be the new "my wife" and I am here for it

    • @Mi p my last statement still stands. Get over it.

    • @Mi p Don't worry the reason everyone is embarrassed of you isn't grammar

    • @Zoee Stephens I don't eat cereal though.

    • @Mi p who pissed in your cereal. Get over it grammar police.

    • @anneoops! I guess I'm the only one who would feel embarrassed to speak like that.

  • It's so funny that Eugene tries to fuck everything up but still wins and when he tries to make something good he loses😂😂

  • i love that they sound like they know what they're doing more and more with each of these videos!! What is with the time constraints though??? I don't even cook much but I always assumed they took the amount of time needed for an expert to cook the dish and then added some time in consideration of how they dont have a recipe but the timing seemed really short to me this season?

    • Yeah, I've run in to a number of episodes where the time constraints make it impossible for them to completely cook their food. Makes it hard to watch tbh

  • "i'm qualified to judge macaroni cuz frankly im black" i felt that lol

  • Zach’s being so good was not a surprise to me. He’s the only person who just let the macaroni itself shine lol.

  • So far this season I've had balls and blood..... I'm pretty terrified for next week.... 💀

    • Good luck Ro!

    • Based off the fact that you don’t eat pork, I was so worried about the proteins that they included. Then with the balls, my worries were through the roof

    • As someone who grew up in Spain. Fear the Callos.

    • evil eugene boutta put durian in something next

    • Lmfao

  • “The horse is dead, the horse is a skeleton!” Made me spit my drink out

  • ro's body accepting or rejecting the food should be another category

    • Honestly her body has very good defense mechanism to throw out anything not supposed to be in there

  • Kevin Bludso is a great judge!! His personality is larger than life and he manages to be funny and compassionate all while showing his expertise. More Chef Bludso please! 💚💞

  • The childlike joy that they had with the pasta cutter thing is so wholesome

  • Ned and Keith: *mental break downs* Eugene and Zach: "I'm so glad we cooked these yesterday! :)"

    • this was the best part honestly had me dying lmao. It was the music changes in between too xD

    • @Riskyy this isn’t gonna grow your channel by leveling a comment here. So get out of here and work on your own stuff k?

    • @Megafoodie69l

    • @Riskyy here's your attention. Fetch.

    • Loved that!

  • "he beat that meat like crazy" went over everyone's heads

  • sad and gloomy- Ned: "i don't have enough" Keith: "maybe they'll plump" all of a sudden happy- Ned "maybe they will plump

  • It’s really inspiring that a person who is lactose intolerant won the Mac and cheese without a recipe competition.

  • FINALLY Zach makes a meal the judges like and consider to actually be what the challenge is , lol and Eugene finally has the worst one. People didn’t even want to eat it haha

  • Ned: Yale educated chemist who definitely for sure understands how the specific heat capacity of water works Also Ned: can’t boil water

    • I'm pretty sure that oven is fucked up, they were having trouble getting the cinnamon rolls to cook too

    • @Aaron home cooks publish cookbooks all the time, I very much doubt that he's ever claimed to be a professional chef

    • @Aaron he is not and has never been a professional cook. Anyone can publish a cookbook. He's just capitalizing on his fame in any way possible.

    • @Riskyy I think if you read my comment again, you’ll find that I never once said an opinion.

    • @Joy Cor Hey dude did you know know one asked for your opinion

  • The fact that the first compliment came for Zach from the celebrity chef, who had NO IDEA that his were usually atrocious is so exciting for him hahah

  • God bless Ro for continuing to grace us as a judge. She's an absolute champ.

  • Mac and cheese doesn't require overnight prep so idk why they gave them that? I feel they should give them that only when required, id rather see them serve the fresh food

  • This episode was horrible for the time constraints and breaking it into multiple days and Ned's getting ruined by someone off screen. If they are going to get messed up let it be for their ingredients and techniques not for things out of their control. This series is losing its point and catchy-ness very quickly

  • I think Zach is actually learning from his mistakes. It’s cool to see his progress over this whole series

    • Progress is always short lived with Zach.

    • agree, I get really happy when he wins

    • I'm still proud of him every time he makes something that's not poison!

    • This entire series has made Zach a better cook, and it's really neat to see.

    • I actually wrote a speech about Zach and Ned in Without a Recipe to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone.

  • Before I see who wins, just wanna say I’m happy that they’ve assembled all of these Black folk to judge their mac and cheese.

    • @Steven Liang not really actually. It's something that was created in USA to please the taste of Americans. But here in Italy we mix cheese and pasta in recepies as "pasta cacio e pepe" and "pasta ai 4 formaggi" (that you do at home when you have some old but still completely edible cheese in the fridge 😂). The result doesn't look like american Mac n' cheese tho

    • @Steven Liang cuz they make it best and the history it holds

    • @Steven Liang it’s a staple for us! A lot of our recipes are special to our families. Idk it’s just a very beloved dish for African Americans lol

    • @Steven Liang just a guess but probably because mac and cheese is super popular in the south and the south has a high black population due to its history

    • Why? What’s the association with Mac and cheese and black people? The food is from Italy

  • We've entered the Twilight zone. Eugene placed last. Zack won Basic Ned was told to be more basic And Keith was happy with 3rd!

  • i feel like Eugene could win so easily and literally self-sabotages himself to make it more difficult sometimes 😭

  • Zach leaning on the table while smiling and tapping his fingers as he waits for the pasta to be extruded is absolutely the cutest Zach I have ever seen. I’ve watched the video a few times since it was first uploaded and I can’t get over it. Very GIF-able.

  • I really liked Kevin Bludso as a judge. He was able to be kind and supportive at the same time as critical, gave great constructive feedback, seemed pretty open-minded, and generally seemed glad to be there. Good judges make for a better show.

    • Couldn’t agree more

    • Well said!

    • Agreed! He was the best

    • @Maria Semenyakina yes! His commentary has made me want to try making mac & cheese again.

    • He’s got to be the most open minded judge they’ve had, other than maybe Josh or Kwesi. He was ready to take a journey lol. He’s a cool guy.

  • Zack & Eugene: Having fun and it's turning out decent. Keith & Ned: Chaos in the kitchen.

  • I love how Ned, Keith and Eugene made mac and cheese latino edition (yes bull eggs is a normal dish in some latin countries) and Zach made waffles :D

  • If you want to use balls in a recipe (in Spanish you call the "criadillas"), washing them very carefully with water and white vinegar before boiling them in water, salt and bay leaves helps a lot with the odd smell/flavor.

  • The utter shock of everyone, both judges and try guys, at Zack making something good was hilarious. Specially since Zack was the most shocked.

  • This series is becoming less like "without a recipe" and more like "without proper culinary execution".

    • @Kelsey Janes This series would be better if they just let the guys show how much they’ve improved and battle it out with real food than to manufacture problems with time constraints.

    • They were gaining too much cooking know how throughout their experiences, so have to make it harder lol.

    • Or just straight up, without enough time

  • straight up trying not to cry over here, the judging portion this week was hilarious

  • They deserve so much more realistic time constraints with how much work they put into it

  • The CS-tv algorithm has to get its shit together cause the fact that Im JUST NOW discovering this amazing channel is an atrocity against me, and I pity all the poor souls that are left sifting through the sands of mediocre CS-tv content.

  • Is it just me or is the idea of Eugene’s mom watching these videos and just being like ✨Eugene 😐✨ the most hilarious imagery ever, I love that for them.

  • If anyone was wondering, I believe the reason Keith’s Mac n cheese tasted so much worse the day they served it is because pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain breaks down proteins, which makes it great for marinating and tenderizing meats, but it also curdles milk/cheese, which, I’m assuming, is why it tasted so bad. It probably tasted like spoiled milk.

    • Ahhhhh. That makes sense. I totally forgot he put pineapple in there. He should have added that last.

    • I am enlightened

    • yeah also i think that was probbaly a LONG time to marinate meat in such a acidic marinade esp w bromelain in it, the meat probably got suuuuper broken down and gross, marinating meat for too long in citrus esp w pineapple can make some Really disgusting things happen

    • Mac and cheese TOPPED with his pork belly actually sounds good.

    • Yup. I've seen similar mistakes made on burgers with cheese + pineapple.

  • I teared up a little for Keith. I really felt bad for him. Keith, you're fantastic!

  • “I’m qualified to judge macaroni because I’m black” that was the first thought I had when I saw the judges 😭✋🏾 we are the first to side eye Mac and cheese

  • “You’re gonna put it on a tostaaada. You don’t want tooo many carbohydrates. Maybe they’ll plump up” 😂😂😂

    • 😖……..Maybe they’ll plump! 🥰

  • They should have done everything in one day, when you refrigerate this stuff it makes it worse and honestly harder to pull off

  • Eugene and Zach both agreeing that Ned knows what he’s doing and then transitioning to Ned freaking out over his pasta shortage is comedic gold

    • Makes me wonder which pair actually went first in the kitchen that day.

    • keith looked so upset when they told him they wouldn’t serve his mac to their friends😂

  • Ned: “I’m gonna make Mexican Mac n cheese!” Chicana Me: sweet! Can’t wait to see it. *cotija appears* Chicana Me: oh honey, no-

  • it really feels like they’re sabotaging their already slim chances of making something edible with the over the top time constraints

  • The guest chef dude was so funny loved this guy his personality is the best

  • the "ned's fine" graphic made me laugh pretty much every time

  • Wow Eugene’s little piece of advice to Zach got him to hit it out of the park I love it

  • i wish we could’ve seen how the recipes would turn out if they made it in one day, like chef bludso. they probably would’ve turned out better if the refrigeration hadn’t happened.

  • Keith makes me laugh so hard when he's furious. The faces that he makes... Hilarious 😂

  • I’m so happy Zach is learning to cook edible food I would try that Mac waffle

  • Eugene and Zach both agreeing that Ned knows what he’s doing and then transitioning to Ned freaking out over his pasta shortage is comedic gold 😂

  • I had faith in Keith's dish, if he had combined everything the night before and then put it in the oven the next morning, it would have been perfect!!! I'm surprised Ned wasn't disqualified because technically he didn't make macaroni and cheese, he mad a good brunch pasta dish

    • the pineapple would have still ruined it if it had sat overnight

  • “And he dresses just the way his food tastes; BLAND!” Bruh i felt that burn, all the way down here in Australia

  • 43:22 zach laughing / being supportive at Keith losing it during without a recipe is always so funny

  • The fact that Eugene barely flinched when Zach accidentally threw the ball of dough is telling lol

  • I love how Zack and Eugene's combo is so calm, while Ned and Keith is full of chaotic energy. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Zach and Eugene r my fav dynamic. 😊. Most of the time they either go all out together or keep each other from making really bad mistakes.

    • Which is usually the exact opposite dynamic.

    • I loved the storm clouds that accompanied the meltdowns!

    • Im glad that im not the only one who sees that. Lol

    • Was gonna say the exact same thing

  • why did they have to freeze it overnight? everything looked good the day before just do it all in one day.

  • I love Bludso. Like I need videos of him teaching me recipes + commentary because he is as hilarious as he is skilled. Felt like my daddy was teaching me to make gumbo all over again

  • Making Mac and cheese over 2 days is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life

  • “He dresses just the way his food tastes: bland.” Bro my jaw is STILL on the floor 😭

  • Continued petition for the try guys to treat Rosanna to an actually good restaurant this Christmas, part 2.

    • @iluv2cheer176 OMG yes!!!

    • They could do an eating the whole menu from a nicer restaurant and invite a bunch of the guests they've had the last year! Especially if they've been subjected to without a recipe food

  • I just love their relationship and how they're helping each other even tho it's a competition

  • I love how the two dudes on the left go “balls” simultaneously expecting a joke, and Eugene straight goes “YEP. BULL TESTICLES.” 😂

  • I would love to see them make classic mexican Tacos from stratch 🤩, like, the tortilla and the meet from the begining, just a thought 🤭

  • Chef Kevin's Mac looked SO good. I want a video with just that tutorial.

  • As a long time viewer, I'd like to acknowledge that they are becoming increasingly chaotic...and I love it

    • @Linda agreed as well.. it seems the bigger they’re becoming the more they have to fake situations to make it seem like they’re still being genuine.. and it’s a little annoying when you see through it. Still love their videos, but I do find myself searching for them less often because of how much it’s changing. I think it’s pretty evident with Eugene as well, he seems to be separating himself quite a bit from the channel.

    • I think I've personally found it frustrating with Ned's chaotic, as if it's trying too hard. For instance, it was REALLY unnecessary of him to throw his dough. And it wasn't comedic either

    • I feel like they’ve learned and now they wanna push it farther

    • @wwaxwork agreed

    • Remember when the try wives were upset over their husbands asses being on the internet??? Good times

  • I love how the try guys always support and comfort each other😶

  • keiths inevitable boiling rage that comes with the judging portion of these videos brings me back every dang timeee!!

  • Kevin: Don’t put anything weird in my Mac and cheese. All Try guys: Adds everything 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosina burping every minute had me dying laughing.

  • Eugene helping Zach and Zach vouching for Eugene's dish is everything

    • @Lais Santos thank you 😊 you as well!

    • @Maria that was too funny! hope you have a lovely day!

    • @Maria lmao what was that convo 😭

    • @princess of nightmare alright I respect that

    • @Maria Yeah it is everything.

  • I normally don’t have a weak stomach but Eugene made me gag on several occasions this episode 😂

  • I love how Eugene rocks the pink eyeshadow, I have the same shade and feel like a rockstar in it.

  • Ned: (flings dough like a freaking idiot) Offscreen: You can't use dough that landed on the dirty floor Ned: (surprised Pickahu face)

  • All the guys “I’ve never had balls in my mouth” Rosanna: “neither have I” 🧢