Trying TikTok Computer Hacks...

čas přidán 5. 09. 2021
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Wanting to remain current and hip we investigate the tech tips of TikTok.

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Paste multiple things using Win+V instead of Ctrl+V
Reset GPU drivers with Win+Shift+Ctrl+B

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:57 DVR HDD hack
4:45 Storage Space hack
6:40 "hacking" hacks
9:46 Homework folder
10:53 Inspect element with extra steps
11:23 Headphone warning
12:16 We hate you Dbrand
12:40 Video on wake
14:02 Memory profiles
14:43 Multiple clipboard entries - Windows key+V
15:05 Reset GPU drivers Win+Ctrl+Shift+B


  • A couple viewers have informed us that is a website that has a reputation for spreading fake crypto wallet credentials that somehow scam the user. From my perspective, attempting to steal someone's wallet and getting rekt yourself is kinda fitting, but we still felt it was important put this disclaimer here - LS

    • @Nico CS-tv automatically censors some comments based on key phrases or words, it may have been deleted as soon as it was posted, happens to some of my comments. You're best off refreshing comments after posting to see if it stays when handling possibly sensitive stuff like sc*ms

    • @Nico so waht would it do like if I tried to log in OK my pc would my pc crash or something

    • @chaos cat dude, what's so wrong about reviewing tiktok tech videos? LTT does so much varied stuff all around and I don't see why they shouldn't have done this. Even though I personally dislike tiktok, I don't see a reason to hate someone for reviewing tech tiktok videos.

    • @zodiacfml if someone pays the transfer fee, they get nothing and you get something

    • @Gamer Tayhong That's actually an important tip. Gloves can get wrapped around any spinning tool and that's it, your fingers are gone. Never wear gloves while using power tools that cut or spin. Low RPM tools like *cordless* drills should be fine as long as you're careful, but for the love of God don't ever use a cord drill with gloves.

  • I want a free grafic card.

  • 13:02 You didn't create a custom LLT splash screen for your UEFI, but you have VLC scripted to run on startup? you probably spray paint your car with a rattle can too lol

  • 5 or 10 bucks for a 500 GB drive is a steal...

  • You need to go visit an eecol and pick up a screwdriver set lol My alternative to spending 100+ on an ifixit set and getting it shipped was a Klein Tools mini driver set that has things I've never seen before in it for around $45 w/ 39 bits and a driver that can be flipped around to extend it from about 5 inches in length to about 8 inches. Pretty sure it covers everything I would need out of a tool like that, even if it doesn't come with the little guitar pick shims and anti-static strap, (which I got for free when I order an new screen for my ASUS smartphone). Though it still probably would have been easier to drill them out with a 1/4" steel bit; I sort of assume you just did that for fun.

  • Tech tip video with HowToBasic when???

  • Do you guys really not have a set of security bits around the shop somewhere?

  • Linus I need your help my fans aren’t working and I can’t find anything to fix it

  • 11:35 uh huh when "he" bought it

  • My name is Linus, I’m born in December and I love computers

  • who the f*&% uses whatsup

  • More please

  • 7:43 oh shoot I didn’t expect to see wynncraft on LTT

  • The designMode trick is definitely going to up my meme game; this video is honestly worth it just for that.

  • In the past I use to create folders with the name alt + 0160 and it becomes a folder without a name, and it doesn't is hide so.... Doesn't appear nowhere

  • 5:58 haha silly Alex >checks own recycle bin oh

  • Tiktok is a cesspool. No idea why anyone likes it.

  • Linus NEEDS to do more of these!

  • You need a grinder!!? Weak

  • I never ever thought that i would see a map of wynncraft in an ltt video

  • That prnt site is creepy. The first one I tried was a selfie of a young girl, looks to be 14. Just to be extra sure I reverse image searched and found out where she lives, her name, where she goes to school and that her fb is totally open to the public. Yes, definitely creepy. I couldn't just leave it there so I message her with suggestions on security settings to change in fb.

  • "we got these gold coins from Dbrand... Fuck you Dbrand" *throws coin* 😂 Jesus.

  • Wait, why do we hate dbrand

  • 13:17 teach me master how to do it or what to search for it!🔥🔥

  • 13:29 Andy the table goblin

  • "This is gonna be interesting. Unlike our sponsor" Cablemod: Linus, we need to talk

  • That's funny I actually extracted a external hard drive from my old DTV box about a year ago. It actually turned out to be 1tb and is working on my friends PS4 lol

  • Did the security screws really require an angle grinder, instead of, y'know, a security screwdriver bit?

  • Linus 10$ for 500g vs 50$ for it off Amazon or eBay or something I mean cool man but just hop off ur high horse not everyone lives at LTT

  • Don't recommend the final one on a computer without a dedicated graphics card. Tested it on a SFF HP and the computer instantly froze. Every time the mouse is moved, the computer has a mini-stroke with an annoying beep.

  • I enjoyed that while Linus almost certainly has numerous security screw bits lying around, he chose to open the DVRs with a grinder just for the fun of it

  • Ctrl + Win + Shift + B is a lifesaver for me everytime i get low fps ingame i don't have to restart the computer just press this and boom you are back to normal

  • Scrapyard wars material 😂

  • I did a prnt thing and I found someone talking about school and a funny one

  • Linus , you're too kind with these ratings

  • Linus Tok Tiks with his GameCube controller.

  • FYI : you can't use these DVRs hard drive for an operation system . Just external storage

  • Baobab does quite a good job under GNU/Linux Debian.

  • 2021: How many people still poor? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and this is real that i got from 💜 *TiKgEn.MoNsTeR* 💜 *"**0:32**"*

  • 2021: How many people still poor? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and this is real that i got from 💜 *TiKgEn.MoNsTeR* 💜 *"**3:47**"*

  • In regard to security screws, hardware stores ar selling so called "security bit kits".

  • 2021: How many people still poor? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and this is real that i got from 💜 *TiKgEn.MoNsTeR* 💜 *"**1:07**"*

  • Your local Machine Shop teacher would like to remind you that you should NEVER wear gloves when using rotating tools. (Linus was actually correct in not using gloves! Go Linus!)

  • holyyyyyyyy shit, with that windirstat thing i free'd up half of my ssd

  • here in the UK ive found a few skyHD boxes in skips and i always take them apart, most are 500gb but one did have a 1tb wd green drive in it. decent for a free HDD

    • also you just need a pair of long nose pliers to stwist those tabs, easier than wrenching on the cage

  • watching linus completely demolish a child made me way more happy than it should’ve

  • I can't believe he just said F you to one of his sponsors. Wouldn't that hurt their relationship? Oh wait it's D brand never mind lol.

  • 12:40 Video on wake, Does anyone now how exactly how to do this. I search online and most of them only play after windows login. Really appreciate any help.

  • 4:44 Wait. You're telling me a drive didn't pass the smart test, after smashing it around a bit with a HAMMER? 😲 (Suprised Pikachu face.)

  • Here is a hack for all. When you have to enter bios you don't have to hammer the button repeatedly, you can actually just hold the button down instead. @14:20

  • Ticktock is banned in india anyways. Don't remind me of spelling I wrote it deliberately.💁

  • 9:04

  • My RAMs XMP Profile will result in lower overall speeds due to Asus weird overclocking system.



  • Damn never thought about post to TikTok, I've been harvesting hard drives for years👍. Another thing is harvesting 18650's from power tool battery packs, outdoor battery powered equipment like Ego, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Echo, Stihl. Pull the cells out, find which ones are dead and charge the ones that are.

  • "nah I'm good" lmao

  • 12:50 Totally uncomfortable moment 👀

  • im sorry but 104 TERABYTES HOW

  • That monitor looks like a headache if used for gaming

  • powercfg -h off

  • well linus the instagram hack never worked bc u remove the element but u cant remove from the host server so if u do it and refresh it it will work the same way as it did before im pretty sure u know that

  • Ah yes, a nice way to get scammed.

  • what would the functionality of that last techtok about reseting the graphics drivers be? really new to this stuff and trying to do research to rebuild my pc from scratch minus the case cause ive already got a coolermaster evo XB

  • These cable companies and their DVRs are wild, charging you ~$10 USD a month rental fee and then tell you to keep it if you cancel your service.

  • of course the kid "THINKS" he got the keyboard for $300, clearly his mom paid for it

  • You should take more care - one of those Hard Drives might have forgotten Bitcoin Wallets stored on them 😂😂😂

  • Playing a video during my PC startup? NO!!!! I spent huge amounts of cash speeding the F**k up my PC start, why slow it down?

  • You trying to get jumped by OSHA? outright spraying super heated metal bits directly into yourself without any kind of PPE on your body (good on you for the mask though?) is a good way to get an unwanted visit, and some bills you don't want to be paying. Also: damn linus just ripped that kid a new one. Edit: XMP is XMP on my system - when did they change it to DOCP? (I'm running an AMD motherboard from Gigabyte)

  • Okay ngl that video on wake segment linus made with his intro was kinda sick

  • In some devices like some tv boxes you can even find ssd (I not think it's cost effective but you can )


  • Wiztree is much better than Windirstat, so much faster.

  • 14:36 Wow welcome to the *WIDE* BIOS

  • Epic gaming battle station? What the hell is so epic about it? Took ages to even turn the monitor on lol

  • Copy multiple words to clipboard is not a hack its an actual feature

  • Ha this was a good video

  • Caught that GPU refresh in the wild on TikTok, saves so much time when users have issues with address bars not showing properly in older PCs.

  • be careful with the exposed power supply, I touched a psu capacitor when I was younger and it practically knocked me on my ass even though it was unplugged.

  • I almost forgot that tictok is still running In other countries 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jfc, you have become the typical CS-tv garbage clickbait. Sad.

  • Don't forget the eco fee to dispose of them.

  • I bet Linus uses that GC controller for Slippi 12:00

  • I have not watched linus in a while and i gotta say, he went from young college looking to caveman beard

  • If Linus had included all the tik toks by 9 year olds saying “ALT F4 GIVE FREE ROBUX” this video would be 10 hours long

  • omg that kid XD "i paid" yea sure U PAID NOT YOUR MOM/DAD

  • Seagate Pipeline. I found one of those in a PVR recorder once. Those are great for PVR recorders, but a bit rubbish for for PCs unless your PC has a TV tuner and you use the Pipeline for dedicated storage for your recordings.

  • i have several tasers working as a power supply

  • I feel like an advanced alien race watching primitives discover fire

  • Can you swap a DVR hard drive with an ssd??🤔

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I have those exact IKEA plants next to my monitor.

  • Linus roasting that kid's setup feels hypocritical for some reason

  • 15:20 very good tip

  • I think we need more tech tok video.

  • 15:05 is legitimately useful, it seems. I'll have to try to remember to do use that before restarting a game or my whole computer to see if it fixes little issues.

    • it's more just pings your GPU since its just ring buffer, not restarts drivers tested it few times when drivers crashed, also there is and driver engineer who said that its not restarting drivers

  • That monitor would require dark mode EVERYTHING

  • 14:43 how

  • does anyone believe Linus can or would actually hack anything he does not own? Also, do you believe he would show a real hack?