Try Not To Laugh Challenge #15 YLYL #0037

čas přidán 28. 08. 2018
Obama meme:
Somebody once told me:
Fortnite sequel
Smash lyric meme:
Dolan meme
Grandgay meme
Girls crying to RWJ

Minecraft song
meme vers
Anime meme
Tacobell spin video
Guitar Hero LeafGreen
Phil Swift Flex Tape
Reckful on ninjas
Perfect timing Feature by MegnaGaming
Smash Billburr

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  • Skrata du Flore du shindeiru Nani

  • 3:58 It killed me! XD

  • 1:30 🕜 I actually kinda like this and im shook

  • I lost at 3:49 because we went to remove the ad at the same time and I have AdBlock but the impulse reaction to close every ad on sight cracked me up,so I Think I played myself?(insert dj khalid meme)

  • This man used the diablo potion sound for his water bottle

  • Who else is here because either: 1. You wanted to feel like you did something in Pewdiepie vs T-series..... Or 2. You were curious about how funny his videos are..

  • LIKE : PewDiePie SKIP : T-Series

  • Who else tried to click off the ad @3:48?

  • Não tem graça

  • The was the last video before Pewds informed us of the horror, *T SERIES*

  • O dind laugh

  • 3:20

  • wtf (T-SERIES)

  • But he got the 12k right?

  • Why are there no comments over 1k likes already?

  • ninja needs some jilly juice

  • Now I feel like subbing to t series, that’s how trash it was. Make quality content. If you can get over 1 mil likes, we should start a fundraiser so you can go to India to influence people to sub

  • Whole video was garbage but freakin Bill Burr

  • That duet was 🔥

  • That first one is a doozy. Edit: dammit dolan.

  • At my funeral I want my body to be by the food, because then everyone will have to come see me

  • i laughed and i am ashamed

  • Can i get a hiyaa

  • Plus sub to pewdiepie

  • I subed cuz i like memz and hate t sieries

  • **cries** *alexa play despacito*

  • When you said Alexa mine went off

  • nice joke about taco bell sponsored. Im from Ukraine and its hard to belive that same shit can happen when u said 1 word. I wish i would go to Usa. But in countries as Rus, Ua, etc will never be same shit with ToLeRaTiOn

  • i thought it was markiplier. how foolish i am, thats obviously pewds' brand. after all we all know pewds' has the most original brand ever 👌 subscribe to pewdiepie, do your part.

  • Ninjas are and always will be cool

  • God so HELP me

  • Once upon a tiem therr wuz a boi by the name of T-SERIES. Taht boi committeed neckrope 5 tiems trying to escaped the 8 ligth year old army. He was sentenced to roblox for 420 years. T-SERIES died at the age of nobody cares.


  • I literally just got an ad for his own game in this video... Lolololol 😂

  • I have no memes V2!! My granddaddy

  • anybody else try to click that add off? then realized he did it lol

  • Pewdiepie "Smash like if you disagree" Me "what do i do if i agree"

  • Gotta love the Diablo potion sound....

  • 4:35 Salute soldiers

  • leafgreen got featured!

  • привет-hello я русский

  • What is the anime name? 6:10

  • Русские?

  • The original peeeewwwddiiipieee tho

  • I laugh more at his reactions than the videos 😂

  • 2:32 Ad

  • When u shouted Alexa my fucking Alexa went of 😂

  • FUCKYOU pewdiepie! That's how I say hello........

  • Jon Sudano is a national treasure

  • hashahhahahsgs

  • it was at this moment pew knew... ...T series was coming xD

  • you made my Alexa confused.

  • 8:02 holy shit

  • Booooooiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Who watches this Crap??? Most watched on utube??? America must be bored as all hell.

    • +Joey Melo yah it popped up in recommended videos, but people who keep watching and watching is what I meant. Seems like very boring to keep watching. I couldn't get through one.

    • +Samuel Tesfaya you mamma. Who is she???

    • I would say the same, but the thing is its not just Americans lmao. Aren't you watching it too? Anyone who clicks adds a view, maybe a third of those views are people like you.

    • but i hate that ninja ruined ninjas for me

    • THEY ARE

  • Why is there poop on your wall

  • N sou tão bons como a dos BR

  • Why does your thunbnail look like markiplier's thumbnail of the try not to laugh?


  • 0:10 is that... *_SWAGGERSOULS?!_*

  • 3:47 who else thought that was an ad from pewdiepie's video and tried to cancel it

  • Those furries don’t stop coming, call enforcements

  • *I DID NOT*

  • the second one.....WAS THAT MY DAD?!?!?!?

  • Laughed at fortnite

  • I laughed at the Taco Bell one

  • It had Markipliers background

  • I took off my head phones at the same time as he did

  • Motherfucker you set off my Alexa

  • I was just laughing at pewdiepie's reaction.

    • I always do that I never laugh at the youtuber instead of the video

  • it will be better if pewdiepie makes it

  • Бля на счет майнкрафта орнула

  • 1:38 that was 100x better than youtube rewind 2018

  • who else tried to close that ad but end up pausing the video

  • There's just too many people on this earth

  • Ok so basically... Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less Show less

    • Im reading comments on my phone I didint get tricked

    • Naosu oh my goodness I can’t put it back!!!! You’ve won this time

  • Oof, so we know the truth... PewDiePie is.. SwaggerSouls

  • OMG lol look at his shirt xD

  • While Markiplier tries to "shield" his viewers from the "raw energy" that is "the comedy", PewDiePie multiplies the "raw energy" that is "the comedy" from these videos. *Thanks a lot PewDiePie*

  • _Bin Laden_

  • Damn! this video made me laugh!

  • how this man can fe fun ?

  • 1:40 omg lol srsly

  • to be honest. i lost at 0:02

  • wait....there was a knight helmet at the beginning, does this mean that PEWDIEPIE IN SWAGGERSLOULS

  • Iam from egypt and i just all videos which you make have Arabic caption

    • +Mykaela Merriman I don't know actually, that's what I was asking him


    • انت بتحاول تقول ايه يا جدع ؟

  • Nice beard man....

  • Copying Markiplier


  • 6:11 Anime Name plz plz

  • 4:56 song?

  • Who else tried to click away the ad at 3:47?

  • Next on 👏🏻👏🏻 Meme Couch: Pewds dies of stroke. Who could have thought?

  • I also click on the close button of the ads .... 3:48 WATAFAK

  • 1:24 Yo-pewdipie low key got vocals...damn

  • At the start pewds must have been drinking jilly juice


  • 5:05 BRASIL YAY

  • Pewds and that guy singing was lowkey good

  • 2:38 "SStglpFTTTT" -pewds