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-emma chamberlain


  • Emma: it’s not going to be a Monday when you watch this Me: *its Monday...*

  • It’s Monday right now😂😂

  • Actually ...I’m watching it on a Monday 😊

  • All the turtles died from this video (I'm joking okay)

  • “Ew what’s on my face..oh that’s just acne” FELT THAT

  • She should make this a series, coffee hunting with Emma.

  • It's not at the top anymore

  • did she just say goat check it out🗿😭✋

  • What coffee does emma have? Is it just iced coffee?

  • Please do no coffee for 24 hours lol. Get this to the top

  • 9:59 a worm or something fell on her rooftop of her car, like if you saw it too

  • A freaking icon in the flesh😂

  • im selling replays 4:20 4:20 4:20

  • Did she say “because it’s literally 70 degrees”? 😂 in Florida it’s like 90 but feels like 110

  • "They arent expensive" *sees pairs of shoes over 200$*


  • so are they all just iced coffees? like did you get a flavor?

  • Does anyone know where she got her phone case??

  • oh god it gives me anxiety how she holds the coffee cup by the lid lmao

  • Emma: “I hate hot coffee” Also emma: *the coffee she always gets is hot*

  • so much wasted plastic for this kind of content...

  • emma : holy fuck i'm sweating also emma : wears a beanie and a long sleeve shirt

  • you should make a vid of you trying starbucks

  • You should try being a visco girl for a day!!

  • So does Emma just order and iced Coffey because I want to try one because it looks good but I need to know what she orders

  • This channels garbage

  • This is literally the whitest channel to ever exist

  • the last coffee was so predictable, i just kept saying philz coffee lmao 😂❤️

  • you swear a lot

  • I think she would look so good with black hair

  • Saw this vid from reddit

  • I was literally just thinking to myself you seem so calm when filming in LA 😂 Driving in LA makes me cry

  • What is ur go to ice coffe

  • Does anyone notice that whenever Emma is at a stoplight she is like almost in the middle of both lanes 😆

  • OKAY but through out the video she is only ordering iced coffee..and she likes hot coffee better, and she wonders why she doesn't like it as much as Phils HOT coffee?? Idk. but love u emma

  • why don’t you have a reusable cup???

  • Oh my God this guy is staring at me let me act like I am FaceTiming

  • can you come to canada and try tims iced coffee💗💗💗💗

  • You are addicted to coffee😂😂

  • I left my apartment mid video to go get a coffee and danish and continued it once I got back in bed. Thank you for that 😂

  • “I have nothing to loose today” 😂😂

  • Your outfit is dripping hard. like your video and style!

  • anyone else want Emma to make her own coffee shop

  • your literally a life savor... i’ve been trying to find air force 1 for like a month bc mine are so dirty and i found em on the goat app!!!

  • Goat is sponsor btw I know im 200IQ

  • P. S I'm a small youtuber

  • I love how she just has so much money to buy all this coffee . I wish . U a queen

  • When I moved to LA I was most exited about the coffee shops Wow

  • 13:18 it’s not big it’s just that ur head is small 😇 lol

  • 4.45 😂😂😂 facetiming invisible bae when all your roommate have but I didn't

  • Hahah its actually Monday when I'm watching this

  • 4:20 😭😭😭

  • I knew the last one was phillz

  • this video was better when maddison bush did it

  • Hey it is moNdAY 😱💛

  • Happy Monday

  • my reaction to the title: "she's gonna have a heart attack in this vid"

  • Whos watching on a monday

  • actually it is a Monday when I watched this video lol.

  • " -Sometimes- you wing it " Emma chamberlain 2019

  • Haha lol it’s Monday. Why did I think that was so funny


  • Emma: Happy Monday, You won’t watch this on a Monday but... Me: *watching on a Monday* 🙃

  • it is a monday rn tho...

  • This is something only and only emma would do #Justemmathings

  • Wth it is a Monday when I am watching this! I’m so confused but ily Emma!

  • So smooth how she gets in her sponsers😂😂

  • "it's not gonna be a Monday when you're watching this"... actually it cool

  • I’m actually watching this on a Monday 😂❤️

  • just please like my comment on your way down..

  • hahaha i would love to try this but in the netherlands a coffeeshop somehow means a drug store (yes some drugs are legal in the netherlands) there are still many shops for coffee but you shouldn’t say im going to the cofeeshop bc u will sound like a crackhead hahaha so yeah😂

  • Can you do a part 2? :)

  • 1999: Pokémon is the hottest toy 2019: Girl goes around rating coffee shops

  • This video had me dead yoooo your mad funnnyyyyy

  • Ok i love emma but 70° is not hot its been 110° for like a month straight where i live😂

  • I literally knew that the last one was gonna he Philz😂


  • Is this goat app legit? I don't want to invest on this app if it's not real It's on 1:54

    • Luv ya bts from what i’ve seen from other youtubers, yes very much so. If you’ve heard of FaZe Banks aka Banks he has bout many high expensive tier shoes from Goat.

  • soooo muuuuch plastic. GET A REUSABLE CUP N STRAW EMMA

  • Anybody else just waiting for her to go to Philz so she can discover her inner self and fav coffee shop? 😂👍🏼