čas přidán 18. 07. 2019
My first whole weekend in Seattle and went out for food again. This time I visited Seven Star Pepper Sichuan restaurant for some dan dan noodles then tried out the popular IMPOSSIBLE Burger.
Next day I went for a drive in Tacoma with some seafood at Wally's seafood :-)
#impossibleburger #chinesefood #seattle
✧ Seven Star Pepper Sichuan Restaurant
✧ Hood Famous Café + Bar
✧ Wally's Seafood
✧ Ox Pho & Grill
✧ Sizzling Pot
✧ Chinese Sauerkraut Fish
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  • Why are meat burgers still a thing after this

  • Seattle yay

  • Love that you try vegan options. Bless you. I love those burgers 🍔

  • I’ll never understand why people feel the need to stare. Let people live their lives and DONT STARE AT PEOPLE🙄

  • 13:47 am i the only on that hears that dude smacking Like crazy

  • If you like Wally's you'd love Salty's, best clam chowder in the State of Washington try it with the cream sherry.

  • Those bloody satanists are running around the woods again!

  • is it me? or its always feel like he is kissing the food🤔😃😁

  • Btw why aren't you visiting china?

  • Really love how you’re pitching Seattle restaurants!!!!!

  • I jusy don't know how you eat all this food

  • I think you meant half dome

  • Impossible burger is a gmo monstrosity

  • I live in Seattle I am a big fan and I really wanna meat u mikey

  • Might have to try one of those. I tried the A&W version and it was absolutely gross...way to salty, pricey, didnt taste like meat and its much unhealthier...But I am definitely up for trying this

  • hey Jackie!

  • are you same Mr jacky chan

  • OMG you were at alderwood mall!!!!

  • When are you going to try the food scene in Portland, OR

  • Some people like the Beyond Burger even more. Maybe you should try one of those sometime.

  • Omg thank you for all the pho spots so cool seeing my state from your perspective

  • You should head out to White Center. Not white at all. The most diverse area in greater Seattle. It's a short drive, lots of parking and REAL Asian food and markets. Mexican too.

  • Pretty sure Wally's is in Des Moines not Tacoma. Great place for fish and chips!

  • omg @3:34 you were at Alderwood mall down in Lynnwood!! man so close

  • Goddamn lucky bastard finding a random place with tomahawk beef pho

  • Glad your liking the food here.

  • The juiciness of the The Impossible Burger also depends on how it is cooked. that's all I will say.

  • Is mike sharing a table with someone 16:38 or that is his eating partner?

  • 520 bridge weeeee

  • Mikey you gotta try Kau Kau BBQ and get the BBQ Pork please!!!

  • It's true you could get away by saying I'm his twin brother, anyway thank you for sharing this video with us I really enjoy watching your videos your very informative the places ,the food are amazing good luck in your new home. ✌✌✌✌✌✌👍😉👏🍜🍤🍲🥘

  • Lol check dis out

  • you look like Jackie Chan but way younger I can tell the difference especially since you speak English fluently since your american but it must be a compliment to you just roll with it I say you do awesome videos Jackie!! lol

  • How?! How do you eat so much food?! You are amaazing!

  • Plant based food is nothing more than flour.

  • 7:52 AYAYA

  • I always go to the 5 mile drive and when it's hot I always BBQ there maybe one day we can set a day at the beach ! Love the channel huge fan

  • Holy crap that banana cream pie looked like the truth.

  • You should explore Portland OR! They have great food!

  • Hey Mikey! The the milkey place will be having their grand opening soon. You went during their construction time.